Alexander Bowers Family

Alexander Andrew Bowers came to S.C. on the Upton in 1752 as a single man. He petitioned for bounty and received a 50 acre grant on headwaters of Crims Creek. In the same area, he had a late colonial grant of 200 acres. The 50 acre original bounty grant was deeded in 1805 by grantee to son, George Bowers
(Newberry Deeds H-102). The 200 acre grant was sold 1813 by the children of Alexander Andrew Bowers (Newberry Deeds P-178) indicating that Bowers died between 1805 and 1813.

Alexander Andrew Bowers married Anna Barbara Hermann. Anna Barbara Hermann received a land grant in 1766 near Prosperity and on 21 October 1805 the children of the grantee sold their mother's grant to their brother, Stephen Bowers (Newberry Deeds H-165). The names of the children of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Anna Barbara Hermann are given in this deed as well as in the deed to the sale of Bowers' 200 acre grant. The land being sold became the homeplace of Stephen Bowers.

  In an equity (Bartholomew Long and wife, Elizabeth, et al vs. William Sheely, 1834), a Mrs. Bowers is mentioned as a sister of John Windle Shealy. This record is discussed in D. K. Hinson's "The Lost Shealy Women" (Lexington Genealogical Exchange IV(I):2, 1984). Records from St. John the Baptist Lutheran Church in Unterhausen, Germany, reveal that Maria Margaretta Haupter, the wife of John Shely, was first married to Matthaues Hermann who fathered the child, Anna Barbara, born 27 April 1738. Anna Barbara Hermann was a half-sister to John Windle Shealy and a step-daughter to John Shely.

  Andrew Bowers was reimbursed for Provisions and Forage supplied in 1782 during the Revolutionary War (Accounts Audited #647).  Capt. John Adam Summer was authorized to receive payment. (information contributed by Rosemary Bowers Dodd)

            Family of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Anna Barbara Hermann

I. Catherine Bowers, married George Long, born 1758 died 6 July 1815, son of Jacob Long, Sr. About 1806, the family to the area of Lick Creek branch of Cloud's Creek in Edgefield District (Saluda County) Buried Long Family Cemetery.

    A. George Long born 27 March 1781, died 22 January 1860, married 1) Elizabeth Catherine Stairley, daughter of Jacob Stairley and Ursula Eigleberger, married 2) Eve Margaret Chapman Fulmer, born 26 February 1782, died 27 October 1856, dau. of Abraham Chapman. All three buried Long Family Cemetery, Saluda County, SC.

    B. Anna Barbary Long, born 16 June 1784, died about 1877, married 1805, John Rish, born 1773, died 1846 son of Adam Rish.

    C. Mary Ann Long, born 2 February 1786, died 12 August 1863, married 27 May 1805, Eberhardt Fulmer, born 14 April 1778, died 26 June 1858, son of John Fulmer, Jr.

    D. Catherine Long, born 13 May 1788, died 25 March 1823, married 22 January 1811, Amos Banks born 11 May 1777, died 6 February 1843, a Sheriff of Lexington District Buried Banks family Cemetery.

    E. Jacob Long, born 20 July 1790, died 19 December 1848, married Elizabeth Bates Woolley, born 1773, died 18 June 1838 daughter of Michael Bates and Catherine Kelly and widow of Rezin Woolley.

    F. Elizabeth Long, born 25 October 1798, died October 1865, married Zaccheus Wooley born 1797, died 25 August 1857. They moved about 1825 to Bibb County, AL.

    G. Michael Long, Sr. born 1 February 1800 Did not marry,  Murdered on the night of 17 April 1849 as he slept in bed.

II. Stephen Bowers, born about 1768, died 13 November 1860, married Nancy Bates, born 26 September 1775, died 23 October 1848, daughter of Michael Bates and Catherine Kelly. Buried in family cemetery near Prosperity.

    A. George M. Bowers, born about 1794, died before November 1860, married Catherine (Caty) Fellers, born about 1796, daughter of John George Fellers and Catherine Kinard.   In 1821, George Bowers and wife Katharine sold a 60 acre tract on waters of Crims Creek being part of land assigned Caty Feller of  lands of George Feller, deceased. (Newberry Deeds P-2, p. 305). They moved before 1840 to Fayette County, TN.

      1. Mary Caroline Bowers, born about 1822, married ___ Broom.

      2. Martha Bowers, born about 1823, married William B. Stafford.

      3. Jacob Bowers, born about 1828.

    B. Alexander Andrew Bowers, born 2 December 1795, died 26 June 1825, married 28 December 1815, Mary Magdeline Wheeler, born 13 December 1797, daughter of George Wheeler and Barbara Addy.

      1. George Washington Bowers, born 3 July 1816, died 8 January 1862, married 8 May 1840, Mary Magdalena Mayer.

      2. Levi Bowers, born 27 February 1818, died 11 June 1863, married Elizabeth Ann Young. Moved to Coweta County, GA.

      3. Nancy Caroline Bowers, born 3 December 1819, died 28 May 1904, married Dr. Abram Young. Moved to Coweta County, GA.

      4. Jacob Stephen Bowers, born 31 January 1822, died 17 September 1879, married Sarah Elizabeth Chapman; both buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.

      5. Andrew Michael Bowers, born 17 November 1823, died 12 February 1895, married 1) Harriet Barre, married 2) Sarah Berley,

      and married 3) Elizabeth Francis Barre, sister of first wife.

      6. John Bowers, born 16 November 1825, died 6 November 1864, CSA, killed at Battle of Petersburg, married Margaret Martha Dominick.

    C. Samuel Bowers, born about 1798, died 25 January 1874, married 1) Elizabeth Cook, daughter of Jacob Cook and Rebecca Kinard, married 2) Margaret Moore, born 29 November 1812, died 16 November 1860, daughter of James Moore, Sr. and Rosannah McClelland. Buried at Cannons Creek ARP Church cemetery

      Children by first wife:

      1. Rebecca Bowers, born 3 June 1825, died 8 June 1880 married Dr. Perry Jackson Simpson, born 15 May 1817, died 5 November 1861.  Both buried Prosperity Cemetery.

      2. Jacob S. Bowers, born 15 November 1826, died 6 November 1864, CSA, married 1) Amelia Frances Morris.

      3. Elizabeth Bowers, born 10 December 1829, died 7 April 1864, married William Martin Werts.

      4. Nancy Narcissus Bowers, born 1 August 1834, died about 1868 (34 years), buried Bowers Cemetery, married Dr. J. D. Cureton.

      Children by second wife:

      5. Levi Samuel Bowers, born 22 November 1844, died 23 March 1920, married Mary (Mollie) Gallman.

      6. Emma Rosalie Bowers, born 28 November 1846, died 29 September 1900, married Anderson Andrew Nates.

      7. Jane J. Bowers, born about 1849.

      8. Mary (Molly) C. Bowers, born 29 August 1852, died 6 April 1904, married Samuel C. Barre.

      9. Fletcher M. Bowers, born 12 December 1853, died 4 August 1922.

    D. Jacob Bowers, born 4 April 1799, died 27 February 1886, married 1) Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Lynch, born 18 April 1805, died 7 February 1875, daughter of Rev. Elijah Lynch and Elizabeth Chapman. Moved to Coweta County, GA before 1828; in 1851, moved to Brooks, Fayette County, GA. Jacob Bowers married 2) Jemima Powell, born about 1840. Jacob Bowers and first wife are buried at Line Christian Church Cemetery, Fayette County, GA.

      1. Giles W. Bowers, born 26 September 1827, died 20 March 1863, Richmond, VA (CSA), married 7 January 1848, Mary Morgan, born 1825.

      2. Permelia Ann Bowers, born 5 August 1828 Coweta Co., GA, died 30 June 1912 AR, married 15 February 1848 in Coweta County, GA., William B. Word, born about 1825, Coweta County, GA.

      3. Nancy Bowers, born 6 November 1829, Coweta County, GA, died 10 February 1916, New Edinburg, AR, married Samuel S. Word, born 26 September. 1826 in Laurens County, SC., died 8 May 1866, Cleveland, AR.

      4. Levi Bates Bowers, born about 1833, died 6 January 1863, Danville, VA (CSA), married Delilah Jane Ward, born 15 December 1835, died 22 March 1918.

      5. Elizabeth Bowers, born 1835.

      6. Harriet Bowers, born 1838, died 1892, married 1) Jefferson Pate; married 2) (as second wife) George Washington Snead, born 31 March 1835, died 28 July 1919. Harriet and 2nd husband buried Antioch Baptist Church cemetery, Fayette County, GA.

      7. Mary Ann Bowers, born 1839, married (as first wife) George Washington Snead, born 31 March 1835, died 28 July 1919.

      8. Alexander Andrew Bowers, born 1842, died CSA.

      9. George P. Bowers, born 1843.

      10. John B. Bowers, born 1845.

    E. David Bowers, died 29 October 1864 (age 62 years), married Eve R. Kinard, born about 1800, died 5 May 1880 (age 80 years), daughter of Michael Kinard, Sr. and Catherine Swittenberg. They lived on headwaters of Crims Creek near the original Bowers bounty grant and are buried in the David Bowers Cemetery.

      1. Lavenia (Viney) Bowers, born 6 June 1820, died 29 June 1907, married 9 May 1839, John Shealy.

      2. George Michael Bowers, born 30 January 1822, died 16 July 1906, married Eliza Dominick.

      3. Catherine (Kate) Bowers, born 29 December 1823, died 11 October 1915, married Jacob Shealy.

      4. Elizabeth (Betsie) Bowers, born 7 January 1826, died 25 October 1889, married 12 December 1844, Adam Frick.

      5. Mary Ann Bowers, born 18 July 1827, died 16 August 1905, married Levi Monts.

      6. Levi W. Bowers, born 27 November 1831, died 11 June 1890, married 10 February 1858, Lavinia Marcilla Bowers.

      7. Nancy Louisa Bowers, born 3 December 1836, died 29 March 1912, married 1) John J. Swygart, died CSA. Nancy Louise Bowers married 2) James Lott Lowman.

    F. Nancy Bowers, born 5 July 1805, died 12 October 1876, married Robert Maffet, Jr., born 30 October 1797, died 18 September 1879, son of Robert Maffet, Sr. and Barbara Hair. Buried at Cannons Creek ARP Church cemetery.

    G. Elizabeth Ruth Bowers, born 13 November 1808, died 1 September 1865, married George Fellers, born 6 January 1804, died 10 November 1882, son of John George Fellers and Catherine Kinard. Buried Fellers Cemetery #2.

    H. Sarah (Sallie) Bowers, born 3 November 1810, died 6 August 1882, married John Jacob Wheeler, born 11 April 1801, died 4 September 1874, brother of Mary Magdaline Wheeler. Buried Wheeler family cemetery

    I. John Bowers, born about 1814, died 10 November 1834. Buried Bowers Cemetery.

    J. Lavina (Vina) Bowers, born 28 October 1817, died 4 December 1834, married Dr. Abram Young, Jr., buried Prosperity Cemetery.

III. John Jacob Bowers, born 6 March 1774, died 26 April 1859, married 1) Mary Elizabeth ___ born about 1779, died 18 May 1811; married 2) Anna Catherine Mayer, born 16 November 1787, died 14 March 1859, daughter of Ulrich Mayer and Anne Cathren Frick.  Buried with both wives in family cemetery northeast of St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church.  This cemetery is located on a 150 acre land grant obtained by Andrew Bowers in the late Colonial period.

    Children by first wife, Mary Elizabeth _____:

    A. Elizabeth Bowers, born about 1802, died 12 May 1868, married John Werts, Jr., born 10 June 1795, died 3 November 1879, son of Capt. John Werts and Ann Catherine Hair.  Both buried Trinity Lutheran Church cemetery, Saluda County, SC.

    B. David Bowers, born 11 October 1807, died 11 August 1880, moved before 1840 to Union County, GA, and married Talithia ___ (possibly Carter), born about 1812, NC.

    C. Sarah Bowers, born 4 November 1809.

    Children by Anna Catherine Mayer:

    D. Anna Catharine Bowers, born 29 March 1813, married 18 December 1834, William Boland, born 7 January 1809, died 3 September 1895, son of Abraham Boland and Eve Christena Sease.  Moved to MS.  Buried Chapel Hill Cemetery, Calhoun County, MS.

    E. Mary Magdalena Bowers, born 15 June 1815,  married 14 November 1837(as first wife), Henry Miller, born 9 December 1815, died 30 Sept 1892, son of  John George Miller and Ann Catherine Sease.

    F. George Bowers, born 29 September 1817, died before 1850, moved before 1840 to Union County, GA and married Lucinda Griffeth, born 1813/1814 (GA), daughter of  Caleb Griffeth, Sr. and Julian Ann Little. George Bowers is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Union County, GA.

    G. Margaret Bowers, born 17 November 1819, died 12 May 1849, married 5 April 1838, John George Fulmer, born 17 January 1813, died 12 November 1902, son of Adam Fulmer and Mary Catherine Reister.  Both buried St. Andrews Lutheran Church Cemetery, Richland County, SC.

    H. Susannah Bowers, born 17 August 1822, died after 1867, married Ephraim Walter Boland, born 2 January 1824, died 2 November 1902, son of  Abraham Boland and Eve Christena Sease.  Moved to MS.  Buried Chapel Hill Cemetery, Calhoun County, MS.

    I. Mary Ann Bowers, born 25 January 1825, died 20 December 1907, married 25 November 1849, Samuel Fulmer, born 10 April 1821, died 15 April 1856, brother of George Fulmer.  Buried St. Thomas Lutheran Church Cemetery, Chapin, SC.

    J. Lavinia Marcilla Bowers, born 15 May 1829, died 11 February 1925, married Levi W. Bowers, born 27 November 1831, died 11 June 1890, son of David Bowers and Eva Kinard.  They are buried in the David Bowers cemetery near Little Mountain, SC.

IV. George Bowers born 1850, married Catherine Bates, daughter of Michael Bates and Catherine Kelly. By 1812 they had moved to Edgefield District. About the year 1830, the family moved to Burke County, NC.

    A.  Richard Andrew Bowers born 1805, died 1896, married Margaret Ann Poole.

    B. Samuel Bowers born 1808

    C.  John Bowers born 1810.

    D. James Bowers born 1817.

V. Margaret Bowers, died 24 September 1847, married Matthias Yonce, son of John Yonce. They moved to Orangeburg District and settled in the Mt. Calvary Church area near Johnston, S.C.

    A. John Yonce, born about 1798, died 19 September 1854, married Sarah Huet, born 1807, died 1879, daughter of George Huet and Mary Amick.

    B. Andrew Yonce, born about 1800, married Christiner Huet, sister of Sarah Huet

    C. William Yonce, born about 1803,  married Elizabeth Huet, sister of Sarah and  Christiner Huet.

    D. Christina Yonce, born about 1807, married John Moyer son of Andrew Moyer and Maria Ann Morris.

    E. Daniel Yonce born about 1813, married Rebecca Lybrand.

    F. Sarah Yonce, married Henry Nites.

    G. Lavinia Yonce, born about 1829, married Levi Lybrand.

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