Christopher Leitner Family

The family of Christopher Leytner came to SC in 1752 on the Rowand. At that time Christian Leytner had a wife and 3 children: Eva about 24, Michael about 18 and John about 15 yrs. old.  His land grant of 250 acres on Second Creek was transferred to son, Michael Leitner, who died intestate with land devolving on son, Christian Leitner who sold the tract to John Henry Gallman
(Newberry Deeds L-51) and in 1792 to Conrad Zuber (Newberry Deeds D-218).

I. Eva Leitner
II. Maj. Michael Leitner, born about 1734, died about 1790, married Maria Beard, supposedly a sister of Col. Jonas Beard. Michael Leitner was Justice of the Peace, and from 1775-1781 was a member of the Second Provincial Congress from upper Orangeburgh District.  During the Revolutionary War, he was Captain, then Major of Cavalry Troops.

  Michael Leitner lived on Crims Creek John Christian Leitner, son of  Michael Leitner, at the time of his death, owned the land grant of Francis Helo and which he probably inherited from his father. Earlier records indicate that John Wendell Hallman had at one time owned this land. At the death of John Christian Leitner the grant was broken up among Maria Leitner (mother of John Christian Leitner) and his sisters and brothers of John Christian Leitner. A portion of the land was sold to Jacob Counts with the deed listing the names of the sisters of John Christian Leitner and their husbands (Newberry Deeds J-94).

                                   Family of Michael Leitner and Maria Beard

A. Mary Leitner, married Dr. Henry F. Schmitz died 1826

1. John Adam Schmitz, born about 1802, married Mary A. ________.
2. Benjamin F. Schmitz

B. Anna Margaretta Leitner, died about 1807, married George Adam Setzler, Sr. born 1761 (Blacksmith), son of John Adam Setzler, Sr. (Gunsmith) and Anna Christina Mller.

1. Jacob Setzler, died about June 1812, married June 1805, Margaret Fulmer, born about 1790, died September 1862, who married 2) Honorius Shepperd.
2. Mary Elizabeth Setzler, married William Frederick Houseal, Jr., born 10 February 1785, died 5 September 1876, son of Capt. William Frederick Houseal, Sr. and Anna Maria Geiselhart.
3. George Adam Setzler, died about August 1817.
4. William Setzler, born about 1798, moved to Pontotoc County, MS.

C. Eve Christina Leitner married 1) John Adam Epting, born 1773, died 1801, son of Adam Frederick Epting and Anna Christina Setzler Black ; and married 2) Martin Koon, born 3 July 1784, son of John Henry Kuhn and Maria Ursula Shealy.

Children by John Adam Epting:
1. Elizabeth Epting
2. Mary Epting

Child by Martin Koon:
3. Katherine Koon, born about 1803, married David Cromer, born about 1803, died 26 August 1858, son of John George Cromer, Sr. and wife, Margaret

D. Catherine Leitner, married John Adam Setzler III, born 18 December 1777, died 30 January 1835, married 17 November 1801, son of John Adam Setzler, Jr. and wife Barbara. Buried at St. John's Church Cemetery.

1. Eve Setzler, born 1806, second wife of John Adam Hipp. Buried St. John's Church Cemetery.
2. George A. Setzler, born 12 August 1812, died 1 October 1886, married 1) Harriett Shartel Suber, born 17 November 1816, died 22 December 1838; married 2) 22 December 1840, Anna Margaret Suber, died November 1843; married 3) Martha Catherine Metts, born 16 August 1812, died 3 January 1898.
3. Elizabeth Setzler, born about 1813, married Martin Suber
4. Mary A. Setzler, died 21 April 1843. Buried St. John's Church Cemetery.

E. John Christian Leitner, died 1806. Did not marry.

III. John Leitner, born about 1737. The 100 acre survey of 1772 to Michael Earlybush on Buffalo Creek was sold in 1775 to Michael Leitner and from Leitner given 1786 to nephew, John Leitner
(Priester to Long, Newberry Deeds E-166). This document reveals that John Leitner, brother of Michael Leitner, had a son, also named John. John Leitner is found on 1790 census of Newberry District in the Buffalo Creek area. In 1791 John Leitner sold this land to John Priester.

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