Valentin Kuhn Family

Several immigrant Kuhn families arrived in SC between the years 1735 and 1764. The last of these were the families of Valentin and Peter Kuhn. They left Moerzheim, a village in the German Palatinate, in 1764, along with Andrew Marks (W. Hacker, "Auswanderung aus der Rheinpfalz und dem Saarland"). These families arrived Dec 1764 in Charleston on "The Dragon" and "Planter's Adventure." Bounty land on Turkey Creek, now in Edgefield County, was awarded Valentin and Peter Kuhn.

Family of Valentin Kuhn

Valentin Kuhn, born about 1718, died about 1806. Wife named Anna Maria, born about 1731.

I. Barbara Kuhn, born 4 February 1752.
II. Johann Georg Kuhn, born 11 September 1756.
III. Henry Kuhn, born 2 December 1758, died spring of 1815, wife named Mary. He is known in some SC records as John Henry Kuhn.  His family is described below.
IV.  Margaret Kuhn, born about 1765, married John Lips, a signer of St. Peters Church petition for incorporation in 1788.

                                             Family of John Henry Koon

  Names of the children of John Henry Koon and wife, Mary, are found in two equity cases (Jacob Koon vs Mary Koon, et al., Columbia District Equities #21, 1819, and John Koon vs Mary Koon and Thomas Reves, 1835). John Henry Koon is found on the Lexington District "dead roll" of 1815 (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist, SC, 1814-1825"). At his death John Henry Koon owned 100 acres in Richland District on Cedar Creekk; 1OO acres in Lexington District, south side Saluda River; and 137 acres in the Dutch Fork of Lexington District on waters of Rawls Creek. The last tract, just east of St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Irmo, S.C., is where John Henry Koon lived and which land was later owned by son, John Henry Koon, Jr.

  The sons, Jacob and Samuel Koon, served in the War of 1812. Jacob Koon was listed as a Corporal and Samuel Koon a Sargeant (Col. Starling Tucker's Regiment).

A. Catherine Koon, married William Houck. Catherine Houck died before 1819 leaving children: John David, born about 1810; Dorothy, born about 1815; and Sally, born about 1816. According to the 1819 equity, Catherine Koon's husband and children had moved to Tennessee. William Houck is likely the William Haucke who was licensed, in 1814, as a German Reformed Minister and for several years supplied eight churches in the Dutch Fork (J. H. Dobbs, "History of the Reformed Church, German," in American Church History Series 8:329, 1895). Dobbs commented that "With...(Rev. Haucke's departure)... the Reformed churches of South Carolina ceased to exist."
B. Dorothy Koon, born about 1785. Did not marry.
C. Jacob Koon, born about 1786, said to have married Barbara Fletcher. The family lived in Richland District before moving about 1835 to Carroll (later Grenada) County, MS.  Jacob Koon is said to be buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, Grenada County, MS.

1. Leah Koon, born 14 April 1818, died 19 February 1902, married 12 March 1845 (as second wife), John Nason, son of Richard Nason and Margaret Milling. Buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.
2. Jacob Koon, married 25 January 1845, Susan Ray.
3. Eliza Koon, born 16 January 1823, died 1 October 1878, married 27 June 1843, Enoch G. Ely. Enoch G. Ely died about 1844. Eliza Koon Ely and son died in the great Yellow Fever epidemic of 1878 (J. M. Keating "The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 in Memphis, TN, 1879") and are buried in Spring Hill Cemetery.
4. Salina Koon, born about 1824, married 8 February 1842, Haman J. Nipper.
5. George F. Koon, born about 1826, believed to have died in Yellow Fever epidemic of 1878.
6. Thomas Koon, born about 1828,
7. Julia Ann Koon, born about 1830, married 3 October 1848, Robert Dubard.
8. Martha Koon, born about 1832.
9. Drucilla Koon, born about 1834.
10. Nathan Center Koone, born about 1838, died 8 Septeber 1900, married Mildred Irwin Penn, died 26 June 1900,
daughter of Creed Penn. Buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.
11. Sarah Koon, born about 1840.

D. Samuel Koon, died 2 October 1820, married 9 December 1819, Mary Ann Dupree, born 16 November 1804, died 13 May 1853, daughter of Reid Dupree and Mary (Polly) Rives. Samuel Koon is found on the "dead roll" of 1820 (Holcomb, "Memorialized Records"). Samuel Koon died two hours after the birth of his only son in a construction accident while working on the capitol building in Columbia, SC.

1. Samuel Reid Kone, born 2 October 1820, died 3 September 1877, married 18 Marchch 1847, Sylvirah Rebecca Pitts, born 21 May 1828, died 10 May 1910, daughter of John Drayton Pitts and Eliza Permelia Daves.  Samuel R. Kone spelled his name "Kone," pronounced as "Cone". About 1842 Samuel R. Kone and uncle, Louis DuPree, moved to TX and settled Stringtown near San Marcos, TX. Samuel R. Kone and wife are buried in the Pitts-Kone family cemetery.

a. Edward Rieves Kone, born 15 May 1848, died 30 January 1933, married 27 November 1872, Lucinda Martin. TX State Representative.
b. Mary Eliza Kone, born 24 September 1849, died 12 July 1850.
c. John Pitts Kone, born 11 May 1851, married 8 June 1874, Ruby Jackson.
d. Louisa Jane Kone, born 19 May 1853, died 1955, married 1) William H. Harper, and married 2) Rev. Thomas G. Garrett.
e. Samuel Reid Kone, Jr., born 9 May 1855, died 25 December 1941, married 29 November 1882, Laura Medora Smith.
f. Charles Lewis Kone, born 5 April 1857, died 21 October 1878.
g. Rebecca Caroline Phillips Kone, born 6 February 1859, married 23 May 1889, Byron W. Smith.
h. James Malone Kone, born 28 June 1861, died 12 January 1884.
i. Lizzie Pope Kone, born 28 June 1861, died 27 June 1862.
j. Harriette Lee Kone, born 11 August 1863, died 10 March 1906, married 19 November 1984, C. Louis McCay.
k. Henry Davis Kone, born 30 July 1865, married 24 December 1890, Emma W. White.
i. Sidney Cuming Kone, born 7 August 1867, married 11 June 1888, Zim Lawhom.

E. Mary Ann (Polly) Koon, born about 1801, died July 1820.
F. Sarah Koon, born about 1804.
G. John Henry Koon, Jr., born about 1806, died 1842, married 4 December 1828, Sarah Coogler, born about 1810, daughter of John Uriah Coogler and Elizabeth Stack.

1. Mary Elizabeth Koon, born about January 1830, died 18 January 1923, married 28 April 1853, James David Derrick, son of  Jacob Derrick and Nancy Anna Meetze. Mary Elizabeth Derrick Koon is buried at Bethel United Methodist Church, Richland County, SC.
2. William (Billy) Walter Koon, born December 1837, died 8 July 1919, married 28 September 1859, Anna Elizabeth Riddle, born 11 January 1844, died 11 March 1927, daughter of Lewis Riddle and Sarah Ann Hendrix. They are bur. at Pond Branch Methodist Church Cemetery near Gilbert, S.C.

a. Alice Victoria Koon, born 26 July 1860, died 12 April 1925, married Paul Silas Crout.
b. Henry W. Koon, born 26 January 1863, died 3 February 1920, married Josephine (Josie) Long.
c. Sarah F. Koon, born 1866.
d. Pinckney C. Koon, born 8 November 1868, died 22 January 1939, married 27 September 1911, Anne (Polly) Barbara Backman. Buried Boiling Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Gilbert, S.C.
e. John J. Koon, born April 1872, died 9 January 1942, married Lila Harmon.
f. Charley T. Koon, born 6 July 1873, died 27 December 1956, married Rebecca Jane Shirey. Buried Old Lexington Baptist Church Cemetery, Leesville, S.C.
g. Anna Koon, born 1875.
h. Catherine (Kate) Koon, born 5 July 1878, died 27 April 1968, married John Rufus Holley.
i. Rufus Bass Koon, born 6 December 1880, died 15 January 1947, married Belle Smith. Rufus Bass Koon was in the used furniture business in Columbia.
j. Ethel J. Koon, born April 1883, married Murray Monts.
k. Florence Koon, first wife of T. Davis Shealy.

3. Sarah Malissa Koon, born March 1840, died 15 March 1931, married as second wife, George D. Ellisor, born November 1850, died 17 August 1932. They are buried at Bethel Methodist Church, Richland County, SC.
4. Katherine Koon, born January 1842, died 2 July 1940, married Paul Washington (Wash) Shealy, born 1 October 1845, died 9 October 1927, son of John Shealy and Lavenia Bowers. They are buried at Rosemont Cemetery, Clinton, S.C.

H. Margaret Koon, born about 1809, died 1836 (buried 2 October 1836). Was the first wife of John Nicholas Sligh, born 10 January 1807, died 1897.

1. Harrison Joshua Sligh, born about 1830.

I. John Koon, born about 1811 married 11 November 1845, Margaret Elizabeth Ellisor Bouknight, born 12 January 1814, died 17 August 1888, widow of John Bouknight, Jr. They migrated about 1852 to Upshur County, TX, and are buried at Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery near Gilmer, TX.

1. Mary Koon born 1849
2. Amanda Melvinia Koon, born 21 February 1853, Upshur County, TX, died 17 January 1898, married 23 October 1873, William Asa Bullard, born 22 October 1851, died 23 May 1910, son of Ephraim Ira Bullard and Mary Ann Joiner.
3. Eliza (Tince) Koon, born 1856, married 1878, J. J. Walker.

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