Melchior Harmon Family

The family of Melchior Hermann arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in September of 1752 aboard the passenger ship, The Cunliffe (Cunliss). At that time Herman had a wife and three children: John Leonard, age 14, John Jacob, age 13, and Catherine, 9 years old. He received his grant of 250 acres on Beaverdam Creek on the south side of Saluda River in what was later Lexington County, SC.  A 79 acre portion of the grant was sold in 1849 by John Harman to Godfrey Harman (Lexington Deeds Q-446). Deed says land was part of a grant of 250 acres to Milcher Harman.3


I. John Leonard Harmon, born about 1738, died 1794, married Mary Langford, daughter of William Langford.  They lived in the Buffalo Creek area of Newberry District, SC.  John Leonard Harmon made will 20 July 1789, proven 19 May 1794 (Newberry Wills A-227) leaving to wife, Mary, a homeplace on Buffalo Creek during her lifetime. There were 14 children known from Probate and Equity Court records (Newberry Estate Box 43, Pkg. 31 and Washington District Equities, 1817, #12). 

A. Godfrey Harman, born about 1765, died about 1816, married Charity Clarke, daughter of Gregory Clarke. 

1. Daniel Harman, born about 1797, died 22 October 1849, married Susannah Richardson, born about 1821, died December 1857.
2. David Harman, born 21 July 1799, died 26 November 1887, married Mary Hite, born 3 February 1815, died 20 May 1884, daughter of Michael Hite and Catherine Wingard.
3. Frederick Harman, born 9 November 1804, died 7 December 1857, married 1) Rebecca Rawl, born 1810, died 19 September 1832, in childbirth, daughter of Jacob Rawl and Elizabeth Gartman; married 2) Harriet Ellisor, born 8 May 1820, died 19 January 1905, daughter of Gasper Ellisor and Elizabeth Gartman.
4. Godfrey Harman, Jr., born 1812, died 18 April 1884, married 11 August 1836, Barbara Wyse, born 5 August 1816, died 16 April 1896, daughter of Frederick Wyse and Julia Kelly
5. Elizabeth Harman, born 1814, married Andrew Caughman, son of John Caughman and Catherine Risinger. 
B. Sabina Harmon, born about 1767, died before 1817, married George Derrick, born about 1765, died 1820, son of John Melchior Derrick and Anna Barbara Kelly. 

1. John Harmon Derrick, died 17 September 1825, married Elizabeth Wise, born 20 January 1800, died 20 February 1858, daughter of John Wise and Anna Kelly.                 
2. Mary Derrick, born about 1788, married Daniel Bouknight, born 14 January 1785, died 11 October 1850, son of Johann George Bauknight and Mary Anna Younginer. 
3. George John Derrick, born 30 Dec 1791, died November 1870, married Anna Maria Wise, born 19 December 1797, daughter of 3 April 1864, daughter of Johann George Weiss and Anna Barbara Bickley.  Buried at St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church cemetery.     
4. Andrew Derrick, born 1794, died 17 January 1871, married 20 January 1823, Catherine Kleckley.  Moved to Henry County, GA.
5. Frederick W. Derrick, died before 1848, wife named Sally.
6. Godfrey Derrick, born 15 December 1795, died 22 March 1873, married Kesiah Smith, born 17 August 1799, died 13 March 1873, daughter of John Smith and Elizabeth Kinsler.  Buried at Derrick Family cemetery, Irmo, SC.
7. Anna Barbara Derrick, born 7 November 1790, died 20 April 1883 (Attala County, MS), married 1 August 1822 (at Bethlehem Church), Jacob Stingley, son of John Stingley and Sophia Wise. They moved to Attala County, MS.

C. Elizabeth (Betsy) Harmon, born about 1770, died about 1834, married John Morgan, died about 1830, son of Reuben Morgan.

1. Mark M. Morgan, born about 1802, died 28 August 1850, married 7 January 1845, Matilda Perkins, daughter of Jacob Perkins.
2. Mary Morgan, born 4 May 1803, died 10 August 1850, married (as second wife) Levi Smith Harmon, born 12 September 1801, son of George Harmon and Sarah Lester.  They moved to Lafayette County, MS.
3. John Leonard Morgan, born 3 August 1807, died 12 December 1872, married 1) Harriet Lynch, daughter of Elijah Lynch and Elizabeth Chapman; married 2) Jane Perry, born about 1812 (Ireland). 
4. Susannah Morgan, married James Buzzard.
5. Tabitha Morgan, married John Mathis.
6. Nancy Morgan, died 1837.  Did not marry.
7. Luke Morgan. 
D. John (Big John) Leonard Harmon, Jr., born 9 September 1773, died 30 January 1853, married Rachel Busby, born 30 December 1775, died 2 January 1844, daughter of Jacob Busby and granddaughter of William Busby.  They lived in the Bush River section of Newberry County, SC. Both are buried in the Harmon Cemetery, Newberry County, S.C.

1. Mary Ann Harmon, born 11 November 1799, died 16 March 1862, married 1) George Hawkins, born 14 July 1795, died about 1823. They are buried in Zion Church Cemetery, Newberry County, SC. Mary Ann married 2) Thomas Dawkins, born 1796, died January 1882 (Houston County, GA); married 3) George Morris, born 14 July 1795, died 22 June 1873 son of Samuel Morris.
2. Nancy Harmon, born  5 November 1801, died 20 December 1878; married 1) Michael Kinard, Jr., born 10 April 1802, died 13 October 1833, son of Michael Kinard, Sr., and Catherine Swittenberg; married 2) Col. John Henry Stockman, born 20 February 1805, died 14 October 1878, son of Henry Stockman and Nancy Hair.  Nancy and John Henry Stockman are buried at Zion Methodist Church cemetery.
3. Kesiah Harmon, born 23 Dec 1804, died 20 March 1887, married 6 February 1821, William Lever, born 18 April 1798, died 16 July 1880, son of George Lever and Mary Ann Magadelene Chapman. They lived in Newberry County, SC.
4. John Wade Harmon, born 9 March 1805, died 13 October 1883, married Sarah Lever, born 7 July 1809, daughter of George Lever and Mary Ann Margaret. They lived in Newberry County, SC.
5. Noah Simpson Harmon, born 8 April 1808; died 17 October 1828. Did not marry. Buried in Harmon Cemetery, Newberry County, S. C.
6. Rachel Harmon, born about 1810, married James Zachariah Connelly, born 1802 (Ireland).  They moved to Alabama.
7. Elizabeth Harmon, born 10 November 1811, died 15 April 1900, married 20 January 1831, David Nunamaker, born 25 May 1808, died 29 October 1881, son of Jacob Nunamaker and Mary Bachman.  They are buried at St. Andrews Lutheran Church Cemetery in Columbia, S. C. 
8. Margaret Harmon, born 7 April 1813; died 27 May 1893; married 1) William Leaphart, born 4 May 1802, died 11 December 1845, son of John and Elizabeth Leaphart; married 2) 28 November 1848 (as third wife) Rev. Godfrey Dreher, born 4 December 1789, died 18 July 1875, son of John Dreher and Ann (Nancy) Hollingshead.
9. William Pierce Harmon, born 23 March 1816, died 25 March 1886, married 1) Sarah Caroline Hair, born 4 October 1829, died 24 May 1847, daughter of Col. John Hair and Rachel Rebecca Black, married 2) Elizabeth Hair, born 30 September 1827, died 14 August 1870, sister of first wife. All three buried Hair-Harmon Cemetery, Newberry County, SC.
10. Martha Jane Harmon, born 4 July 1818, died 28 November 1889, married 5 September 1835, Peter Wesley Counts, born 22 November 1813, died 22 January 1893, son of Henry Counts, Jr. and Sarah Catherine Hair.  Both are buried at Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Newberry County, S. C.
E. Thomas Harmon, born about 1774, died December 1842 in Abbeville District, S.C., married Mary Buzhardt, died November 1862 in Abbeville District.

1. Clarissa (Dicey) Harmon, born ca 1804 (Newberry District, SC), died 27 February 1869, married George Crawford.
2. Cynthia Harmon, born 13 July 1808 (Newberry District, S.C., died 11 November 1866  (McCormick County, SC), married 16 November 1826, Charles M. Freeman, born January 1807, died 24 January 1871, son of James Freeman and Mary Martin. 
3. Susannah (Susan) Harmon, born 20 December 1810, died 16 May 1894, married December 1830, Stephen Wiley Willis, born 21 July 1807 (Chesterfield County, VA), died 18 November 1874.
4. Luther (Luke) Harmon, died about 1842, wife's name unknown.
5. Esther Harmon, born about 1818, married about 1842 in Abbeville County, SC, Alexander Laramore.
6. John Harmon, born about 1819, died 1 June 1892 in Abbeville County, SC, married 1) 10 July 1850, in Hamburg, S.C., Virginia J. Walker, born 1 October 1832, died 23 October 1853, daughter of Alexander Walker and wife, Eliza; married 2) Nancy Catherine Norwood, born 3 October 1831, died 30 April 1889.
7. William M. Harmon, born 1 January 1821, died 16 March 1890 and is buried in the Republican Cemetery, married Catherine Jennings, born 2 November 1827; died 8 March 1911.                 
8. Anthony Harmon, born about 1823; married Catherine Wideman, daughter of Leonard Wideman. They moved to Georgia.
9. Rev. Appleton Grigsby Harmon, born 26 March 1824, died 4 February 1898 in Abbeville County, SC, married 18 February 1847, Caroline Rachel Seibert, born 26 January 1830; died 12 September 1892.
10. Emanuel Harmon, died about 1863, wife's name unknown. 
11. Frances A. Harmon, married Dr. Socrates N. B. Ferguson.   

F. Sophia Harmon, born about 1776, married Daniel Taylor, died about 1850.

1. Margaret C. (Peggy) Taylor, born 8 May 1807, died 3 July 1886 in Newberry County, SC, married John Boozer, born 14 May 1809, died 2 November 1855 in Newberry County, SC, son of Frederick Boozer and Nancy McCullough. 
2. David Harmon Taylor, born about 1811, died about 1870, married Frances Dominick, born 20 October 1815, died 1 January 1852 (Aiken County, SC), daughter of Henry Dominick and Margaret Fellers. 
3. Hester Ann Taylor, born about 1813; died about 1870; married John Dominick III, son of John Dominick, Jr. and wife, Rachel.

G. Rev. William Harmon, a Methodist minister, born 16 December 1779, died 21 December 1843 in Newberry District, SC, married 1) Rosannah Summers, died 19 January 1833 (54 yrs. old), daughter of William Summers; married 2) Honora Bridget Frean, daughter of Rev. Thomas Frean and Hannah Elmore.  Rev. William Harmon and first wife are buried in Moon cemetery, Newberry County, SC.

1. John L. Harmon, born 3 November 1804, married five times. He married 1) about 1825, Frances (Fanny) Taylor, died 1826, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth M. Taylor; married 2) Elizabeth Boazman, born 13 August 1803, died 2 May 1831, daughter of David J. and Minnie Boazman; married 3) Elizabeth Satterwhite, died between 1840 - 1843, daughter of Bartlett Satterwhite and Nancy Boazman; married 4) 19 March 1844, Elizabeth (Betsy) Caroline Coate Nance, died 2 August 1851, daughter of Henry Coate and Polly Pool and widow of William G. Nance. John L. Harmon, married 5) Catherine Brace, daughter of Henry Brace.
2. Mary Harmon, born about 1806, married Rev. John Watts.
3. Jesse Harmon, wife named Nancy.
4. Dellilah Harmon, married ______Lindsay.
5.William Pinckney Harmon, born about 1818, died 9 January 1890, married Susan Linton, born 18 Oct 1824; died 16 July 1886.
6. Elizabeth (Betsy) Harmon, born 20 November 1824, died 6 January 1888, married John R. Spearman, born 1 February 1813, died 24 February 1888, son of Francis and Margaret Spearman.  They are buried at  Mt. Zion Cemetery, Silverstreet, S.C.
7. Nancy Harmon, died 12 February 1857, married 15 April 1842 in Hamburg, SC, A. M. Benson.

Children of Rev. William Harmon and Honora Bridget Frean:
8. Thomas Frean Harmon, born 4 December 1834, died 7 November 1904, married 1) Mary Ann Summer, born 13 December 1837, died 16 March 1886, daughter of Jacob Summer and Elizabeth Kinard; married 2) Mary E. Counts, born 8 August 1849, died 2 February 1887; and married 3) Cora ___, born 4 May 1854, died 22 August 1893.
9. Sarah Jane Harmon, born July 1836; died 4 December 1865; married Middleton T. Kinard, born 6 September 1811, died September 1867, son of Martin Kinard, Jr. and Eve Katherine Koon.  Both buried Sharon Methodist Church cemetery

H. Samuel Harmon, born about 1781, died 1846 in Lafayette County, MS, wife named Susannah (Docket 367, Box 300-375) 

1. Cerena Harmon, born 24 November 1808, Newberry County, SC, died 4 April 1844 in Lafayette County, MS, married 2 February 1828 in Jefferson County, AL, Meredith Childress, born 14 October 1800, died 10 September 1848, in Lafayette County, MS.

I. James Harmon, born about 1784, died 22 September 1835 in Newberry District, SC; married Mary Lester, born 21 September 1785, died testate Lafayette County, MS, daughter of Peter Lester and Jane Ruble (Will Book I, p 132).  Their three sons and six daughters were all born in Newberry District, SC.

1. Harriet Harmon, born about 1802; married 9 March 1818, Richard Simmons.
2. Matthew Smith Harmon, born about 1806, wife named Mary, moved to Panola County, MS, and later to Van Buren County, AR, where he died between 1860 and 1864.
3. Wesley Harmon, born 16 October 1809, died 1 December 1860 in Lafayettte County, MS, and is buried in the Harmontown Cemetery.  His wife was Lavernia (Vernie) Ann Cain, born 20 December 1824, died 28 June 1884.
4. Jethro Harmon, born about 1811, died after 1850 and is buried in the Old Covered Wagon Cemetery, Lafayette County, MS, married Elizabeth Morris, daughter of Samuel Morris.
5. Elizabeth Harmon, born about 1813, married George Morris, Jr.
6. Abbiness (or Albiness) Harmon, married Isaac K. Jenkins of Alabama.
7. Conzada Elizabeth Harmon, married a Mr. Elkins of Alabama.
8. Rachel Philora (Filo) Ann Harmon, born 31 December 1826, died 29 January 1893, married 1845, William Edward Avent, born 10 June 1827 (GA), died 15 January 1897.  Both buried in Lafayette County, MS.  William was a Mason and a Confederate soldier.  In 1904, they changed their name to Avant.

J. Jacob Harmon, born about 1786, died 20 September 1834 in Newton County, GA, married 17 July 1808 in Newberry District, SC, Ann Turner, born 26 July 1788, died 5 April 1851, daughter of Thomas Turner II and Mary (Sweet ?). The names of their eleven children were taken from their family Bible. All their children except the two youngest were born in Newberry County, SC.

1. James Turner Harmon, born 10 September 1810, died 24 April 1899 in Butler, GA, married 1 October 1840 in Crawford County, GA, Sarah Jane Gardner, born 28 March 1820, died 21 April 1900 in Taylor County, Ga. James was known to have been a farmer, Indian fighter, gambler, preacher and the first Clerk of the Inferior Court of Butler, Taylor County, GA.
2. Mary  Harmon, born 24 August 1812, died 9 May 1815.
3. Clarissa Harmon, born 5 October 1814, died 21 August 1905 in AL, married John B. Bagby, by whom she had two daughters, names unknown. She is said to have married a second time to a man named Cosey or Causey.
4. Lewis Myers Harmon, born 4 December 1816, died 1853, moved to Lafayette County, MS, married 1) a daughter of Thomas Neely and had two sons.  He married 2) Nancy Smith.
5. Thomas Smith Harmon, born 17 September 1820, died about 1860 in Smith County, TX, married 19 October 1839 in Newton County, GA, Emeline Hamby, died in 1861.
6. Martha Eliza Harmon, born 23 September 1820, died 11 September 1825.
7. Elizabeth Harmon, born 27 May 1822, married 2 March 1843 in Newton County, GA, Benjamin Brown. 
8. Jacob Wesley Harmon, born 24 March 1824, died 18 September 1878 in Panola County, MS, married Jane Caroline Lester, born 17 December 1825, died 2 June 1904 in Panola County. 
9. Mary Ann Harmon, born 4 March 1827, died 15 August 1827.
10. John Fletcher Harmon, born 11 June 1828 in Newton County, GA, died in Alabama, married  Nancy Bateman.
11. Nancy Caroline Harmon, born 25 October 1830, died 15 May 1914 in Macon County, GA, married Levi Turner, died December 1888.
K. Mary Ann Harmon.   
L. Margaret Harmon. 
M. George Harmon, born 10 July 1791, died testate 6 March 1852 in Lafayette County, MS (Docket 617, Box 600-649). George Harmon was one of the leaders in the movement to Mississippi. His wife was Sarah Lester, born 11 September 1788, died 19 October 1859, daughter of Peter Lester and Jane Ruble.

1. Levi Smith Harmon, born 12 September 1809, in S.C., married 1) Theney Mathis, born 19 March 1809, died 24 September 1841, daughter of Harley Mathis; married 2) Mary Morgan, born 4 May 1803, died 10 August 1850 in Lafayette County, MS.  Mary Morgan was his first cousin, daughter of John Morgan and Elizabeth Harmon, daughter of John Leonard Harmon. Levi Smith Harmon married 3) 21 October 1852, Catherine M. J. Strickland

N. David Harmon, born about 1793, married Martha Merchant (or Marchant), died about 1845 in Newberry District, SC.  His will left all to his wife and after her death to William Irvin Merchant, son of Harriet Marchant.   No children.

(Information on the family of John Jacob Harman was provided by John Nicholson)
II. John Jacob Harman, born about 1739 in Wrtemburg, Germany, died 1810 Lexington County, SC; married Hannah Turner born 1745, died after 1820.  In 1787, he was a signer of the petition for incorporation of St. Peter's  Church into the Eccleasiastical Union of Churches. 

A. Christian Harman, born between 1765-1770, died between 1810 and 1816, married Mary Margaret (Greta) Wyse, born about 1769, died 17 July 1844, daughter of Johann George and Anna Barbara Buckle (Bickley) Weiss (Wise). His grave is probably the one on the Frederick Wyse place (now under Lake Murray) marked "C.H. 1816". (1790, 1800, 1810 census)

1. Jacob Harman, born March 1796, married 1) 12 September 1819, Elizabeth Wyse born 19 September 1802, died 12 February 1882, daughter of George and Margaret Kelly Wyse; she was sister of Sarah Wyse who married Frederick Harman, below. He married 2) 6 July 1820, Barbara Stingley.  They moved to Attala County, MS where they appear in the 1850 Census.

a. Solomon George Harman, born 17 June 1825.
b. Rebecca Margaret Harman, born 19 December 1826.
c. Maryanna Margaret Harman, born 4 January 1828.
d. Josiah (or Isiah) Henry Harman, born 27 April 1830.
e. Sarah Ann Harman, born 12 September 1832.
f. Patrick Harman
g. John Harman
h. Alexander Harman
i. James Harman
j. Henry W. Harman, born 31 October 1840 died 20 November 1840.

2. John Harman, born about 1805, who married Martha Lowman born about 1815. He owned a 79 acre tract on Beaver Dam Creek that was part of the original grant of 250 acres to Melchior. In 1849 he deeded this to Godfrey Harman, and in 1852 he deeded another 371/2 portion of the original grant (adjacent to Daniel Harman's land) to Simeon R. Harman, reserving 1/2 acre as a burial ground.

a. Henry P. Harman, born  about 1840.
b. Anna D. Harman, born about 1843.
c. James Edwin (or Edward) Harman, born 20 February 1846, died 29 November1910; married 1) Huldah Emeline Taylor born 9 May 1846, died 18 June 1883, daughter of David and Elizabeth Margaret Taylor), and married 2) 8 September 1889, Polly Wingard born 15 December 1860, died 30 September 1941.
d. Margaret C. Harman, born about 1852.
e. Nancy R. Harman, born about 1855.

3. Christine Harman who married a Mr. Lowman.
4. George H. Harman, born May 1793, died 15 April 1878 [or born 28 August 1806, died 10 September 1843], married on 2 February 1826 by Rev. Godfrey Dreher to Barbara Dreher, born 27 September 1805, died 10 September 1843, daughter of John and Mary Catherine Lever Dreher). She and her first three children (who died young) are buried at St. Michael's in Lexington. George later moved to Attala County, MS.

a. Rebecca Margaret Harman, died 12 October 1832, aged 5 years, 9 months, 22 days.
b. Josiah Christian Harman, died 30 September 1831, aged 2 years, 5 days.
c. John Melancthon Harman, died 15 September 1833, aged 1 year, 5 months, 1day.
d. Edwin Preston Harman, born 27 November 1834, died 1909; married Lou Glover.
e. James Jacob Harman, born February 1837.
f. Walter Anson Harman, born 20 May 1839, died 6 July 1922, died unmarried in Atalla County.
g. Catherine (Kate) Susannah Harman, born 12 November 1842, died 15 January 1928.

5. Rev. Frederick Harman, born 8 April 1809; married Sarah (Sally) Wyse born 17 March 1810, died 24 March 1862, sister of Elizabeth Wyse, above, and moved to Sallis in Attala County, MS where they appear in the 1850 Census.

a. G. W. (male) Harman, born April 1827, died 7 July 1842.
b. Walter Christine Harman, who died in January 1830 (aged 3 months, 22 days).
c. Harriet Margaret Harman, born 2 August 1831.
d. Martin Luther Harman, born 15 December 1833.
e. L. E. (male) Harman, born 13 February 1845, died 24 March 1845.
f. George C. Harman, born March 1849, died 9 December 1849, who died at age fifteen.
g. Josiah Harman
h. Sophia Harman
i. Frederick Harman

B. Jacob Harman.
C. Godfrey Harman, born 1770, known as the younger, died after1844 and prior to 1850 census;  married Sallie Earhart, born 1780 died after 1870, daughter of Godfrey Earhart and Catherine Hannah Luther.

1. Reuben Harman, born 16 October 1801; married 24 July 1823, Louisa Rauch born 5 March 1806, died 7 October 1896, daughter of Rev. Michael and Anna Margaret Swigert Rauch. He simultaneously held various positions of responsibility in the community, and was one of the best known citizens in Lexington County. In addition to being Clerk of Court in Lexington Ruben served as Sheriff and also Secretary of the Lexington Free School District, having earlier been a teacher himself at the "Twenty Mile Branch" school in 1822. And for over forty years he was Postmaster of Lexington. He was also proprietor of the Harman Hotel located on Main Street.The 1840 census list him possessing one male slave. Reuben died on 19 June 1874. The next year his widow Louisa deeded to John S. Hendrix the land on Twelve Mile Creek which Reuben had received from his father Godfrey in 1842. The 1880 census lists her at age seventy-four, living alone.

a. Caroline Jane Harman, born 1825, married 14 October 1847, J. Wesley (West) Hendrix born 1825. They never had any children. They are enumerated in the 1850 census as part of Reuben's household of twelve.
b. Capt. William (Billy) David Mathias Harman, CSA, born about 1827, married Margaret (Maggie) Frances Corley born about 1830, daughter of Emanuel and Catherine Meetze Corley. He was captain of  Company K, 20th Regt. South Carolina Infantry which also included his four younger brothers. He was seriously wounded at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia and captured. He is listed as a tailor in the census of 1850, 1860, and 1870. Both William and his wife were still living in 1889.
c. Mark Harman, died as an infant about 1831.
d. Lt. Monroe Hayne Jacob Harman, CSA, born 29 March 1833. He served as First Lieutenant under his brother William in Company K, 20th SC Volunteers. In November 1869, he married his first cousin Caroline (Carrie) Cassandra Lowman born 1840, died 1881; daughter of David and Elizabeth Rauch Lowman who was the sister of  the Louise Rauch who married Ruben Harman.. He died on 19 December 1871, his tombstone states that he was murdered. Both are buried at St. Stephen's Church.
e. Joanna Mariah Eloise Harman, born 5 November 1837, died 13 April 1921; married a cousin on her mother's side, John Wolfe Earhardt (or Arehart), CSA, born 8 August 1833, died 2 April 1894.
f. Marcella Harman, died as an infant (enumerated as being under five years old in the 1840 census).
g. Henry (Mack) L. P. Harman, CSA, born about 1840, who was a corporal in Company K, 20th SC Volunteers commanded by his brother William. He married Louise (Lou or Love) Duffus.
h. Marion Dekalb Harman, CSA, born 27 January 1843, died 29 December1928, married 24 July 1866, Ellen Scotto Rawl born 3 February 1848, died 29 October 1922, daughter of David and Emeline Corley Rawl.
i. Godfrey (Gil) Michael Harman, CSA, born 4 June 1845; married 24 November 1866, Pauline Lavinia Boozer, born 21 August 1845, died 3 October 1906, the youngest daughter of Judge Lemuel Boozer.

2. Jonathan Harman, born in 1804; he never married, and is listed in the 1850 census as "overseer, age forty-six" living with his widowed mother. He died after 1860, and was buried beside his parents.
3. Jacob (Jake) Harman, born 11 February 1806, died 2 October 1891. He was a carpenter and owned 128 acres on both sides of Wyse Ferry Road. He married on 8 November. 1832, Mahala Edwards born 1813 and died 1 August 1842 in Spartanburg, SC.. His second wife (married sometime after 1850) was Harriet Smith born 18 April 1812, died 13 August.1899. He is listed in the 1860 census of Lexington as "treasurer.". 

Children by Mahala Edwards:
a. Mary F. Harman, born 7 February 1834, died 25 April 1896, married Luther S. Smith born 17 August 1832, died 21 January 1910, son of Levi and Elizabeth Wingard Smith.
b. Sarah Elizabeth Harman, born 12 April 1835, died 4 April 1922, who never married; she was living with her brother Theodore in 1920. She is buried at Providence Church.
c. Pickens (Pick) Butler Harman, CSA, born 13 September 1837, died 9 September 1906; married 26 May 1859, his cousin Barbara Elizabeth Harmon born 28 August 1838, died 5 April 1916; both are buried at Mt. Horeb Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.
d. Theodore Stack Harman, CSA, born 11 January 1839, died  26 November 1928, married 28 July 1859, Lucia (Lucy) Ann Roberts born 23 August 1841, died 12 December 1930, daughter of John Adam and Tembora Rauch Roberts. He served the Confederacy in Company F, 5 Regt. SC Volunteers. They are both buried at Providence Church

4. Nathaniel (Nat) Harman, born 20 December 1814. In 1834 and 1835 he was a teacher in the Lexington Free School District. On 18 December 1834, he married Sarah Frances (Lucy) Franklow born 18 May 1818, died 5 August 1899, daughter of John Hepworth and Mary Smith Franklow. In the 1850 census he is listed as "farmer." Just after South Carolina seceded from the Union in December 1860, Nat was elected Sheriff of Lexington and served in this post through the first part of the War. In 1868, Nat moved to Grimes, Texas with some of his family (including his sister Julia and her husband John Franklow). Nat eventually died in Texas on 26 September 1890; he was buried at Red Top Cemetery in Shiro, TX. His children also died in Shiro.

a. Julia Merab Harman, born 28 September 1836, died 14 April 1896, married 1) _____ Williamson, and married 2) Thomas B. Bay born 22 March 1831, died 19 July 1901, buried at Bays Chapel cemetery outside Richards, TX..
b. John Godfrey Pierce Harman, CSA, born 12 January 1839, died 1 January 1917, married Mary Ann Satcher born 4 December 1841, daughter of Samuel and Caroline Rawl Satcher. He served the Confederacy in Company F, 5 Regt. SCV.
c. Jobe Iva Franklin Harman, CSA, born 23 December 1841, died 27 June 1921, married 1) Lydia Williams born about 1840, and married 2) Dollie Hendrix of TX, born about 1856. He was a 1st sergeant in Company K, 13 Regt. SC Volunteers, and was wounded at Second Manassas.
d. Jonathan Dallas Polk Harman, CSA, born 16 August 1845, died 8 May 1932; married 13 January1870, Lucy Paralee Bay of TN, born 8 August 1846, died 29 September 1912.
e. Jacob Wade Burt Harmon, born 16 September 1850, died 19 May 1913; unmarried.
f. James (Jim) North Preston Harman, born 28 January 1853, died 14 August 1929, married L. Nancy (Nannie) _______ of  MS.

5. Drury Jacob Harman, born about 1818; married 1) Molly Edwards; married 2) 26 February 1839, Charlotte Rawl born about 1816,. died 19 January 1896, daughter of Barbara Corley and second husband, Rev. Thomas Rawl . Drury is listed in the 1860 census as Keeper of the Poor House, and in the 1870 census as a house carpenter.

a. Octavia Harman, born 7 November 1840, died 21 October 1889, married Alexander (Alex) J. Meetze, CSA, born 8 February 1843, died 18 February 1893, son of Henry and Caroline Elizabeth Dreher Meetze.
b. Milledge Harman, CSA, born 1843, died 11 August 1864 near Charleston in service of the Confederate Army (Company K, 20th SCV).
c. Dorie (or Dora or Dovie) A. Harman, born 1845, married Joseph [or Bill?] Reece.
d. Julia (Juley) C. Harman, born 1847, died 1933, married Jacob (Jake) John Schneider born 20 December 1849, died 5 Augist 1923.
e. Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Harman, born December 1848 [or 1842?], died 22 September 1920, married Paul F. Schneider (brother of Jake listed above). Both are buried at St. Peter's Church.
f. James (Jimmie) W. Harman, born 1852, died 21 July 1894, an invalid, unmarried.
g. Sarah Septima (Seppie or Sapphira or Setthie or Cepiam) Harman, born 30 September1857, died 11 February 1912, married William Malachi Lorick (or Lorich), born 7 June 1852, died 19 November 1933.

6. Julia Ann Matilda Harman, born about 1821, died August 1854; married 26 November 1840, John James Samuel Franklow born 22 December 1814, died 7 August 1881, a carpenter who worked in David Rawl's large wagon-making business). After her death (in Gaines County, TX), her husband married 2) Margaret Taylor born 28 September 1834, died 10 January 1914, had nine more children (Columbus,  John Hepworth, Catherine Adran (1861-1887), Joseph, Franklin Isaiah, Wade Hampton, Martha Ella, Lester Edgar (10 May 1875-20 Jan. 1899), and C.T.A. [female]), and moved to Shiro, TX around 1868.

Children of Julia Harman and John James Samuel Franklow:
a. Carolina Augusta Manoah (Mina) Franklow, born 1842, married H. Augustus (or Angus) Ferguson, and moved to TX.
b. Sallie Rachel (Dovie) Franklow, born 1844, married Luther (Luke) Harman, died young before 1881.
c. Maria Louisa Adelaide Franklow, born 5 May 1850, died 28 March 1927, married Silas Millage Amick.
d. Julia (Julie) Merabe Franklow,born 22 August 1853, died 14 November 1915, who never married and moved to TX with her sister Manoah (above).
e. L. T. A. (female) Franklow, born 29 June 1867, died 24 October 1869.
f. Isaiah Franklow, born 16 February 1869, died 31 July 1888.

7. Sophia Harman, who married Emanuel Lybrand born 3 March 1819, died 1899, listed in the 1850 census as a carpenter living in the household of his brother-in-law, Jacob Harman.
8. Mary Harman

D. John Lawrence (Lorentz) Harman, born 1775, died before 1812; married (her first husband) Barbara Corley, born 1773, died after 1850, daughter of Lawrence Corley (1742-1815, the founder of Lexington) and Christina Blacken.

1. Matilda Harman, married 1) ______ Clark, and married 2) Jake Joiner. Her children were all dead by 1823.

Children by ______ Clark:
a. James Clark
b. Jacob Clark
c. Mary Clark

Child by Jake Joiner:
d. William Joiner.

2. Christine Harman
3. Jeremiah Harman, born 1801, died 24 September 1867 (buried on the Vic Harmon place, now under Lake Murray), married 1824,  Elizabeth Lites (Leitz), born 29 April 1807, died 8 October 1892, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Molly) Lites.

a. Edwin Harman, CSA, born 25 July 1826, died 5 December 1906, married about 1860, Anne Seay born 18 February 1827, died 9 April 1913. He served the Confederacy in Company F, 5 Regt. SC Volunteers.
b. John Dedrick Harman, born 1829, died 1833.
c. Jacob Franklin (Frank) Harman, born 24 January 1832, died 22 August 1904, married Mary Jane Rebecca Meetze born 30 July 1837, died 24 July 1922, daughter of Henry and Caroline Elizabeth Dreher Meetze. They are buried at Providence Church.
d. Alexander Harman, born 28 June 1835, died 10 April 1853.
e. Mary Francis Harman, born 28 August 1838, died 26 December 1926, married Jesse Swygert Jr. born 3 January 1825, died 23 February 1902.
f. Barbara Elizabeth Harman (twin sister of Mary Francis, above), born 28 August 1839, died 5 April 1916, married her cousin Pickens Butler Harman, CSA, born 13 September 1837,. died 9 September 1906, son of Jacob and Mahaley Edwards Harman.
g. George Washington Harman, born 28 February 1841, died 31 October.1922, married 21 December.1865 Mary Anne Catherine Wingard born 15 September.1845, died 22 September 1887.
h. James Westley (West) Harman, born 13 November 1845, died 19 May 1904, who married Laura Susan Kleckley born 12 May 1847, died 8 June 1921.
i. Sarah Jane Harman, born 11 August 1847, died 7 October 1899,  married 25 January 1872, William Albert (Ab) Corley born 3 January 1848, died 7 July 1918.
j. Amanda Adelaide Harman, born 18 January 1853, died 21 May 1935, married Isaac (Ike) N. Stone born 1858, died 1905.
k. Charles W. Harman, born 1854, died 1932, whose wife was named Florence C. ________.

4. Jesse L. Harman, born about 1805, died 6 August 1862, married Elizabeth Caroline (or Jane) Roberts born about 1810, died 5 September 1862, daughter of Absolom Roberts, and after 1850 moved to Smith County, MS, where they were eventually buried at Carr Church. (Jesse was poisoned by a close friend, and his wife died a month later from grief.)

a. Martha Ann Harman, born 27 April 1828.
b. Virginia Francis Nance Harman, born 30 April 1830, died 1 February 1881. Buried at Carr Church
c. Melvina Catherine Harman, born 3 August 1831, died November 1858; unmarried. Buried at Carr Church.
d. Eliza Caroline Harman, born 23 November 1834, died 18 December 1841.
e. John Edgar Harman, born 29 January 1838, died 8 December 1909; married 1) Irene McGee, and married 2) Mary Dunn (or Durr) Gaskin.
f. Mary Susannah Harman, born 30 April 1840, died 1866; married Willie Walker.
g. Sarah Jane Harman, born 5 December 1842, died 12 March 1900, married 26 June 1863, Archibald Didrick (Did) Warren born 8 March 1840, died 27 December 1927.
h. William Pickens Harman, born 1 May 1845, died 20 September 1904, married Emmaline Shirley born 20 April 1848, died 4 July 1934.
i. Henrietta Victoria Harman, born 1 February 1850, died 9 November 1933, married John Andrew Cameron born 28 March 1844, died 12 April 1928.

5. John (Jack) Harman who moved to FL.

In 1812, Barbara Corley Harman was remarried to Rev. Thomas Rawl (a Methodist minister, born 23 June 1762 and died 13 March 1849, who served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Godfrey Dreher's company), and had three more children:
1. Mary Ann (Caroline) Rawl, born 13 June 1813, married Samuel Satcher.

a. Mary Ann Satcher, born 4 December 1841, married J. G. Pierce Harman, CSA, son of Nathaniel Harman), and moved to TX.
b. Henry A. Satcher, CSA, born 1843, died 1864, who died in the Confederate army.
c. Charlotte Satcher, born 1844, married 1867, Thomas Jefferson Wingard born about 1840.
d. Samuel T. Satcher, born 1848, married Sara Anne Hoke Oliphant, and moved to TX.

2. Charlotte Rawl, born about 1816, (his second wife) married a cousin, Drury J. Harman born about 1818, son of Godfrey Harman.
3. Thomas Rawl, Jr., born 13 April 1817, died 24 August 1886,  married Anne Caughman born 1818, died 1899. The 1850 census lists his occupation as miller.

a. Thomas Edward Rawl, who married Lizzie Taylor, daughter of William L. Taylor.
b. Frances Ida Rawl, born 1858,  married John Zinker.
c. Barbara Rawl, born 1860.

E. William Harmon [NOTE: it has not yet been proved that the William Harmon described here was the son of John Jacob Harmon], who married Sophia Wilson. He died in July 1808,  leaving a will in Newberry County dated 1 July 1808 and proved 6 July 1808 (#11-6).

1. Sally Harmon, married James Clary.
2. Janet Harmon, born about 1790, died August 1877, married 13 June 1814, Martin Luther Livingston, Jr. born about 1795, died about 1838, son of Martin Luther Livingston. He died in Newberry, while she died in Winston County, MS. Their children all born in Newberry.

a. John Phillip Livingston, CSA, born  about 1815, died January1863, married Ruth Eliza born about 1816, died about 1871, daughter of John and Margaret Maffett Livingston.

1) George Solomon Livingston, born 1 May 1840, died 28 June 1916, married Catherine Kinard born 2 September 1834, died 4 October 1909; both are buried in Bachman Chapel Lutheran Cemetery in Newberry County..
2)   Elizabeth Frances Livingston, born 18 March 1842, died 8 June 1877, married John Jacob Kinard, CSA, born 13 May 1837, died 11 June 1893; they are buried in the Kinard Cemetery.
3) Martha Rosanna Charlotte Livingston, born about 1844, died 1863, unmarried.

b. Elizabeth Livinston, died in March 1843, single
c. Sarah Livingston, died about 1859 Winston, MS; married Gasper Kinard died 26 February 1891.  Both are buried there in Bevill's Hill Methodist Cemetery.
d. Martha Livingston, born 10 January 1824, died 5 January 1906, married Jacob Kinard born Newberry County, died 21 March 1881; both died in Winston County, MS.
e. Henry Mills Livingston, born about 1831, died 20 November 1862, married Nancy Marie ______ born about 1820.
f. Maxomillian Mineral Livingston, CSA, born about 1837, died about 1875, married Elizabeth _____ born about 1836 in Newberry, SC..

3. Jane Harmon, born about 1795, died 22 October 1829; married 1 December 1816, David Quattlebaum born about 1795, died 1 December 1844, son of Peter and Catherine Cappleman Quattlebaum. They lived in Edgefield District.
4. Margaret Harmon
5. James Harmon, whose wife was named Elizabeth.
6. John Harmon, died 5 September 1830 Spartanburg District, SC;  married Margaret Quattlebaum born about 1804, daughter of Peter and Catherine Cappleman Quattlebaum. Their children were: John, Samuel, Martha, Jenny, James, Margaret, and Elizabeth.
7. Samuel Harmon, who moved to Union County by 1817. He had a son:

a. Samuel Harmon Jr., who lived in Spartanburg.

F. Mary  Christine Harmon, born before 1774, died before 1807; married John Solomon Roberts born 23 January 1760.  Their children were reared by their Uncle Godfrey Harman after their parents died.

1.   John Adam Roberts, married Temborah Rauch.
2. George Roberts,  married 1) Christina Wingard, married 2) Elizabeth Lampard, and married 3) Eliza Corley.
3. Mary Ann Roberts, born 16 September 1807, died 22 June 1885 (or 1835?), married George Wise born 3 May 1801, died 5 October 1877. George Wise was married a second time, to Mary A. Shealy, and had four sons who all died in the service of the Confederate Army.

a. Elizabeth Wise, born 1824.
b. Rebecca Margaret Wise, born 1826.
c. Charlotte Wise (died young).
d. Solomon Wise (died young).
e. John A. Wise
f. Patrick E. Wise
g. Walter Michael Wise.

4. Sarah (Sally) Roberts, died 1820; married Frederick Bone/Boan (and then perhaps married Daniel Corley died 1829.

III. Catherine Harmon born about 1743 married Thomas Smith.  Thomas Smith was named as an executor of the estate of his brother-in-law, John Leonard Harmon, but was dead in 1794, at which time Harmon's will was probated (Newberry Wills A-227, Newberry Estates #356-39).

A. Thomas Smith, Jr., born 28 January 1768, died 12 October 1815, married Anna Catherine Leaphart, born 4 May 1768, died 17 November 1829, daughter of Gosper Leaphart.
B. John Smith, born 20 April 1770, died 1835, married 8 March 1792, Elizabeth Kencler (Knzler) born 11 May 1772, died 1854, daughter of Herman Knzler, Sr. nd wife, Elizabeth. Baptismal sponsors of John Smith were Peter and Catherine Koon.  The bible record of John Smith and Elizabeth Kencler was recorded in the records of St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Irmo, SC.
C. Elizabeth Smith, born 10 February 1772, married 22 ___ 1787, Felix Turnipseed. Died 1801, son of Beat Turnipseed (Rebsamen) and Margaret Kinsler (Knzler).  Godparents of Elizabeth Smith were Peter and Catherine Coon. The bible record of Felix Turnipseed and Elizabeth Smith has been
published (SCMAR Vol. VI, No. 3, p. 165, Summer 1978).

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