John Henry Koon Family

According to information passed down from earlier researchers, the parents of John Henry Kuhn who married Ursula Shealy were Heinrich Kuhn and Regula Zöbelj. The emigration record of this family is found in "List of Swiss Emigrants of the Eighteenth Century to the American Colonies", Volume 1 by A. B. Faust
(Genealogical Society, Washington, D.C., 1920). Heinrich Kuhn and his wife, Regula Zöbelj, and their three sons; Felix, Heinrich, and Peter Kuhn, left Parish Dielstorff, Switzerland, for Carolina in 1744

The church parish record is dated 31 March1744 and attested by their Pastor, Hans Heinrich Wirtz. A history of this family, entitled "A History of the Koon Family," was written by Rev. Samuel Patrick Koon, D.D. and published in 1934.

  The earliest land reference in the Dutch Fork found for John Henry Kuhn was that "Henry Cun" owned land adjacent the 100 acre survey of 1773 for Ursulla Sheely. Her grant was on the northeast side of the present town of Little Mountain and close to the old 400 acre bounty grant of her father, John Shely. Later surveys in the area show this land as that of Benjamin Koon, the oldest son of John Henry Kuhn and Ursula Shealy.

  John Henry Koon served in the Revolutionary War (Office of South Carolina Historic Commission, Columbia S.C. #4385). Other evidence of his Revolutionary War service can be located in "Stub Entries to Indents issued in Payment of claims against South Carolina growing out of the Revolution." by A. P. Salley, Library Y, page 68, #376 and also Library 10, page 74, #806. On 10 April 1792, Elizabeth (Ursula) swore to have administered the Estate of Henry Kuhn (Commissioner of Charleston).

  John Henry Koon born 6 July 1738 died 1785 married Maria Ursula Shealy born 25 January 1743 died after 1796, daughter of John Schüle and Maria Margareta Haupter Hermann.  After the death of John Henry Koon, Maria Ursula Shealy married her brother-in-law, George Eigleberger, Sr.  In 1796 Ursula Eigleberger, spinster, gave to her loving son, Martin Koone, 100 acres of land (Newberry Deeds C-799). The deed states that the land was given Ursula on 1 December 1785 by George Eigleberger.

Children of John Henry Kuhn and Maria Ursula Shealy

I. Benjamin Koon born 18 August 1761
II. John Koon born 14 November 1762
III. Henry Koon born 8 February 1765 died June 1816 married Catherine Epting died February 1841 (Newberry County, SC Equity Records 1818-1884 by Sandra Lee 1985, page 241), daughter of Adam Frederick Epting and Anna Christina Setzler Black.

A. Eve Catherine Koon born 8 September 1787 died 14 September 1856 married Capt. Martin Kinard, Jr. born about 1778 died 5 August 1854 son of Martin Kinard. Both buried Sharon Methodist Church, Kinards, SC.
B. Sarah M. Koon born 5 November 1790 died after 1850 married Frederick Bird Willingham born 15 November 1791 died 14 April 1842. She is buried at Lower Duncan's Creek Cemetery, Newberry County, SC. He is buried at Darby-Gore-Jones-Oxner Graveyard, Newberry County, SC.
C. Elizabeth Katherine Koon born about 1800 died after 1870 married John Michael Kibler, Jr. son of Michael Kibler and Mary Margaret Kinard.
D. Henry Koon, Jr. born 25 January 1803 died 13 October 1884 married before 1828 1) Elizabeth Cannon born about 1791 died 4 June 1842 daughter of Col. Samuel Cannon and Sarah Riser and married before 1846 2) (as her 3rd husband) Mary Susan Riser born 24 December 1810 died 24 September 1870 daughter of Martin Riser and Christina Rikard (2nd wife). He and first wife are buried at Koon Family Cemetery, Newberry County, SC. Mary Susan Riser Koon is buried with her second husband, Thomas Vardeman Cannon at Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pomaria, SC.

Children by first wife:
1. Samuel Koon born about 1828 died after 1884
2. George W. Koon born about 1829 died 20 September 1863 CSA buried at Confederate Cemetery, Marietta, GA.
3. Louisa A. C. Koon born 15 January 1831 died 28 September 1909 married about 1846, Thomas Vardeman Wicker born 4 March 1824 died 14 January 1904 son of John Adam Wicker, Jr. and Mary Cannon. Both buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.

Children by second wife:
4. John Oliver Koon born 31 August 1846 died 12 May 1922 buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, S.C.
5. Texanna Koon born 6 December 1848 died 14 October 1915 married Jacob Benson Suber born 21 July 1847 died 6 April 1910 son of Christian Suber and Caroline Counts. Both buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.
6. Mary Emma Koon born 5 March 1853 died 17 July 1920 married 27 April 1872, Thomas Marion Lake born 5 March 1836 died 19 June 1889 son of Jabez G. Lake and Anna Epting.

E. Eve Mary Koon born 18 January 1806 died 23 November 1849 married 14 January 1823, Adam Epting born 19 March 1804 died 6 November 1871 son of Jacob Epting and Mary Cannon. Both buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.
F. Margaret Koon married William Robert Chapman died June 1839 son of Abraham Chapman and Ann Elizabeth Herring.
G. Mary Magdaline Koon died 12 February 1833 married John Metts died January 1835 son of Henry Metts.

IV. Elizabeth Koon born 28 February 1767 married ? Lagrone
V. Jacob Francis Koon born 15 July 1770 died 29 September 1847 married Barbara Eargle born 16 February 1771 died 9 November 1843 daughter of Michael Eargle and Magdalene Royster (Rister).  Both buried Koon Family Cemetery which has been destroyed.

A. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Koon b. 11 Aug 1793
B. John Henry Koon born 14 September 1795, died between 1860 and 1870 married Mary Magdeline (Mollie) Eargle born 24 December 1793 died 4 September 1870. daughter of Jacob Eargle.  She is buried at Beth-Eden Lutheran Church cemetery, Lexington, SC.

1. Christina T. Koon born 24 August 1820 died 22 June 1896 married 17 March 1836, George Michael Koon born about 1814 died about April 1860 son of  Mary Magdelene (Polly) Koon (born August 1793)
2. Elizabeth Koon born 24 February 1824 died 14 December 1915 married Solomon Henry Whites born 12 September 1829 died 14 November 1862 son of George Washington Whites and Katherine V. Metze.  She is buried at St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.   He is buried  in
the family cemetery on the old Martin Whites Old Home Place just off of Holiday Rd. near White Rock, SC..
3. Polly Ann Koon born 27 April 1826 died 16 December 1891 married J. David Schmidt born 14 May 1831 died 29 June 1863 son of J. Adam and Mary A. Schmidt. Both buried Schmitz-Koon- Meetze Cemetery, Richland County, SC.
4. John Levi Koon born 1832 married 1) Frances A. Amick born about 1835 daughter of George Adam Amick and Mary Sites and married 2) Frances E. Shealy born 30 January 1851 died 13 Septemer 1930 daughter of Samuel Shealy and Anna Fulmer. Frances is buried at Bethel Lutheran Church, White Rock, SC with her first husband, John Adam Wessinger, Jr.
5. Henry William Koon born 25 February 1833 died 10 May 1881 married 25 August 1853, Louise F. Eleazer born 7 March 1834 died 10 May 1917 daughter of George Bennett Eleazer and Mary Rosann Addy. Both buried Schmitz-Koon-Meetze Cemetery, Richland County, SC.
6. James Franklin Koon born May 1837 died 28 August 1883 married 23 September 1858, Martha E. Sites born 21 April 1839 died 8 April 1924 daughter of Christian Sites and Catherine Lindler. Both buried Sutton Family Cemetery,  Lexington County, SC.

C. Mary Koon born 14 March 1796 died about 1807
D. Christina Koon born 14 August 1799 died 19 August 1852 married Jacob Metz born 20 April 1803 died 2 May 1856 son of John T. Metz and Regina Coogler. Both buried St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Lexington County, SC.

1. James Daniel Metz born 22 February 1827 died 29 July 1854, buried St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Lexington County, SC.
2. Anna Adeline Metz born 31 October 1828 married Robert Andrew Metz born 30 March 1834 died 25 January 1928 son of Daniel Metz and Elizabeth Coogler.  Both buried Bethlehem Luthearn Church, Irmo, SC.
3. Jacob Franklin Metz born 3 April 1830 died 17 November 1905 married 1) Eugenia Elizabeth Smith  born 10 July 1834 died 11 February 1876 and married 2) Mary Catherine Smith born 27 January 1838 died 27 September 1915. Eugenia Elizabeth and Mary Catherine were daughters of Levi Smith and Elizabeth L. Wingard. Jacob is buried Pond Branch United Methodist Church.  Eugenia is buried in family cemetery, Mary is buried Bethel Lutheran Church cemetery, White Rock, SC.
4. Mary Caroline Metz born 19 June 1834 died 22 May 1900 married John Ansley Ballentine born 24 June 1827 died15 May 1899 son of William Ballentine and Anna Rosanna Riddlehoover.  Both buried Beulah United Methodist Church, Blythewood, SC.
5. Michael S. Metz born 3 May 1835 died 7 October 1927 married Rosanner F. Ballentine born 8 March 1833 died 4 June 1921 daughter of Allen Ballentine and Nancy Waits.  Both buried Salem United Methodist Church, Irmo, SC.
6. David S. Metz born 20 March 1837 died 4 October 1903 married Annie E. Ballentine born 19 October 1841 died 25 September 1920 daughter of Allen Ballentine and Nancy Waits.  David is buried St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Lexington County, SC.
7. Elizabeth Christina Metz born 23 December 1838 died 5 April 1942 married 15 November 1860, Samuel Govan Lowman born 23 July 1834 died 7 February 1930 son of  David Lowman and Barbara Elizabeth Rauch.

E. Jacob Francis Koon, Jr. born 7 February 1801 died 1874 married Jemima Wessinger born 14 November 1811 died 1891 daughter of Uriah George Wessinger and Elizabeth (Betsy) Derrick.  Both buried in Jake Koon Cemetery, Chapin, SC.
F. John D. Koon born 16 January 1803 died 22 April 1856 married Anna (Annie) Wessinger born 8 January 1814 died 9 February 1863 daughter of Uriah George Wessinger and Elizabeth (Betsy) Derrick. Both buried at Koon Family Cemetery which has been destroyed.
G. Elizabeth Koon born 31 January 1806 died about 1825 married Mathias Wessinger III born about 1774 died 20 September 1841 son of Mathias Wessinger and Lydia Ann Smith.

a. John Wessinger born 20 December 1825 died 10 September 1893 married Elizabeth Louisa Mayer born 18 November 1826 died 9 June 1904 daughter of John Mayer and Christena Werts. Both buried St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.

H.. Sally Koon born  9 October 1808 died 15 December 1890 married Henry Jacob Wessinger born 4 March 1809 died 5 October 1884 son of Uriah George Wessinger and Elizabeth (Betsy) Derrick.  Both buried at St. Thomas Lutheran Church Cemetery, Chapin, SC
I. James Daniel Koon born 11 August 1810 died  June 1871 married 1) Eve Margaret Eargle born 28 November 1810 died 2 June 1838; married 2) Eve Margaret (Peggy) Eargle born 3 February 1816 and married 3) Annie Melvina Eargle born 24 July 1839 died 22 April 1907. First wife buried Koon Family Cemetery, now destroyed. Third wife buried at Bethcar Baptist Church, between Wagner and New Holland, SC.

VI. Rebecca Margaret Koon born 21 July 1772 died 1849 married George Souter son of Martin Souter and Anna Catherine Metts.

A. Katherine Souter born 1796 married Jacob Sligh born about 1799 son of George Sligh and Elizabeth Eigner.
B. Sarah Souter born 20 January 1797 died 10 September 1896 married Henry Koon born 1 February 1798 died 5 October 1884 son of John Koon and Barbara Summer. Both buried. Koon family cemetery but were removed to the Savage family cemetery, Union County, SC.
C. Mary M. Souter born about 1810 died between 1880-1890 Tippah County, MS married (his second wife) Elias Wicker son of John Henry Wicker and Elizabeth Cromer.
D. Dolly Souter born 18 February 1815 died 21 March 1862 married James Ivey

VII. Mary Koon born 24 April 1774
VIII. Adam Koon born 9 October 1777
IX. John Wendel Koon born  24 February 1780 married Barbara Summer daughter of Henry Summer and Christina Dominick.
X. Katherine Koon born 8 May 1782 died 1820 married 1803,  John Epting born 1 Novembr 1777 died 1820 son of Adam Frederick Epting and Anna Christina Setzler Black. John Epting was killed in a duel, at a muster on "Goshins Hill".

A John Epting born 1 November 1804 died 1878 married 1) 24 March 1826, Elizabeth Felker born 7 June 1807, died 27 February 1859, daughter of Peter Felker and Sarah Eaves; m. 2) Malinda Stewart.
B. Sarah Epting born about 1805 died in  infancy
C. Katherine Christina Epting born about 1806 died in infancy
D. Eve Epting born 2 June 1809, died 19 December 1873, married (as second wife) Andrew A. Campbell born about 1792, died 8 January 1869. Both buried Beth Eden Lutheran Church, Newberry County, SC.
E. Henry Epting born about 1812 died 1837
F. George Adam Epting born 12 January 1812 died 15 November 1867 married Anna Epting born 2 June 1816 died 26 August 1864 daughter of John Jacob Epting and Elizabeth Werts. Both buried at Beth Eden Lutheran Church, Newberry County, SC
G. Lewis Abel Epting born about 1813 died young
H. Jacob Epting born 15 April 1817 died 8 May 1908 MS married 1841, 1) Mary Francis Dillard born 24 December 1822 SC died 15 May 1892 MS and married 1894, 2) Kittie P. _______ born August 1835 Lee County, MS.  Jacob and Mary Francis are buried at Camp Creek Cemetery, Bethany, Lee County, MS.

XI. Martin Koon born 3 July 1784 married Eva Christina Leitner Epting daughter of Michael Leitner and Maria Beard and widow of John Adam Epting, Jr.

A. Elizabeth Koon
B. Katherine Koon married David Cromer born about 1803 died 26 August 1858 son of John George Cromer and Margaret _____ .

1. David Derrick Cromer born about 1830 died 1 October 1862 CSA
2. Hillard Francis Cromer born about 1822 died 20 April 1860 married Nancy Singley born 1825 died October 1869 daughter of Christopher S. Singley and Mary Sibella Wicker.

Submitter: Marlene Koon Walker,

Bio updated  9 July 2003