John Keller Family

In 1750, Johannes Kuller obtained a 450 acre grant on Second Creek, waters of Broad River. The land is described in the Colonial record as being on "Hans Creek" Later adjacent surveys show the tract as land of Christian Keller.

Nearby was the 50 acre survey of the same year to George Adam Keller. This tract was closer to the mouth of Second Creek and was owned before 1784 by Daniel Gartman
(Gartman to Strother, Newberry Deeds A-75 and 229).

                                                   Family of Johannes Kuller

I. Christian Keller, died before 1784, wife named Mary. Christian Keller inherited the 450 acre survey of Johannes Kuller on Second Creek.   The 450 acre survey of Johannes Kuller was sold on 4 May 1784 by Mary Keller, Ann King, Elizabeth Keller, Dorothy Keller, and Mary Keller Junr. of  Orangeburgh District to Richard Strother (Newberry Deeds D-43).

A. Anne Keller, married  ___ King.
B. Elizabeth Keller
C. Dorothy Keller
D. Mary Keller.

II. Adam Keller, died after 1800, wife named Mary.   400 acre survey of 1767 to Johannes Setzler between Hellers Creek and Ashford's Ferry on Broad River released 15 July 1770 to Adam Keller. Adam Keller, wife Mary, on 17 March 1793 released 150 acre part of survey to George Keller (Newberry Deeds C-388).

A. Jacob Keller, born 1763, died 23 February 1843, married Susannah Boshart, born 1763, died 20 November 1857, daughter of Rudolph Boshart and wife, Elizabeth. Buried Boshart- Keller-Suber-Ruff Cemetery.

1. John Keller (twin), born 22 November 1788, died 20 May 1852, married Elizabeth Cromer, born 26 October 1793, died 26 January 1872, daughter of Jacob Cromer, Jr.
2. David Wesley Keller, (twin), born 22 November 1788, died 3 October 1862, Abbeville County, married 1) Rebecca Cromer; died 1832, sister of Elizabeth Cromer; married 2) Nancy Lomax, born 1809, died 1890.
3. Isaac Keller, born 7 December 1790, died 2 June 1871, married 1) Rachel Glasgow; married  2) 6 December 1855, Elizabeth Melinda Wright, born 7 February 1815, died about 1894. Buried with first wife, Guilders Creek Presbyterian Cemetery.
4. Sarah Keller, married ___ Cromer.
5. Nancy Keller.
6. Joseph Keller, born about 1803, married Ruth A. Stark, daughter of  John Stark and Rosannah McMaster.
7. Daniel Keller, married Elizabeth Wicker, daughter of  John Henry Wicker, Jr.
8. Uriah Keller.
9. Walter G. Keller .
10. Silas Keller, wife's name unknown. Chiodren: Joseph, Walton S., John, Daniel, wife of John G. Miller, Jacob, David, wife of Andrew Cromer, Ephriam, Rebecca, Uriah, and wife of James Suber.

B. George Keller, wife named Elizabeth, died March 1830. After the death of George Keller, the widow married 2) Jacob Lohner.

1. Mary Keller, born 7 October 1797, died 30 December 1885, married Henry Oxner, born 28 April 1790, died 12 July 186_.
2. Sarah Keller, married William J. Connelly. Moved to Lauderdale County, TN.
3. Irmy Keller, married Virginia Hill Posey, daughter of David Posey and Peachy Powell.
4. Redempsy Keller, married Lent Hall. Moved to Anderson County, SC.
5. Keziah Keller married Washington Dobbins. Moved to Perry County, AL.
6. Anna Keller, married John J. Ulrick. Children: Hiram B., Elizabeth, and William Ulrick.
7. Hiram C. Keller, married Sebella Suber.

C. Michael Keller, married Barbara Oxner, daughter of  Jacob Oxner, Sr. and wife, Elizabeth. Moved to Lauderdale County, TN.
D. Mary Keller, married 7 March 1799, John Fish.

III. Joseph Keller. He owned land in late Colonial times between Hellers Creek and Ashford's Ferry on Broad River.

Submitter: Yancey Dickert

Bio updated 28 October, 2002