John George Fahr Family

John George Fahr came to  SC on the Upton in 1752 as a single man, having payed his passage, and stating that he wanted to be with relations (Council Journal 23:75).  His 50 acre bounty grant of 1756 was on Risters branch of Wateree Creek.   Two sons, Michael and Frederick Farr, lived in the same neighborhood. The identities of two daughters are preserved in family tradition and local histories.

Michael Farr

The estate of Michael Farr included a tract near Spring Hill that was part of the late colonial bounty grant of Mary Exton (Lexington County, SC, Deeds O-48).  In 1845, Thomas L. Veale sold a part of this grant to A. W. Lindler (Lexington Deeds O-48).  The deed of this transaction says that the land had been sold to Veale by Michael Farr's children: John, Conrad, George, David and Eve Farr.

I. Conrad Farr, born about 1791, died 25 January 1869, married Anna C. Swittenberg, born about 1794, believed to be daughter of William Swittenberg and Anna Elizabeth Setzler. Buried Farr Cemetery.

    A. Benson Farr, born 10 October 1825, died 26 July 1907.

    B. Sally Farr, born about 1828, married David Swittenberg, son of Wm Swittenberg and Mary Molly Fulmer.

    C. George Wesley Farr, born 9 March 1831, died 29 November 1913, married Margaret Cornelia Swittenberg, sister of David Swittenberg.

    D. John David Farr, born 1832, died 15 September 1908, married Polly Delila Chapman, daughter of Wm C. Chapman and Christena Wicker.

    E. Nancy Farr, born about 1834.

    F. Sarah Ann Farr, born about 1834.

    G. Josephine Eliza Farr, born about 1838, married C. W. Murtiashaw.

II. George Farr, born about 1798, died aft. 1870. Moved to Shelby County, AL. George Farr married in 1827 (Shelby County, AL), Permelia Robertson, born about 1805, daughter of Henry Robertson and Rebecca Roberts. In 1843 George Farr sold land for Bethany Church and cemetery, now replaced by Four mile Church (Shelby County, AL Deeds I-119).

    A. Mary Farr, born 27 October 1829, died 26 February 1881, married 26 January 1852, Francis M. Pitts.

    B. Sarah Farr, born about 1830.

    C. Rebecca Farr, born about 1834, married 19 February 1852, Pleasant Wilder.

    D. Phadora Farr, born about 1836, died Polk Co., TX, married 8 September 1861, William J. Kennedy.

    E. Hugh Farr, born about 1838.

    F. John Riley Farr, born May 1840, died 1910, Waco, TX, married 1) 11 April 1870, Melvina P. Farr and married 2) about 1873, Merial Cordelia Robertson.

    G. Penny/Viny Farr, born about 1842.

III. David Farr may have been the person who obtained land patent in 1837 in Tuscaloosa County, AL, and was listed on the 1840 census of that county.

IV. John Farr, born about 1800, died aft. 1830, married Mary ___, born about 1810. Lived in Lexington District, SC.

    A. Mary Farr, born about 1832.

    B. Polly Farr, born about 1836.

    C. Fieldy Farr (daughter), born about 1838.

V. Eve Farr.

                                                         Frederick Farr

  The household of Frederick Farr is found in the census record from 1790 to 1820. In 1820 census, he was living alone and is not found in later census records.

Other Children of Michael and Frederick Farr:

ELIZABETH FARR is said to have been first wife of Adam Stoudemire, born about 1799, died 1867, son of George Stoudemire, Sr. and wife, Anna Margarett. His second (or last) wife was Polly Shealy.  He had 10 children; Polly was mother of last 2 children.

ADAM FARR, born about 1788, died aft. 1855, wife named Mary. Adam Farr is thought to be a son of Michael Farr.  This couple had no children.  In 1808, Adam Farr purchased on the estate of Joseph Caldwell, Jr. and in 1809 puchased on the estate of Margaret Caldwell.  Adam Farr was living in Shelby County, AL in 1827 when he gave power of attorney to David Boozer of Newberry District to receive money and effects due (Shelby Deeds A-E, 150).

JACOB FARR, born about 1790, may have been a son of Michael Farr.  Jacob Farr's wife was named Catherine.

    A. William Farr, born 1815, moved to TN. .

    B. Lucy Farr, born 1819.

    C. Nancy Farr, born 1825, married 8 July 1860, William Roper.

    D. Delilah Farr, born about 1827, married 13 March 1845, Henry Blackaby.

    E. Eliza Farr, born 1830, married 29 September 1860, T. F. Lyon. They moved to MS.

    F. Elizabeth Farr, born 1832, married 29 September 1859, J. Frank Crenshaw. Moved to Lee County, MS.

    G. Michael Farr, born 1834, married Sarah ___.

    H. Jacob Farr, Jr., born about 1836, died CSA, married 9 August 1855, Manerva Jane Hadaway.

    I. David Farr, born 1839, married 13 September 1860, Sarah Hadaway.

MICHAEL FARR, born about 1790, died about 1865, wife named Margaret. Michael Farr may have been a son of Michael Farr. In 1839, Michael Farr obtained land patent in Shelby County, AL near that of Jacob and George Farr.

    A. John Farr, born about 1823.

    B. James Farr, born 1830, married Mary Conwill, moved to Monroe County, MS.

    C. Elizabeth Minerva Farr, born 1833, married 1) 1 September 1858, William M. Roper; married 2) 17 October 1863, L. F. Griffin; and married 3) 5 June 1873, John L. Roper, brother of first husband.

    D. Moses W. Farr, born about 1845, believed to have died in Civil War.

ABRAHAM FARR, born 19 December 1795, died 15 September 1855, wife named Redempsia, born 15 April 1803, died 25 November 1881. Abraham Farr and members of his family are buried at Old Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery near Wilsonville, AL.

    A. Elizabeth B. Farr, born 22 February 1819, died 1903, married Hugh Acey Mack Stinson.

    B. George Farr, born 23 April 1822, died 5 August 1866, married 22 January 1843, Matilda C. Wells. They settled at Verbena, Chilton County, AL.

    C. John F. Farr, born 2 November 1825, died 9 October 1889, married Margaret Louisa Hughes.

    D. Sarah Ann Farr, born 11 March 1832, died 19 July 1913, married 20 February 1851, James L. Gardner.   They moved to Anderson County, TX.

WILLIAM FARR, born about 1799, bought land from Abraham Farr in 1829 (Shelby County, AL Deeds A-E, 339) and between 1834 and 1839 obtained land patents next to Abraham Farr. In 1844, Wm Farr and wife, Sarah, sold land to Abraham Farr, moved to Wilcox County, AL.

JESSE FARR, In 1839, Jesse Farr obtained land patent in Shelby County, AL. This land was adjacent land patent of Jacob Farr.

                                            Wife of Captain George Price

The wife of Capt. George Price is said to have been a Farr. The following are children of Capt. George Price. They lived in Lexington District, SC.

    A. Jacob Price, born about 1784, married Catherine Lown, daughter of John Lowndes.

    B. Catherine Price, born about 1786, married 8 March 1810, George Keisler, Jr., son of George Frederick  Keisler and Catherine Oswalt.

    C. George Price, born about 1798, married Elizabeth Oswald, daughter of George Oswalt.

    D.  Mary Price, born about 1800, married John Lupo.

    E.  Mary Magdalena Price, born 1801, died 25 April 1842, age 41 years, 11 months, 6 days, married Abraham King, born 29 February 1796, died 14 February 1855, age 58 years 11 months 16 days, Buried Bethlehem (Black Creek) Lutheran Church.

    F.  Gemima Price, born about 1805, married George Oswalt, born about 1787.

                                                          Nancy Farr

Nancy Farr, died 29 June 1837 (aged 62 years according to tombstone), married John Kibler, died 2 October 1829 (age 60 years according to tombstone), son of Hans Michael Kuebler and wife, Anna Margaretha. They lived near St. Paul's Church and are buried in Kibler Cemetery #1.

    A. John Kibler, Jr., born 1792/1793, married Mary Margaret Summer, born 1798, died 3 October 1823, daughter of Wm Summer and Mrs. Eve Margaret Sease Summer. After death of his wife, John Kibler, Jr. left the state and died about 1828.

    B. John Jacob Kibler, born 25 June 1794, died 18 March 1869, married Mary A. Stock, born about 1820, died 9 August 1894, daughter of William Stack and Sarah Douglas. Buried at St. Paul's Church Cemetery.

    C. Mary (Polly) Kibler, born 25 October 1795, died 26 August 1856, married Adam Bedenbaugh, Jr., born 10 February 1785, died 25 August 1856, son of Adam Bedenbaugh, Sr. and Barbara Werts. Buried in Adam Bedenbaugh, Jr. family cemetery.

    D. Michael Kibler, born about 1799, died 16 August 1820. Buried Kibler cemetery #1.

    E. Ann Katherine Kibler, born about 1803, died 15 December 1885, married John Fellers, born 18 January 1800, died 8 December 1855, son of George Fellers and Catherine Kinard. Buried in Kibler Cemetery #1.

    F. Andrew Kibler, born about 1805, died 26 September 1829, buried Kibler Cemetery #1.

    G. Daniel Kibler, born about 1808, died 6 October 1829, buried Kibler Cemetery #1.

    H. Dr. Levi L. Kibler, born 15 January 1811, died 14 August 1895, buried St. Paul's Church Cemetery.

    I. Anna Kibler, born about 1814, married Ivy Jacob Busby. Lived in Lexington District

    J. William Kibler, born 12 December 1816, died 26 September 1857, married Lavinia Elizabeth Folk, born 21 December 1823, died 3 March 1845, daughter of John Adam Folk, Jr. and Sarah Catherine Hentz.  Buried in Kibler Cemetery #1

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