John Geiselhart Family

 Johannes Geiselhardt married 15 July 1738, Anna Maria Herrmann in Unterhausen, Duchy of Württemberg. Geiselhardt brought his family to SC in 1752, coming on the Caledonia. At that time Geiselhart had a wife and three daughters: Mary Anne 14 yrs., Mary Barbara 7 yrs., & Mary 2 yrs. old.

 John Geiselhart received a 250A grant on the east side Crims Cr. in the name of John Neizelhalt. The grantee was deceased before 1770 as the widow, Anna Maria "Neiglehart," paid tax in that year (1770 Quit Rents, p. 319). The Geiselhart land passed down into the Houseal family. Susannah Houseal was living on this tract in 1886 at which time her brother, William Franklin, has recently passed away. Susannah and William Franklin Houseal were children of

William Frederick Houseal and Elizabeth (Betsy) Setzler.

  1. Maria Agnes Geiselhart, b. 14 Dec 1741, was the first wife of Ulrick Mayer, Sr., b. 12 Sept 1736 (Merklingen, Germany), d. 14 Dec 1803, son of Andrew Meyer and Barbara Bez. They lived in the St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church area and Ulrick Mayer, Sr. was among Trustees of the original St. Peter’s Church (1794).

 Maria Agnes Geiselhardt is the name given as mother of Ulrick Mayer, Jr., b. 1771, in the

 record of his marriage to Elisabeth Frick.

  1. John Benedict Mayer, b. 2 Sept 1761, d. 11 Nov 1817, m. Eve Margaret Summer, b. 1775, d/o John Adam Summer and Mary Reese. They lived in the area of Peak, S.C.
  1. Andrew Mayer/Moyer, b. 18 June 1769, d. 19 Feb 1839, married Mary Ann Maria Morris, b. 13 Apr 1773, d. 10 Aug 1843. Andrew Mayer is presumed to have been a son of Ulrick Mayer, Sr. and his first wife. Land was sold in the St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church neighborhood in 1794 by Ulrick Mayer, Sr. and wife, Catherine, to Andrew Mayer. Andrew Moyer moved about 1825 to Edgefield Dist. and settled in the Mt. Calvary Church community near Johsnton, SC.
  1. Ulrick Mayer, Jr., b. 1771, m. Oct 1797, Elisabeth Frick, d/o Thomas Frick, Jr. & Anna Maria Rittheimer Werner.
  1. Mary Barbara Geiselhardt, b. 18 June 1748. As Barbara Kiselhot she obtained a 100 acre survey in 1773 located just south of the community of Peak. The land is shown in 1791 as land of Jacob Epting (167A survey of Edmond Walsh). The tract was sold in 1798 by Jacob Epting to George Stoudemeyer (Holcomb, B.H., "Memorialized Records of Lexington District, 1814-1825"). Mary Barbara Geiselhardt is therefore believed to have married Johann Jacob Epting, b. 28 Apr 1745, d. about 1800, s/o John Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander.

 Sons of Johann Jacob Epting and Mary Barbara Geiselhardt:

  1. Capt. John Epting, b. 2 June 1778, d. 1856, m. (1) 4 Jan 1802, Eve Seigler, d. 7 May 1803, d/o John Seigler, Sr. & wife, Barbara; m. (2) 30 Dec 1806, Elizabeth Wertz, b. 11 Feb 1786, d. 12 March 1847, d/o Capt. John Wertz & Ann Catherine Hair.
  2. Jacob Epting, d. Sept 1821.
  3. David Epting, b. 1783, d. 3 Dec 1849, m. Elizabeth Rinehart, b. 1791, d. 11 Sept 1871, d/o Matthias Rinehart & Ann Margaret Lagrone.
  4. George Epting, b. 1790, d. Dec 1846, m. (1) Mary Margaret Sligh, d. Aug 1834, d/o John Jacob Sligh, Jr. & Mary Magdalena Summer; m. (2) Susannah Lohner, b. about 1814, d. Feb 1862, d/o Michael Lohner.
  1. Anna Maria Geiselhardt, b. 16 Jan 1752, d. before 1799, was second wife of Capt. William Frederick Houseal, s/o Rev. Bernard Houseal.

 Anna Maria Geiselhart, as Mary Geigelhoot, obtained a 100A survey in 1773 on Camping

 Cr. This tract was sold in 1780 by Wm Houseal to Joachim Bulow with deed stating that Mary

 Giesselhard was wife of Wm Houseal (Nby Deeds F-336).

 Children of Anna Maria Geiselhart and William Frederick Houseal:

  1. John William Houseal, b. about 1770. In 1774, John William Houseal, as a minor, was deeded the 250 acre land grant of Hans Peter Weyman (Nby Deeds A-49). This land was just west of St. Paul's Church. William Frederick Houseal sold part of the tract in 1786 to John Eigleberger (Nby Deeds B-604). In 1798, after the death of John William Houseal, Adam Houseal as "eldest brother and heir at law," sold the remainder of this land to Adam Lagrone (Nby Deeds H-34).
  2. John Adam Houseal, b. 19 Jan 1773, d. 24 March 1816, m. 30 Apr 1795, Mary Magdalena Summer, d/o John Adam Summer and Mary Reese.
  3. John Houseal, b. about 1775, d. about 1796, m. Christina Chapman, d/o Abraham Chapman and Ann Elizabeth Herring.
  4. David Houseal, b. 29 Sept 1782, d. Feb 1869, m. (in Charleston) 3 Aug 1809, Margaret Lilley (widow).
  5. William Frederick Houseal, Jr., b. 10 Feb 1785, d. 5 Sept 1876, m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Setzler, d/o George A. Setzler and Ann Margaret Leitner.
  6. Mary Margaret Houseal, b. 4 Apr 1787, d. 15 Dec 1871, m. Jan 1804, Capt. John Adam (Peg Leg) Summer, b. b. 3 Sept 1779, d. 12 Oct 1855, s/o Nicholas Summer and Eve Margaret Sease. Bur. Summer Family Cemetery #1.

 Bio posted 7 May 2004