John Michael Ergil Family

The family of John Michael Ergil came to SC in 1752 on the Upton. No wife is mentioned in the bounty petition of John Michael Ergil. In 1752, there were 3 children: Mary Eve 24, John Michael 22, and Michael 13 1/2.

John Michael Ergil obtained a 250 acre bounty grant on Wateree Cr. near St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC. This land was inherited by the older son, John Michael, Jr., by the law of primogenitaire. Henry Eargle, grandson of John Michael Ergil, Jr., later owned land at the site of the original bounty grant and in 1839 bought an additional part of the Ergil grant from George Lindler, Jr. (Lex Deeds M-231).

Michael Ergle, son of John Michael Ergil, Sr., was among petitioners in 1787 for incorporation of St. Jacob's Lutheran Church into the Ecclesiastical Union of Churches.


I. Mary Eve Ergil, born about 1728.

II. John Michael Ergil, Jr., born about 1730, may have died before 1773. Said to have married Catherine Freshley.

 A. John Jacob Ergle, died 1837, married (1) Rebecca Schaffer, daughter of Frederick Shaffer and wife, Elizabeth; married (2) Mary Magdalene (Polly) Amick, born about 1775, died 16 June 1863, daughter of Henry Amick, Sr. During the Rev. War, Jacob Ergal served 80 days as a footman between 9 January and 8 July 1779 under Capt. John Adam Summer and Col. Roebuck (A.A. 2136, Stub Indent 1783).

Children by Rebecca Schaffer:

   1. Frederick Solomon Ergle, born 1788, died February 1870, married Mary Ann (Millie) Huet, born 1793, daughter of George Huet, Sr. and Mary Amick. Buried Ergle-Sanders Cemetery, Aiken Co., SC.

   2. Eva Ergle.

   3. George Michael Ergle, born 21 October 1791, married (1) 6 February 1814, Eve Amick, died 8 March 1818, daughter of Henry Amick, Sr.; married (2) 23 April 1820, Nancy Stagner.

   4. Mary Magdalene Ann Ergle, born 1793.

   5. Jonathan Ergle, born 1801, died 15 October 1871, married (1) Rosannah Huet, born about 1806, died 1853/1854, daughter of George Huet, Sr. and Mary Amick; married (2) Margaret Hughes. Buried Graniteville Cemetery, Graniteville, SC.

Children by Mary Magdalene (Polly) Amick:

   6. John Jacob C. Eargle, born 12 June 1805, died 8 November 1889, married Ann Cabune Bundrick, born 1 May 1819, died 24 April 1889, daughter of David Bundrick and Mary M. Swittenberg. Both buried at Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery, Pomaria, SC.

   7. John Henry Eargle, born 19 January 1808, died 24 September 1869, married Elizabeth Lindler,  born 17 April 1812, daughter of George Lindler II and Elizabeth Lucas, died 20 October 1883. Both buried in Eargle cemetery #2, Chapin, SC.

   8. Eve Margaret Eargle, born 28 November 1810, died 2 June 1838, married 10 November 1836, James Daniel Koon, born 1810, died June 1871, son of Jacob Francis Koon and Barbara Eargle. Buried Koon Cemetery, now in Lake Murray.

   9. David Eargle, born 25 June 1813, died 26 Nov 1849, married Elizabeth Suber, born 19 April 1814, died 22 March 1844, daughter of George Suber and Christina Folk.  

  10. Nancy Ann Eargle, married Elijah Hendrix.

  11. Michael Eargle

   B. Michael Eargle, born about 1774, married Anna Barbara Wessinger, born 1778, daughter of Matthias Wessinger, Sr. and Lydia Ann Smith. The estate of Michael Eargle was probated 1818 with Uriah Wessinger and Isaac Lybrand administrators (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist., SC, 1814-1825).

In 1816, Michael Eargle bought the 500 acre survey of 1784 to Edmund Bellinger (Holcomb, "Memorialized Records"). This land is located on Bear Cr. 179 acre part of the tract was taken as dower by widow, Barbara Eargle, which the heirs sold in 1845 to David Derrick (Lex Deeds O-129).

   1.Nancy Eargle, born about 1802, died July 1896, married John Slice, born about 1808, son of Uriah Slice and brother of Elias Slice.

  2. Margaret Catherine Eargle, born 28 September 1802, died 29 October 1886, married 5 February 1837, Joshua Taylor, born 5 February 1809, died 31 October 1880, son of Jonathan Taylor and Rachel Clark. Both buried Boiling Springs Methodist Church cemetery, Lexington Co., SC.

  3. Mary Magdalena Eargle, born about 1803, married Elias Slice, born about 1805, son of Uriah Slice and brother of John Slice.

  4. Rebecca Eargle, born 1810, married David Derrick, born about 1810, son of Andrew Derrick and Catherine Hiller. Buried Derrick Cemetery, Lake Murray.

   5. Christina Eargle, born about 1811, married James McNure, born about 1803.

  6. David Eargle, born 1814, died about 1850, married 23 February 1837, Mary Magdelene Wessinger, born 29 August 1820, died before 1870, daughter of Uriah Wessinger and Elizabeth Derrick.

  7. Sally Eargle, born about 1816, died 12 December 1876, married (as first wife) 5 December 1839, Jeremiah (Jesse) Miller, born about 1820, died 21 December 1876, son of Henry Miller and Permelia Taylor.

  8. Barbara Eargle, born about 1817, married 7 December 1837, Levi Shealy, born 14 April 1816, died 22 January 1876, son of John Ventle Shealy and Eva Margaret Sease. 

C. Barbara Eargle, b. 16 Apr 1773, d. 20 Nov 1853, m. ___ Huitt.

D. Eve Eargle, died 10 Jan 1843.

III. Michael Ergil, born about 1739, died after 1790, married Magdalene Reister, born 6 June 1742, died about 1810, d/o John Jacob Reister and Anna Maria Bruetsch. In 1773, Michael Ergill obtained a 100 acre survey on the east side Wateree Cr. south of Spring Hill.

 A. Jacob Eargle, born about 1762, died 5 May 1837, married Magdelena Koon, born 24 Apr 1774, died 22 Dec 1842. Part of the 300 acre survey of 1772 to Daniel Stagner on waters of Bear Cr. was sold in 1854 by Mary, Catharine, Barbara, Elizabeth, and Sally Eargle to J. H. Koon (Lex Deeds T-840). Jacob Eargle lived on waters of Bear Cr. south of Chapin, SC, and is buried there with his wife and unmarried daughters in a family cemetery now in Lake Murray (Lake Murray Option No. 422, estate of H. J. Wessinger - Lake Murray Records). Mills Map of Lexington District shows Jacob Ergle's mill on Bear Creek.

   1.Mary Magdalene (Molly) Eargle, born 24 December 1793, died 24 September 1870, married John Henry Koon, born 14 September 1795, son of Jacob Francis Koon and Barbara Eargle; married (2) Paul Lindler. Molly is buried in Beth Eden Cemetery.

   2.Mary Rebecca Eargle, born about 1800.

   3.Jacob William Eargle, born 4 February 1802, died 23 January 1897, married (1) Elizabeth Summer, born 1822, died 20 December 1842, daughter of Andrew Summer and Christina Epting; married (2) 14 May 1843, Elizabeth Shealy, born 1 Apr 1819, died 2 November 1909, daughter of John Shealy and wife Christena. All three buried Eargle Cemetery #3.

   4.Catherine (Katy) Eargle, born about 1803, died March 1858. Did not marry.

   5.Barbara Eargle, born about 1805. Did not marry.

   6.Elizabeth Eargle, born about 1807. Did not marry.

   7.Sally Eargle, born about 1809, died Feb 1882. Did not marry.

   8.Christina Eargle, died before 1850. Did not marry.

B. Sarah Eargle, born 1764, died about 1802, married (as first wife) Jacob Lindler, Jr., born about 1755, died 1818, son of Jacob Lindler, Sr. and ____Walberger.

   1.Elizabeth Catherine Lindler, born 5 November 1789, died 7 October 1872, married Abram Fulmer, born 10 August 1791, died 15 April 1854, son of John Fulmer, III and Mary Catherine Chapman. Both buried Fulmer-Ellisor Cemetery, Peak, SC.

   2.Jacob Lindler, III, born about 1790, married (1) Catherine Bozard; married (2) Keziah Shumpert, born about 1830.

   3.Christina Lindler, born 1790, married Jacob Oxner, Jr., died before 1830, son of Jacob Oxner, Sr. and wife, Elizabeth.

   4.Michael Lindler, born about 1792, died 2 December 1857, married (1) 19 March 1840, Keziah Eargle, born 18 January 1821, died 13 January 1843, daughter of George Michael Eargle and Nancy Stagner.

   5.John M. Lindler, born about 1800, died 1835-1840, married Mary Magdalene Aull, born 9 August 1806, died 4 August 1889, daughter of George Aull and Mary Margaret Minick.

C. Barbara Eargle, born 16 February 1771, died 9 November 1843, married 16 February 1791, Jacob Francis Koon, born 15 July 1770, died 29 September 1847, son of John Henry Koon and Maria Ursula Shealy. Both buried Koon Cemetery on the J. W. Wessinger place (Lake Murray Option No. 420), now under Lake Murray.

   1.Mary Magdaline Koon, born 11 August 1793.

   2.John Henry Koon, born 14 September 1795, married Mary Magdaline (Mollie) Eargle, born 24 December 1793, died 24 September 1870, daughter of Jacob Eargle and Mary Magdalena Koon.

   3.Mary Koon, born 14 March 1797, died about 1808.

   4.Christina Koon, born 14 August 1799, died 19 May 1852, married Jacob Metz, born 20 April 1803, died 2 May 1856, son of John Metz, Sr. and Regina Coogler. Both buried St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Irmo, SC.

   5.Jacob Francis Koon, Jr. born 7 February 1801, died 1874, married 16 August 1827, Jemima Wessinger, born 14 November 1811, died 1891, daughter of Uriah Wessinger and Elizabeth Derrick.

   6.John D. Koon, born 16 January 1803, died 22 April 1856, married Anna Wessinger, born 8 January 1814, died 9 February 1863, daughter of Uriah Wessinger and Elizabeth Derrick. Buried: Koon Graveyard now under Lake Murray.

   7.Elizabeth Koon, born 21 January 1806, died about 1825, married 1823, Mathias Wessinger, III, born about 1774, died 20 September 1841, son of Matthias Wessinger, Jr. and Lydia Ann Smith.

   8.Sally Koon, born 9 October 1808, died 15 December 1890, married Henry Jacob Wessinger, born 4 March 1809, died 5 October 1884, son of Uriah Wessinger and Elizabeth Derrick. Both buried St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

   9.James Daniel Koon born 1810, died June 1871, married (1) 10 November 1836, Eve Margaret Eargle, born 28 November 1810, died 2 June 1838, daughter of John Ergle and Mary Magdalene (Polly) Amick); married (2) Eve Margaret (Peggy) Eargle, born 2 November 1810, died 1851, daughter of George Michael Eargle and Eve Amick; married (3) about 1855, Malvina (Vinny) Eargle, born 24 July 1839, daughter of David Eargle and Mary Magdalena Wessinger.

D. Catherine Eargle, born 1775, died 1836, married (as second wife) Jacob Lindler, Jr., born about 1755, died 1818. Jacob Lindler, Jr., married (1) Sarah Eargle, sister of Catherine Eargle.

   1.David B. Lindler, born 6 December 1804, died 29 November 1883, married Mary Magdalene Aull Lindler, born 9 August 1806, died 4 August 1899, daughter of George Aull and Mary Margaret Minick and widow of half-brother, John Lindler.

   2.George Lindler, died before 1850, Richland Dist., SC, married Anna Sybil Graddick, born 27 May 1808, died 18 July 1889, Lovejoy, GA.

   3.Mary Lindler, born about 1810

   4.Barbara Lindler, born about 1812.

   5.Eve Margaret Lindler, born 1814, died May 1854. Did not marry.

   6.Elizabeth Lindler, born about 1816.

E. Sally E. Eargle, born about 1777.

F. Elizabeth Eargle, born 1788.

Submitter: Carl Nichols & John Eargle

Bio updated 7 May 2004

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