Christian Haupt (Hope) Family

Christian Haupt, Sr., died 1790, married Mary Shealy, born about 1766, died 1826, daughter of John Wendel Shealy and Anna Mary Epting. Mary Shealy Haupt married   2) John Vonderlinder.

Christian Haupt served in Water's regiment of Dutch Fork Militia during the Revolutionary War (Accounts Audited-3742 and 2285). Christian Haupt lived on a 150 acre tract on Crims Creek which was the remainder of the 200 acre land grant of Joachim Bulow that had not been sold to St. Paul's Church.

  A history of the early Haupt family is "From Haupt to Hope" by Mary E. Boozer (Lexington Gen Exchange 2(3):106).

I. Christian Haupt, Jr., born 21 January 1778, died February 1810, married 1) Christina Fellers born 14 March 1777 died 15 July 1808; married  2) Catherine Dominick, born 5 May 1785, died 22 July 1860, daughter of Henry Dominick, Sr.   After the death of Christian Haupt, Jr., Catherine Dominick Haupt married 2) John Peter Stockman.  Catherine Dominick Haupt Stockman is buried at Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery.

Children by Christina Fellers:
A. Mary Hope, born 15 February 1802, married John Jacob Long, born 23 September 1796, son of Bartholomew Long and Mary Catharine Minick Cromer.
B. Catherine Hope, born 24 October 1803, died 20 March 1878, married John Cook, born 3 October 1801, died 25 March 1865, son of  Jacob Cook and Rebecca Kinard. They are buried at Colony Lutheran Church cemetery.
C. John Christian Hope, born 20 August 1806, died 9 July 1879, married 24 January 1833, Louise Caroline Eichelberger, born 1 January 1815, died 18 November 1871, daughter of George Eichelberger and Rosanna C. Summer. They are buried in the Hobbs- Eichelberger Cemetery. John Christian Hope graduated 1831 from Gettysburg Seminary and was ordained a Lutheran Minister in 1832. In later life he entered politics and was suspended from Ministerial Office in 1851.
D. Michael Hope born 13 July 1808 died 23 August 1808 (reference given as SC Magazine Ancestral Research XCI (2); Family papers by Jay Hope, Columbia, SC.)

Child by Catherine Dominick:
E. Elizabeth (Betsy) Hope, born 1809, died before 1878, married Matthias Kinard, born about 1809, died about 1878, son of  Martin Kinard and Elizabeth Kinard.

II. Margaret Haupt, born about 1782, married Andrew Rikard, born about 1770, died 1842, son of Lawrence Rikard and Anastasia Stoudemire. They moved to Monroe County, AL.
III. Sophia A. Haupt, born about 1788, died 13 May 1858, married Rev. H. Martin Singley, born about 1781, died 12 January 1858, son of Jacob Singley and Martha Sibella Kinard. Buried Singley Cemetery.
IV. Catharine Haupt, born about 1789, first wife of Andrew Nates, born about 1 September 1778, died 13 May 1850. Andrew Nates is buried in the Singley Cemetery.
V. Elizabeth Haupt, born May 1791 died 6 February 1880 married 1) Jacob Barre, Jr., died about 1816, son of Jacob Barre, Sr. and Mary Christina Quattlebaum; married 2) Adam Werts born 5 December 1796 died 10 May 1845, son of George Henry Werts and Mollie Singley.
VI. Mary Magdaline Haupt, born about 1792, married David Rinehart, son of  Matthias Rinehart and Anna Margaret Lagrone. Believed to be a child of Mary Shealy Haupt by Jeremiah McDaniel. David Rinehart's family moved to Edgefield District, then to Perry County, AL.

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