Martin Kinard Family
   Several immigrant families of the name Kinard settled, before the
Revolutionary War, in the Dutch Fork part of Newberry County, S.C. A brief
outline of most of these families is found in Dr. L. D. Jordan's "Kinards of
Newberry" (Dutch Fork Digest 2(4):18, 1987).
   A bounty petition of John Keynat, for himself and his brother, was
heard at the SC Provincial Council meeting of 26 Jan 1749/50. The petitioner
stated that he "came with his parents in Capt. Brown on the Encouragement
given to foreign Protestants, that his Father and Mother are both dead in
the service of Mr. Middleton." A certificate from Mr. Henry Middleton, Esqr.
was attached to the petition stating that John Keynot and his youngest
brother, Martin, had been his indentured servants and had
been free for a year. 
   The youngest brother, Martin Kinard, Sr., was born ca 1734 in Germany and
died in 1805. His wife is said to have been Mary Witt. They lived on Crims
Creek. In 1804, Martin Kinard, Sr. sold a 200 acre tract on waters of
Buffalo Creek to Martin Kinard, Jr. This consisted of two 100 acre tracts
granted to Elizabeth Wittle and Mary Vidle (Newberry Deeds G-59). The deed
says the grant of Elizabeth Wittle had been sold to Martin
Kinard, Sr. in 1775. In 1805, Martin Kinard, Sr. sold much of his real
estate on Crims Creek to sons, Frederick and John Kinard (Newberry Deeds
H-12, 13, & 14). In the same year the son, John Kinard, died and his
brothers and sisters sold their deceased brother's land to Frederick
Kinard (Newberry Deeds L-183). In 1809, the remainder of the estate of
Martin Kinard on Crims Creek was sold out to Frederick Kinard by his
children of Martin Kinard, Sr. (Newberry Deeds L-180).
               Family of Martin Kinard, Sr.
I. Elizabeth Kinard, b. ca 1760, m. Martin Kinard, d. 29 Sep 1846, s/o
John Kinard, Sr. and wife, Mary. Martin and Elizabeth Kinard lived near St.
Paul's Church, Pomaria, SC.
A. Christina Kinard, b. 1796, d. 1846, marriedJohn Koon, b. 1792, d. 1845,
s/o Dr. George Adam Koon.
B. John George Kinard, d. 7 Mar 1889 (age 88), married 1) Elizabeth
Harmon, b. 6 Nov 1807, d. 6 Jan 1850; married 2) 1 Sep 1853, Mrs. Sarah
Richmond Sligh. Bur. Kinard Cemetery #5.
C. Matthias Kinard, b. ca 1809, d. ca 1878, married Elizabeth Hope, d/o
Christian Hope, Jr. and Catherine Dominick.
D. Adam Kinard. Did not marry.
II. Christina Kinard, b. 21 Jan 1761, d. 25 Sep 1846, married John Phillip
Sligh, Sr., b. 9 Apr 1753, d. 21 Dec 1818, s/o Hans Ulric Schleich and
Anna Barbara Senck. Phillip Sligh had a large estate on Cannons Cr. north of
Prosperity, S.C.
A. Elizabeth Sligh, b. 27 Dec 1781, d. 17 Jun 1854, married Jacob Buzhart,
Jr., b. ca 1774, d. 25 Jul 1854.
B. Mary Sligh, b. 30 Dec 1783, d. 2 Jun 1852, married Phillip Buzhardt, b.
ca 1770, d. 4 Oct 1852, brother of Jacob Buzhart, Jr.
C. David Sligh, b. ca 1790, d. 5 Feb 1851, married 1) Martha ___, b. ca
1812; m. 2) Polly/Sarah __.
D. John Phillip Sligh, Jr., b. 16 Jun 1792, d. 7 Feb 1883, married Elizabeth
Eichelberger, b. 6 Dec 1800, d. 12 Nov 1863, d/o John Eichelberger and wife,
Anna Barbara.
E. John George Sligh, b. 4 Mar 1795, d. 5 Mar 1816.
F. Catherine Sligh, b. 15 Sep 1799, d. 26 Oct 1855, married 1) John Barre,
b. ca 1785, d. ca 1820, s/o Jacob Barre and Mary Christina Quattlebaum; m.
2) Andrew Cromer, Jr., b. 7 Oct 1786, d. 19 Jul 1858.
G. Sarah Sligh, b. ca 1803, d. 6 Apr 1862, married John A. Piester, s/o John
Piester and Sarah (Saloma) Ruff.
H. Jacob Sligh, b. ca 1810, d. 26 Mar1846, married Nancy J. Piester, b. ca
1814, d. 3 Oct 1850.
III. Martha Sibella Kinard, b. ca 1763, d. bef. 1830, married Jacob Singley,
b. ca 1760, d. aft. 1830, s/o Martin Singley and Setona Regina Wagnar. They
lived in the St. Paul's Church neighborhood.
A. Rev. Martin Singley, d. 12 Jan 1858, age 76 yrs, married Sophia A.
Hope, d. 18 May 1858, age 71 yrs., d/o Christian Haupt, Sr. and Mary Shealy.
Bur. Singley Cem.
B. Christopher Singley, b. 1785, married Mary Sibella Wicker, b. ca 1789,
d/o John Henry Wicker and Elizabeth Cromer.
C. Elizabeth Singley.
D. John Singley, b. ca 1794, d. aft. 1866, wife named Elizabeth, d. aft.
1862. Moved to Elmore Co., AL.
E. Matthias Singley, b. 4 Feb 1797, d. 10 Jan 1887, married 1) Margaret
Kinard, b. ca 1812, d/o George Kinard and wife Nancy; m. 2) Nancy Adeline
Beard Sligh, b. 15 Jun 1839, d. 17 Mar 1928.
F. George Frederick Singley, b. 1798, d. 1833 (drowned in Pearle River,
Marion Co., MS), married Margaret Ann (Roby) Taylor, b. 1795, d. aft.
1860. Moved to Marion Co., MS.
G. Adam Singley, b. 1800, married Mary Magdalena Bundrick, b. ca 1807.
They moved, ca 1832, to Greene Co., AL.
H. John F. Singley, b. ca 1800, wife named Temperance.
I. Mary (Polly) Singley, b. 14 Aug 1808, d. 17 May 1885, married George
Kinard, b. 23 Mar 1803, d. 14 Mar 1847, s/o John George Kinard and wife,
Nancy ____.  Bur. Kinard Cemetery #1.
J. Jacob Singley.
K. James Singley.
IV. Frederick Kinard, b. ca 1768, d. ca 1811, married Catherine Elizabeth
Chapman, b. 4 Jun 1775, d. 4 Mar 1858, d/o Abraham Chapman and Ann Elizabeth
Herring. After the death of Frederick Kinard, Catherine
Elizabeth Chapman m. 2) John Rinehart, Sr. and moved to Edgefield District
(Saluda Co.).
A. John William Kinard, b. 29 Dec 1796, d. 17 Nov 1851, married Christina
Werts, b. 6 Apr 1801, d/o John Werts and Ann Catherine Hair.
B. Frederick Kinard, Jr., b. 2 Sep 1800, d. 12 Jul 1871, wife named
Christina _____ .
C. Sarah Kinard, b. 26 Jul 1804, d. 3 Aug 1884, married John Rinehart,
Jr., b. Apr 1798, d. 25 Feb 1855, s/o John Rinehart, Sr. and Gertraud
D. Elizabeth Kinard, d. Mar 1830, was second wife of Jacob D. Caughman, b.
19 Jan 1796, d. 16 Sep 1860, s/o Andrew Caughman and Anna Mary Derrick.
E. Catherine Kinard, d. 1830. Did not marry.
V. Mary Kinard, b. ca 1770, d. 6 Sep 1850, married Michael Kibler, Sr. b. ca
1768, d. 17 Jun 1844, s/o Hans Michael Kbler and wife, Anna Margaretha ___.
They are bur. in Kibler Cemetery #2 on the west side of St. Paul's Church.
A. John Kibler, d. ca 1831, married 1) Mary Christina Barre, d. Mar 1817,
d/o Jacob Barre, Sr. and Mary Christina Quattlebaum; m. 2) Anna Mary
Eichelberger, d/o John Eichelberger, Sr. and wife, Barbara._____ .
B. Michael Kibler, Jr., married Elizabeth Koon, d. 1872, d/o Henry Koon
and Eve Katherine Epting.
C. David Kibler, b. 1802, d. 1882, married 1) Mary Fellers, b. ca 1802, d. 8
Jul 1862, d/o John George Fellers and Catherine Kinard; married 2) 5 Jun
1865, Hannah T. Moore Suber, b. 7 Jan 1826, d. 2 May 1874, d/o Abraham Moore
and Elizabeth Brown & widow of Jacob Suber; married 3) Rebecca
Reeves Hair, b. 1830, d. 5 Apr 1910, widow of Thomas Matthias Hair.
D. Catherine Kibler, b. ca 1804, married John Charles Dickert, b. 25 Jul
1801, d. 23 Oct 1850, s/o Peter Dickert and Anna Maria Stockman.
E. Mary Kibler, b. ca 1808.
F. John Adam Kibler, b. 3 Dec 1811, d. 21 Jan 1877, married 1) Christina
Fellers, b. 1810, d. 1829, married 2) Bathsheba Maffet, b. 11 Aug 1810, d.
22 Aug 1850, d/o Robert Maffet, Sr. and Barbara Hair; married 3) Nancy
Catherine Kinard, b. 24 Oct 1825, d. 28 Oct 1895, d/o Michael Kinard and
Sarah Quattlebaum.
G. Elizabeth Kibler, b. 8 Jan 1813, d. 11 Jan 1844, first wife of David
Koon, b. ca Aug 1800, d. Dec 1853, s/o John Koon and Barbara Rinehart.
Bur. Glymph-Koon Family Cemetery.
H. Jacob Kibler, b. 3 Feb 1816, d. 21 Dec 1890, married 25 Jan 1855, Frances
Elvira Chapman, b. 27 Jan 1833, d. 15 Aug 1875, d/o Samuel
Chapman. Bur. Chapman-Summer Cemetery.
I. Margaret Kibler, b. 1 Jan 1818, d. 20 Oct 1888, second wife of David
Koon. Bur. Glymph-Koon Family Cemetery.
J. Christina Kinard, b. 24 Jun 1821, d. 19 Nov 1859, married George Howard
Dickert, b. 18 Jun 1819, d. 19 May 1879, s/o Peter Dickert, Jr. and Anna
Maria Stockman.
VI. John Kinard, b. ca 1772, d. ca Nov 1808. His will was made 14 Nov
1808, proved 20 Nov 1808 (Newberry Wills D-340).
VII. Martin Kinard, Jr., b. ca 1778, d. 5 Aug 1854, married Eve Katherine
Koon, b. 8 Sep 1787, d. 14 Sep 1856, d/o Henry Koon and Eve Katherine
Epting. They lived near Pomaria, S.C. then moved to Laurens Co., near
Newberry Co. line, in community now known as Kinards. They are bur. in
Sharon Methodist Church cemetery, Kinards, SC.
A. Gen. Henry Harrison Kinard, b. 29 Mar 1806, d. 17 Jun 1869, married 1) 20
Feb 1827, Mary Ann Counts, b. 2 Mar 1809, d. 19 Mar 1851, d/o Capt.
John Counts and Elizabeth Eichelberger; married 2) Louisa C. Counts, d/o
John Adam Counts & Sarah Ruff.
B. Sarah (Sallie) Kinard, b. 1808, d. 4 Oct 1862, married Lemuel Glymph,
b. 7 Jan 1795, d. 5 Dec 1860, s/o John Glymph and Elizabeth Rikard.
C. John Pinkney Kinard, b. 1810, d. 1890. Bur. Beth Eden Lutheran Church
D. Middleton T. Kinard, b. ca 1812, d. 6 Sep 1867, married Sarah (Sallie) J.
Harmon, b. Jul 1836, d/o Rev. William Harmon and wife Bridget ____ . Bur.
Sharon Methodist Church cemetery.
E. Elizabeth Kinard, b. 29 Mar 1815, d. 8 Mar 1887, married Jacob Summer, b.
5 May 1817, d. 6 Apr 1880, s/o John Nicholas Summer & Elizabeth Counts. Bur.
Sharon Methodist Church cemetery.
F. Martha Kinard, married John Goree
G. Hulda Mary Kinard, b. 11 Nov 1823, d. 22 Oct 1844, married (as first
wife) John K. Hinson, b. 16 Mar 1816, d. 29 Sep 1854.
H. Mary Katherine Kinard, b. ca 1826, d. 16 Nov 1866, married 1 Feb 1844,
James J. Reeder, b. ca 1814, d. 1 Jun 1896. Bur. Bush River Baptist Church
VIII. Margaret Kinard, b. 4 Dec 1784, d. 4 Aug 1871, married John Michael
Kinard, Sr., b. 4 Ju 1778, d. 9 Nov 1842, s/o John Kinard, Jr. and wife
Elizabeth _____. Both bur. in Kinard-Nobles Cemetery. John Michael Kinard
bought land in 1806 on Palmetto Br., now called Kinard's Cr. (Pearson to
Kinard, Newberry Deeds H-313).
A. Elizabeth Kinard, b. ca 1805, d. 1885, married John T. McNeil, b. ca
1806, s/o James McNeil.
B. Margaret Kinard, b. ca 1807, d. 9 May 1900, married John Nobles, b. 25
Dec 1790, d. 25 Aug 1848. Bur. Kinard-Nobles Cemetery.
C. John Michael Kinard, Jr., 8 Jan 1810, d. 4 Aug 1895, married Zilpha
___, b. 10 Jan 1809, d. 29 Jan 1841.
D. Marinda Kinard, b. ca 1815, d. 1877, married Henry Bailey, b. ca 1815, d.
E. Rhoda Kinard, b. 31 Jan 1817, d. 10 Dec 1850, married 1) John H. Enlow,
b. 27 Apr 1818, d. 3 Aug 1841; m. 2) John Legrone, Jr., b. 15 Aug 1819, d.
18 Oct 1899. Bur. with first husband, Kinard-Nobles Cemetery.
F. John K. E. Kinard, d. 1839, married Keren Happoch/Happy Stockman, b.
1818, d. 22 Mar 1857.
G. Sarah Kinard, married William Summer. Moved to FL.

Posted 27 May 2004