William Frederick Houseal Family

Capt. William Frederick Houseal is said to have been the son of Bernard Houseal of Heilbronn, Duchy of Wuerttemberg. William Frederick Houseal migrated to America in 1752 with his brother, Rev. Bernard Michael Houseal and it is thought they arrived at Maryland..

Soon after arriving in America, William Frederick Houseal came to SC and obtained a 200 acre grant on the Four Hole, now in Orangeburg County.   He married Maria Elizabeth Stroman, daughter of Jacob Stroman. The will of Jacob Stroman, made 28 August 1773, proven 2 March 1781, leaves to Granddaughters: Mary and Ann Houseal (Charleston Wills 19-219).

I. Mary Magdalene Houseal, died February 1832, married John Adam Lagrone, born about 1755, died 1817, son of  Tobias Lagrone. They moved to Williamson County, TN where John Adam Lagrone died before 1830, Mary Magdalene Houseal Lagrone had moved to Perry County, AL.

A. Adam Lagrone, born 1781, died 30 December 1857, married 1) Christina Dominick, died 1847, daughter of John Dominick and wife Elizabeth. They moved from Perry County, AL to Panola County, TX where Adam Lagrone married 2) 31 January 1854, Mrs. Osa Motes.
B. William Lagrone, born 28 February 1788, died 6 September 1852, married 24 October 1814, Mary Ann Halfacre, born 10 April 1792, died 10 August 1849, daughter of  Jacob Halfacre. After death of his wife, William Lagrone moved from Williamson County, TN to Carroll County, MS.
C. Barbara Lagrone, born about 1790, died 1870, married Jesse Johnston. They live in Perry County, AL.
D. Mary Lagrone, born 1791, married Adam Koon/Cone, died 1841, son of George Adam Koon, Sr. They lived in Perry County, AL.
E. John George Lagrone, born 17 May 1792, died 5 June 1870, married 24 February 1820, Elizabeth Rickard, born 29 August 1802, died 21 July 1856, daughter of John Rickard and Margaret Dominick.
F. Polly Lagrone, born 1 January 1796, married 1) 5 May 1813, Peter Young, and married 2) 6 June 1816, Dsmurl Whitman, born 8 February 1799. Lived in Perry County, AL.
G. Catherine Lagrone, born about 1800, married 15 September 1816, Solomon Whitman, son of John Weedaman and wife, Barbara. They lived in Perry County, AL
H. John Lagrone, married 1 January 1832 in Perry County, AL, Nancy LaGrone, born 27 April 1814, died 1 March 1890. They moved to Noxubee County, MS.
I. Sarah (Sally) Lagrone, born about 1809, married 15 December 1828 in Bibb County, AL, Daniel Weldon. They lived in Perry County, AL.

II. Anna Marie Houseal married Thomas Ebenezer Glass and moved to AL.

A. Thomas Glass. After death of his first wife, Thomas Glass, moved to Abbeville and married 2) Susan Roberts before moving to AL.
B. Elizabeth Glass

  William Frederick Houseal moved to the Dutch Fork and married Anna Maria Geiselhart, born about 1750, daughter of John Geiselhart. "Anna Maria" was the name given for the mother in baptismal fraktur of Mary Margaret Houseal.  A 100 acre grant to Mary Geigelhoot was sold in 1780 by Wm Houseal to Joachim Bulow with deed stating that Mary Giesselhard was wife of Wm Houseal (Newberry Deeds F-336).

  During his life in the Dutch Fork William Frederick Houseal served as Captain of Cavalry troops in the state militia during the Rev. War. He served in the regiments of Col. Lyles, Col. Jonas Beard, as well as Col. Philemon Waters.

  Wm Frederick Houseal married 3) 16 September 1799, Christina Barbara Stockman Weedaman, a widow with Stockman children and one child, Solomon Wedaman, by second husband, John Wedaman. On 11 October 1799, a record was made by Wm Frederick Houseal acquitting Christina Barbary Houseal of any claim in her property, real and personal, related to their marriage (Newberry Deeds D-392).

Children of Anna Maria Geiselhart and William Frederick Houseal:
III. John William Houseal. In 1774, John William Houseal, as a minor, was deeded the 250 acre land grant of Hans Peter Weyman (Newberry Deeds A-49). This land was just west of St. Paul's Church. In 1798, after the death of John William Houseal, Adam Houseal as eldest brother and heir at law, sold the remainder of this land to Adam Lagrone (Newberry Deeds H-34).
IV. John Adam Houseal, born 19 January 1773, died 24 March 1816, married 30 April 1795, Mary Magdalena Summer, daughter of John Adam Summer and Mary Reese.

A. Eva Margaretha Houseal, born 1 January 1797, died 29 August 1867, married Jacob Swygert, born 1783, died 4 September 1867, son of John Swygert, Sr.
B. Rosanna Catherine Houseal, born 27 November 1799, died 12 August 1821, married 29 May 1817, William Lockhart Rawls.
C. John George Houseal, born 3 May 1808, died 13 August 1889, married Elizabeth Ridlehuber, born 4 February 1816, died 1 September 1884, daughter of John Ridlehuber and Susannah Catharine Counts.
D. Mary Elizabeth Houseal, born 15 December 1815, died 25 December 1902, married David Counts, born 15 January 1811, died 9 April 1885, son of  George Adam Counts, Sr. and Margaret Swygert.
E. John Houseal.

V. John Houseal, born about 1775, died about 1796, married Christina Chapman, daughter of Abraham Chapman and wife, Ann Elizabeth.

A. John Houseal, Jr., born 24 March 1796, died February 1826, married Eve Margaret Counts, born 28 July 1799, died 20 March 1855, daughter of Capt. John Counts and Elizabeth Eichelberger.

1. William Walter Houseal, born 15 August 1818, died 1 November 1889, married 21 December 1841, Eliza (Elizabeth) Caroline Barre, born 13 October 1822, died 6 January 1907.
2. Elizabeth Houseal, born 18 November 1822, died 29 January 1892, married 17 December 1840, Jacob Barre, born 17 June 1820, died 11 March 1870.
3. Frances Mary Ann Houseal, born 10 August 1826, married 1) 10 December 1844, George A. Summer, born about 1824, marroed 2) December 1857, Jeremiah Hopkins; and married 3) Joseph P. Summer.

VI. David Houseal, born 29 September 1782, died February 1869, married (in Charleston) 3 August 1809, Margaret Lilley (widow).

VII. William Frederick Houseal, Jr., born 10 February 1785, died 5 September 1876, married Maia Elizabeth (Betsy) Setzler, daughter of  George Adam Setzler and Ann Margaret Leitner.

A. William Andrew Houseal, born 8 September 1807, died September 1816.
B. Ann Mary Houseal, born 6 February 1809, died about 1883.
C. Anna Margaret Houseal, born 5 March 1810, died 1 June 1878, married 5 March 1835, George Feagle, born 3 May 1815, died 27 Jul (CSA), son of  Lawrence Feagle and Rachel Quattlebaum.
D. John Adam Houseal, born 7 September 1811, died 1813.
E. Catherine Elisabeth Houseal, born 1 August 1813, died August 1829.
F. John Michael Houseal, born  7 December 1815, died 7 September 1830
G. John Bernhardt Houseal, born 4 October 1817, died 6 September 1830.
H. William Franklin Houseal, born 13 September 1819, died about 1886.
I. Susannah Caroline Houseal, born 30 October 1822, died 26 January 1897. Buried Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Little Mountain, SC.
J. Louisa Arlington Houseal born 31 March 1824, died 18 Sep 1906, married 25 December 1873, J. Walter Stockman, born 1 April 1818, died 16 July 1888. Buried Prosperity Cemetery.
K. Catherine Magdalena Houseal, born 30 November 1826, died 1830.
L. Jacob King Houseal, born 30 November 1828, died 1830.
M. Henry Laurence Pinckney Houseal, born 30 March 1832, died 15 June 1862 married Mary Lucas.

VIII. Mary Margaret Houseal, born 4 April 1787, died 15 December 1871, married January 1804, Capt. John Adam (Peg Leg) Summer, born 3 September 1779, died 12 October 1855, son of Nicholas Summer and Eve Margaret Sease. Buried Summer Family Cemetery #1.

A. Nicholas Summer, born 27 October 1804, died 13 June 1836, killed at Tampa Bay, FL during Seminole War.
B. Mary Margaret Summer, born  May 1807, died April 1808
C. Henry Summer, born 11 April 1809, died 3 January 1869, married 22 December 1846, Frances (Fannie Mayer), daughter of  Maj. Adam Mayer and Mary Magdalene Counts. Buried Summer Cemetery #1.
D. John Adam Summer, born 1812, died 16 June 1836, killed at Tampa Bay, FL when attempting to bring brother Nicholas' body home.
E. William Summer, born 12 July 1815, died 24 November 1878. (horticulturist, ran a nursery at Pomaria) Buried Summer Cemetery #1.
F. Adam Geiselhart Summer, born  22 August 1818, died 5 July 1866, married 22 September 1865, Margaret J. Starke, daughter of  Major Thomas Starke of Fairfield County, SC.
G. Catherine Parr Summer, born 1 November 1823, died 16 December 1906. Buried Summer Cemetery #1
H. Thomas Jefferson Summer, born 17 August 1826, died 12 March 1852. Buried Summer Cemetery #1.

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