Andrew George Krelle Family

While not one of the oldest family lines in the Dutch Fork, the Krelle/Krell family has some interesting points. Adreas G, the immigrant ancestor has not yet been identified as passenger on any ship into any port of entry into the USA.  He has also not been located in Prussia, which he claimed as his country of origin in the 1880 Newberry census.  Family lore has it that he came from Strasbourg, Alsace, which was part of Prussia until after the First World War.

Family lore also has it that has children dropped the "e" on the end of the surname for fear of being taken to be Jews.

   Like many families of that era, little variety can be observed in the selection of given names, which makes research challenging. There is a Krelle researcher in New Zealand who believes that his immigrant ancestor, also from Prussia, might have been a brother to Andreas.  That is another mystery to solve.

                             Descendants of Andrew George Krelle

   Andrew George (Andreas Georg) Krelle was born 1823 in Prussia and died 1895 in Newberry County, SC. He married 1) Louise Henschke born 1828. He married about 1867, 2) Rachel Taylor born 1835 died 1890 Newberry County, SC, daughter of David Taylor and Frances Dominick. In the 1880 census, he is listed as A. G. Krelle, age 56 years. His gravemarker indicates his birth year as 1823.  He spoke almost no English.   Andrew is buried at Zion Methodist Church. Rachel is buried at Colony Lutheran Church.

Children of Andrew George Krelle and Louise Henschke:
I. Wilhelm Frederick Krelle born 21 September 1850 Strasbourg, Alsace died 5 January 1912 Omaha, NE married 1875 in New York City, NY, Fredericka Wilhelmina Schlieder born 19 May 1853 Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, died 5 January 1912 Omaha, NE.

A. Frederick William Krelle born 12 July 1876 Omaha, NE, died 29 Janaury 1927 Lincoln, NE, married 28 June 1906, Emma Louise Crowley born 17 February 1889 Omaha, NE, died 11 December 1958 Bellflower, CA, daughter of Samuel Crowley and Mary Martin.
B. George Frederick Krelle born 17 September 1877 Omaha, NE, died 27 July 1971 Glendale, CA, married 12 October 1903, Anna Dorothea Hay.
C. Louise M. Krelle born 8 February 1879 Omaha, NE, died 13 March 1919, Omaha, NE.
D. William Frederick Krelle born 2 Janaury 1881 Omaha, NE, died 21 November 1946 Omaha, NE.

II.  Charles Frederick Krelle born 1855
III. Fredricka Krelle born 1858 (Prussia?)
IV.  Frederick H. Krelle born about 1861.
V. George Frederick Krell born 1 September 1861 Newberry County, SC, died 22 July 1949 Columbia, SC, married 18 February 1891 Newberry County, SC, 1) Harriet Odessie Miles born 26 December 1867 Newberry County, SC, died 2 May 1905 Newberry County, SC, daughter of Burrell Miles and Margaret Weaver. He married 24 August 1906, Newberry, SC, Lillie Ann Shealy born 23 December 1886 Saluda, SC, died 15 February 1968 Newberry County, SC, daughter of Ervin Shealy and wife Gracy. All three buried at St. Peter's (Pineywoods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC. All children born in Newberry County, SC.

Children of George Frederick Krell and Harriet Miles:
A. Hattie Ophelia Krell born 23 June 1892, died 6 May 1934 married Walter H. Bouknight
B. John Lester Krell born 17 March 1894, died 1974 Augusta, GA, married 7 August 1926, Elizabeth Humphries born December 1910, died 1967 Johnson City, TN.
C. George Forrest Krell born 20 March 1896, died 21 August 1939, married Emma Morris born 31 December 1897, died 3 February 1971 Columbia, SC, daughter of Stephen Morris and Hattie Minick.
D.   Luther Lonzo Krell born 13 September 1898, died 23 October 1903, buried St. Peter's (Pineywoods) Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.
E. Agnes Rachel Krell born 9 January 1901, died 14 November 1989, married Fred Stockman died 22 January 1973 Newberry County, SC.
F. Blanch Ellen Krell born 24 May 1903, died November 1997, married 23 December 1920, Paul Wendall Stockman.

Children of George Frederick Krell and Lillie Shealy:
G. Coley Luther Krell born 15 July 1907 married 24 August 1935, Cleo Cromer.
H. Dottie Lee Krell married 1) ______ Holtzclaw and 2) Eugene Hamilton Foshee born 1891, died 21 November 1945 Newberry County, SC.
I. Lottie Mae Krell born 12 October 1912, married 18 June 1939,  William P. Bowers born 21 February 1897, died 1 March 1991 Newberry, SC, son of Asa Bowers and Bertha Cromer.
J. William Alexander Krell
K. Claude Woodrow Krell born 26 January 1915, married 18 November 1943, Ozzie Caldwell
L. Eugene Manning Krell married Floy Elizabeth McCartha
M. Harding Leroy Krell married 1) Pattie Derrick and 2) Vera Bruce Evans
VI. Herman F. Krelle born 1864

Children of Andrew George Krelle and Rachel Taylor:
VII. John Krelle born 1872
VIII. Albert Henry Krelle born 1873 Newberry County, SC
IX. Alexander Krelle born 1875 Newberry County, SC, died 1900, buried St. Peter's Lutheran Church.
X. David Krelle born 1877 Newberry County, SC
XI. Aaron Krelle born December 1878 married Mary _____ born November 1879.

A. Clarence Krelle
B. Lola Krelle
C. Pearl Krelle
D. Ira Krelle
E. Evy Lin Krelle

XII. James Aaron Krell born 1879 Newberry County, SC, died 9 March 1951 married 28 December 1898, Mary Elizabeth Amick born 24 November 1880, died 9 August 1955, daughter of Jacob Amick and wife Rosannah. Both buried at Mt. Herman Lutheran Church, West Columbia, SC.

A. Clarence Wilbur Krell, born 25 march 1901, died 12 May 1962, married Eloise Long
B. Lola Alberta Krell born 10 May 1904, died 23 April 1974, married John Ernest Hook born 20 April 1904, died 20 August 1967.
C. Pearl Essie Mae Krell married Clarence Shull.
D. Ira Wilton Krell married Ormiri Cupstid
E. Evelyn Berdie Lee Krell married Elzie Marvin Eargle
F. Gladys Annie Rose Krell married 1) Heber Kirkland 2) James Harmon and 3) B. W. Franklin.

XIII. Luther A. Krelle born 1881 Richland County, SC, married Bessie Brickle born 1886.  All children born in Richland County, SC.

A. Bennie William Krell born 21 August 1904, died 25 February 1988 Murrell's Inlet, SC.
B. Freddie Krell
C. Astor Krell born 1913, died August 1987 Kershaw, SC.
D. Alberta Krell
E. Florine Krell
F. Luther A. Krell, Jr.

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Bio updated 10 March, 2002