John Wendall Hallman Family

John Wendel Hallman is believed to have been a brother of Andrew Hallman, who petitioned for bounty grant on Crims Creek in 1749. John Wendel Hallman was born about 1710 and was alive in 1808. He married more than once, and his wife in 1785 and at the time of his death, was named Christena.

John Wendel Hallman is shown on early Crims Creek plats as owning the bounty grant of Francis Helo. In March 1763, John Holman obtained memorial for land on Crims Creek that had been originally granted in 1751 to Francis Helo and by him sold to Andrew Holman and by him sold by L and R of 9 and 10 May 1757 to the Memorialist (John Wendle Hallman).  John Wendel Hallman may have moved to the Camping Creek area as in 1768, John Holman paid quit rents on the 200 acre grant of Philip Henning on Camping Creek Newberry deeds reveal that he sold the south half of the Henning grant in 1799 to Frederick Pasenger (Newberry Deeds K-44). In 1767, John Wendel Holman obtained a 250 acre land grant on Big Creek.   In 1785, he and wife, Christina, sold a part of the tract on Big Creek  to John Lester (Newberry Deeds A-44).

  According to David Ramsay's "History of South Carolina from Its First Settlement in 1670 to the Year 1808, " John Wendel Hallman at age 98 in 1808 was said to be among the oldest citizens of the state.   John Wendel Hallman moved south of the Saluda before 1790 and settled in Lexington County just inside the old Orangeburgh/Edgefield District line. John and Christian Swygert were administrators of the estate of John Wendel Holman.  In 1829, a 235 acre tract on Whetstone branch of Saluda, being part of 568 acres run out 26 August 1794 for John W. Hallman, deceased., was deeded to Christenah Hollman by administrators of the estate of John Wendel Holman (Lexington Deeds P-728). This land was described as left over from the estate of John Wendle Holman and sold at public auction to Christenah Holman.

  The following reconstruction of the family of John Wendel Hallman is taken from "Early Carolina Heilmans (Hallmans-Holmans) 1736-1800," by E. B. Hallman (1972). Hallman's reconstruction is highly speculative and he explained at the time that his genealogy of the family was based on study of original documents and correspondence with many descendants of the family. Hallman expressed a desire for future researchers to further the study of this family.

I. John Henry Hallman, born about 1730, may have been a son of John Wendel Hallman. It is thought that the 50 acre survey of 1749 to John Henry Hillaman on Saluda River was to John Henry, the son of John Wendel Hallman.

A. Charles Lewis Hallman.

B. John Hallman, born 29 October 1759, died 3 April 1821, married 1) Rachel Whetsone; and married  2) Margelena Parler.

C. Joseph Hallman, married  Elizabeth Parler.

D. Henry Hallman

E. Wife of Christopher Coleman

II. Jacob Hallman, born about 1733. Jacob Hallman is thought with certainty to have been a son of John Wendel Hallman.

A. Jacob Hallman, born 1756, buried 23 August 1841. Obtained land near Cedar Grove Church, Lexington County.  In 1825 Jacob Hallman gave land on Rocky branch of Saluda River to John Oswalt (B. H. Holcomb,  "Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825").

B. Joseph Hallman, wife named Margaret. Lived on waters of Hollow Creek.

C. Andrew Hallman, born 1763, died 10 March 1852, married Christina Swittenberg born about 1766 died 15 December 1859 daughter of John Swittenberg. Lived on Lightwood Knoll Creek of  North Edisto in Lexington District.   Buried Hallman Family Cemetery near Fairview.

1. Jacob Hallman born about 1798 died 12 April 1882 married Margaret (Peggy) Boatwright born 11 March 1811 died 13 December 1879.

2. Mary Hallman, born about 1800, married Jacob John Shealy, son of  John Jacob Shealy and Christener Counts.

3. Samuel Hallman, born 8 November 1802, died 1 January 1885, married. 1) 27 January 1829, Anna Catharine Wingard, married 2)  Sarah Gross.

4. William Hallman, born 12 June 1812, died 8 September 1885, married Martha Ann Boatwright.

5. George Hallman, born about 1816

6. David Hallman, born 17 April 1818, died November 1886, married Annis Kirton.

7. Elizabeth Hallman, born about 1820, married William O. Rankin, Sr.

8. Patty Hallman, born about 1824, married Thomas Boatwright.

III. John Conrad Hallman, born about 1736, died 19 August 1816, married Mary Brown, may have been a son of  John Wendel Hallman.

A. Elizabeth Hallman, born 1772, died 1836, married Daniel Zimmerman.

B. John Conrad Hallman, born 20 September 1775, died 1837, married Rachel Knodel.

C. Mary Hallman, born 14 September 1777, died 7 May 1848, married John Murph.

IV. Isaac Hallman, thought to have been a either a son of  John Wendel Hallman or an adopted son (nephew).

A. George Hallman, born about 1772, moved to Twiggs County, GA.

B. Isaac Hallman, born about 1774, married Anna ___, moved to TX.

C. Christina Hallman, born 1776.

D. Andrew Hallman, born about 1779.

E. Joseph Hallman, born about 1782, married Christina Hartley.

F. Margaret Hallman, born 1785, married Christian Swygert.

V. Richard Hallman. Richard Holman obtained 218 acres land on a branch of  Hawlick Creek which he sold 1798 to Mary Quartermus (Newberry Deeds K-25). Thought to have been either a son of John Wendel Hallman or an adopted son (nephew).

A. Hezekiah Hallman, moved to N.C.

B. Henry J. Hallman

C. Martin Hallman, born 1787, married Sally _____.

VI. William Hallman. William Hallman is found on census of 1790 of Newberry District and obtained land in 1790 and 1792 on Buffalo Creek.   The latter tract of 522 acres was conveyed in 1805 to Wm Blair (Newberry Deeds L-167). Thought to have been either a son of John Wendel Hallman or an adopted son (nephew).

A. William Hallman, married Mary ______.

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