Lawrence Lagrone Family

   The families of Lawrence Lagrone and son, Tobias, arrived in S.C. in the year 1752, both families coming on the Upton. According to Werner Hacker's "Auswanderung vom unteren Neckar," they came from the village of Schoenau in the Neckar River region near the city of Heidelburg. Lawrence LeCrown, as Lorentz Gromme, was born 9 Feb 1698, in Schoenau (near Heidelberg, Germany), son of Hans Peter Gromme and wife Anna Margaretha Scheid, who were married on 12 Sep 1692 (Klein Gemund Parish Film #1189164 and #1189168). Laurence LeCrown was granted a 450 acre tract on headwaters of Cannons Creek. Tobias LeCrown was granted a 250 acre tract on Crims Creek, east side of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Newberry District, SC.

 In 1774 Laurence LeCrown entered into an agreement with Frederick Lecrown for Frederick to have a part of Lawrence's 450 acre bounty grant at the death of Lawrence (Newberry Deeds K-176 and Q-2, 288). In 1785, Tobias Lagrone sold part of the 450 acre bounty grant of Lawrence LeCrown to Mathias Reinehart (Newberry Deeds E-133). These deeds say that Tobias Lagrone was son of Lawrence LeCrown and had inherited part of the old bounty grant by LWT of Lawrence LeCrown (Newberry Deeds B-385 and E-133).

   A more detailed account of this family is described in "Lagrone" by Carl W. Nichols (Old Newberry District Quarterly 8(3):33, 1999).

Family of Lawrence LaGrone

I. Tobias LeCrown, born as Tobias Gromme, ca 1722, died after 1786, Newberry District, SC.  Tobias Legrande, son of Lorentz Legrande, married on 22 Nov 1746 Johanna Elisabetha Hoffmann, dau of David Hoffmann and Anna Margaretha _
_______ (Klein Gemund Parish Film #1189164). Several of the sons of Tobias Lagrone gave patriotic service during the American Revolution. Adam (Accounts Audited 4506), Frederick (Accounts Audited 2285), Jacob (Accounts Audited 4395), and John Lacrone (Accounts Audited 4396) all served in the militia under Col. Philemon Waters.

A. Frederick LeCrown, born Friedrich Legrande 22 Aug 1747, and baptized 23 Aug 1747, in Schoenau, Germany, Witnesses: Peter Friedrich Legrande (Klein Gemund Parish Film #1189164), died after 1801, Newberry District, SC, wife's name unknown.
B. Anna Margaret LeCrown, born Anna Margaretha Legrande, 31 Jul 1750, in Schoenau, Germany, Witness: Anna Margaretha Hoffmann, died after 1815, married Matthaus Reinhardt, born 3 Jul 1748, Unterhausen, Germany, died 1808, son of  Johnannes Reinhardt and Agness Staiger (See Johannes Reinhardt Bio)..
C. Elizabeth LeCrown, born 1752
D. John Adam Lagrone, born about 1755, died 1817, married Mary Magdalene Houseal, died February 1832, daugher of  Capt. William Frederick Houseal and Maria Elizabeth Stroman. John Adam Lagrone moved to Edgefield District and in 1811 sold land on Clouds Creek (Edgefield Deeds 32-119) and moved to Williamson County, TN. By 1830 the wife and all but one of the children had moved to AL.

1. Adam Lagrone, born 1781, died 30 December 1857, married 1) Christina Dominick, died 1847, daughter of John Dominick and wife Elizabeth; and married  2) 31 January 1854, Mrs. Osa Motes. Adam Lagrone moved with parents to Williamson County, TN, then to Perry County, AL, and finally to Panola County, TX.
2. William Lagrone, born 28 February 1788, died 6 September 1852, married 24 October 1814, Mary Ann Halfacre, daughter of  Jacob Halfacre. They lived in Williamson County, TN and after the death of Mary Ann Halfacre Lagrone, William Lagrone moved to Carroll County, MS.
3. Barbara Lagrone, born about 1790, died 1870, married Jesse Johnston. They moved to Perry County, AL.
4. Mary Lagrone, born 1791, married Adam Koon/Cone, died 1841, son of George Adam Koon, Sr. They moved to Perry County, AL.
5. John George Lagrone, born 17 May 1792, died 5 June 1870, married 24 February 1820, Elizabeth Rickard, daughter of John Rickard and Margaret Dominick. After the death of Elizabeth Rickard Lagrone in 1856, John George Lagrone moved from Perry County, AL to Milam County, TX.
6. Polly Lagrone, born 1 January 1796, married 1) 5 May 1813, Peter Young, and married 2) 6 June 1816, Samuel Whitman. They lived in Perry County, AL.
7. Catherine Lagrone, born about 1800, married 15 September 1816, Solomon Whitman, son of John Weedaman and wife, Christina Barbara. They lived in Perry County, AL.
8. John Lagrone, married 1 January 1832 in Perry County, AL, Nancy LaGrone, born 27 April 1814, died 1 March 1890. They moved to Noxubee County. MS.
9. Sarah (Sally) Lagrone, born about 1809, married 15 December 1828 Bibb County, AL, Daniel Weldon. They lived in Perry County, AL.

E. John Jacob Lagrone, wife's name unknown, name found as "Pat" in deed of 1800 (Newberry Deeds E-144). Members of this family are found in early records of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria. John Jacob Lagrone was the father of the Lagrones who moved about 1820 to Crawford County, GA. The known children are as follows:

1. Jacob Lagrone, Sr. born 17 October 1785, died 27 July 1863, married October 1810, Catherine Riser, daughter of Martin Riser, Sr. and Christina Sease. About 1820 they moved to Crawford County, GA and later moved to Harrison County, TX.
2. Mary Ann LaGrone, born about 1792, died 1860, Columbia County, AR
3. John Lagrone, born about 1805, married 1) Dicey Rhodes. Moved to AL about 1835 and to Union County, AR about 1842; and married 2) 28 October 1862, Mary Jane Humphreys.

F. John Lagrone, Sr., died 1836/1840, wife said to have been Agnes Hartley. This family moved after 1815 to Edgefield District, settling on Beaverdam Creek  branch of Clouds Creek.   In 1828 John and Agnes Lagrone sold land in Edgefield District to son, Jacob Lagrone (Edgefield Deeds 64, p. 200) and moved to Perry County, AL.

1. John Lagrone, Jr., born about 1790, married Catherine Rinehart, daughter of Adam Rinehart and Nancy Elizabeth Riser. They lived in Perry County, AL.
2. David Lagrone, born 1793, died 26 March 1862, wife named Christina. Lived in Perry County, AL, afterward moved to Noxubee County, MS.
3. Henry Lagrone, born 1798, wife named Mary (Polly). His family moved to Perry County, AL.
4. Nicholas Lagrone, married 10 April 1830, Frances (Fanny) Harrison. Lived in Perry County, AL. Fanny Lagrone, as a widow, moved to Walker County, TX.
5. Adam Lagrone, born 6 April 1804, died 30 December 1877, married 1) Rachel Stephens, and married 2) Anna Haines Woodruff.   Lived in Edgefield District, SC before moving to Perry County, AL and later moved to Monroe, County, MS.
6. Jacob Lagrone, born 27 August 1806, married 22 January 1829, Jerusha McCarty born 10 April 1809 died 19 June 1886. Remained in Edgefield District.

a. Agnes Elizabeth Lagrone born 12 October 1829 died 17 August 1905
b. Mary Matildy Lagrone died August 1908 married 17 March 1859, Dred Warren
c. David Phillip Lagrone born 23 November 1832 died 2 April 1910 married Ella (Alexine) Mobley
d. Permelia Catherine Lagrone born 12 July 1835 married B. F. Smith
e. John William Lagrone born 22 June 1838 died 24 November 1874 married Adeline P. Smith
f. James H. Lagrone born 22 October 1840 died 5 December 1866 married Hasseltine S. Mobley

G. Andrew Lagrone probably a son of Tobias Lagrone. He witnessed the sale of part of the Tobias LeCrown bounty grant in 1801 from Frederick Lagrone to John Lagrone (Newberry Deeds I-207). A German songbook of 1791 is inscribed with the name of Andrew Lagrone and the birthdates of Jacob and Mary Sligh. It is believed that Mary Sligh was a daughter of Andrew Lagrone.  John Lagrone who married Margaret Prisock may also have been a son of Andrew Lagrone.

   Mary Lagrone born 22 September 1779, died 22 November 1849, married Jacob Sligh, born 26 October 1782, died 3 April 1845.

   John Lagrone, married Margaret Prisock, daughter of Frederick Prisock. In 1818, John and Margaret Lagrone sold land to Jacob Sligh (Newberry Deeds Q-2, p. 457).

II. Maria Sofia LeCrown, born about 1727.
III. July Elizabeth LeCrown, born about 1729, married William Stone (Livingston). In 1804 the 100 acre land grant of Ully Leakron on waters of Camping Creek was sold by John Adam Houseal to Joseph Caldwell (Newberry Deeds F-343). The deed states that Juliana Leakron was the lawful wife of William Stone and the land had been transferred in 1781 to Houseal.
IV. Mary Magdelina LeCrown, born about 1731. Had 100 acre survey of 1757 on headwaters of Cannons Creek.   Shown on later adjacent plats as land of Mary Gruber and taken to be a wife of Phillip Gruber. Philip Gruber witnessed deed of 1773 from John Adolph LeGrown to son, John Frederik LeGrown (Charleston Deeds E-4, p. 394).
V. John Adolph LeCrown, born about 1738, died 1794/1800, wife named Ann Mary. John Adolph Legrown had a 100 acre survey of 1765 on headwaters of Livingstons Creek branch of Cannons Creek.   In 1773, John Adolph LeGrown gave the 100 acre tract to his only son & heir, John Frederik LeGrown (Charleston Deeds E-4, p. 394). This land was sold 1810 by John Lagrone to Harman Auhl with 100 acre tract described as Adolph Legrones Old place (Newberry Deeds J-354). John Adolph Lagrown was alive in 1794 when he gave to his grandson, Frederick Lagrown, part of the 450 acre land grant of Lawrence LeCrown (Newberry Deeds C-124). Deed says wife Ann Mary to have life estate in the tract.

   John Frederick Lagrone, only son of John Adolph Lagrone, married Susannah Eigleberger, born 1764, died 25 April 1815, daughter of George Eigleberger, Sr. and Elizabeth Catherine Shealy. Susannah Eigleberger Lagrone married 2) Jacob Counts, whose LWT left to each of his step-children: John Lagronne, Jr., Frederick Lagronne, and Catherine Furr (alias Lagronne).

1. John Legrone, born 24 September 1788, died 21 May 1831, married Mary Magdalene Summer, born 30 August 1795, died 17 May 1880, daughter of Francis Summer. After the death of John Lagrone, Mary Magdalene Summer married Silas Merchant. In 1810, John Lagrone sold the 100 acre land grant of John Adolph LeCrown to Harman Auhl (Newberry Deeds J-354). In the same year John Lagrone bought a 394 acre tract near St. Lukes Church (Newberry Deeds J-328).
2. Frederick Lagrone married Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Martin Taylor. After death of Frederick Lagrone, John Taylor was appointed guardian of Elias and Jacob Lagrone (Newberry Equities Box 26, pkg. 23 and Newberry Court Minutes Book 104, pp. 168-173).
3. Catherine Lagrone, born 6 August 1787, died 13 October 1831, married 30 June 1804, Henry Furr, born 12 July 1779, died 30 April 1836. Buried Scott Cemetery near Mt. Carmel, SC.

VI. Elizabeth LeCrown, born about 1739. 100 acre survey of 1757 on headwaters of Cannons Creek shown on later adjacent plats as land of Jacob Keppleman. Elizabeth Cappelman witnessed deed in 1794 where John Adolph Lagrown gave land to grandson, Fredrick Lagrown (Newberry Deeds C-124).
VII. Laurence LeCrown, born about 1740. No further record found.
VIII. Frederick LeCrown, born about 1748, may have been the person killed as a Tory during the Revolutionary War (R. S. Davis, Jr., "Tories Murdered in the South Carolina Upcountry in the Revolution," SCMAR 11:123, 1981). There was an agreement of 1774 between Laurence Lecrown and Frederick Lecrown for part of the 450 acare bounty grant of Lawrence Lecrown to become Frederick's properity after death of grantee (Newberry Deeds Q-2, 288 and K-1 76). This tract was sold 1802 by John Lagrone, wife Christina, to Abraham Taylor (Newberry Deeds K-178). In the same year John Lagrone sold a tract he had bought in 1800 from Wm Taylor to Gasper Pester (Newberry Deeds E-373 and 372). Witnesses to the latter deed were Andrew Cromer and Andrew Cromer, Jr. John Lagrone, son of Frederick Lagrone, married Mary Christine Cromer, daughter of Andrew Cromer and his wife, Mary.

Submitter: Carl W. Nichols

Correpsonding Editor:  John T. Nichols,

Bio updated 1 May 2004