Hans Bickley Family

The earliest records of the Bickley family in Lexington Co., SC, are land  surveys and grants dating back to 1748. At that time John and Thomas Bigley  obtained grants to tracts of land on High Hill Cr. of Saluda River. They were  sons of Hans George Picklie, a shoemaker, b. about 1695, and wife Agnes, b. about 1698. This family landed 7 October 1738 in Georgia on the ship "Two  Brothers."


I. John Bickley, b. about 1721, probably d. before 1771.
II. Thomas Bickley, b. about 1725, d. about 1797.
III. Jacob Bickley, b. about 1730, d. 1790/1800.
In 1788, Jacob and Thomas Bückle were signers for incorporation of Bethel  Church on High Hill Creek.


 John Bickley, born about 1721, probably died before 1771. In 1771, his brothers,  Jacob and Thomas obtained surveys in the High Hill Cr. area but John Bigley had no further surveys made after 1748. In 1748, John Bickley obtained a 100A bounty grant on High Hill Cr. indicating that he was married at the time.

 Anna Barbara Bickley, born in 1749, was evidently a daughter of John Bickley. Jacob Bickley who married Mary Dreher was also most likely a son of John Bickley.  Thomas Bickley who had a wife, Susannah, was also probably a son of John Bickley.

A. Anna Barbara Bickley, b. 7 March 1749, d. 5 Jan 1837 (Sponsors: Godfrey & Mary Barbara Dreher, d. 5 Jan 1837, m. George Wise, s/o Ernst Friedrich Weiss and Barbara Ruf.
 B. Jacob Bickley, b. 1753, d. 3 Apr 1805, m. Mary Dreher, dau. of Godfrey & Mary Barbara Dreher. Jacob Bickley obtained a 374 acre survey in 1787 which later was the property of Jacob Bickley who married Gemima Smith (Lex  Deeds O-90).
    1. Mary Ann (Molly) Bickley, b. 1784, d. 1813, m. Michael Wingard.
    2. Catherine Bickley, b. 1789, d. 1850, m. 22 Jan 1808, Samuel Wingard.
    3. Jacob Bickley, b. about 1790, d. 18 Jan 1843, m. 27 Nov 1822, Gemima  Smith, b. 17 July 1807, d. 5 Feb 1886, d/o Thomas Smith and Anna Catherine Derrick. Jacob Bickley died in testate in 1843 with land left to widow, Jemima, & children (Lex Deeds O-90). The land was a 374 survey of  1787 to Jacob Bickley.
      a. Ann Mary Bickley, b. 15 Aug. 1823, m. 9 Feb 1830, Jacob Wesley Smith.
      b. Jacob Bickley, b. about 1825, m. Catherine Metz.
      c. Rachel Rebecca Bickley, b. 25 March 1829, d. 23 Dec 1900, m. Isaiah Joshua Lowman.
      d. James Morgan Bickley, b. 15 May 1830, d. 7 Jan 1864, m. 23 Aug. 1854, Caroline E. Bouknight.
      e. Charlotte Caroline Bickley, b. 1832, d. 1918, m. (1) Clarence Drury Bouknight, b. 1814, d. 1854 ; m. (2) David Hiram Dunson. Moved to Clayton  Co., GA.
      f. Margaret Isabel Bickley, b. about 1834.
      g. Joseph Hamilton Bickley, b. 16 Oct 1835, d. 16 Nov 1916, m. Lucinda Caroline Shealy.
      h. Susannah Elizabeth Bickley, b. about 1842.
A. Thomas Bickley. In the 1790 census Thomas Bickley is listed with two females in his house and with 6 slaves. He left a wife named Dorothy  (Dolly) who is found on the census as head of household in 1800. In 1809 Mary Bickley had a survey made on High Hill Cr. (Columbia Plats 41:475). The land  bounded at that time on Dorothy Bickley.


 Thomas Bickley, b. 1725, d. about 1797, married Anna Ochs/Oaks. Thomas Bickley  had a survey of 1748 made for 50A on High Hill Cr. In 1797 Jacob Kelly had the land re-surveyed as a 51A tract (State Plats, Columbia series, 36:40).  The plat of the survey shows a house and barn and states the tract was whereon  Thomas Bigley or Pickley, lately deceased, had lived for many years. Anna Ochs Bickley may have been Nancy Bickley whose estate was administered in 1818 by John Bickley with Jacob Bickley & Samuel Wessinger as securities (Holcomb, "Memorialized Records").

 In 1806, Jacob Kelly, Jacob Hamiter, & John Bickley sold a 150A tract on Camping Cr. to Jacob Shumpard (Lex Deeds K-155). They apparently shared a claim in the tract. These names are taken to represent a son and two son-in-laws  of Thomas Bickley.

    A. Nancy Bickley, m. (1) Jacob Kelly, b. 10 Feb 1750 (Blauberen, Germany), d. 1806/1810, s/o Johann Jacob Kölle and Anna Catherina Sigler; m. (2) Saul Simon.

    1. Jacob Kelly.
    2. George Kelly
    3. Julia Ann Kelly, b. about 1804, m. Joseph Bickley, b. 1804, d. 12 Jan 1853. They moved, about 1835, to GA, Then to Coosa Co., AL.
 B. Harriette Bickley, b. 1775, d. 23 Sept 1820, m. Jacob Hamiter, b. 1764,  d. 21 Sept 1816, s/o Michael Hamiter and Mary Werner/Warner.
    1. Frances A. Hamiter, b. 29 June 1801, d. 4 July 1883, m. 3 Jan 1822, Rev. Jacob Kleckley. Moved to Macon Co., GA.
    2. John Tyler Hamiter, b. 22 Sept 1802, d. 2 Feb 1864, Bossier Parish, LA, m. 14 Apr 1833 (Twiggs Co., GA), Patience Hodges.
    3. David Hamiter, b. 24 Jan 1803, d. 16 May 1866, Little River Co., ARK, m. 12 Aug. 1825, Maria Ann Beaty.
    4. Charlotte Hamiter, b. 1804, d. 1880. Did not marry.
    5. Joel Hamiter, b. 1807, d. 1866, Barbour Co., AL, m. Elizabeth Bates.
 A. John Bickley, b. about 1780, d. 1826, m. Rachel Nichols, b. about 1792, d/o George Nichols and wife Elizabeth.
    1. Nancy Bickley, b. 18 Oct 1816.
    2. Solomon Bickley, b. 19 Dec 1817, d. 18 May 1888. Moved to GA.
    3. Sampson Bickley, b. 7 Aug. 1819, d. 1862.
    4. Simon Peter Bickley, b. 11 May 1821, d. 18 Jan 1904. Moved to GA.
    5. Simeon Bickley, b. 26 Dec 1822, d. 7 March 1907, Moved to GA, then  to TX.
    6. Naomi Bickley, b. 13 Apr 1824, d. 3 June 1850, m. George Adam Schumpert.
    7. John Bickley, b. 30 Sept 1826.


 Jacob Bickley was born about 1730 and died after 1790. His wife may have  been Margaret Neighrett who is found as a widow on the 1800 census. Margaret Neighrett had a 100A land grant on Beard’s br. of High Hill Cr. The Neighrett tract is shown as land of Jacob Bickley when an adjacent 315A survey was made in 1796 for Bickley. The 315A tract is shown on later adjacent surveys  as land of Ulrick (Uriah) Bickley.
Jacob Pickley had a 200 acre survey made on the east side of High Hill Cr. in 1771. In 1797 he extended the bounds of the survey to 290 acres. The plat of 1797 shows a house and says the 290 tract includes the 200A survey of 1773 for Jacob Bigley in the name of J. Pickley.
The census records of 1790 and 1800 indicate 3 or 4 sons and 2 daughters.  Uriah and Jacob Bickley were likely sons of Jacob Bickley, Sr

A. Jacob Bickley, Jr., d. about 1821. His estate was administered in 1821  with Samuel Bickley, administrator (Holcomb, "Memorialized Records").  Baruch Snelgrove & Joseph Bickley were securities.
    1. Elizabeth Bickley, b. 12 March 1793, d. 28 July 1870, m. John Frederick Sease, b. 18 Sept 1791, d. 18 Feb 1857, s/o John Mark Sease and Nancy  Shirer. Lived south of saluda on Hollow Cr.
    2. Samuel Bickley, b. about 1800, m. (1) Mary Elizabeth Snellgrove, believe  to be dau. of Barrock Snelgrove and Mary Elizabeth Northrop. Married (2)  Nancy Nattin in Bowier Parish, LA (Lee Bartos, lrootsdigger@aol.com).  Samuel Bickley was administrator of est. of Jacob Bickley, decd in 1821 (Holcomb, "Memorialized Records").
       a. Emily A. Bickley, b. 16 Feb 1820, d. 1 Nov 1899, m. 17 July 1836 James Newsome, b. 17 Jan 1836.                                                                       b. William Cary Bickley, b. 18 Nov 1824, d. 26 June 1860, Claiborne Parish, LA, m. 6 Dec 1842 in Bibb Co., GA, Elizabeth Jane Moffett, d/o Jacob Moffett and Sarah Hunter Saunders.
      c. Jacob J. Bickley, b. 24 Dec 1826 in GA, d. 12 Aug. 1884, Miller Co. ARK, m. 23 Dec 1852 in Claiborne Parish, LA, Sarah C. R. Hooker.
      d. Sarah Ann Bickley, b. 1834 in GA, m. 15 May 1852 in Claiborne Parish, LA, William C. White.
      e. Angeline L. Bickley, b. 1838 in GA, m. 3 Nov 1859, Irby White.
      f. Samuel Jackson, b. 4 Jan 1847 in GA, m. Louisa Eliza Camp, b. 27 Sep 1850, d. 13 Dec. 1909 in Hunt  Co., TX

        3. Joseph Bickley, b. about 1802, d. 12 Jan 1853, m. Julia Ann Kelly, b. about 1804, d/o Jacob Kelly and Nancy Bickley. Moved to Macon  Co., GA about 1835, then before 1850 to Coosa Co., AL. Joseph Bickley with Baruch Snelgrove were securities for administration of est. of Jacob Bickley, deceased 1821 (Holcomb, "Memorialized Records").

    B. Uriah Bickley, b. 1775, m. Catherine Caughman. In 1845, John Martin Bickley sold land near the Saluda River to Richard Bickley made up of part  of a survey of 1809 to Jacob Bickley (Lex Deeds Q-130).

    1. Thomas Bickley, b. about 1806, m. Polly Taylor.
    2. Richard Bickley, b. 28 March 1814, d. 24 May 1889, m. 25 Jan 1846, Mary Lindler.
    3. John Martin Bickley, b. 1819, m. Elizabeth Taylor.
    4. James Allen Bickley, b. 1822, d. 21 March 1873, m. 6 Feb 1845, Mary Ann Wessinger.
 C. Elizabeth Bickley, m. John Michael Sulton, b. 5 Sept 1785, d. 8 May  1863, d/o John Harmon Sulton. Jacob Beckler in 1809 had a 318 acre survey made on the Saluda R. east side of Camping Cr. Parts of this survey were  sold in 1849 and 1850 by Michael Sulton (Lex Deeds Q-345 and 346).
    1. Julia Sulton, b. 3 Dec 1817, d. 29 Jan 1894, m. Rev.  Elijah Andrews Austin.
    2. Thomas Sulton, b. 25 Nov 1820, d. 5 Apr 1846.
    3. Jemima Sulton, b. about 1826, d. 15 Oct 1906. Did not marry.
    4. Caroline Sulton, b. 1830, d. 21 Nov 1896, m. 30 Jan 1851, Maj. John Henry Koon.
    5. Barbara Elizabeth Sulton, b. 20 Sept 1831, d. 20 Nov 1832.
    6. Kisiah B. Sulton, b. 26 Feb 1832, d. 14 Jan 1908, m. Drayton Epting.
    7. Cedecy Joannah Sulton, b. 25 Dec 1834, d. 14 Oct 1839.


 FREDERICK BICKLEY, b. about 1811, m. Anna Lewie.

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