John Jacob Lightsey Family

Johannes Jacob Lightsey (Leitzenger in SC Colonial record) was an early Dutch Fork settler, his family being among Palatines brought to SC by John Jacob Ramensperger. Lightsey petitioned in 1749 for bounty at which time he had a wife and 4 children.  A 300 acre survey near the mouth of Cannons Creek was awarded Lightsey. This land was shown on adjacent late Colonial surveys as being owned by Jacob Litzey and Nicholas Bundrick.

In 1831, a portion of the bounty grant was sold by David Litzey (Newberry Deeds R-1831), son of Jacob Leitzey.

   In 1794, Jacob Leitze, Sr. and Jr. signed the petition for incorporation of St. John's Church, Pomaria.

  The family of John Jacob Lightsey is described in "The Lightsey Family History" by Patricia Lightsey Davis (1990).


I. John George Lightsey, born about 1735, died before 1816, wife believed to have been named Mary.  George Litzey had a 200 acre late Colonial survey on Bear Creek and had two smaller tracts near the mouth of Cannons Creek.  The children of George Lightsey settled in Barnwell District, SC, and several of them later moved to AL.

A. Jacob Lightsey, died about 1810, wife named Mary. Moved to Wayne County, GA.

1. Jacob Lightsey, born 1810, died 8 February 1896, married 27 March 1831, Mary Hiers, born 1815, died 18 November 1896, daughter of Joseph Hiers and Martha (Patsy) Strickland.
B. John Lightsey, born 1765/1775, died before 3 November 1823, married Barbara Riser, born 1763, died before  26 October 1868, daughter of  George Martin Riser and Francina Counts.  They moved to Barnwell District, SC, later to Bibb County, AL.

1. Agnes Lightsey, born 18 August 1792, died 10 March 1870, married George Kinard, born about 1790, died before 1848, believed to be son of Daniel Kinard, Sr.
2. Eve Lightsey, born about 1790, died before 1868, married George Bishop, born 1800/1810, died before 1868.
3. Catherine Lightsey, born about 1798, died after 1868, married before 1825, James
4. David Lightsey, born 11 October 1798, died 5 March 1855, married  Penelope Barnes, born 7 June 1800, died 13 June 1859.  Both buried Mt. Zion Church Cemetery, Bibb County, AL.
5. Mary Lightsey, born about 1802, died before 1868, married about 1825, John McKinney.
6. John Lightsey, Jr., born about 1804, Barnwell District, SC, married Susannah Cruise, born about 1800.
7. Solomon L. Lightsey, born 1807, Barnwell District, SC, died 1891, Palmer, Ellis County, TX, married 25 October 1838, Bibb County, AL, Melinda Risinger, born 23 June 1813,
Bibb County, AL, died 4 October 1899, Bibb County, AL. He is buried at Palmer Cemetery, Palmer, TX.
8. Daniel Lightsey, born 1808, died 14 May 1847, Bossier Parish, LA, married 14 May
1829, Bibb County, AL, Sarah Frances Chism, born TN.
9. Jacob H. Lightsey, born 25 February 1810, Barnwell District, SC, died 23 July 1858,
married 24 December 1835, Bibb County, AL, Joannah Snead, born 25 July 1812, died 19 August 1863.  Jacob is buried at Mt. Zion Church cemetery, Bibb County, AL.
10. Hannah B. Lightsey, born 7 November 1812, Barnwell District, SC, died 27 January 1863, married 9 January 1834, Elias Bishop, born 21 December 1806, died 26 June 1898.  Hannah is buried at Sandy Chapel, Bibb County, AL.
11. Elizabeth Lightsey, born about 1814, died 1916, married 3 June 1839, Bibb County, AL,
Eli Patterson Cruise, born about 1816.

C. David Lightsey, wife named Mary.  Lived in Barnwell District, SC.

1. Samuel Lightsey, born 22 May 1806, died 15 September 1878, Statenville, GA, married 15 June 1829, Mary Martha Zeigler, born 12 October 1814.
2. Jacob Lightsey, born 1812, died 1872, Chatham County, GA, wife named Mary, born 1812.
3. Elizabeth Susanne Lightsey, born 1813, died 16 December 1871, married Samuel C.
Richardson, born 1808, died 5 March 1873.
4. Catherine Lightsey, born about 1817.

D. John Lightsey, lived in Barnwell and Colleton Districts, SC. 
E. Abraham Lightsey, wife named Susannah.  Lived in Colleton District, SC.

[NOTE: Abraham Lites (Lightsey) b. Dec. 4, 1786, d. July 17, 1859 and married Jane Atkins Sept. 5, 1816. She is the daughter of Robert Yeldell Atkins and Jane Barnett. Jane Atkins was born Feb 2, 1801. Abraham Lites and Jane Atkins Lites are my 2nd Great Grandparents on my Father's side. This is recorded in the Lites Family Bible and Jennings Bible. I have all of their children's names and D.O.B. as well, if you need that info. - Ellie Guthrie]

II. Jacob Leitzey, born about 1740, died about May 1816, married Anna Maria Shealy,
born 25 December 1750, daughter of Johann Schle and Margaret Haupter.
A. John David Leitzey, born about 1773, died July 1851, married Christianna Sligh, born
about 1791, daughter of  John Jacob Sligh and wife, Christina.

1. John Anderson Leitzsey, born about 1815, died 1 July 1847, married 1) Harriet Riser, born 1822, died 14 December 1844, daughter of Martin Riser and Christina Rikard; married 2) Elma Hogg Sligh, born 27 May 1809, died 16 November 1901, widow of John T. Sligh.
2. Jacob Godfrey Leitzsey, born about 1823, died 27 July 1865, married Catherine Cromer, born 16 January 1818, died 6 June 1893, daughter of  John Frederick Cromer and Barbara
3. David Benson Leitzsey, born about 1826, died 21 November 1857, married 1) Sarah
Caroline Lavinia Sligh, born 22 November 1830, died 7 May 1856, daughter of  Jacob Sligh and Nancy Johnson Cannon; married 2) Mrs. Frances Christiana Piester Hutchinson, born
about 1827, died 21 January 1905, daughter of  John A. Piester and Sarah Sligh; widow of
Louis Hutchinson.

B. John Leitzey, born before 1774, died 1816-20.
C. George Leitzey, born 1774/84, died October 1816, married Mary Elizabeth Minick, born
1771/1784, died after 1832, daughter of  George Bartholomew Minick and Mary Magdalena
Summer.  After the death of George Leitzey she married, secondly, Andrew Caughman.

1. George Leitzey, Jr., died October 1828, married Eve Margaret Shealy, daughter of  Matthias Shealy and wife Margaret.  Lived in Edgefield District, SC.
2. Mary (Millie) Leitzey, born 1797/1800, died after 1860, married (as second wife)
Benjamin Hughes, born 1759, died 1850. They moved to Coweta County, GA. After
death of Benjamin Hughes, Mary lived in St. Clair County, AL, with daughter Martha .
3. Eve Margaret Leitzey, married David Shealy, son of  Martin Shealy and Maria Christina Quattlebaum Barre.
4. Mary Elizabeth Leitzey, born about 1802, married George Bartholomew (Bartley) Long, son of  George Bartholomew Long, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Minick
5. Mary Magdaline (Polly) Leitzey, born 10 August 1810, died 25 November 1865, married Shadrack Vansant, born 5 September 1799, died 3 January 1883. Moved to Coweta County, GA.  They are buried at Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church cemetery, Haralson, GA.
6. Jacob Leitzey, born 1810/15.
7. John Leitzey, born about 1815

D. John Adam Leitzey, born 8 April 1779, died 24 June 1835 (Beaufort District, SC), married Rebecca Mole, born 15 April 1783, died 24 June 1839.

1. Annie Suzanna Lightsey, born 10 August 1802, died 12 August 1884, married David Rivers, Jr.
2. John Frederick Lightsey, born 4 September 1804, died 27 May 1864, married Terissa
Kinard, born 29 October 1809.
3. William Henry Lightsey, born 1805, died 1850, married Elizabeth Gooding., born 1806.
4. George Lightsey, born 1808.
5. Elizabeth Lightsey, born 25 December 1809, married Henry Joel Harter, born 1807.

E. Mary Leitzey, born 1784/94, married George Bundrick, son of Nicholas Bundrick.

III. Mary Litecey. In 1774, Mary Litcey obtained a 100 acre grant on waters of
Wateree Creek branch of Camping Creek.   The whereabouts of her grant are known from
later deeds in which much of her grant and a 336 acre survey for Ulrick Mayer were sold as a single tract of land (Lexington Deeds R-253, etc). It is possible that Mary Litecey was the wife of Jacob Fulmer.  Ulrick Mayers land was surveyed in 1794 showing, at that time, Jacob Fulmer as an adjacent land owner and several earlier adjacent grants to other people.      

Bio updated 28 October, 2002