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Bible Records

    We are privileged to have Bible records provided by many families who live or have lived in the Dutch Fork. Use these records in your research but, please, do not publish without permission of the family or the chapter.

Amick, David
Atwell, Horace
Baker, Samuel
Bates, Andrew
Baughnight, Charles
Bauknight, David
Bauknight, Godfrey
Bauknight, Jesse
Bedenbaugh, James
Bedenbaugh, Rev. S.W.
Bowers, Theodore
Chapman, William
Charles, Michael (1)
Charles, Michael (2)
Cook, Willis
Counts, Andrew
Cromer, Ivy
Dominick, Henry, Jr.
Eargle, Jacob
Eleazer, Henry
Eleazer, Walter
Ellinger, Adolphus
Farr, George
Feagle, William
Fulmer, John
Gates, Aaron
Gates, Frederick I
Gauntt, James
Goodwin, H. R.
Harman, George Washington
Hite, Abraham
Holman, John
Huff (Hoof), Thomas
Huffstetler, James
Johnson, Jasper C. & Annie
Keisler, Joel
Kinard, Jacob
Koon, David
Koon, James Harrison
LaGrone, David P. & Ella
Lake, Jabez
Lever, George
Lindler, Jacob & Margaret Boyd
Lindler, Jacob & Sally Eargle
Lybrand, John
Lybrand, Samuel
Maffett, James
Maples, John
Martin, W. L.
Mayer, George
Mayer, John
Meetze, John
Miller, Johan
Miller, William
Monts, John
Nichols, Joseph
Nunamaker, David
Rankin, William
Schumpert, Frederick
Sease, John
Sease, Luther Govan
Setzler, Jacob
Shealy, George
Shealy, Thomas
Shealy, Wesley
Spires, John
Steele, Lloyd
Summer, Joseph Pickney Sr
Swigart, Christian
Swygert, John
Taylor, John
Vollmar, Eberhard Ludvig
Ward, Richard
Wertz, Adam
Wessinger, James

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