JOHANNES DREHER OF ERPFINGEN, GERMANY

                                                       by Herr Siegbert Frick

   Johannes Dreher, was born in 1626 and died on 28 August 1699 in Erpfingen (now Sonnenbuehl), Duchy of Wuerttemberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.  His first wife was named Ursula.  In 1666, he married secondly in Erpfingen, Agatha Munz, daughter of Jacob Munz and wife, Barbara, of Meidelstetten. Agatha was born in 1642 and died in Erpfingen on 1 November 1685.  Johannes Dreher and wife, Agatha, lived in Erpfingen and had eleven children. It is known that four of the grandchildren and eleven G-grandchildren immigrated to the United States and settled in central South Carolina in the mid 1700s.

Children of Johannes Dreher and Agatha Munz:

I. Maria Dreher, Born about 1667, died 12 June 1741, married 1) 17 Jun 1695 in Erpfingen, Johann Georg Riesch, born 1670, died 1696; married 2) 8 November 1700 in Erpfingen, Jacob Dreher, born 28 July 1676, died 1753.

II.  Johannes Dreher, born about 1668, died 18 January 1690.

III. Jacob Dreher, born about 1669, died 11 November 1671.

IV.  Barbara Dreher, born 27 September 1671.

V. Agatha Dreher, born 1 May 1673, died 29 November 1677.

VI.  Ursula Dreher, born about 1674, died 26 March 1716, married 1) 31 October 1702 in Erpfingen, Hans Bazer, born 3 February 1678, died 1714; married 2) 7 November 1714 in Erpfingen, Hans Ludwig Riesch.

VII. Hans Jerg (Hans Georg) Dreher (wheelwright) was born 24 September 1676 and died 11 December 1761.  He married 23 January 1700, Anna Margaretha Riesch, born 8 June 1679, died 8 January 1763, daughter of Johann Ernst Riesch (Magistrate in Erpfingen) and Elisabetha Bazer.  Johann Ernst Riesch was born about 1649 and died in 1714; Elizabetha Bazer was born 27 August 1648 and died in 1709. Hans Jerg and Anna Margaretha Dreher lived in Erpfingen and had 15 children.

           Children of Hans Jerg Dreher and Anna Margaretha Riesch:

         A. Johannes Dreher, (Wheelwright), born 13 April 1701, married 18 November 1727, Veronica Bazer, born 2 October 1703, daughter of Jery Bazer (Tailor) and Barbara Schurer. This couple immigrated with their five living children in 1749 to central South Carolina on the ship Griffin.

The South Carolina Historical Records indicate that Johannes Dreher (as Johannes Tryer) obtained a 350 acre bounty grant on Second Creek (now in Newberry County, South Carolina), but they probably lived in the Saluda River area.  In 1764, Johannes bought the 50 acre grant of George Kate on Saluda River.

Afterward, Frederick Lights got this land by marriage and in 1812 conveyed it to Joseph Lights (Lexington Deeds O-253)

               Children of Johannes Dreher and Veronica Bazer:

               1. Johann George Dreher, born October 1728, died 2 June 1729 in Germany.

                 2.  Christianus Dreher, born 24 December 1729. Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.

               3. Catharina Judith Dreher, born 28 April 1732. Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.

               4. Andreas Dreher, born 17 November 1735. Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.

                 5.  Anna Maria Dreher, born 15 June 1738Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.

               6. Martin Dreher, born 23 January 1742, died 1743 in Germany.

                 7.  Michael Dreher, born 25 September 1745, died 2 January 1747 in Germany.

               8. Johannes Dreher, born 15 February 1748Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.            

         B. Johann Martin Dreher, born 18 May 1702, died 3 October 1702.

         C. Anna Maria Dreher, born 30 July 1703, died 12 September 1746, married 1) 27 November 1725 in Erpfingen, Johannes Thomas Riesch (Tailor), born 18 February 1697, died 1741; married 2) 7 November 1741 in Erpfingen, George Lorch (Farmer). Child by George Lorch:

               1. Anna Maria Lorch, born 5 November 1742.  After the death of her mother, Anna Maria Dreher Riesch Lorch, 12 September 1746, her father George Lorch married Anna Barbara Schweikardt, daughter of Johann Martin Schweikardt, (Blacksmith), and Anna Barbara Riesch of Erpfingen. Anna Maria Lorch went with her father, George Lorch and step-mother Anna Barbara Schweikardt Lorch  to South Carolina in 1754 aboard the ship Priscilla.

         D. Martin Dreher, born 13 August 1705, died 29 August 1707. Twin.

         E. Ursula Dreher, born 13 August 1705, died 15 December 1706. Twin.

         F. Andreas Dreher, born 12 December 1707.

         G. Elisabetha Margaretha Dreher, born 12 December 1707, died 4 July 1784, married Thomas Schweikardt (Farmer).

         H. Agatha Dreher, born August 1711, died 30 November 1754, married Johann Thomas Schweikardt.

           I.  Christina Rosina Dreher, born 10 December 1713, married 29 October 1737, Johannes

Riesch, born 2 October 1712, died 3 October 1770, in South Carolina, son of Johannes Riesch (Farmer)

and Christina Frick, born 4 August 1686. This couple immigrated with their four living children in 1749 to central South Carolina on the ship Griffin.

The South Carolina Historical Records indicate that after arrival, Johannes Riesch (Farmer), petitioned for bounty on 16 October 1749 (South Carolina Council Journal 17(2):657). The 300 acre bounty grant of Johannes Riesch was located on Metz branch of High Hill Creek, which is now under Lake Murray.  This tract is shown by adjacent later plats as land of John Cumalander.

               Children of Johannes Riesch and Christina Rosina Dreher:

               1. Anna Margaretha Riesch, born May 1739. Went to South Carolina in1749 with parents.   She married in South Carolina John Cumalander, Sr. She had a 100 acre land grant southeast of Prosperity, South Carolina.  In 1785, she and husband John Cumberlander, sold the grant to John Harmon (Newberry Deeds C-14).  Her husband, John Comolander, had a similar grant in the same area which was sold in 1808 by heirs, Jacob and John Commalander (Newberry Deeds J-641).

               2. Anna Maria Riesch, born 9 December 1740. Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.

               3. Anna Barbara Riesch, born 26 August 1742. Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents. She obtained a 100 acre grant on waters of Broad River.  This tract was adjacent a similar grant to John Martin Swygert.

                 4.  Anna Riesch, born 8 January 1745. Went to South Carolina in 1749 with parents.

                 5.  Matthias Riesch, born 21 February 1748, died 13 June 1748 in Germany.

         J. Anna Barbara Dreher, born 23 June 1715, died 22 July 1715. Twin.

         K.  Jacob Dreher, born 23 June 1715, died 22 May 1786, married Catharina Riesch, born 19 February 1715, died 1783.  Twin.

         L. Anna Barbara Dreher, born 10 Jun 1720, died 11 September 1800, married 18 June 1747 in Erpfingen, Johann Friedrich Straubinger (Farmer), born 5 September 1723, died 1797.

         M. Jörg Ludwig Dreher, born 2 December 1722.  Twin

         N. Christina Dreher, born 2 December 1722.  Twin.

         O. Jörg Ludwig Dreher, born 5 May 1724, died 2 September 1746.

VIII.  Jacob Dreher (Schultheiss, or Mayor). Schultheiss was the name for Mayor until about 1930, it then became Burgermeister. Jacob Dreher was born 20 March 1678, died 15 December 1756, married 1)

February 1700 in Erpfingen, Anna Maria Zagst, born 10 October 1680, died before 1718; married 2) 9 May 1719, in Erpfingen, Anna Maria Hipp, born 16 December 1695, died 1763.

IX.  Michael Dreher, born 3 April 1680, died 21 July 1688.

X.   Martinus Dreher, born 1681, died about 1742 in Schlaitdorf.

XI.  Andreas Dreher (Wheelwright), born 21 December 1683, in Erpfingen, died 1727 in Meidelstetten,

married 1) 10 February 1711 in Erpfingen , Anna Maria Siger, who died in 1723. They lived in Erpfingen and had seven children (all by first wife).  After the death of first wife, Andreas married on 26 September 1724 in Erpfingen, Anna.

           Children of Andreas Dreher and Anna Maria Siger:

           A.  Andreas Dreher, born 1 December 1711, died 25 July 1714.

           B.  Johannes Dreher, born 24 May 1714, died 23 October 1714

           C.  Anna Maria Dreher, born 29 February 1716, died 13 August 1755, married Hans Jerg Merz (Baker and Magistrate in Erpfingen), born 31 December 1711, died 1781.

           D.  Christina Dreher, born 12 March 1718.

           E.  Gottfried Dreher (Wheelwright), born 6 May 1720Married and with one child, immigrated to central South Carolina in 1744.  See Gottfried Dreher, Sr., Biography written by John T. Nichols of Montgomery, Alabama.

           F. Hans Jörg Dreher, born 16 April 1722Immigrated to central South Carolina in 1744.  Hans Jörg Dreher, with his brother Gottfried, is believed to have went on the ship St Andrew in late 1744.

               The South Carolina Historical Records yield additional information on Hans Jörg Dreher, or John George Dreher.  His death is recorded as 30 August 1784 (St John Lutheran Church Records, Charleston, South Carolina). John George Dreher, as George Fryer, was awarded a 100 acre bounty grant located near the mouth of Crims Creek (present day Newberry County, South Carolina). The award of 100 acres indicates a family of two.  It is not known if John George Dreher was married on arrival or shortly thereafter.

                 Found in the South Carolina Colonial Records: “John George Drehr...came 10 years ago.  Settled near Broad River.  His wife dying, he proposed to go back to his own country, Wittenberg (this may have been Wuerttemberg), and bring others. 7 March 1753, he and John Michael Stingle had orders.  Went to Rotterdam and had agreement with Steadman to go up into Germany.  He secured 100 persons and Stingle got 150. Steadman died. Drehr’s wife near her time with child. (Council Journal 23). Returned to South Carolina in 1754 on the ship Priscilla.”

           G. Matthias Dreher, born 14 September 1723, died 23 February 1724.


           All of the in-Germany Research on the Dreher Family is the work of Herr Siegbert Frick of Lichtenstein, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

           Through a joint effort between Herr Frick and Mr John T. Nichols of Montgomery, Alabama, it

was determined that the origin of the immigrant Dreher Families to Central South Carolina was in Erpfingen (now Sonnenbuhl), Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Bio posted 26 May 2004