Hans Daminig, a Carpenter by trade, was born about 1637 in Saifnitz, Austria, the son of Jacob Daminig. The town of Saifnitz was then in Austria but is now in Italy and has been renamed Camporosso in Valcanale. This area is near the present day border of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. Daminig migrated from Austria to Machtolsheim, now Laichingen, Baden-Württemberg, where he was married on 1 February 1670 to Barbara Scheible, the daughter of Hans Scheible of Machtolsheim. They lived the remainder of their lives in Machtolsheim where Hans Daminig died on 6 June 1684 and Barbara died on 23 Feb 1722.


I. Johannes Daminig, b. 19 Aug 1670, d. 21 Aug 1670.
II. Johannes Daminig, b. 6 Sept 1671, d. 4 March 1672.
III. Hans Jacob Daminig, b. 6 Feb 1673, d. 24 Aug 1733, m. 16 Nov 1701, Elisabeth Veiol, d. 16 Jan 1729, dau. of Jacob Veiol. They lived in Machtolsheim.

A. Anna Dominick, b. 26 Jan 1702.
B. Andreas Dominick (Farmer), b. 17 June 1703, d. 2 Jan 1752, m. 17 Jan 1726, Barbara Ruhland, d. 17 May 1739; m. (2) 27 Nov 1742, Walburga Spohn, d. 8 May 1783. They lived in Machtolsheim.
    Children of Andreas Dominick and Barbara Ruhland:
    1. Agnes Dominick, b. 4 Apr 1726, m. 1754, Johann Georg Weberruss.
    2. Barbara Dominick, b. 2 June 1729, d. 20 Jan 1729.
    3. Appolonia Dominick, b. 2 May 1732, d. 18 Aug 1741.
    4. Barbara Dominick, b. 14 Oct 1733, d. 24 Jan 1734.
    5. Johannes Dominick, b. 11 July 1735, d. 27 Apr 1736.
    6. Anna Dominick, b. 12 July 1738.
    Children of Andreas Dominick and Walburga Spohn:
    7. David Dominig, b. 4 Sept 1743.
    8. Andreas Dominig, b. 20 Aug 1745.
    9. Waldburga Dominig, b. 10 Dec 1746, d. 7 June 1764.
    10. Johannes Dominig, b. 15 Dec 1748, d. 30 Sept 1770.
    11. Ursula Dominick, b. 24 Dec 1751, d. 30 June 1807.
    C. Anna Maria Dominick, b. 5 Feb 1706.
    D. Johannes Dominick (Day laborer), b. 18 Apr 1708, d. 7 Jan 1780, m. (1) 15 Feb 1735, Dorothea ___, b. about 1712, d. 21 Jan 1747; m. (2) 1 Aug 1747, Anna Maria Franck.
    1. Johannes Dominick, b. 26 Sept 1735, d. 9 Oct 1735.
    2. Barbara Dominick, b. 13 Aug 1736, d. 15 Nov 1800, m. Johann Ulrich Häberle.
    3. Elisabetha Dominick, b. 3 March 1738, d. 25 Aug 1741.
    4. Johann Jacob Dominick, b. 11 Oct 1739.
    5. Michael Dominick, b. 11 March 1741, d. 16 March 1742.
    6. Johannes Dominig, b. 20 Sept 1742.
    E. Barbara Dominick, b. 22 July 1710, d. 19 June 1747.
    F. Johann Jacob Dominick, b. 2 Oct 1712.
    G. Elisabetha Dominick, b. 27 Nov 1715, m. 1748, Georg Krölle.

IV. Michael Daminig (Tailor), b. 7 Oct 1674, d. 9 Aug 1705, m. 21 Aug 1695, Margaretha Scholl, d. 25 Dec 1745.

A. Andreas Daminig (Farm laborer, Tailor), b. 21 Dec 1695, m. (1) 5 Oct 1717, Dorothea Gockelen, b. about 1692, d. 24 Feb 1750, dau. of Andreas Gockelen (Farmer) of Merklingen; m. (2) 1750, Maria Grässle, b. Suppingen.
Two of the children, Andreas and Johannes Dominick, migrated to SC in 1752. They
traveled together on the Caledonia and with Michael Hüntz and his wife, also from
Children of Andreas Daminig and Dorothea Gockelen:
    1. Andreas Dominick, b. 10 Aug 1720, m. 22 Apr 1752, Barbara Reulen, b. 13 March 1721, orphaned dau. of Andreas Reulen and Waldburga Majer. According to Gerber they married "with hastened procedure, omitting banns with magisterial permission, on account of rapid departure for America." Andreas Dominick (as Andrew Dominy) obtained a 100 acre grant on Twelve Mile Cr. of Saluda R., now in Lexington, Co. A daughter, Walburga, b. 24 July 1751 evidently died en route to SC.
    2. Christoph Dominick, b. 11 Jan 1722.
    3. Johannes Dominick, b. 1 June 1724, m. 8 Oct 1748, Margareta Häberlin, b. 6 Apr 1721, dau. of Johann Georg Häberlin and wife, Maria, of Machtolsheim. Johannes Dominick obtained a 150 acre grant on Crims Cr., now in Newberry Co., SC.
      a. Maria Dominick, b. 23 June 1749.
      b. Andreas Dominick, b. 28 Aug 1750, d. 7 Oct 1751.
      c. Dorothea Dominick, b. 10 Oct 1751.
      4. Margaretha Dominick, b. 13 Apr 1726.
      5. Jacob Dominick, b. 4 Sept 1731, d. 25 March 1732.
      6. Waldburga Dominick, b. 30 Dec 1734.
      Child of Andreas Daminig and Maria Grässle:
      7. Anna Dominic, b. 6 Nov 1751, d. 22 Jan 1752.
    B. Barbara Damanig, b. Oct 1697.
    C. Hans Jacob Damanig, b. July 1699, m. 2 Feb 1722, Waldburga ___.
    1. Dorothea Dominick, b. 5 Dec 1723, d. 23 Apr 1724.
    2. Michael Dominick, b. 16 July 1725, d. 12 Jan 1736.
    3. Andreas Dominick, b. 6 Nov 1727.
    4. Johann Georg Dominick, b. 17 Jan 1732, d. 18 Nov 1732.
    5. Dorothea Dominick, b. 24 June 1734.
    6. Johann Georg Dominick, b. 17 Nov 1736, d. 27 Jan 1737.
    7. Barbara Dominick, b. 18 Jan 1738.
    D. Johannes Damanig, b. 19 April 1702, d. 31 Oct 1702



Johannes Dominick, b. 1 June 1724, m. 8 Oct 1748 in Machtolsheim, Margaretha Häberlin, b. 6 Apr 1721, daughter of Johann Georg Häberlin and wife, Maria. Johannes received a 150 acre bounty grant on Crims Cr., now in Newberry Co., SC. After the death of his first wife, John Dominick married Elizabeth Rikard, widow of Peter Rikard who had died in 1779 (Rev. War). Elizabeth Dominick died on 26 Feb 1807 and is buried in the Rikard Family Cemetery near Pomaria, SC.

John Dominick had died long before 1796. In that year, Elizabeth, the widow of John Dominick, gave a 100 acre portion of the land grant of John Dominick to son, Jacob Dominick (Nby Deeds C-857). In the following year Henry Summer, John Dominick, Andrew Holman, William Fulmer, and Elizabeth Dominick sold their rights in the entire land grant of John Dominick to Jacob, Christina, and Margaret Dominick (Nby Deeds H-33).


I. Maria Dominick, b. 23 June 1749 in Machtolsheim. Came to SC with her parents and may have been the daughter who married Andrew Hallman, Jr., b. about 1740, d. about 1808, son of Andrew Hallman, Sr. and wife, Maria Elizabeth. Andrew Hallman was a footman under Capt. Jacob Fulmer during the Rev. War.

A. Margaret Hallman, d. 1847, m. John Enlow, d. 1840.
B. John Hallman, b. about 1789, wife named Eliza.
C. Susannah Hallman, b. about 1795, d. 13 June 1858, m. (1) Arnet Hutchinson; d. about 1817, son of Alexander Hutchinson and wife, Elizabeth; m. (2) Luke Nichols, b. about 1797, d. 22 Apr 1885, son of George Nichols and wife, Elizabeth. Susannah Hallman and second husband are buried at St. Luke's Lutheran Church cemetery, Prosperity, SC.
D. Magdaline (Polly) Hallman, m. Michael Bedenbaugh, b. about 1787, d. 19 Apr 1849, son of Adam Bedenbaugh, Sr. and Barbara Wertz.
E. Elizabeth Hallman, m. Samuel Kinard, d. 1843, son of John Kinard, Jr. and wife, Elizabeth.
F. Catherine Hallman, m. (1) John Minick; m. (2) Daniel Mickler.

II. Dorothea Dominick, born 10 October 1751, born in Machtolsheim. Died before John Dominick petitioned for bounty in SC.

III. Christina Dominick, born in SC, m. Henry Summer, b. 1746, d. after 1798, s/o John Adam Summer, Sr. Henry Summer served as a First Lieutenant in the State Militia during the Rev. War, in the company of his brother, John Adam Summer, Jr. After 1790, the his family moved to the area of St. Peter’s Piney Woods Church in Lexington Co. Henry Summer was among founding members of this church (V. L. Fulmer, History of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (Piney Woods), 1944).

Daughters of Henry Summer and Christina Dominick:

A. Mary Susanna Summer, b. about 1774, d. after 1840, m. Abrahart Fulmer, b. about 1774, d. 5 Nov 1846, son of Capt. Jacob Fulmer and Mary Lightsey.
B. Barbara Summer. Said to have married John Koon.
C. Maria Summer. According to G. L. Summer, Maria Summer married a Koon.

Sons of Henry Summer and Christina Dominick:

D. George Summer. Said to have lived in Lexington Co. He may have married a daughter of John Adam Amick and wife, Christiana. Two daughters of John Adam Amick married Summer men who had died prior to the death of John Adam Amick (before 1828).
E. John Summer, may have also been married to a daughter of John Adam Amick and wife, Christiana.
F. John Henry Summer, Jr., b. about 1780, d. 1840 (Morgan Co., TN), wife named Mariah, b. 1781, d. Dec 1878. After the death of John Henry Summers, all the sons moved to Missouri with the family of Nicholas Summer. Mariah Summer is buried in the Welch Graveyard at Summersville, Texas Co., MO.
G. Nicholas Summer, b. about 1782, d. 1869, m. Susan Bannister, b. about 1789, d. about 1866 (Benton Co., MO). Moved to Morgan Co., TN. Later most of the family moved first to Andrew Co. then to Benton Co., MO.
H. David Summer, b. about 1784, d. Nov 1854 (Morgan Co., TN), m. Hannah Charlotte Fulmer, b. 1784 d. 1828, daughter of William Fulmer and Mary Elizabeth Ridlehuber. Moved to Morgan Co., TN and settled on Crooked Fork of Emory River. Both believed to be buried in Nelson Cemetery, Morgan Co., TN.

IV. John Dominick, d. 1830, wife's name not known. John Dominick is shown on later adjacent plats as owning land near St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church in Lexington Co.

A. Margaret Dominick, b. about 1783, m. Bartholomew (Bartley) Long, b. about 1794, son of John Thomas Long and Mary Magdalena Minick. Moved to Neshoba Co., MISS.
B. Mary Dominick, b. about 1785.
C. Catherine Dominick, b. about 1810.

V. Daughter Dominick was the wife of Wm Fulmer.


VI. Jacob Dominick, d. 1831/32, m. Susan Catherine Sease, d/o John Leonard Sease & Katherine E. Rizer. They moved to Bibb Co., AL.

A. Nancy Dominick, m. 7 Jan 1829, Robert Collier.
B. Mahala Dominick, m. 7 Feb 1838, Jesse J. Bruce.
C. Elizabeth Dominick.
D. Jacob Leonard Dominick, m. 26 June 1831, Mary Ann Cameron.
E. Jefferson Dominick, b. 24 Dec 1817, d. 16 Feb 1884, m. 9 Jan 1845, Catherine H. Ray, b. 8 Feb 1824.
F. Rev. Martin Dominick, b. 25 Oct 1821, Bibb Co., AL, d. 16 Dec 1898, m. Martha Thomas, b. 11 June 1826, d. 20 June 1907. Both bur. Mt. Hermon Cemetery, Greensboro, AL.
VII. Christina Dominick.

VIII. Margaret Dominick, b. about 1785, m. John Rickard, d. 1832/33, s/o Michael Rikard, Sr. Moved to Williamson Co., TN, then to Greene Co., AL.

A. Elizabeth Rickard, b. 29 Aug 1802, d. 21 July 1856, m. 14 Feb 1820, John George LaGrone. They moved to Milam Co., TX.
B. Margaret Rickard, b. 9 May 1811, m. 9 May 1829, Alfred Cunningham, a Veteran of the War of 1812.
C. Daniel Rickard, b. about 1815.
D. Nancy Rickard, b. about 1830.
E. Sarah Rickard, b. about 1822.
F. Mary Rickard, m. James Welding (?)
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