Adam Black Family

 Adam Black and Margaret Black each had 100 acre late Colonial grants on headwaters of Cannons Creek.  Adam Black released his land in 1776 to William Taylor (Newberry Deeds A-298). Margaret Black's land was later owned by Frederick Boozer (Newberry Deeds K-266). An additional 100 acre tract was owned by Adam Black in the same area. This land was sold in 1793 by Adam Black to Jacob Buzard (Newberry Deeds D-573)

 Adam Black married Rosena Kraud (Crout). Rosena Kraud received a 100 acre grant in 1774 on the west side of Bush River in Newberry County   A portion of this land was sold in 1786 by Hugh Gregg to Seth Hatcher (Newberry Deeds A-351). The deed indicates that Rosena Kraud, the grantee, was the wife of Adam Black. The deed also mentions that Rosena's grant was adjacent the grant of  John Kraud (Johannes Crout).

  About the time of the Revolutionary War, Adam Black, the Crout family, and others settled on the south side of Saluda River near the Lexington-Edgefield, later Saluda, County line. Old surveys of the area show that Adam Black owned land in this area.  Catherine Black is the only known daughter of Adam Black and Rosena Crout.

  Adam Black died about 1822, with John Black, administrator of estate (B.H. Holcomb,
"Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist., SC, 1814-1825). David Risinger and D. Lomanick were securites with administration filed 5 April 1822. John Black, Sr., who married Susannah Catherine Hite is the only known son of Adam Black and Rosena Kraud/Crout.

I. John Black, Sr., born 1776, died about 1854, married  Susannah Catharine Hite, born 5 July  1771, died after 1850, daughter of Johann Michael Hite. They lived on Hollow Creek.   Buried  Black Family Cemetery, McCartha Springs.

    A. Jacob Black. Died young. Buried  Black Family Cemetery.

    B. Catherine Elizabeth Black, born 30 August 1798, died 29 November 1884, married  George Vansant, born 1811, died 1854.

    C. John Black, Jr., born 31 January 1800, died 23 July 1870, married  Jemima Caughman, born about  1805, died 14 February 1877, daughter of Andrew Caughman and Anna Maria (Mary) Derrick.

    D. Mary Magdalena Black, born 8 June 1802, married  (as first wife) Daniel Derrick, born 12 October 1800, died 5 September 1883, son of Thomas Derrick and Catherine Monts.

    E. John Adam Black, born 8 January 1804, died 25 August 1869, married Catherine Chapman, born 1818, died 1894. Moved to Good Hope, Ward County, SC.

    F. Susannah Black, born 20 August 1805, died 16 June 1858, married (as first wife) Rev. Emanuel Caughman, born 9 January 1802, died 29 December 1881, son of Andrew Caughman and Anna Maria (Mary) Derrick.

    G. Rebecca Black, born 1 October 1807, married  Jesse Martin.

    H. David Black, born 17 May 1809, died 7 July 1895, married Hana Serena Hendrix, born 1816, died 1901. Settled on Joe's Creek.   Buried Black Family Cemetery.

    I. Samuel Black, born 12 February 1811, died 23 September 1896, married Priscilla Williams. 

II. Catherine , born 13 October 1791, died 1 March 1898; married April  1809, David Risinger, born 12 May 1762, died 19 February 1848.  Buried Risinger Cemetery.   David Risinger was a veteran of the War of 1812.

    A. Adam Risinger, born 8 April  1810; married  Miley Hallman, born 15 August 1815, daughter of George Hallman and Mary Rish.  Buried Cedar Grove Cemetery.

    B. Celia Risinger, born 1 January  1812, died 1 December  1898; married Daniel Oxner, born 1810, died August  1856 son of Henry Oxner, Jr. and  wife, Elizabeth.  Buried Oxner Family Cemetery.

    C. Elizabeth Risinger, born 8 January 1814, died June 1845

Bio updated  28 October, 2002