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Biographical sketches of families with origins in the Dutch Fork have been provided by many individuals. These are for your use but, please, do not publish without permission of the submitter or the chapter. Please let us know if you find errors or omissions so that we can keep them updated.


AAL (Phillip Aal, Kunkle, Aull)

AMICK (Conrad Amick)

BARRE (Jacob Barre)

BATES (Michael Bates)

BAUKNECHT (Michael Bauknight)

BEDENBAUGH (Michael Bedenbaugh)

BYERLY, John Gasper Philip, Sr.

BICKLEY (Hans Picklie)

BLACK (Adam Black Family)

BOLAND (Johann Heinrich Bohland

BOOZER (Ulrich Boozer)

BOWERS (Alexander Bowers)

BOYD (Thomas Boyd Family) - removed per request

BUZHARDT (Felix Buzhardt)

CANNON (John Cannon)

CHAPMAN (Abraham Chapman)

COOGLER (John Uriah Coogler)


COUNTS (John Wendel Kuntz)

CROMER (John George Cromer)

CROMER (Michael Cromer)

CROUT John Crout)

DERRICK (John & Jacob Derrick)

DeWALT (Daniel DeWalt)

DICKERT (Michael Dickert)

DOMINICK (Hans Dominick)

DOMINICK (Henry Dominick)

DREHER (Gottfried Dreher)

DREHER (John Dreher)

EARGLE/ERGLE (John Michael Ergil)

EICHELBERGER (George Eichelberger)

ELEAZER (John Eleazer)

EPTING (John Epting)

FAHR (John George Fahr)

FELKER (Jacob Felker)

FELLERS (John Fellers)

FOLK (Jacob Folk)

FRICK (Michael Frick)

FULMER (Eberhard Volmer)

GAUNTT (Israel Gauntt)

GEISELHART (John Geiselhart)

GLYMPH (John Glymph)

GRAY (Gaspar Gray)

HAIR (Peter Hair)

HALLMAN (Andrew Hallman)

HALLMAN (John Wendall Hallman)

HALTIWANGER (Jacob Haltiwanger)

HARMON/HARMAN (Melchior Harmon)

HAUPT (Christian Haupt-Hope)

HELLER (Christian Heller)

HENTZ (Michael Hentz)

HIPP (George Hipp)

HOGGLE (John Fredrick Hagel)

HOUSEAL (John Frederick Houseal

KELLAR (John Keller)

KELLY (John Jacob Kelly)

KIBLER (Hans Michael Kibler)

KICKLIGHTER (Thomas Kicklighter)

KINARD (John Kinard)

KINARD (Martin Kinard)

KOON (John Henry Koon)

KRELLE (Andrew George Krelle)

KUHN (Benedict Kuhn)

KUHN (Valentin Kuhn)

LAGRONE (Lawrence Lagrone)

LEITNER (Christopher Leitner)

LEVER (Jacob Lever)

LEVER (George Henry Lever)

LIGHTSEY (John Jacob Lightsey)

LINDLER (Jacob Lindler)

LIVINGSTON (John Livingston)

LONG (John Jacob Long)

LOWMAN (David Lowman)

MAYER (Andrew Mayer)

McCARTHY (Jesse McCarthy)

MEETZE (John Meetze)

METTS (Charles Metts)


MINICK (Thomas Minick)

MONTS (Hans Mantz)

NICHOLS (George Nichols)

OXNER (Felix Oxner)

PIESTER (George Piester)

QUATTLEBAUM (Peter Quattlebaum)

RIDLEHUBER (Simon Ridlehuber)

RIKARD (Thomas Rikard)

RINEHART (John Rinehart)

RISER (Martin Luther Riser)

RUFF (George Ruff)

SCHMIDPETER (Johann Schmidpeter)


SCHWARTZ (Henry Schwartz/Black)


SHAFFER (Frederick Shaffer)

SHARP (Christopher Sharp)

SHEALY (John Shealy)

SINGLEY (Martin)

SLIGH (Hans Ulrich Schleich)

SMITH (Thomas Smith)

STAIRLEY, (George Stairley)

STOCKMAN, (Johann Stockman)

SUBER, (Hans Suber)

SUMMER (John Adam Summer)

SWITTENBERG (John Swittenberg)

SWYGERT (John Swygert)

THOMAS (Andrew Thomas)

WEDAMAN(Johannes Wedaman)

WEDAMAN(Johannes Weedingman)

WERNER (John Werner)

WERTZ (Hans George Wertz)

WESSINGER (Matthew Wessinger)
WHEELER (George Wheeler Family)

WHITES (Martin Whites)

WHYER/WEIR/WIRE (Joseph Whyer)

WICKER (Matthias Wicker)

WISE (Ernst Friedrich Weiss)

WITT (Adrian Witt)

YOST (Phillip Yost)

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