Jacob Barre Family

Jacob Barre died in Newberry District about 1800. He married Mary Christina Quattlebaum, died about 1815, daughter of  Matthias Quattlebaum and Rachel Derrin.  Jacob Barre served in S.C. Militia during the Rev. War, first as Lieutenant, then as Capt. After the death of Jacob Barre, Mary Christina Quattlebaum, married Martin Shealy, son of  John Wendel Shealy and Anna Mary Epting.

In 1803, Mathias Quaddlebaum, Sr. gave to daughter, Maria Christina Shealy (alias Bear, alias Quaddlebaum), the lawful wife of Martin Shealy, a 150 acre tract of land on headwaters of Crims Creek, being part of an original grant to Conrad Roodt (Newberry Deeds F-358). In 1815, Martin Shealy sold a 100 acre portion of this land to John Bear (Newberry Deeds L-59).

In 1820, Michael Barre filed petition for sale of land of Jacob Barre, Deceased. An equity suit was filed against: Matthias Barre; John Kibler; Michael Kibler; Adam Werts and wife, Elizabeth; Polly Barre; Catherine Barre; Happy Barre; David Shealy; Henry Shealy; and William Sheely. A 103 acre tract on headwaters Crims Cr. was sold to Henry Wirts
(Newberry Deeds P-510).

I. Jacob Barre, Jr. died  about 1816, married  Elizabeth Hope, born May 1791 died  6 February  1880 daughter of  Christian Haupt and Mary Shealy. Elizabeth Hope Barre remarried Adam Werts born 5 December 1796 died 10 May 1845, son of  George Henry Werts and Mollie Singley

    A. Mary Magdalene Barre, born 5 September 1816, died 3 March 1876, married  24 March 1836, married  David H. Buzhardt, born 1 September 1811, died 19 September 1881, son of  Jacob Buzzard and  Elizabeth Sligh.

II. Michael Barre, born 21 September 1791, died  4 March 1874, married  Mary Ann Minick, born 8 February  1798, died  3 November 1871, daughter of  Johan Adam Minick and wife, Anna Maria. Buried  at Barre Cemetery near Leesville, SC. He married  Mary Minick, about 1815.

    A. Hepzibah Barre, married  Rev. Henry A. Smith, born about 1800, died  9 August 1875. Both buried  Wittenburg Lutheran Church, Leesville, SC.

    B. Caroline Barre, born about 1817, married  Rev. Henry Hammond Spann, born 28 February  1808, died  24 January 1870, son of  Henry H. Spann and  Mary Pou.

    C. William Joseph Barre, born 3 January 1819, died  24 May 1889, married  Leah C. Bouknight, born 7 June 1823, died  22 October 1900. Buried  Barr-Steedman Cemetery.

    D. Elizabeth H. Barre, born about 1819, died  6 September 1891, married  Joseph Leaphardt, born about 1810, died  7 March 1887, son of  John Leaphardt and wife Elizabeth. Buried  Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery, Gilbert, SC.

    E. Mary Barre, born 1825, died 1892, second wife of Walter Quattlebaum, born 6 May 1818, son of  John Quattlebaum and  Mette Burkett.

    F. John Barre, died  young.

    G. Col. James Michael Barre, born about 1830, died  29 August 1864, Charlottesville, VA (CSA), married  Rebecca  Dowling.

    H. Daniel Thomas Barre, born 12 January 1832, died  14 August 1909, married  Rodella Elizabeth Rawl, daughter of  Samuel Rawl and  Nancy Leaphart.

    I. Sarah Matilda Barre, born about 1834, married  Dr. S. D. M. Guess.

    J. Henry P. Barre, born about 1838, died 10 June 1869 from disease from Civil War, married Anna A. Reid

    K. Susan Barre, born about 1838, married  Joseph Guess.

    L. Amanda Barre, born 17 August 1840, died 10 August 1872, married  Drayton Walter Barre, born 2 February 1834, died  23 December 1914, son of  Matthias Barre and  Mary Magdalene Werts.

    M. Frank Barre, died  in infancy.

III. John Barre, died  about 1820, married  Catherine Sligh, born 15 September 1799, died  26 October 1855, daughter of  John Phillip Sligh, Sr. and  Christina Kinard  Catherine Sligh Barre married  2) Andrew Cromer, Jr.

    A. Caroline (Happy) Barre.

    B. John Phillip Barre, born March 1820, died 6 April 1850, married  Rebecca Malinda Kinard, born 3 November  1821, 3 November1857, daughter of  Samuel Kinard and  Elizabeth Hallman..   Rebecca Malinda Kinard Barre married 2) Thomas Ellisor (HH#318 1850 Newberry . Co. Census)

IV. Mary Christina Barre, died  March  1817, first wife of John Kibler, died  about 1831, son of  Michael Kibler, Sr. and  Mary Kinard.

VI. Matthias Barre, born 15 March 1801, died  27 April 1873, married  1) Mary Magdalene Werts, born 6 January 1802, died  16 October 1841, daughter of  George Henry Werts and  Molly Singley; married  2) Eliza Jane Berley, born 20 March 1820, died  9 February 1903, daughter of  John Berley and  Barbara Wertz.

Children by first wife:

    A. Jacob Barre, born 17 June 1820, died 11 March 1870, married 17 December 1840, Elizabeth Houseal. Both buried  St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC.

    B. Elizabeth Carolina Barre, born 22 July 1822, died 6 January 1907, married  William Walter Houseal, born 15 August 1818, died  1 November 1889, son of  John Houseal and  Eve Margaret Counts.

    C. Harriet Barre, born 27 November 1827, died  27 October 1848, first wife of Andrew Michael Bowers. Buried  Bowers-Barre Cemetery.

    D. Katherine Barre, born 18 November 1829, died 23 September 1831. Buried  Bowers- Barre Cem.

    E. Drayton Walter Barre, born 2 February 1834, died 23 December 1914, married  1) Amanda Barre, born 17 August 1840, died 10 August 1872, daughter of  Michael Barre and  Mary Ann Minnick.

    F. Elizabeth Frances Barre, born 9 March 1836, died 15 October 1854, married  (as third wife), Andrew Michael Bowers, born 17 November 1823, died 12 February 1895.

    G. Mary Lavinia Barre, born 22 March 1838, died 25 February 1927, married 1892, Jesse A. Rawls of Haralson Co., GA.

    H. William Alonzo Barre, born 23 September 1840, died 11 December 1885, married  Huldah C. Goree, born 23 August 1845, died  4 October 1902. But. Sharon Methodist Church Cemetery.

Children by second wife:

    I. John J. Barre, born 30 October 1843, died  25 November 1872. Did not marry. Killed in FL in 1872, buried  Rosemont Cemetery.

    J. Sarah Caroline Barre, born 1846, died 1934. Buried  Rosemont Cemetery.

    K. Tillus (Lillie) E. Barre, born 1 September 1849, died 12 July 1887, married 12 February  1868, Bluford F. Griffin. Both buried Rosemont Cemetery.

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