Andrew Hallman Family

Andrew Hallman, born 1707, died about 1761, wife named Maria Elizabeth. The petition of Andrew Holman for bounty land was heard 6 March 1749/50. "Lately came from Philadelphia, Capt. Brown, intended to come to this province and unjustly carried to Philadelphia, has a wife and 3 children; wished land in the fork of Broad and Saluda, where he has planted 3 sorts of wheat."

E. B. Hallman, in his 1972 history, "Early Carolina Heilmans (Hallmans- Holmans) 1736- 1800," claims that the family of Andrew Hallman arrived on the Ship Harle, Ralph Harle, Master, at Philadelphia on 1 September 1736. Hallman bases this claim on the fact that no other Andrew Hallman immigrant is found that came into Philadelphia, also on the fact that several German-speaking families, such as John Adam Summer, came down from Philadelphia and told of coming on ships with different captains or ship-master's names than those found in the Pennsylvania records. E. B. Hallman also points out an association of the Hallman and Crims families in Pennsylvania and SC records. Andrew Hallman and Peter Crim, for example, petitioned for bounty grants on the same day. Their grants were near each other and in the vicinity of the present community of Peak.

  Andrew Holman was granted 350 acres of land on Crims Creek.  Many early plats of the area refer to Crims Creek as "Holman's Creek".   In 1767, after the death of Andrew Hallman, a 150 acre part of the bounty grant was sold by John Holman to George Holman, who sold in 1773 to Nicholas Cune (Rosalyn Summer Indenture Collection - Caroliniana Library). John Hallman of this deed was John Wendell Hallman, believed to be a brother of Andrew Hallman.

I. Andrew Hallman, Jr., born about 1740, died about 1808, married  ___ Dominick, daughter of John Dominick. Andrew Hallman was a footman under Capt. Jacob Fulmer during the Revolutionary War. He also bought land from Christian Lang in 1794 near community of Peak
(B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825").

A. Margaret Hallman, died 1847, married John Enlow, died 1840.

B. John Hallman, born about 1789, married Eliza ___.

C. Susannah Hallman, born about 1795, died 13 June 1858, married 1) Arnet Hutchinson; died about 1817, son of Alexander Hutchinson and wife, Elizabeth; married 2) Luke Nichols, born about 1797, died 22 April 1885, son of George Nichols and wife, Elizabeth. Susannah Hallman and second husband are buried at St. Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity , SC.

D. Magdaline (Polly) Hallman, married Michael Bedenbaugh, born about 1787, died 19 April 1849, son of Adam Bedenbaugh, Sr. and Barbara Wertz.

E. Elizabeth Hallman, married Samuel Kinard, died 1843 son of John Kinard, Jr. and wife Elizabeth. .

F. Catherine Hallman, married 1) John Minick; married 2) Daniel Mickler.

II. George Hallman, born about 1746, died about 1789, married Anna (Nancy) ___. George Hallman was a footman under Capt. Jacob Fulmer during Revolutionary War. His sons lived in the Bear Creek area of Lexington District.   A 550 acre land grant on Bear Creek obtained in 1789, probably represents the estate of George Hallman, Sr.

A. George Hallman.

B. Solomon Hallman.

C. David Hallman.

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