Peter Hair Family

The family of Peter Heer arrived in S.C. in 1749 on the Ship Griffin, Capt. Arthur. His petition was heard 24 November 1749 by the Colonial S.C. Government (Council Journal 17:715) and he was awarded a 200 acre bounty grant on Cannons Creek On 1 December 1749 a letter was read before the provincial council from Peter Herr on behalf of himself and his fellow shipmates.

The letter stated that they came to America on the encouragement of John Jacob Ramensperger and were ..."met with nothing but disappointments, crosses, and misfortunes." Further, since arrival, Peter Heer's wife had died.

  Peter Heer married 2) Anna Maria Herman. A memorial of 1766 for 50 acres to Peter Heer
(Memorials 9:43) describes land granted in 1754 to Anna Maria Herman. This record notes that Peter Haire married Anna Maria Herman and that she came on the Ship Griffin and had been indentured to Mrs. Sarah Lloyd for 3 yrs.

  Additional grants to Peter Hare include a 1772 tract of 200 acres on Camping Creek.   Peter Heer made will 24 August 1772 naming wife, Mary, and children. He left land on Camping Creek to sons, John and Matthias Hair. The 1749 bounty tract was divided between his son, Peter, Jr. and wife who was given a life estate in the the half then to son of her choice. When Matthias Hare sold land in 1798 on Camping Creek the deed indicates that land was inherited on 25 September 1774 by Father's LWT (Newberry Deeds D-166). This record indicates that Peter Heer, Sr. had died in 1774; the will was not recorded until 23 August 1791, after the death of Peter Heer's second wife.

  Anna Maria Herman Heer remarried John Bushard and made will 13 November 1790, proven 27 July 1791, naming her children.

  "The Peter Hair Family, 1726-2000" was co-written and published by Eddie Hair and Tony Hair, January 2000.

Children of Peter Heer, Sr. by First Wife

I. Peter Hair, Jr. obtained a 200 acre survey in 1771 on waters of Cannons Creek.  In 1790 he divided this tract giving equal parts to sons, Lawrence Heer and Peter Heer, Jr. (Newberry Deeds D-424 and 425). By 1790 Peter Heer, Jr. had moved to Orangeburgh (later Barnwell) District. He made will 19 January 1813, proven 3 May 1813, naming wife, Catherine, after whose death her share was to be divided between her own heirs (Barnwell Wills A-163). This record makes it clear that Catherine, wife of Peter Hair, Jr. at time of his death, was not his first wife and not the mother of his children. An old family record reveals that the mother of Job Hair was named Angeline. The bible record of Adam Rikard, born 1776, reveals that John Eigleberger and Catherine Hair were his baptismal sponsors. This record has led to speculation that Catherine Hair of this record was the first wife of Peter Hair, Jr. and may have been a Rikard (aunt of Adam Rikard).

A. Peter Hair, III, bought land in 1798 on Camping Creek from heirs of Andrew Cromer
(Newberry Deeds D-427).  This land is in the St. Peter's (Piney Woods) area of Lexington County and was sold in 1819 by Henry Hare of Tennessee to Frederick Shaffer (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825").

B. Lawrence Hare, born about 1765 died 1833, married 1) Catherine Rinehart, daughter of Matthias Rinehart and Margaret Lagrone, married 2) Margaret Ethredge. In 1802, Lawrence Hair was deeded land in Barnwell Dist. by Peter Hare (Barnwell Deeds A-265). In 1806, Lawrence Hare bought land on Cloud's Creek in Edgefield (now Saluda County) District where he settled (Edgefield Deeds 28:177 & 179). He d. intestate leaving wife, Margaret, and son, Henry. Lawrence Hare had two sons and several daughters by Catherine Rinehart.

1. John Hare, born about 1790, died 31 July 1846, married Margaret Whitman, born about 1796, died 29 January 1864, daughter of  John Whitman and Mary McNair. Heirs of Margaret Whitman Hare were: Michael; Mary, wife of John Smelley; Rosa, wife of Wm Rinehart; William C. Hare and Miley, married Thomas Duncan (Edgefield Probates 89-3567).

2. Peter Hare, born about 1804, moved to Talladega County, AL, where he married 8 November 1834, Nancy Murray.

3. Henry Hare, born about 1813, moved to Talladega County, AL, and lived near Peter Hare. He married 1) 25 May 1839, Emily Murray, and married 2) 6 January 1851, Eliza Brannum.

C. Mary Magdalene Hair, died 20 July 1831, age 67 yrs., was second wife of David Wedaman Sr., born 4 November 1761, died 25 November 1831. Buried Wedaman Cemetery near Pomaria, SC.

D. Elizabeth Hair, born 1780, married Silas Stevens.

E.  Mary Hair married William Wood

F. Sarah Hair, born 1785, married ___ Phillips.

G. Job Hair, born 20 February 1791, died 28 February 1866, married 18 December 1811, Delila Wood.

H. John Adam Hair, born 1795, married 1) Catherine Hutto, and married 2) Elizabeth Hudson. John Adam Hair moved to Suwanee County, FL.

I. Henry Hair, born 3 December 1796, died 17 August 1881. Moved to LA and is buried in the Hair Cemetery, Jena, LA.

II. Elizabeth Hair who married John Jacob Long is believed to be a daughter of Peter Hair, Sr. and first wife. Elizabeth, the widow of Jacob Long, made will in 1815 leaving items to her daughters, including Susannah Cromer, wife of John Michael Cromer. In the will of John Michael Cromer, Matthias Hair is mentioned as uncle of his wife, Susan Cromer.

Children of Peter Heer, Sr. and Anna Maria Herman

III. Mary Hair married ___ Bushart. LWT of Anna Mary Hair Buzhardt mentions daughter Mary Bushard, deceased in 1790.

IV. John Hair, born about 1761, died before January 1800. John Hair served in the militia during the Revolutionary War. In 1795 John Hair sold land inherited on Camping Creek to Jacob Counts (Counts to McDaniel, Newberry Deeds C-426).

V. Anna Catherine Hair, born 1757, died 1827, married John Wertz, died 1842, son of George Henry Werts, Sr.

VI. Rachel Hair married Michael Charles, Sr. Michael Charles (dower Rachel), sold land in 1834 on Crims Creek to John and Michael Charles, Jr. (Newberry Deeds R-242 and 250).

VII. Agnes (Nancy) Hair, born about 1760, died 1833, married. Henry Stockman, born about 1760, died 1828, son of Engel Stockman.

VIII. Margaret Hair married George McCullough.

IX. Molly Hair married  ___ Thomas.

X. Matthias Hair, born 1767, died April 1817, married Frances (Fanny) Arrabella Rikard, born 1769, died 1826, believed to be a daughter of Michael Rikard, Sr.   Matthias Hair purchased a large tract in the Stone Hills in 1803 from James Brady (Newberry Deeds F-196) and which, after his death, was split up among his sons and partly sold off. The part left to son, John Hair, contains the Hair-Harmon Cemetery where Matthias Hair and wife are buried. Matthias Hair made will 1 April 1817, proven 7 April 1817 (Newberry Wills F-409).

A. Barbara Hair, born about 1788, died after 1865, married about 1807, William Nichols, born about 1785, son of George Nichols and wife, Elizabeth.   They moved to Perry County, AL.

B. Sarah (Sally) Catherine Hair, born about 1790, married Henry Counts, Jr., son of  Henry Counts, Sr. and Catherine Fellers.

C. Elizabeth Hair, born about 1793, married Gabriel Hiller.

D. Mary Hair, born about 1795, married John McCarty (McCartney), died about 1822.

E. Rebecca Hair, born about 1797, died 14 October 1870, married Jacob Bedenbaugh born 1792 died 1836 son of Adam Bedenbaugh, Sr. and Barbara Werts.

F. Nancy Hair, born about 1799, married Mason Whitten. They moved about 1825 to Lauderdale County, AL and four years afterward moved to Wayne County, TN.

G. Col. John Hair, born 10 February 1801, died 24 July 1871, married Rachel Rebecca Black born 5 November 1803 died 30 October 1853, daughter of  James Black. They are buried in the Hair-Harmon Cemetery. Col. John Hair ran a mercantile business with Dr. James Kilgore and was a justice of the peace for many years. John fathered four children with Catherine (Katie) Counts.

Children by Rachel Black:

1. Mary Magdalena Hair, married Kerr Boyce DeWalt.

2. Thomas Matthias Hair, born 28 February 1824, died 18 March 1860, married Rebecca W. Rives, born about 1830, died 5 April 1910, daughter of  Thomas Rives.

3. Japheth Davis Hair, born 26 January 1826, died 4 March 1860.

4. Elizabeth Hair, born 30 September1827, died 14 August 1870, second wife of  Wm Pierce Harmon.

5. Sarah Caroline Hair, born 6 October 1829, died 29 May 1847, first wife of Wm Pierce Harmon, born 23 March 1816, died 25 March 1886, son of  John Leonard Harmon and Rachel Busby.

6. James Belton Hair, born about 1832, married 1) Judith E. Rives, born about 1832, sister of Rebecca W. Rives, and married 2) Harriet ___. Lived in Lexington County, SC.

H. Maj. Peter Hair, born 11 February 1803, died 26 September 1882, married 1) 7 August 1827, Nancy Clary Summers, born 17 June 1810, died 7 February 1836, daughter of Col. John Summers and Rosannah Waters; married 2) 29 December 1836, Mrs. Rosanna Caroline Summers Gary, born 30 October 1812, died 27 December 1893, sister of first wife and widow of  Dr. Charles Griffin Gary.   Major Peter Hair is buried with first wife at Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery.   Major Peter Hair donated land in 1829 for Zion Methodist Church.

1. Rosannah Frances Hair, born 5 January 1829, died 3 October 1838.

2. Mathias Hair, born 21 March 1830, died 6 August 1847, in Mexican War.

3. Frances Mary Hair, born 28 December 1831, died 26 July 1859, married William Chapman.

4. John Summers Hair, born 29 March 1833/34, married Elizabeth Burton, born 26 October 1839, daughter of Henry Burton and Susan F. Floyd.

5. Nancy Clary Hair, born 17 December 1835, died 29 February 1918, married 16 February 1854, Capt. William Goldsmith, born 30 March 1819, died 5 April 1911. Moved to Greenville, SC.

6. Charles Hair, born 19 September 1837, died 13 October 1837.

7. Peter Hair, Jr., born 10 February 1839, died 13 April 1839.

8. Caroline (Carrie) E. Hair, born 24 April 1840, died 20 October 1863, married Dr. Zebulon T. Murphy.

9. Harriet (Hattie) S. Hair, born 21 May 1845, died 1 February 1937, married 10 June 1869, Rev. Basel Manly, Jr., born 1825, died 1892. Moved to Louisville, KY.

XI. Barbara Hair, born 12 February 1767, died 31 July 1844, married Robert Maffett, Sr., died 17 September 1837, age 72 yrs. Buried Cannons Creek ARP Church Cemetery.

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