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by John T. Nichols

     John Gaspar Philip Byerly, arrived in SC, as a single man, coming on the ship Caldonia, in 1752.  He settled in Charleston, SC for about 4 -5 years and during this time he married unknown. He then moved North and settled in the "Dutch Fork" part of present day Newberry County, SC. In 1757, he bought the land grant of Jacob Hoffner (Memorials 9:46) on Crims Creek and in the same year he purchased part of the adjacent Conrad Shirer land grant (Charleston Deeds H-3, Pg 56).  These lands are near Pomaria, SC.  His name in the Charleston deed was Gaspar Philip Byerly.

According to the “Annals of Newberry, P. 631”, there were four sons by Gaspar’s first wife, Gaspar, Syke, Martin, and Harmon.  After the death of the first wife, Gaspar, Sr., married Miss Oster (meaning Easter)  from the Fairfield District area of SC.

Gaspar Byerly died in 1804 with will naming sons:  John, Fred, Martin, Gasper, and Sibert; and daughters;  Elizabeth, Margareta, and Mary (Nby Wills E-59).  The son Harmon is mentioned in the “Annals of Newberry” as a child of the first wife, but not mentioned in the will.  Harmon is mentioned as a son in the probate of Gaspar’s estate (Newberry County South Carolina Estates, Box 3, Pkg 18).

             Children of John Gaspar Philip Byerly, Sr., and his first wife 

I.  John Gaspar Philip Byerly, Jr., b. ca 1756 Newberry Co, SC (Rev War Soldier).  Moved after 1804 to Tn.  Married Mary Moore, in SC.  Children:

       A.  David Byerly, b. 1790, SC.

       B.  Michael Byerly, b. 1798, SC.

       C.  Jacob Byerly, b. about 1800, SC.

       D.  Lucy Byerly, b. 1804, SC.

       E.  Isaac Byerly, b. May 1807, SC.

       F.  James E. Byerly, b. 12 Jun 1809, Tn.

       G.  Margaret Byerly, b. 1811, Tn.

       H.  Mary Ann Byerly, b. 1812, Tn.

        I.  Martin Byerly, b. 1816, Tn.

II.  John Sigbert Byerly, b. ca 1764, SC, d. aft Oct 1838, Perry Co, Al.  He is believed to have m., ca 1799-1800, in SC, Margarethe Hipp, b. ca 1774 SC, dau and youngest child of John Hipp, I and Susannah_________, d. aft Oct 1838 Perry Co, Al.  The Hipp Family also lived in Newberry County, SC, and their farm was next door to the Gaspar Byerly farm.  Sigbert Berley and wife (Dower), Margaret Berley, sold their land in what is now Newberry Co, SC, to the Kynard Family on 7 Dec 1815, Newberry Deeds, Book L, Pg 184.  Sigbert and Margarethe Byerly then moved in 1815 to Edgefield District, SC.  About 1826, Sigbert and Margarethe, and  their two daughters and their Dunkin/Duncan husbands moved to Perry Co, Al.  David Dunkin, III is a cousin of Abel Dunkin, Jr.  Children:

              A.  Elizabeth Byerly, b. ca 1800, SC, d. Perry Co, Al, m. ca 1822 in SC, Abel Dunkin, Jr.  b. ca 1798, SC, son of Abel Dunkin, Sr., and wife Sarah ______ who lived in Clouds Creek area of Edgefield District (now Saluda Co, SC). Moved with their Byerly and Dunkin parents to Perry Co, Al, ca 1826.  On 25 Jan 1834, John S. Bailey sells 79 and 64/100 acres of land to Abel Dunkin, Jr., and his wife, Elizabeth Dunkin (Perry Co, Al Deed Book B, Pg 621).  On 24 April 1833, Abel Dunkin, Jr., and John S. Berly enter into an agreement (Perry Co, Al Deed/Mortgage Book B, Pg 405).  The agreement binds Abel Dunkin, Jr., to furnish and provide the said John S. Berly and his wife Margareth Berly worth and comfortable boarding & clothing during their natural life.  Children:

             1.  Catherine Dunkin, b. ca 1824, SC, d. before 1860, m. Wesley Worrell 24 Aug 1839, Perry Co, Al.

             2.   Margaret A. Dunkin, b. ca 1825, SC, d. aft 1830 Perry Co, Al.

             3.   Rachel Caroline Dunkin, b. 1825, SC, d. 2 Jan 1887, Perry Co, Al, m. 20 Dec 1843 Joseph Land Nichols, b. 9 Jun 1820, SC, d. 29 Oct 1896, Perry Co, Al, son of William Nichols and Barbara Hair.  Both buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  Children:

      a.  Malissa J. Nichols, b. 17 Oct 1844, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 10 Oct 1910, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  Buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  Never married.


      b.  Melinda E. Nichols, b. 24 Apr 1846, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. before 1897, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, married 20 Dec 1869 in Perry Co, Al (Marriage Bk A, Pg 214), John Robert Swindle, b. Nov 1846 in Perry Co, Al, son of Oliver Swindle and Nancy. 


       c.  Minerva Adeline Nichols, b. 19 Mar 1848, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 16 Mar 1913, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, married 21 Nov 1869 in Perry Co, Al (Marriage Bk B, Pg 209),  John R. Wesley Worrell, b. 29 Mar 1849, d. 13 Mar 1927, Brent, Bibb, Co, Al.  Minerva buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.


       d.  A. W. Nichols, b. 30 Jul 1850, d. 1850 in infancy.


       e .  Monroe Nichols, b. 19 Jun 1852, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 2 Nov 1936, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, married 3 Nov 1872, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, Nancy Caroline Hughey, b. 15 Jul 1854 (Perry Co, Al Marriage Bk A, Pg 456), Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 4 Mar 1936, Sprott, Perry Co, Al., dau of William Jefferson Hughey and Emily Ellen Orr. Both buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  Children:

        f.  Martha A. Nichols, b. 28 Sep 1853, Sprott, Perry Co, Al 


                     g.  Murphy Reed Nichols, b. 26 Aug 1855, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, died 7  

Aug 1927, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, married 27 Aug 1876 Mary C. Stone (Perry Co, Al Marriage Bk A, Pg 15).  Both buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.

                                  h.  Mahala C. Nichols, b. 31 Aug 1858, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 28 Aug 1912, Sprott , Perry Co, Al, married 6 Dec 1885, Perry Co, Al (Marriage Bk A, Pg 685), Isaiah Johnson.  Both buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.

                                i.  Marlboro Jefferson Nichols, b. 4 May 1860, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 19 Mar 1935, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  He married 31 Mar 1895 in Mt Pleasant Baptist Church, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, Cora Ella Young, b. 19 Apr 1874, d. 15 Jun 1934, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  Both buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.

                                   j.  Mandy E. Nichols, b 31 Aug 1862, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 1934, married 4 May 1879, in Perry Co, Al (Marriage Bk A, Pg 226), W. T. Worrell.  Mandy buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.

                      k.  Mary Annie Nichols, b. 16 Aug 1865, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 6 Sep1947, Sprott, Perry co, Al, married in Perry Co, Al (Marriage Bk A, Pg 547), Richard Agnine Hughey, b. 30 May 1861, d. 7 Jun 1953, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, son of William J. Hughey and Emily Ellen Orr.  Both buried Ephesus Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.

                  4.  John H. Dunkin (believed to be John Hipp Dunkin, and so named for his GG Grandfather, John Hipp, I), b. 24 Nov 1826, Al, d. 1 Jun 1905, Perry Co, Al, m. Rebecca J. Orr, Perry Co, Al (Marriage Book A, Pg 30).

                  5.  Jacob A. Dunkin (Jacob from his GGGG Grandfather Hans Jacob Hipp b. about 1694,  Magerkingen, Trochtelfingen, Germany.  See Hans Jacob Hipp, on the "AUSWANDERER " List on the Dutch Fork Website), b. ca 1834, Perry Co, Al.  CSA Soldier in battle of Dalton, Ga, captured, then sent to Rock Island POW Prison, Il, and died there, CSA Grave marker:  Jacob Duncan, Co K, 28th Al Inf, died 9/12/1864, Grave Marker #1499.  He married 4 Feb 1858, Nancy E. Orr, in Perry Co, Al, Marriage Book B, Pg 527.

                  6.  Robert W. Dunkin, b. ca 1837, Perry Co,  Al, married on 9 Jan 1859, Nancy Nance, Perry Co, Al Marriage Book A, Pg 611.

                   7.  James A. Dunkin, b. ca 1839, Perry Co, Al.

                   8.  Mary Ellen Dunkin, b. 15 May 1844, Perry Co, Al. After the death of her sister, Rachel Caroline (Dunkin) Nichols, Mary Ellen married Joseph Land Nichols on 18 May 1887, in Perry Co, Al, Marriage Book B pg 78.

          B.  Catherine Byerly, b. 29 Jun 1801, SC, d. Perry Co, Al., m David Dunkin, III, b. 29 Sep 1798, SC, d. ca    1863, Perry Co, Al.  Moved to Perry Co, Al, ca 1826.  On 4 Oct 1838, David Dunkin, and John S. Bailey enter into an agreement (Perry Co, Al Deed Book E, Pg 126).  This agreement binds David Dunkin to provide for support & maintain  the aforesaid John S. Bailey and his wife Margarett Byley in a comfortable manner during their natural lives.  On 7 May 1863, David Dunkin made his will (Perry Co Al Will Book B, Pgs 172, 173, and 174) and left estate to wife, Catherine Dunkin.   Children:

1.  William C. Dunkin, b. 13 Oct 1819, SC, d. 6 May 1888, Perry Co, Al.

2.  Sally Dunkin, b. 11 Jul 1821, SC, d. Perry Co, Al.

                            3.  Henry Patrick Dunkin, b. 23 Oct 1823, SC, d. 17 Sep 1896, Perry Co, Al, m. Sarah P. Nichols, b. ca 1822, SC, d. ca 1855, dau of  William Nichols and Barbara Hair.  Both buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.

                                 a.  Mary Elizabeth Dunkin, b. 1846, Perry Co, Al, died unknown in Bibb Co, Al.  She married 28 Dec 1876 in Perry Co, Al, (Marriage Bk A, Pg 41, Thomas Ingram, b. about 1857 in Bibb Co, Al.

      b.  Arminta C. Dunkin, b. 1847, Perry Co, Al, d. 1922 in Bibb Co, Al.

                    c.  Nancy M. Dunkin, b. 1848, Perry Co, Al, d. 28 Sep 1929, Perry Co, Al.  She married 28 Dec 1826 in Perry Co, Al (Marriage Bk A, Pg 41) Edward Mark Coley, Jr., b about 1852, Perry Co, Al, d. 14 Sep 1929.

      d.  Murphy Dunkin, b. 1850, and d. about 1851, in Perry Co, Al.  Died young.


      e.  William D. Dunkin, b. 1850, Perry Co, Al, d. about 1926 in Perry Co, Al.


                    f.  James Taylor Dunkin, b. 12 Oct 1851, Sprott, Perry Co, Al, d. 14 May 1934, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  He married 22 Mar 1877 in Perry Co, Al ( Marriage Bk A, Pg 62 – James Taylor Dunkin listed as James F. Dunkin ) Sarah Elmina Rylee, b. 5 May 1858, in Ga, and d. 22 Sep 1948, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.  Both buried Paynes Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry Co, Al.     

                     g.  Sarah E. Dunkin, b. 1852 and d. before 1870 in Perry Co, Al.  Never married.

                     h.  Martha S. A. Dunkin, b. 1853 and d. after 1900 in Perry Co, Al.  Never married. 

4.  Elizabeth Dunkin, b. 8 Jun 1825, SC.

                            5.  Mary Ann Dunkin, b. 2 Mar 1828, Perry Co, Al, d. Perry Co, Al, m. William R. Stone.

                            6.  Tempy Emeline Dunkin, b. 19 Jun 1830, Perry Co, Al, d. before 1870, Perry Co, Al, m. Isaac Jordan. 

              7.  Caty Carolina Dunkin, b. Jan 1832, Perry Co, Al, d. before 1900, m. William R. Stone (first wife was her sister, Mary Ann Dunkin).

8.  Patience Dunkin, b. 7 Jun 1834, Perry Co, Al, d. unk, m. Amos Ellis.

                            9.  Rebeca Dunkin, b. 12 Mar 1836, Perry Co, Al, d. 9 Feb 1897, Perry Co, Al, m. J. W. Fondren.

              10. James David Dunkin, b. 31 Oct 1838, Perry Co, Al, d. 18 Apr 1869, Perry Co, Al, m. Permelia A. Hamilton, Perry Co, Al.

III.  Martin Byerly, b. ca 1770, SC, m. Unknown.  Moved to Amite Co, Ms ca 1820. Moved ca 1833 to Jasper Co, Tx.  Many of the descendants of Martin Byerly were buried in the following cemeteries in Jasper Co, Tx:  Memorial Park, Evergreen, Hope, Ebenezer, Hamilton, Gilgal, Campground, Little Hope, Zion Hill, Davis, and Magnolia Springs (Jasper Co Cemeteries, by Mildred S. Wright, G. R. S., 1967).   Two known sons of Martin, Adam and William Byerly, served in the Texas War of Independence and were in the Battle at the Siege of the Bexar.  For their service (according to the book, Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas, 1835 – 1888, by Thomas Lloyd Miller, 1967), they received land as noted.  Known Children:

        A.  Adam Byerly, b ca 1800, SC,  m. 30 Jan 1837, Nancy Ann Andrews in Amite Co, Ms, Marriage Book 2-B, Pg 253.  Adam received a Bounty and two Donation Land Grants.  The Bounty Land Grant.  Under Bounty Warrant #3937, received 320 acres from the Secretary of War on 25 June 1836 for service from 17 Oct 1835 to 3 Jan 1836.  This land in two surveys, 160 acres each in Medina Co, Tx, Patents #411and #412.  The Donation Land Grants.  Under Donation Certificate #164, received 320 acres from the Adjutant General on 9 July 1849 in Tyler Co, Tx., Patent #194, Vol 2.  Under Donation Certificate  #122, received another 320 acres in Tyler Co, Tx and later assigned/patented (Pat 208, Vol 2) to Thomas Collier on 27 Oct 1852.

        B.  William Byerly, b. ca 1805.  William received two Bounty Land Grants and one Donation Land Grant.  The Bounty Land Grants.  Under Bounty Warrant #3939, received 320 acres from the Secretary of War on 25 June 1838 for service from 17 Oct 1835 to 3 Jan 1836.  This land located in Bexar Co, Tx and was patented on 17 Apr 1849, Pat #324, Vol 5.  Under Bounty Warrant #3940, received 320 acres from Secretary of War on 25 June 1838 for service from 9 Jun to 9 Oct 1836.  This land located in Edwards Co, Tx, patented on 10 Sep 1849, Pat #483, Vol 4.  The Donation Land Grant.  Under Donation Certificate #159, received 640 acres from the Adjutant General on 9 May 1849 in Young Co, Tx.  This land in two tracts (148 and 492 acres) later assigned/patented to Frost Thorn (Pats 8 – 9, Abstracts 22 – 23) on 9 Jul 1875.  

IV.  Harmon Byerly, b. ca 1776, SC, d. aft 1850,  m. Edith _________.  Harmon Byerly and his family moved to Knox Co, Ky.  Harmon  is found as Harman Bailey on the 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850 Census of Knox Co, Richland Creek District, near Barbourville, Ky.  Harmon is found on the 1850 Ky census as Harman Birely, 74, SC, wife Edith Birely, 58, SC, and son William Birely, 21, Ky.  Mr. Ron Barley of Hale Michigan, a descendant of Harmon Byerly, provides additional information on this family in Knox County, Ky:

1820 Census                                                               1830 Census 

Males                   Females                                          Males                       Females

1   10 Yr               2   10  Yr                                         1   5 Yr                   1    5-10 Yr

1   10-16               1   10-16                                          1   5-10                  2   10-15

1   26-45               1   26-45                                          2   10-15                1   40-50

1   45+                                                                           1   20-30

                                                                                      1   40-50

                                                                                      1   50-60


1840 Census                                                                 1850 Census  HH = Head of Household

1   5-10                                                                          Harman Birely 74, SC, HH

2  10-15                                                                         Edith                 58, SC

2  60-70                 1  40-50                                          William             21, Ky


                                                                                      Pleasant Birely  26 Ky, HH

                                                                                      Eleanor  22, Ky

                                                                                      John W.   2, Ky


                                                                                      Jesse T. Birely, 23 Ky HH

                                                                                      Mary A.  22, Ky

                                                                                      Elizabeth  3 Ky

                                                                                      Hugh T.  11/12 Ky


Knox Co, Ky Marriage Book 1800 - 1850 List the Following:

Biarly, Rebecca m. Jacob Grindstaff, 25 Aug 1825 by Wm Hopper

Bierly, Mary An m. John Fisher, 8 Oct 1833, by Wm S. Hickey.  Harmon Bierly Bdms.

Byarley, Elizabeth m. Harrison Payne, 22 Dec 1837, by Wm Hopper.  John Fisher Bdms.

Birley, Tailor m. Polly Ann Disney, 24 Nov 1846, by Jesse Logan

Bryeley, Pleasant m. Eleanor Harrison, 2 Mar 1847, by Jesse Logan

Byarley, John m. Martha Renfro, 16 Jan 1849, by E. S. Jones

Byarley, Rachel m. Westley Bennet, 17 May 1838, by Wm Hopper.  Harman Byarley Bdms.

    Children of John Gaspar Philip Byerly, Sr., and second wife, Mary Easter

The surname of Gasper’s second wife is Easter (Annals of Newberry, P. 631).   In Casper’s will he mentions her first name, Mary, so, Mary Easter.  Children:

V.  Elizabeth Byerly, b. ca 1782, Newberry Co, SC, d. 4 May 1841, Newberry Co, SC, m. a Watts.  Bur Berly cemetery, Newberry Co, SC.  Marker states “Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Watts who departed this life May the 4th, 1841, in the 59th year of her age.”  Done at the expense of John Berly from the affection that he bore toward his sister.                                                 

VI.  Margaretta Byerly, b. ca 1784, Newberry Co, SC.                                                                                                        

VII.  John Byerly, b. ca. 1788 Newberry Co, SC, d. 15 Jun 1855 Newberry Co, SC, m. ca 1784, Barbara Werts, dau of Capt John Werts and Ann Catherine Hair.  Both buried Berly cemetery, Newberry Co, SC.  All of the sons (and their descendants) of Gasper Byerly, Sr. spelled the surname "Byerly" with one exception.  John Byerly who remained in SC.  With John and his family the name evolved to Berly”.   It is not known how or why this happened.  After all of the other Byerly males had left SC, it may be that the then current Court House Scribes began writing the name as "Berly".   John and his family may have simply followed this version.  Anyway, the current South Carolina mind is conditioned to only accept the name of this family as "Berly".  The author of this biography believes that the actual German Spelling of the name may be "Baierle".   Children:

           A.  Rev William Berly, Lutheran Minister, b. 25 Dec 1810, d. 17 Apr 1873, m. 12 Sep 1843,Elizabeth Caroline Maffett, b. 28 Mar 1823, d. 12 Sep 1907, dau Robert Maffett, Jr., and Nancy Bowers.  Both bur St Stephens Lutheran Church cemetery, Lexington, SC.

     B.  Adam Berly, b. 22 Dec 1812, d. 4 Dec 1897, m. Elizabeth Riser, b. ca 1816, d. 5 Aug 1873.  Buried Liberty Hill Lutheran Church cemetery, SC.

     C.  Elizabeth Berly, b. 21 Jan 1815, d. 18 Aug 1873, m. William Riser, b. May 1811, d. 25 Jan 1883, s/o John Riser and Barbara Ann Zeigler.

     D.  Sarah Berly, b. 19 Feb 1817, d. 4 Sep 1853, second wife of Andrew Michael Bowers b. 17 Nov 1823, d. 12 Feb 1895, s/o Alexander Andrew Bowers and Mary Magdalena Wheeler.

     E.  Elizabeth Jane Berly, b. 20 Mar 1820, d. 9 Feb 1903, second wife of Matthias Barre, b. 15 Mar 1801, d. 27 Apr 1873, s/o Jacob Barre, Sr., and Maria Christina Quaddlebaum.

                  F.  Dr Joel A. Berly, b 5 Apr 1824, d. 16 Dec 1888, m. 17 May 1853, Laura Lavinia Suber, b. ca 1829, d. 10 Oct 1867, d/o Jacob Suber and Catherine J. Souter.  Both buried Berly cemetery, Newberry Co, SC.

                  1.  William Washington Berly, b. 7 Jan 1862 SC, d. 14 May 1944 in SC, m. 25 Nov 1891, Annie Rebecca Swygert, b. 15 Aug 1869, d. 6 Feb 1929.

            G.  Mary Ann Magdalene Berly, b. ca 1826, d. 5 Jul 1829, bur Berly cemetery, Newberry, Co, SC.

VIII.  Mary Magdelena Byerly,  b ca 1791, Newberry Co, SC.                                                                                 

 IX.   John Frederick Byerly, b. ca 1794, Newberry Co, SC, d. Louisiana?  In 1836, John Frederick Byerly is recorded as wanting to leave SC  (Newberry Co, SC, 1836 Equities, Box 21, Pkg 4.  Jacob Loner vs J. F. Berly.  Bill for relief.  Filed 9 Jan 1826.  John Frederick Berly and John Berly made a note to Jacob Loner for $462.00 on 21 Sep 1824.  They had not paid and J. F. Berly intends to move from the state).   Spruill Harder of Arlington, Ma, a descendant of  John Frederick Byerly/Berly, informed the Author, John T. Nichols, 29 Oct  2009, that John Frederick Berly was found on the 1840 Al Census, and again on the 1850 Louisiana Census for Claiborne Parish.  On the Louisiana Census he was listed as John F. Burley, age 65, born S.C.  Children: 

           A.  Franklin, 22, son, born. SC.  Spruill believes this is Benjamin Franklin Berley who married Catherine Lucretia Jones, dau of Rev Joslin Jones.

           B.  John, 19, son, born SC.  John may be John Y. Berly who shows up on a later census.

           C.  William, 17, son, born SC.  Spruill believes this is William W. Burley who married Frances Jones who may be a sister of Catherine Lucretia Jones above.

           D.  Richard, 12, son, born Alabama.

           E.  James, 8 mos, son, born Alabama.

                                            UNCLASSIFIED BYERLY

     There was an Adam Byerley, Jr., who served in SC as a patriot in the American Revolution (Book R, Nr 369, Stub Entries to Indents, Rev War Claims).  He  served for 70 days in 1781 under Capt William Hughes, Col Winn’s Regiment at Orangeburg.  Then in 1782, he served for 30 days under Capt Godfrey Dreyer at Dreyer Station, 12 mile creek.  Later, he served for 30 days as a sergeant under Capt Jonathan Owen, Col Thomson’s Regiment.  Adam Byerley, Jr.'s father must have been Adam Byerley, Sr.

     There was also an Adam Byerley, Accounts Audited AA - 973 (Roll Nr 17).  Was this a Rev War Soldier or a non-military person providing material support to the Rev War Effort?  Could he be Adam Byerley, Sr., father of Adam Byerley, Jr., (Book R, Nr 369)?

     There was an Adam Byerly who witnessed a deed of John Gaspar Byerly, Sr., in 1794 (Post Rev War) in Newberry Co, SC.

     Two sons of John Gaspar Byerly, Martin and John, each named a son Adam.

      Gaspar Byerly may have had kindred in Charleston, SC.  On the 1790 Census there was a Frederick Briely and wife in the Charleston District.  Gaspar Byerly and wife Mary Easter Byerly named their youngest son, John Frederick Byerly.  Based upon the aforementioned bits of information/evidence, its seems there may be a relationship of these unclassified Byerleys' to each other and to the John Gaspar Philip Byerly, Family.  However, the trick is to prove the relationship.  Any help on this matter is appreciated.


This Byerly Family Biography last updated Feb 2016.