Gaspar Gray Family

The Gray family of the Dutch Fork was founded by Gasper Gree whose name is thought to have originally been "Kray," "Kreh," or "DeGrau." The family of Gasper Gree arrived in S.C. in 1752, coming on the Cunliffe. At that time the immigrant had a wife and 4 children: George, 25; Adam, 22; Peter, 13; and Anna Maria, 18 yrs. old.

Gasper Gree received a bounty grant of 300 acres on Cannons Creek.  Part of this survey was sold in 1793 by George Gray, Sr. to Peter Gray (Newberry Deeds C-615). Another part of the survey was sold in 1793 by George Gray Sr. and Frederick Gray to Peter Gray (Newberry Deeds C-620 and 622).

  In 1765, George Gray and Mary Gray obtained 100 acre surveys, and in 1772, George Gray obtained surveys of 150 acres and 200 acres. All of these tracts were in the vicinity of the original 300 acre bounty survey of Gasper Gree.

  There is evidence that some of this family lived in Charleston. In 1776, George Gray, a tavern keeper of Charleston, sold the 200 acre land grant of George Gray to Robert Moore (Newberry Deeds A-295).

Children of Gasper Gray

I. George Gray, Sr., born about 1727, died about 1796, married Eve Margaret Egmont Piester, widow of George Piester.

II. Adam Gray, born about 1730.

III. Anna Maria Gray, born about 1732.

IV. Peter Gray, born about 1739.

                                                Family of George Gray, Sr.

  Much of the family of George Gray, Sr. is described by T. P. Hughes, Jr. & H. C. Gray, "The Gray Family, originally of Newberry County, SC," (1960).

I. George Gray, Sr. made will 9 November 1795, proven 28 February 1796 (Newberry Wills A-350). The will mentions wife, Eve Margaret; sons: George Gray, Jr., Frederick Gray, and Peter Gray; daughters; Christina Gallman; Barbara, wife of Frederick Boozer; and Elizabeth, wife of  David Ruff.


A. George Gray, Jr., born 16 April 1756, died 27 January 1826, married Catherine DeWalt, born 8 October 1764, died 22 April 1848, daughter of  Daniel Dewalt, Sr. and wife, Susanna Krebil (Graybil). Buried DeWalt-Gray- Gallman Cemetery.

1. Casper Gray, born 16 April 1784.

2. Mary Gray, born 19 November 1785.

3. Susannah Gray, born 8 December 1787, died 6 April 1852, married John Gallman, born about 1775, died 12 February 1826. Buried DeWalt-Gray-Gallman Cemetery.

4. Ruth Gray, born 8 July 1789, died 7 September 1877, married 16 May 1809, Williams Perkins Johnson, born 25 July 1773, died 20 May 1845. Moved to Amite County, MS.

5. Simon Peter Gray, born 22 June 1792, died 19 June 1833, married 17 November 1825, Leah Rachael Dellett, born 24 July 1805, died 20 September 1844, daughter of  James Dellett, Sr. Simon Peter Gray studied law and moved in 1819 to AL. He is buried at McConnico Cemetery, Claiborne County, AL.

6. Benjamin H. Gray, born 20 April 1798, died 9 March 1854, married 24 February 1823, Jones County, GA, Phyliss Ann Snellgrove, died 24 July 1888, Houston County, GA.

7. Rebecca Gray, born 23 November 1802, died 6 April 1880, married 12 February 1818, David DeWalt.

B. Capt. Frederick Gray, born about 1759, died 26 May 1837, married 1) Cloretta Dawkins, by whom he had 10 children; married  2) before 1814, Mary Geddings (mother of Dr. Eli Geddings, distinguished physician and surgeon of Charleston). After his second marriage Frederick Gray moved to Abbeville, District and acquired an estate near Calhoun Falls, called Gray's Mills, later Calhoun's Mills. Frederick Gray made will 24 November 1836, proven 2 October 1837 (Abbeville Probates 36-793, Record Book 2, p. 390).

  In 1777, Frederick Gray enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served as Private with S.C. Troops under Capt. John Lindsey and Col. Giles. Appointed Capt. after engagement at Alligator Bridge, Florida, and served under Col. Waters, Lindsey and Baird until close of the war.

1. George Gray, married 1) Charity Patterson; married 2) Mrs. Margaret Campbell Ruff.

2. William Gray, died 1843, married Elizabeth Bevan Tench, born 1800, died 11 August 1859, daughter of  John Henry Tench and Mrs. Margaret Creagh Denton. After death of William Gray, Elizabeth Tench Gray moved to Noxubee County, MS.

3. Henry Gray, born 1 November 1786, died 2 April 1831, married 20 May 1808, Laurens District, SC, Elvira Flanagan, born 21 March 1787, died 15 November 1847, daughter of  Dr. Reuben Flanagan and Anne Thomas Fluellen/Flewelyn. Henry Gray served as Capt. in War of 1812.

4. John Frederick Gray, born 12 February 1792, died 13 June 1858, married 1) Martha Summer Aiken; married 2) Caroline C. ___, died 15 August 1846. Moved to Winston County, MS, with second wife; married 3) 26 October 1848, in Elberton, GA, Mrs. Mildred W. Allen. John Frederick Gray is buried at Old Bapt. Cemetery, Louisville, MS.

5. Thomas Jefferson Gray, born  25 February 1804, died 20 May 1858, married 1) Dorcas Cunningham; married 2) Mrs. Phoebe Carter Brooks Williams, born 19 July 1819, Warren County, GA, died 8 July 1882. Moved to Oktibbeha County, MS. Buried with 2nd wife in Brooks Cemetery near Crawford, MS.

6. Washington R. Gray, born about 1800, married Lucinda Haddon, born about 1805. Living in Winston County, MS, in 1850. It is thought that they lived in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, LA.

7. Jane Gray, died  before 1836, married David Thomas.

8. Mary Ann Gray, married John Marshall, son of  Samuel Marshall and Mary Stiene.

9. Cloretta Gray, married Robert H. Boyd, son of  Hugh Boyd and wife, Jeanette.

10. Dorothy (Dolly) Gray, born 26 June 1801, died 17 October 1819, married  26 June 1817, Pascal Dawes Klugh, born 14 May 1793, died 2 June 1867.

C. Elizabeth Gray, born about 1765, died 1835, married David Ruff, died about 1799, son of  George Ruff and wife, Anna Barbara. After death of David Ruff, Elizabeth Gray Ruff; married 2) Rev. George Cromer, died 1822, a Methodist Minister and son of  Jacob Cromer, Sr. and Elizabeth Yost. Elizabeth Gray and second husband moved to Abbeville District, SC.

Children by David Ruff:

1. Sarah (Sally) Ruff, died before 1837, married George Penny.

2. Christian Ruff, died 1844, Abbeville District, SC, married Lucretia Clark.

3. John Henry Ruff, born  14 December 1786, died 7 June 1856, married Maria Eve Summer. Moved to Noxubee County, MS.

4. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ruff, born about 1792, married 1) William Cannon, son of  Samuel Cannon and Lydia Pennington; married 2) John Holt; married 3) Louis Watkins. She and second husband moved, about 1839 to Shelby County, TX.

5. John Ruff, born 1794, died  July 1859, Abbeville Distict, SC, married Martha Glymph, born about  1800, died after 1860, daughter of  John Glymph and Elizabeth Rikard.

6. William David Ruff, married Susanna Margaret Eichleberger, daughter of  John Eichleberger and wife, Anna Barbara.

7. George Ruff, died about 1820.

Children by Rev. George Cromer:.

8. John Philip Cromer, born 20 August 1809, died 25 September 1859, married Dorothy Ann Keller, born 1813, died 1885, daughter of  John Keller and Elizabeth Cromer.

9. George Wesley Cromer, born 25 June 1812, died 25 December 1892, married 1)Susan Keller, born 1 May 1815, died  20 June 1834, daughter of  John Keller and Elizabeth Cromer; married 2) Anna Louise Keller, born 31 July 1817, died 24 October 1858, sister of first wife; married 3) 6 November 1868, Mrs. Charlotte Irwin, born about 1825.

D. Mary Ann Barbara Gray, born about  1760, died 5 February 1851, married (as second wife) Frederick Boozer, born about 1753, died April 1816, son of  Ulrich Boozer.

1. Elizabeth Boozer, born 1785, died after 1851, married 1) John McDill, died before 1851; married 2) ___ Morrow.

2. George Boozer, born 1786, died after 1851.

3. David Boozer, born 9 February 1788, died 10 February 1850, married 1) 17 September 1813, Sarah Suber, born 30 December 1786, died 20 March 1840, daughter of  John Uriah Suber, Sr. and Catherine Ruff; married 2) Mrs. Amelia Sees Burton, born about 1825, PA, died 1870, New York City.

4. Margaret Boozer, born 7 September 1790, died 3 July 1853, married Gasper Piester, Jr., born 24 April 1790, died 10 January 1833. They are buried in Dewalt-Gray-Gallman Cemetery.

5. John Boozer, born about 1791, died after 1856, Gwinnett County, GA.

6. Daniel Boozer, born 25 September 1796, died 26 December 1878, Calhoun County, AL, married Elizabeth Atkins, born 2 September 1799, died 16 November 1873, daughter of Thomas Atkins and Eve Feltman.

7. Henry Boozer, born 20 August 1798, died 23 December 1854, wife named Mary. Moved to Abbeville District, SC.

8. Adam Boozer, born 1800, died about 1847, wife named Nancy Agnes, born 18 March 1805, died 2 January 1882. They moved to Calhoun County, AL.

E. John Peter Gray, born 15 September 1768, died 18 October 1844. Buried DeWalt-Gray- Gallman Cemetery. Did not marry.

F. Christina Gray, married John Gallman.

Bio updated  18 July 2004