Jacob Lindler Family

Jacob Lindler and his wife, Walberger came to SC in 1752 on the Elizabeth, Capt. Ross. In his petition for 100 acres of bounty land on 18 December 1754, he indicates that he and wife, Miss Walberger ________, arrived about eighteen months prior to petitioning and that their passage was paid. The 100 acre grant was in what is now Fairfield County.

Sometime between 1754 and 1762, his first wife died and Jacob Lindler moved to the Wateree Creek area of the Dutch Fork. His two sons, Jacob, Jr. and George, were born between 1755 and 1760 and presumably were children by the first wife, Walberger.

  On 2 October 1762, Jacob Lindler is listed in SC Quit Rent records as paying on the 50 acres of land on 9 January 1755 to Anna Maria Wilder. He states he has married her. He also pays on 100 acres that he states he has sold, presumably his 100 acre grant of 1754.

Anna Maria Wilder, petitioned on 19 February 1753 for bounty, stating she had sailed from Rotterdam, Holland to Charles Town, on the ship Elizabeth, Captain Ross. She had come to this Province with her brother John Wilder and his family. Her land was granted on 9 January 1755. It was located on Weaver's Creek a branch of Wateree Creek near St. Jacob's Church. In March of 1788, Jacob Lindler was granted 134 acres of land on Weavers Creek, a branch of Wateree Creek, bounded by Anna Maria Wilder's bounty grant.

  The Petition for Incorporation of the St. Jacobs Lutheran Church in 1788 was signed by Jacob Lindler and Jacob Lindler Jr.

  The will of Jacob Lindler has not been located, however, deeds reveal that George Lindler , received his land by "Will of his father Jacob".

Children of Jacob Lindler and _______ Walberger :
I. Jacob Lindler Jr. born about 1755 SC died before 1800 SC married 1) Sara Eargle born 1764 daughter of Michael Eargle and Magdelena Reister and 2) Catherine Eargle born 1775 died 1836 SC daughter of Michael Eargle and Magdelena Reister.

Children of Jacob Lindler, Jr. & Sara Eargle:
A. Elizabeth Catherine Lindler born 5 November 1789 died 7 October 1872 married Abraham (Abram) Fulmer born 10 August.1791 died 15 April 1854 Peak, SC.

1. Mary Magdalena Fulmer born 1 October 1813
2. John Adam Fulmer born 24 December 1815
3. Catherine Elizabeth Fulmer born 10 November 1817
4. Nancy A. Fulmer born October 1821
5. Emily Fulmer born 9 March 1825
6. Mary Ann Fulmer born 10 November 1828

B. Jacob Lindler III born about 1790 married about 1822 1) Catherine Bozard born about 1800 died about 1840 and married 2) about 1842, Keziah Shumpert.

Children by Catherine Bozard:
1. Jacob Lemuel Lindler born 26 January 1823
2. William Hartwell Lindler born 20 May 1824

Children by Keziah Shumpert:
3. Daniel Noah Lindler born about 1842
4. Anna Barbara Lindler born about 1844 married Thomas Miller
5. Sarah Ann Elizabeth Lindler born about 1847
6. Joseph Benjamin Lindler born about 1849
7. C. N. Lindler

C. Christina Lindler born 1790 married Jacob Oxner Jr.

1. John Oxner born 23 February 1820 married Martha _____ born about 1830
2. Nancy Anna Oxner born 14 February 1823

D. Michael Lindler born about 1792 died 2 December 1857 married 1) 19 March 1840, Kesiah Eargle born 18 January 1821 died 13 January 1843 daughter of George Michael Eargle and Nancy Stagner.

1. Samuel Godfrey Lindler born 29 December 1842
2. Infant Lindler born 29 December 1842 buried 11 January 1843 (Journal of Rev. Godfrey Dreher)

E. John Lindler born about 1800 died 1835-1840 married Mary Magdalene Aull born 9 August 1806 died 4 August 1899 daughter of George Aull and Mary Margaret Minnick.

1. William F. Lindler born 30 July 1821 married Mary Elizabeth Eargle.
2. Jacob Lindler born 25 August 1822 married Sallie Eargle.
3. John Lindler born 20 September 1823 married Rosanna Mahale Eargle.
4. Anna Lindler born 5 December 1825 married Joshua McCartha.
5. Mary Caroline Lindler born 14 July 1829 married Noah R. Amick.

Children of Jacob Lindler, Jr. and Catherine Eargle:
F. George Lindler Jr. born 1800-1810 died before 1850 Richland District, SC married Ann Sybil Graddick born 27 May 1808 died 18 July 1889 Lovejoy, GA buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Clayton, GA.

1. Thomas D. T. Lindler born about 1834
2. Elizabeth Priscilla Lindler born about  1836 married Edward J. Stanford (or Standfield)
3. Israel Emanuel Lindler born 2 December 1837 married Elmira A. Fortson.
4. James G. Lindler born 15 September 1839 died 17 October 1857, buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, GA
5. Tillman H. D. Lindler born about 1841 died 7 April 1863, Guinea Station, VA

G. David B. Lindler born 6 December 1804 died 29 November 1883 married Mary Magdalene Aull born 9 August 1806 died 4 August 1899 widow of half brother, John Lindler

1. Catherine Lindler born 5  June 1848

H. Mary Lindler born about 1810
I. Barbara Lindler born about 1812
J. Eve Margaret Lindler born 1814 buried 20 May 1854
K. Elizabeth Lindler born about 1816

II. George Lindler I born 1755-1760 died 1810-1820 married _____ _____.
A. George Lindler II born 23 August 1783 died June 1854 married Raganel Lucas born about 1775

1. Jacob Lindler born 13 December 1802 married Margaret Boyd.
2. Harriet Lindler born about 1804 married Thomas L. Veale.
3. Sallie Lindler born 1 September 1807 married David Shealy.
4. Katherine Lindler born about 1811 married Christian Sites.
5. John George Lindler born 30 September 1813 married Amelia Bouknight.
6. Mary Lindler born about 1816 married Richard Bickley.

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