Israel Gauntt Family

Israel Gauntt was born 1725-1730 in Springfield Township, Burlington County, NJ and died 1798-1801 in Newberry County, SC.  He was a son of son of Zebulon I and Sophia Sioerts Gauntt. Israel, his brother Zebulon II and his wife, Esther, along with their sister, Sophia and her husband, Daniel Mathis, emigrated to the Carolinas from N.J.  Before their departure it was agreed between the three brothers, Samuel. who remained in NJ, Zebulon II and Israel that they should add another "t" to the spelling of their name so that the decendants of their father's branch (Zebulon I) should be known to each other.  The name was then spelled Gauntt. 

Today the descendants of the NJ Gauntts in South Carolina spell the name Gantt.  They settled in Rowan County, NC.  On 3 September 1753, Israel was granted a certificate by the Burlington Monthly Meeting (Quakers) to New Garden Meeting in North Carolina.  On 5 January 1754, he was accepted by the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Orange (now Alamace) County, NC.  In 1757, Israel witnessed a deed for Daniel Mathis in Rowan County for 606 acres on Mathis Creek, south fork of Deep River in Rowan County, NC.  In 1758, he married Hannah (nee Spencer) Innis who was born about 1740 NC and died 1815 in Newberry County, SC.  He was disowned for marrying out of unity.  Some earlier researchers have her name as Hannah Coats.  She had a daughter by her first marriage named Susannah who married Little John Coats of Newberry County, SC.

From North Carolina, Israel and his family moved to Bush River in Newberry County, SC.  South Carolina deed records show Israel's first land was 350 acres 3 January 1765 on the Broad and Saluda Rivers.  From the Annals of Newberry - "A man named Hubbs, who served with the bloody Tory, Cunningham, during the war, proposed to rob an old man reported to be in possession of money, Israel Gauntt.  Hubbs pointed his pistol at Israel but his purpose was frustrated by the old man's daughter, Hannah.  She threw up the weapon and being of masculine strength, grappled with and threw him to the floor where she held him till he was disabled by her father's blows.  Gauntt was wounded by a shot from the robber's companions, another shot grazed his herioc daughter just above the eye, but both escaped without further injury."  Hannah Mooney died about the age of fifty and was described as one of the kindest and most benevolent of women. 

    Israel is listed in the D.A.R. Index, page 262 for Patriotic service during the American Revolution.  He is also recorded as furnishing supplies to the Americans in the Revolution. He served several times on the Grand Jury of Newberry County, SC. Israel is listed as a farmer and a blacksmith and at one time owned 627 acres of land. Israel owned land on the waters of Bush River between the towns of Newberry and Prosperity. Last will and Testament of Israel Gaunt dated 25 December 1798 and proven 24 March 1800, leaves 50 acres that was surveyed for him in 1764, was left to son, Jacob. (Newberry Will Book C, page 22). His wife, Hannah also left a will dated 15 August 1813. (Newberry Wills, Box 9, package 3)

Family of Israel and Hannah Gauntt

I. Hannah Gauntt born 1762-1766, died 18 February 1816 Prosperity, SC, married Joseph Mooney.   The had at least one son, Joseph Mooney.  Hannah and Joseph are buried Henry Boozer Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.  One son, Joseph Mooney.

II. James Gauntt born 7 September 1765 Orange, NC, died 11 July 1824 Newberry, SC,  married Elizabeth Mills born 6 August 1769 died 7 December 1836.  Both are buried in the Gauntt Cemetery, Newberry, SC.

(Family Bible of James and Elizabeth Gauntt)

A. Henry Gauntt born 17 July 1792

B.  William Gauntt born 6 April 1794, died 16 February 1844

C.  Zebulon Gauntt born 10 February 1795, Newberry County, SC died 3 March 1884 married Rachel Gunter born 8 February 1803 Aiken County, SC, died 6 May 1876, daughter of Balaam and Patience Jackson Gunter.  Zebulon and Rachel Gauntt are buried in Aiken, SC

Children of Zebulon and Rachel Gunter Gauntt are:

a.  Marie Gauntt born about 1824, married Thomas Jackson

b.  Alfred Gauntt born 15 February 1825 married Sarah Ann Jackson

c. Mary "Polly" Gauntt born 9 January 1826 died 11 November 1896 married Pearce Able

d. Priscilla "Siller" Gauntt born 18 January 1828 Lexington County, SC, died 17 May 1896 Lexington County, SC, married Wiley P Rish

e. Moriah Gauntt born about 1830

f.  Ellender Gauntt born 1 July 1832 married Lawson Gunter

g.  Dolly Gauntt born 22 September 1835 Aiken County, SC, died 1 April 1916, Newberry County, SC,  married 1) _______ Gauntt and 2) Mancel Brogdon.  Dolly Gauntt Brogdon is buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.  Child of Dolly Gauntt Brogdon was Wellington Rhett "Wilbur" Gauntt born 23 November 1863 died 2 November 1956 married Florence Elizabeth Morris.  Both buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC

h. Jacob Kelly Gauntt born 8 August 1837, died 1911,  married Cassandra Jackson

i. Ezilphia Gauntt born 19 April 1839 died 1 January 1918 Newberry County, SC.  One son, Marcus L. Gauntt.  Both buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC

D. Israel Gauntt born 9 December 1797 SC, died 9 July 1880, AL, married Martha French born 10 August 1806 SC, died 6 September 1872 AL.  Both buried Gantt Cemetery, Gantt, AL.

a.  Hiram Gantt born 7 March 1828, died 10 November 1902, married Joann Gauntt.

b.  Israel Pickens Gantt born about 1842, died 1864 CSA.

c. Martha Ann Gantt born 3 June 1833, died 28 October 1914.

d. Marshall Gantt, married Sarah Ann Jackson

e.  William Gantt born about 1844, married Lou Ann Jackson

f.  Elizabeth Susan Gantt born December 1830 SC, died 11 June 1892

g.  Eliza Gantt born 7 March 1836, died 30 April 1897, married Marshall Gunter.  Both buried Convent Church, Lexington County, SC.

h. Ellie Gantt born May 1838, died 1924, married Daniel Ballaam Gunter.

i.  Elliott Gantt born 24 September 1850 SC, married Olivia Reed

j. Marcellus Coon Gantt born 24 September 1850, died 1 Janaury 1938

k.  Joe Gantt died driving timber on the Edisto River, SC and was buried in the river.

l.  Daniel Gantt

E.  Mooney Gauntt born 9 January 1800, died 1824

F. (Capt.) James Gauntt born 17 November 1801, died 21 January 1890, married Jane Gauntt (1st cousins), born 11 August 1805, died 8 April 1894 Newberry County, SC, daughter of Jacob Gauntt and first wife, Rachel.  Both buried Gantt Cemetery, Newberry, SC.

a.  Eliza Jane Gauntt born 7 November 1830, died 11 July 1881, married F. M. Lindsay.  Eliza is buried Gantt Cemetery, Newberry, SC

b. Mary Ann Permelia Gauntt born 1 January 1843; buried Gantt Cemetery, Newberry, SC. Death date is possibly 10 May 1850.

c.  Thomas Jefferson Gauntt born 10 February 1845, died 19 October 1864 Battlefield Fisher's Hill, VA.  Memorial stone at Gantt Cemetery, Newberry, SC

d.  Josephus Gauntt born 19 January 1847, died 31 July 1849; buried Gantt Cemetery, Newberry, SC.

e. Daughter Gauntt, married ________ Lindsey.

G. Dolly Gauntt born 12 February 1804

H. Hiram Gauntt born 16 February 1805, died 27 April 1867

I.  Rachel Gauntt born 8 February 1808

J.  Mary Gauntt born 16 April 1812

III.  Jacob Middleton (?) Gauntt born 1764-1767 Newberry County, SC, died November 1835 Newberry County, SC, married about 1794, 1) Rachel _____ died probably 1820-1826; married 2) about 1828, Mary Eckles born 1801, died 1836.  The house that was deeded to Jacob by his mother, Hannah in June 1800 is believed by some to be the house restored in Newberry County and said to be owned by a James Gauntt in 1831, described by Newberry County Historian, Pope, as being grandson of Israel Gauntt.  Some believe this is the very home where the Tories attacked Israel and daughter, Hannah.

Children of Jacob and Rachel _____ Gauntt:

A.  Mark Gauntt born 5 February 1795 Newberry, SC, died 1 July 1857 Green County, TN, married Esther M. ______ born 2 September 1812, died 12 December 1868.  Both buried Gaunt Cemetery, Sinking Creek, TN

a.  Eliza A. Gaunt born 24 August 1837, died 12 February 1864.

b. Harriet L. Gaunt born 21 May 1840, died 16 July 1866, married 2 August 1859, John A. Ross died 16 July 1866, died 1908.

c.  James B. Gaunt born 16 July 1842, died 21 March 1921, served during the Civil War, 12th GA Infantry and the 1st TN Calvary from 1862-1865 when he was disabled by injuries.

d.  Frances M. Gauntt born 9 July 1844, died 3 June 1870

e. Josephine O. Gauntt born 26 October 1846, died 15 April 1900, married ______ Hunter

f.  Hannah N. Gauntt born 26 March 1849, died 23 January 1880, married _____ Hunter

g.  Sophia J. Gaunt born 13 April 1851, married Calvin L. Bealls

h. Emma M. Gaunt born 24 July 1853, died 17 February 1856

i. Julia M. Gaunt born 2 August 1856, died 23 July 1883

B.  Luke Gauntt born about 1800 Newberry, SC, died 1860-1870 Henderson County, TX, married about 1825, Sally Elizabeth "Sibby" Moore? born about 1801 Newberry County, SC, died July 1879 Henderson County, TX.  Both buried buried Jim Hogg Reynolds Cemetery, New York, Henderson County, TX.  Through the 1830's to the 1850's they lived in GA and AL. They settled in Henderson County, TX where Luke obtained 320 acres of land originally granted to J. C. Dunn.  All four of their sons served in the Civil War.  The pension records of at least three state they were with the 20th Texas Calvary.  One son, Jacob, died or was killed in Benton County, AR.

a. John Washington Gauntt born 12 December 1829 Newberry County, SC, died 16 January 1912, married Martha Maranza Owen born 1 April 1838, died 16 February 1880; buried Myrtle Springs Cemetery, Henderson County, TX.

b.  Jacob Middleton Gauntt born about 1831 Walton County, GA, died in Benton County, GA  CSA, married Elizabeth M. Knight born 28 August 1835, AL, died 30 December 1887, daughter of K. K. Knight, Sr.   She remarried W. R. Kyle.

c.  Adeline Gauntt born about 1834 Walton County, GA, married Barry Fain; this family went to Fannin County, TX about 1880.

d.  Jane Angeline Gauntt born about 1840 married 3 January 1861, 1) Martin Blackwell and 31 October 1869, 2) John O'Neal

e. James "Jim" Calvin Gauntt born 1 December 1836 GA died 13 October 1905; buried in New York, TN Cemetery, married Mildred A. Champion born AL, died 6 August 1857.

f.  Dorothy Catherine Gauntt born 1838 died 1893 OK, married James "Jimmy" Allen Knight, son of K. K. Knight, Sr.

g.  Mary Emeline Gauntt born 1842, married 3 June 1861, 1) Melvin M. Bradley and 3 December 1866, 2) D. M. (Dempsey) Moss.

h.  William Jefferson Gauntt born 28 May 1844, died September 1932, married in 1866, Mary Catharine (Puss) Price.  This family moved to Ardmore, OK about 1880.

i.  Polly Anna Gauntt born about 1846, married Dick Moss

C. Sophia Gauntt born 6 January 1803 Newberry, SC, died 20 June 1880 Newberry, SC, married Robert Neal born 22 April 1794, died 3 December 1842.

a. Spencer Neal born about 1834

b.  John C. Neal born about 1836

c.  Harriet Neal born about 1838

d.  James B. Neal born about 1840

D. Jane "Jenny" Gauntt born 11 August 1805, died 8 April 1894, married Capt. James Gauntt (1st cousin) born 17 November 1801, died 21 January 1890, son of James Gauntt and Elizabeth Mills. Both buried Gantt Cemetery, Newberry, SC. (See family II. F. above)

E. Hannah Gauntt born 1812 Newberry County, SC, married Clement Jackson, born 1810, died in Barnwell District, SC, son of _____ Jackson and Sarah Howard.  They lived in Orangeburg District. Both buried Windsor Baptist Church, Windsor, SC.

a. James M. Jackson born about 1830

b. Daniel Jackson born about 1833

c. Sarah A. Jackson born about 1836

d. Henry Jackson born about 1839

F. Phoebe Gauntt born 2 April 1816 Newberry, SC, died 12 September 1882 Prosperity, SC, married about 1835, Andrew Nates born 1 September 1778, died 13 May 1850 Newberry, SC. Both buried Singley Cemetery, near Prosperity, Newberry County, SC.


a. Jacob Nates born about 1836

b. Daughter Nates born about 1838 (listed as M. A. P. age 12 1850 Census)

c. G. W. Nates born about 1840

d. Andrew Nates born about 1842


Children of Jacob and Mary Eckles Gauntt:

F. Karen Heppock Gauntt born about 1828, died 1850-1857, married 1 November 1846, S. A. (John S.?) Dobbins.

a. Thompson Dobbins born 1845

b. David Priester Dobbins born 22 January 1849, died 14 February 1908, married Sallie Thomas Shannon born 4 January 1854, died 18 February 1908.  Both buried Mt. Tabor Methodist Church Cemetery, Newberry County, SC.

G. Nebo Carbo Gauntt born about 1832 Newberry County, SC, died March 1848; not married.

IV. Joseph Gauntt born about 1770, died 25 January 1818 Newberry, SC, married Elizabeth Bathsheba Bolton died after 1798, they moved to Lexington County, SC about 1788-1798.  She married 2) Benjamin Stubbs.  He petitioned the court for Bathsheba to receive her share of Joseph's estate.

A.  Jacob Israel Gauntt born 12 June 1790 SC, died about 1855, married Mary Gunter died before 1840, moved to Tallassee, AL about 1842.


a. Leanna Gauntt born about 1823, died about 1900, married Jack Hairston

b. Ceres Gauntt, married Sam DeBois.

c. Joann Gauntt, married Hiram Gantt born 7 March 1828, died 10 November 1902.

d. Isachar X. Gauntt born 24 September 1820, died 4 December 1870.

B. Israel Gauntt born 4 March 1791 Giddy Swamp, Aiken County, SC, died 1 June 1854 Giddy Swamp, Aiken County, SC, buried Gantt Cemetery, Steedman, Aiken County, SC, married Sarah T. Howard born about 1788.  (Descendants use the GANTT spelling)

a. Dr. Jacob Kelly Gauntt born 1820 SC

b.  Drayton Gauntt born about 1824 SC

c.  Elliott Gauntt born about 1824 SC

d.  Elinor Gauntt, married ________ Jones.

C. Walter Gauntt born 13 April 1795 SC, married Ann A. _______ born 1812, moved to Tallahassee, AL about 1850-1860.

D.  Elizabeth Gauntt born 11 March 1797 SC married Solman Altman.

E. Eli Gauntt born 12 February 1799 SC, married Jensey Gunter born 1811 SC.

a.  Zimri Gantt born about 1829 SC

b. Zelphy Gantt born October 1830 SC

c. Uriah Hubbard Gantt born about 1832 SC, died 1898.

F.  Elijah Gauntt born 17 July 1802 SC, died 22 April 1876 Lexington, SC, married Elizabeth Gunter born 4 May 1806 VA, died 28 November 1886 SC, daughter of Russell Gunter and Elizabeth Nelson.  Both buried John Gunter Mill Cemetery, Lexington, SC

a. Ninetta Gantt born about 1826 SC

b. Caswell Gantt born about 1828 SC

c. Russell Ravenel Gantt born 5 September 1828, died 27 September 1899 Andalusia, AL.

d. Zelia Gantt born about 1830 SC

e. Ulysses Gantt born 1 December 1831, died 22 September 1897

f. Elizabeth Bathsheba Gantt born about 1836 SC

g. Hyrea Gantt born about 1838 SC

h. Theresa Gantt born about 1838 SC

i. Casaline Gantt born 8 October 1839 SC, died 22 April 1918, married 1) ______ Sternberg and married 2) Jacob Kelly Gantt born 1837, died 1911.  She is buried John Gunter Mill Cemetery, Lexington, SC.

j. Israel H. Gantt born 1842 SC

k. Dolly Gantt born 1844 SC

l. Rowe Gantt born 1846 SC

m. Elijah Monroe Gantt born 13 June 1846, died 5 December 1936

n. William Adolphus Gantt born 1848 SC

o. Victoria Ann Ceris Gantt born 1850

p. Scerst Gantt, married Dyches Gantt.

G.  Joseph Mooney Gauntt born 1 January 1804, married Sallie _____; moved to Tallahassee, AL.

a. Caroline Gauntt born about 1839

b. Catherine Gauntt born about 1842

c.  Elizabeth Gauntt born about 1844

d. George Gauntt born about 1845

e.  Jane Gauntt born about 1846

f. Joseph Gauntt born about 1852

H. Elisha Gauntt born 6 November 1805

I.  Hannah Gauntt born 30 September 1807 SC died 1816

J. John Gauntt born 1 November 1809 Newberry County, SC, died 27 April 1858 Chambers, AL, married Winnifred Williams born 16 May 1808 SC, died 19 June 1888.  Both buried Bethel Baptist Church, Chambers County, AL.

a. William Gauntt born about 1831 SC

b. Elisha Luther Gauntt born 27 March 1833 Lexington County, SC, died 17 February 1905

c. John Gauntt born about 1835 SC

d. Jasper Gauntt born about 1836 SC

e. Martha Gauntt born about 1836 AL

f. Thomas Gauntt born about 1838 AL

g. Hilliard Gauntt born about 1839 AL

h. Jacob Seaborn Gauntt born 8 August 1842 AL, died 20 September 1903; buried Bethel Baptist Church, Chambers County, AL.

i. Elbert Tillman Gauntt born April 1845 AL

j. Joseph Cary Gauntt born 24 April 1845 AL

k. Winnifred Elizabeth Gauntt born 24 April 1845 AL

l. Eli Elbert Gauntt born June 1849 AL

m. Luiza D. Gauntt born about 1850 AL

n. Sarah V. Gauntt born about 1854 AL

K. Samuel Gauntt born 18 April 1811, died 29 June 1876, married Elizabeth Ann Lewis born 1822 SC.

a. John E. Gantt born 1 June 1837 SC, died 15 September 1922

b. Elisha Gantt born about 1840 SC

c. William Gantt born about 1843 SC, died Civil War, buried VA, married Elizabeth _____ born June 1846 SC. 

d. Samuel C. Gantt born 25 September 1843 SC, died 13 September 1927, married Sarah Ann Lewis born 17 June 1847, died 16 January 1918.  Both buried Pine Grove Baptist Church.

e. Hannah Gantt  born 1845 SC, died 1920, married William Wells.

f. Beulah Gantt born about 1848 SC, married Alfred Gunter

g.  Bersheba Gantt born 1851 SC, died 1897, married John Hall.

h. Joseph Gantt born 1858, died 1922, married 1) Jane Hall and married 2) Emma Gunter

i.  Martha Ann Zelia Gantt born 22 November 1859, died 13 May 1922; buried Pine Grove Baptist Church.

j.  Jacob Gantt married Ella Burgess

k. Elizabeth Gantt married Henry Hall

l. Elijah Gantt died Civil War, buried VA.

L. Cary Gauntt born 1 December 1813, died GA; served in the Mexican War.

a.  Levi N. Gauntt born about 1841 AL

b. Elizabeth Gauntt born about 1846 AL

c. Ninney J. Gauntt born about 1850 AL

V. Mary Gauntt born 10 November 1772, died 10 November 1844 married 1) Wright Coates died 1808, married 2) Thomas Gilbert, widower of her sister, Rebecca, son of Caleb Gilbert and Ann Buzhardt.  Mary and Thomas are buried in Giles County, TN.

A.  Mary Coates

B. Rebecca Coates

C. Anna Coates

D. Fredrick Coates

E. Daniel Polignac Coates, married Nancy Neal born in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Listed in the 1860 census for Nacogdoches County, TX.

F.  Susan Coates

VI.  Rebecca Gauntt born 1 November 1776 died 9 September 1816 Beaver Dam Creek, Newberry County, SC, buried Bush River Quaker Cemetery, Newberry County, SC, married 29 January 1791, Thomas Gilbert born 1773 Beaver Dam Creek, Newberry County, SC, died 20 January 1835, son of Caleb Gilbert and Ann Buzhardt.  Thomas married 2) sister of Rebecca, Mary Gauntt born 1776.

A.  Carey Gilbert born 10 August 1793 Newberry County, SC, died 23 May 1865 in Giles County, TN, married Eunice Chandler born 1 November 1796, Newberry County, SC, died 5 November 1873 Giles County, TN, daughter of Israel Chandler and Lydia Gauntt.  Both buried buried Old Gilbert Cemetery, Giles County, TN.

a  Lydia Gilbert born 14 April 1821 Newberry County, SC, died 10 May 1888 Limestone County, AL, married 13 June 1839 Giles County, TN, Lewis Nelson

b. Thomas Gilbert born 20 March 1823 Newberry County, SC, died 18 April 1893 TX, married 1) Sarah Edmundson, born 5 March 1825 Newberry County, SC, died 15 January 1843 Prospect, Giles County, TN, daughter of John S. Edmundson and Elizabeth Reagin.  He married 2) 1843 Giles County, TN, Lucetta Smith.

c.  Rebecca Caroline Gilbert born 3 Feb 1826 Newberry County, SC, died 9 April 1909 Giles County, TN, married Malcolm Gilchrist Maples born 30 January 1819 Newberry County, SC, died 10 May 1894 Giles County, TN.  Both buried Old Gilbert Cemetery, Giles County, TN

d.  David C. Gilbert born 28 March 1828 Giles County, TN, died 20 May 1862 Limestone County, TN, buried Old Gilbert Cemetery, Giles County, TN, married 23 February 1851 Limestone County, TN, Catherine Smith born 1831 Limestone County, TN;

e. Israel Gilbert born 18 September 1831 Giles County, TN, died 30 April 1833 Giles County, TN

f.  Luther Gilbert born 30 April 1833 Giles County, TN, died 30 October 1833

g.  Calvin Gilbert born 12 January 1836 Giles County, TN, died 6 August 1885 Giles County, TN, buried Pleasant Hill, Giles County, TN, married 31 August 1858, Tranquilla Reed Gracey born 15 October 1841, died 5 May 1925.

h. Alonzo Gilbert born 15 July 1840 Giles County, TN, died 9 June 1901 Athens, Limestone County, AL, married 6 December 1870, Tennessee Valeria Rose, born 1 February 1844 Giles County, TN, died 18 January 1933 Nashville, Davidson County, TN, daughter of William M. and Valeria V. Rose.  Both buried Mt. Olive Cemetery, Nashville, Davidson County, TN.

i. Hugh Gilbert born 8 February 1844 Giles County, TN, died 22 July 1864 Atlanta, Fulton County, GA during the Battle of Atlanta-CSA, buried Old Gilbert Cemetery, Giles County, TN.


B.  David Gilbert born 22 November 1796 Beaver Dam Creek, Newberry County, SC, died 12 August 1871 Gilbertboro, Limestone County, AL, married 1) Mary Hester Edmundson born 28 September 1802.  He married 2) Catherine Eichelberger

a. Cary Gilbert born 9 October 1817 Beaver Dam Creek, Newberry County, SC, died 13 January 1893 Prospect, Giles County, TN, buried Whitfield Cemetery, married 1838 Giles County, TN, Elizabeth Reed born 1821, died 1886 in Prospect, Giles County, TN, daughter of Thomas Reed and Amy Cox.

b.  Rebecca A. Gilbert born 21 March 1821 Newberry County, SC, died 2 April 1864 Giles County, TN, buried Old Gilbert Cemetery, married 7 July 1837 Limestone County, AL, George Adams born 23 April 1812, died 10 September 1902 Bethel, Giles County, TN.


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