Felix Buzhardt Family

The petition of the immigrant, Felix Buzhardt, for SC bounty was heard 6 November 1750, "Felix Bozer, lately came from N.C., had a wife and 6 children, 3 of which are in this country" (BPRO CO 5/462). His land grant of 250 acres was on Cannons Creek and was conveyed in 1757 to Rudolph Bushard.

Three sons are identified from deed records of Newberry District, SC; Rudolph, Jacob, and John Bushart.

I. Rudolph Bushart, died before 1786.

  Rudolph Bushart sold the 250A survey of Felix Boushard in 1770 to Barnard Mantz with deed cosigned by wife, Marian (Mary Ann) (Newberry Deeds A-945). Deed says tract was conveyed in 1757 from Felix Bushard to Rudolph Bushard.   In 1786, Rudolph Bushard, Jr. sold land on Broad River near Lyles Ferry (Newberry Deeds A-915). Deed says land had been transferred to Rudolph Bushard, Sr. who died intestate and land devolved on son, Rudolph Bushard, Jr.

  The wife of Rudolph Bushart, at the time of his death, was named Elizabeth, born about 1738, died 6 July 1813. At her death, Walter Goodman was in possession of her effects and wished for Jacob Keller to be administrator. Rudolph Bushart, Jr. is not mentioned in estate papers of Elizabeth Bushart but there is a note due her estate from David Boshart. Elizabeth Bushardt is buried in the Boshart- Keller- Suber-Ruff Cemetery.

                                             Son of Rudolph Boshart

    A. Rudolph Boshart, Jr., born about 1759, died 12 October 1846 in Marshall County, AL. Wife named Sarah. During the Revolutionary War,  Rudolph Boshart, Jr. volunteered March 1781 for 6 months duty in Regt. of Col. Baird. His family moved to Rutherford County, TN, then to Madison County, AL, then to Marshall County, AL. Some of the information on this family was obtained from the Kennemer Family History by Woody Kelly.

      1. David Boshart born about. 1775 died before 1846 married 8 June 1811, Rachel Kennamer born about 1784

      2. Susannah Boshart born about 1787 died about 1856 married 1808, Samuel Kennamer born about 1772

      3. Little David Boshart married about 1822, Margaret C. Barton

      4. Sarah (Sallie) Boshart, born about 1785, died before 1846, married 26 May 1813 in Madison County, AL, David  Rilly Kennamer born about 1791

      5. Rebecca Boshart, born 3 January 1792, died 14 July 1821 married 1 May 1811, Stephen Kennamer born 5 September 1774 died  about 1865.

    Children of Rudolph Bushart and wife Elizabeth:

    B. Susannah Buzzard, born 1763, died 20 November 1857, married Jacob Keller, born 1763, died 23 February 1843, son of Adam Keller. Buried Boshart-Keller-Suber-Ruff Cemetery.

    C. Anna Buzzard, married ___ Goree.

    D. Sarah Buzzard.

    E. Nancy Buzzard, married John Parrot.

II. Jacob Buzhardt. Jacob Buzzard in 1768 bought a 350 tract on Cannons Creek from Jacob Nortz (Newberry Deeds D-565). In 1812, Jacob Buzzard Sr. sold this tract to Philip Buzzard (Newberry Deeds K-208). Jacob Buzhardt's widow, Ann Margaret, made will 29 July 1816, proven 25 November 1817 (Newberry Wills F-364). Will mentions sons: Philip, Jacob, and Gasper Buzzard, and daughters: Elizabeth Wright and Mary Buzzard. Grandson, Thomas Wright.

    A. Phillip Buzzard, born about 1770, died 4 October 1852, married Mary Sligh, born 30 December 1783, died 2 June 1852, daughter of John Phillip Sligh, Sr. and Christina Kinard. Both buried Buzhardt Cemetery #1.

      1. Michael Buzzard, born 9 September 1807, died 16 August 1885, married Mary Suber, born 29 October 1808, died 8 March 1885, daughter of John Uriah Suber and Catherine Ruff.

      2. John P. Buzhardt, born 2 August 1822, died 9 May 1879. Did not marry. Buried Buzhardt Cemetery #1.

    B. Jacob Buzzard, Jr., born about 1774, died 25 July 1854, married Elizabeth Sligh, born 27 July 1781, daughter of sister of Mary Sligh. Buried Buzhart Cemetery #2.

      1. Catherine Buzhardt, born 28 October 1808, died 22 November 1866, buried Buzhardt Cemetery  #2.

      2. David H. Buzhardt, born 1 September 1811, died 19 September 1881, married 24 March 1836, Mary Magdalene (Polly) Barre, born 3 March 1811, died 19 September 1881. Buried Buzhardt Cemetery #2.

      3. Daniel Buzhardt, born 15 August 1813, died 10 September 1882, married 1) Hannah (Ann) Teague; married 2) Mary Jane Wilson, born 4 April 1833, died 4 February 1901. Buried with 2nd wife, Cannons Creek ARP Cemetery.

      4. Sally Buzhardt, born 30 December 1816, died 1894. Buried Buzhardt Cemetery #2

      5. Jacob Sligh Buzhardt, born 2 September 1821, died 1 September 1858. Buried Buzhardt Cemetery #2.

      6. Philip Hubert Buzhardt, born 15 May 1823, died 1 October 1852.

      7. John Simon Buzhardt, born 16 June 1825, died 14 June 1855, married Nancy C. Bedenbaugh, born 7 June 1825, died 7 March 1905. Buried St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery.

      8. Joseph Belton Buzhardt, born 1 March 1826, died 10 July 1841.

      9. Samuel Jefferson Buzhardt, born 16 May 1830, died 17 December 1862, CSA.

      10. Sarah B. Buzzard, born about 1832.

    C. Gosper Buzzard.

    D. Elizabeth Buzzard, married James Wright.

    E. Mary Buzzard, died 1832, married Martin Suber, born about 1788, died 1835, son of Conrad Suber and Lucy Wicker.

III. John Buzhardt, Sr., died 1802. Second wife, Anna Mary Hair, widow of Peter Hair, Sr. In 1770, John Bushard, Sr. had a survey of 250 acres in the name of John Posser on waters of Cannons Creek 100 acre part of this survey was sold 1778 by John Bushard, Sr. to John Bushard, Jr. (Newberry Deeds D-192). 50 acre part of 250 acres survey sold 1794 by John Buzard to Peter Hare, Jr. (Newberry Deeds D-426). The 1791 will of Anna Mary Hair Buzhardt names husband, John Bushard, and leaves items to step-daughters, Rebecca and Mary Bushard (Newberry Wills A-134). Her will mentions that she has a deceased daughter, Mary Bushard. John Buzhardt, Sr. remarried and made will 7 May 1794, proven 13 March 1802 (Newberry Wills C-363). Names wife: Elizabeth Pushart, and sons: John Pushart, Sr., and Jacob Pushart; and daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Mary Pushart.

    A. John Buzhardt, Jr., married Elizabeth Sligh, born 20 July 1780, died after 1840, daughter of Nicholas Sligh and Catherine Cappleman. In 1806, John Buzhardt, Jr. and wife Elizabeth sold a 100 acre tract on Cannons Creek to Robert Maffet (Newberry Deeds I-463). This land had been conveyed to him in 1778 by this father, John Bushard, Sr. (Newberry Deeds D-192). John Buzhardt, Jr. died about 1816 (Newberry Estates 23-26). The widow afterward married Woldrod Wicker.

      1. Abner Buzhardt

      2. James Buzhardt

      3. Cyrus Buzhardt

      4. John S. Buzhardt

      5. Ann C. Buzhardt

    B. Jacob Buzhardt. May have been husband of Mary Cook, died 1827, daughter of Jacob Sebastian Cook and Rosanna Singley (Newberry Will Book L-288).

    C. Elizabeth Buzhardt

    D. Margaret Buzhardt

    E. Rebecca Buzhardt

    F. Mary Buzhardt


  Mary Buzhardt married Thomas Leonard Harmon born about 1774 died 1863 son of John Leonard Harmon and Mary Langford. In 1817, Thomas Harmon and wife, Mary Buzhardt, sold land on Buffalo Creek that had been inherited by LWT of John Leonard Harmon (Newberry Deeds O-348).

  Catherine Bozard, married (as 1st wife), Jacob Lindler, III, born about 1790, son of Jacob Lindler, Jr. and Sara Eargle.

      1. Jacob Lemuel Lindler, born 23 January 1823.

      2. William Hartwell Lindler, born 20 May 1824, died 26 May 1886, married Mary Ann Magdalina Eargle, born 20 January 1828, died 25 May 1890, daughter of George Michael Eargle and Nancy Stagner.

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