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Thomas Gickeleuthner (Weaver) was born 19 July 1714, Söhnstetten, Württemberg, Germany, the son of Hans Jacob Gickeleuthner (Weaver) and wife Maria.  He married 31 October 1736, Anna Maria Walliser, born 22 July 1712, daughter of Martin Walliser (farm laborer) and Catharina Goetz.

Thomas Gickeleuthner brought his family to SC in 1752 on the Elizabeth.  His name in the Colonial record is Thomas Kicheliter or Kickelaytor. At the time of his petition there were three children: Catherine 16, Elizabeth 12, and John Fred. 10.  A 250 acre bounty grant was located on  Wateree Creek just north of St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.  This land was inherited by the son, Frederick Kicklighter who also got an adjacent survey in 1772, after the death of his father.  The Kicklighter lands appear to have been confiscated during the Revolutionary War and were included in land granted in 1787 to John Hampton. Ravenscroft plantation, owned by Adam G. Summer, contained much of the original Kicklighter land grants.


I. Catharina Gickeleuthner, born 16 November 1736.  Came to SC with her parents.
II. Johann Jakob Gickeleuthner, born 19 January 1738, died 11 June 1739.
III. Elisabetha Gickeleuthner, born 29 April 1740. Came to SC with her parents.
IV.  Rosina Gickeleuthner, born 5 October 1741, died 28 March 1744.
V. Johann Friedrich Gickeleuthner, born 24 September 1743, died between 1782 and 1790.  Wife named Margaret.
VI. Johannes Gickeleuthner, born 29 August 1746, died 8 September 1746.
VII. Maria Gickeleuthner, born 20 February 1748. Died young.
VIII. Anna Barbara Gickeleuthner, born 3 September 1749, died 8 March 1750.
IX. Johanna Gickeleuthner, born 11 May 1751.   Died young.


   Frederick Kicklighter was a Loyalist.  His name (as Frederick Rickolater) appears in a proclamation of 1779 (General Assembly Ordinance) by Gov. John Rutledge which issued a death warrant on individuals in order "to prevent Persons withdrawing from the Defence of this State and attempt to join the Enemies thereof."  Notwithstanding this proclamation, it is not clear if Frederick died in the Revolutionary War. In 1782, as Friedrich Giegelleitner, he and wife, Margaret, baptized a child named Margaret in St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC.  Widow, Margaret Kicklighter (as Magt Gickilicker), is found in the 1790 census living in Newberry District, SC.

   The sons of Frederick Kicklighter moved to Beaufort District, SC.  John, the oldest son, served in the SC House of Representatives from Beaufort District, St. Luke Parish, in 1806-08 and 1810-12.  The two younger sons, Andrew and Thomas,  were granted several tracts of land in SC but moved to Bulloch County, GA around 1810.  Thomas apparently stayed for awhile in Bulloch County, later moving to Atlanta.


A. John Kicklighter, born about 1773, died between 1810 and 1820, married Mary Priester, daughter of John Adam Priester.

1. John Kicklighter may have been a son of John Kicklighter and Mary Priester.
2. Henry Kicklighter, born 6 April 1804, died 13 June 1893 in SC, married Rebecca Smith, born 6 October 1823, died 30 April 1907.

B. Andrew Kicklighter, born about 1776, died 1863 in Bulloch County, Georgia. The name of his first wife is unknown. Andrew Kicklighter was granted land in Colleton District and is there in the 1810 census.  Andrew married 2) May 1841 in Bulloch County, GA, Mary Odom. Andrew acquired numerous parcels of land in Bulloch County and was a successful farmer.

1. Jesse Kicklighter, born about 1804, died 1881,  married 10 July 1823, Levica (Vicy) Thomas, born 1805 (Bulloch County, GA), died 28 September 1853.  Both buried Beards Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Glennville, Georgia. On 31 October 1840 Jesse was elected Deacon of Beards Creek Church.
2. Andrew Kicklighter, born September 1806, died 26 September 1886, married 1) 11 November 1824, Nancy Thomas, born 1807, died before 1867.  Andrew and wife joined the Lower Lott's Creek Primitive Baptist Church in February, 1838. He became a deacon of the Church in March, 1844. In 1855 he traveled to the Fellowship Church and in 1858 he was ordained a Minister.  Andrew moved to Hillsborough County, FL with some of his children around 1866-67. Andrew Kicklighter married 2) 19 April 1881, Elizabeth English, born 9 January 1832 (Bryant County, GA), died 25 August 1911. Andrew Kicklighter is buried with second wife in Fellowship Cemetery, Wimauma, FL.
3. Jacob F. Kicklighter, born about 1807, died after 1856, married 6 January 1831, Catherine (Caty) Driggors, born about 1815, died after 1856. Jacob was a farmer in the Bulloch County, GA area. He had a family of at least 12 children.
4. George Kicklighter, born about 1810, died after 1880, married 18 February 1836, Nepsey Elmira Woodcock, born about 1818.   George was a farmer in the Bulloch County, GA area. He had a family of approximately 14 children and a second wife, Barbary Aycock whom he married in 1870 in Bulloch County.  Barbary was born around 1850.  The last two of his children were by Barbary Aycock.
5. Frederick J. Kicklighter, born 6 June 1820, died 5 April 1867, married 18 March 1841, Elizabeth Lavicy Odum, born 15 September 1825, died 14 March, 1908.  Both are buried in Hope Cemetery, Theressa, Keystone, Florida. Frederick had only two children who lived to adulthood, Leonard Warren Kicklighter and Barbara Allen Kicklighter.  Leonard Warren was an ordained Baptist Minister.
6. Mary Magdalene Kicklighter, born 10 December 1841, married James Harvey. James and Mary had a large family with at least eight children.

C. Thomas Kicklighter, born about 1780 (age 74 in 1854 pension application), died about 1855 in Atlanta, GA.   The name of first wife is not known.  He married secondly, Cassandra Woodcock.  Thomas Kicklighter was a veteran of the War of 1812.

1. Frederick Kicklighter, born about 3 January 1799, Lexington Co., SC, died 5 March 1855 Fulton County, GA.  There is an inscribed stone at the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA but the plot was purchased in 1871.  Frederick Kicklighter married 1) Civility Peacock, and had nine children with her, all of whom died in infancy.  Married 2) 27 July 1840, Mary Ann Harman, daughter of William N. and Lucy W. Harman, born 1 July 1808, died 19 November 1893, buried Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.  Frederick had a family of six children by the second marriage. Frederick was a carpenter, fought in the War of 1812, and was the eldest child of two who lived to adulthood. His mother died when Frederick was young, afterward the paternal grandmother lived with family
2. Margaret Kicklighter, born after 1799, married Wesley Kinard.  They moved from Newberry County, SC to Perry County, AL, then to back to Lexington, SC.

D. Margaret Kicklighter, born 14 May 1782, baptized 26 May 1782 by the Rev. John Nicholas Martin.

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