TAndrew Mayer Family

 Andreas Meyer came brought his family to SC in 1752, arriving on the Caledonia. Andreas Meyer was born 3 June 1707 in Merklingen, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany. He was a brick mason by trade and the son of Ulrich Meyer (Farm laborer) and Johanna Hochst„tter. On 17 November 1734 he married Barbara Bez in Merklingen. According to the German record, he went with wife and seven children to Ebenezer (Georgia).

 At the tim of his petition Andreas Meyer had a wife and six children: Ursula, 17, Worley 16, Joanna 14, Jacob 12, Barbara 6, and Andreas 4. A grant of 400 acres on Crims Creek was located near St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria. The early records of this family have been described in "Some Documents Concerning the Myers-Mayer Family" by B. H. Holcomb (SC Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 25(1), 1997.

 Ulrich Meyer obtained a Memorial in 1767 for the western half (200 acres) of the Andrew Meyer grant (Memorials 9-237). The Memorial says the land was conveyed in 1763 to Ulrick Meyer. Ulrick Mayer sold this land in 1795 to Peter Stockman (Dickert to Koone, Newberry Deeds F-296). The remainder of the original bounty grant of Andrew Meyer may have been sold by the grantee to

the family of Benedict Kuhn as there are several deeds dealing with transfers of land in the eastern half of the grant of this Kuhn family.

 Ulrich Mayer, Sr; Ulrich Maier; and Benedict Mayer were signers of the petition of incorporation for St. John's Church in 1794. In 1808 the name of Benedict Mayer is found among members of St. John's Church. In the following years, Andreas Mayer 's name is found in membership lists of St. John's Church.


I. Ursula Meyer, born 12 May 1735.

  1. Ulrick Meyer, born 12 September 1736, died 14 December 1803 married 1) Maria Agnes Geiselhardt, born 14 December 1841, daughter of Johannes Geiselhardt and Anna Maria Herrmann. He married 2) Ann Catherine Frick born 30 February 1755 died 30 December 1815 daughter of Johann Thomas Frick and Anna Catharina Batzer. Ulrick Mayer lived in the St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church area and was among Trustees of the original St. Peter's Church (1794).

 Children of Ulrick Mayer, Sr. by Maria Agnes Geiselhardt:

  1. John Benedict Mayer born 2 September 1761 died 11 November 1817, married Eve Margaret Summer born 1775 daughter of John Adam Summer, Jr. and Mary Reese. They lived near Peak, SC and had large land holding.
  1. Adam Mayer, born 4 September 1797, died 17 April 1834, married Mary Magdalene Counts daughter of Capt. Jacob Counts and Susanna Margaret Eichelberger.
    1. Orlando Benedict Mayer, M.D., born 24 February 1818, died 16 July 1891, married 1) Mary A. Davis; married 2) Caroline Nancy DeWalt, and married 3) Mrs. Louisa Counts Kinard, widow of H. H. Kinard.
    2. Frances Mayer, born 24 May 1823, died 8 February 1900.
    3. Susannah Margaret Mayer, born about 1821, died 2 November 1847, married Dr. George M. Bates.
  1. Andrew Mayer/Moyer, born 18 June 1769, died 19 February 1839, married Mary Ann Maria Morris, born 13 April 1773, died 10 August 1843. Andrew Mayer is presumed to have been a son of Ulrick Mayer, Sr. and his first wife. Andrew Mayer is found on the 1800 census of Lexington District in same neighborhood as Ulrick Mayer, Sr. Land was sold in the St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church neighborhood in 1794 by Ulrick Mayer, Sr. and wife, Catherine, to Andrew Mayer. Andrew Moyer moved about 1825 to Edgefield District and settled in the Mt. Calvary Church community near Johnston, SC. Children: John, Jacob, Levi, Andrew, Polly, Mary, Katie, and Mollie Maria Moyer.
  1. Ulrich Mayer, Jr., born 10 December 1771, married October 1797, Elisabeth Frick born 18 August 1778, daughter of Thomas Frick and Anna Maria Rittheimer. (Mayer Bible Record states: Anno Domini 1771 on the 10th day of December was born Ulrich Mayer, Jur. his father was Ulrich Mayer, Ser and his mother Mary Agens Geiselhart, sponsors in Baptism were Benedict Koon and his wife. Anno Domini 1778 on the 18th day of August was born Elisabeth Frick her father was Thomas Frick and her mother Anna Mary Rittheimer, sponsors in Baptism were Henry Aunsel and his wife Christena. Anno Domini 1797 in the month of October the above named Ulrich Mayer and Elisabeth Frick were joined in Holy Matrimony and were blessed with an off spring of four children of which two died in their infancy and commenced a blessed eternity. Soli Deo Gloria).
  1. John Mayer, born 27 December 1804, died 17 December 1895, married 1) Catherine Wertz born 20 March 1805, died 8 November 1826, daughter of George Henry Wertz and Molly Singley; married 2) Christener Wertz, born 7 April 1808, died 9 February 1897, sister of Catherine Wertz. All buried Mayer Family Cemetery.
  2. Christener Mayer, born about 1805, died 9 November 1855, married John M. Fikes, born about 1795, died 4 December 1854. Buried Sease-Fikes Cemetery, Lexington County, SC.

 Children of Ulrick Mayer, Sr. by Ann Cathern Frick:

  1. Christener Mayer, born 16 August 1782, died 11 February 1853.
  2. George Adam Mayer, b. about 1784, m. (1) Anna Mary Swygert, daughter of John George Swygert and Angelica Haltiwanger; m. ( 2) Nancy Anna Derrick, b. about 1808, died 25 Jan 1875, d/o Andrew Derrick & Catherine Hiller. After the death of George Mayer, Nancy Anna married Rev. Emanuel Caughman.
  3. Katherine Mayer, born 16 November 1787, died 14 March 1859, married John Jacob Bowers, born 6 March 1774, died 26 April 1859, son of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Barbara Hermann.
  4. Elizabeth Mayer, died 1825, married John Simeon Wheeler, born 30 May 1793, died 27 January 1871, son of George Wheeler and Barbara Addy.
  5. Jacob Mayer, born 1 May 1793, died 24 November 1860, married 29 February 1820, Anna Mary Wertz, born 7 July 1799, 21 July 1855, daughter of George Henry Werts and Molly Singley.
  1. George Mayer, born 4 December 1820, died 28 July 1899, married 16 November 1841, Louisa L. Swygert.
  2. John Adam Mayer, born 25 October 1829, died 2 March 1852, married Mary Ann Shealy.
  3. Jacob P. Mayer, born 2 December 1833, died 18 December 1854.
  4. Juliann Elizabeth Mayer, born 15 March 1838, died 21 November 1932, married 25 January 1858, Adam Washington Monts.
  5. Anderson Godfrey Mayer, born 23 March 1840, died 9 October 1930, married 15 March 1866, Frances G. Adams.
  1. George Mayer, married Nancy Derrick, daughter of Andrew Derrick and Catherine Hiller.

III. Joanna Meyer, born 10 September 1738.

  1. Jacob Meyer, born 21 January 1741.
  1. Barbara Meyer, born 17 July 1746, married Henry Siteman born 11 May 1741 (Germany), died 10 December 1813, buried at Lower Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia. Barbara Meyer had a late Colonial grant on Camping Creek which was sold by Barbara Meayer, alias Siteman, to Jacob Folk (Smith to Wheeler, Newberry Deeds O-52). Henry Siteman, a tailor, came to SC at the age of 16, and settled in the Crims Creek area. During the Revolutionary War, Siteman served with Loyalist forces, and left S.C. with the evacuation of British troops from Charleston. His family settled in Nova Scotia. (Information on this family was provided by Howard MacLean - hmaclean@ma.ultranet.com )
  1. Henry Siteman, born about 1767, married 24 December 1792, Elizabeth Day, at Dutch Church, Halifax.
  2. John George Siteman, born about 1769, married Anne Elizabeth Garrett.
  3. Anna Barbara Siteman, born about 1771, married 1) George Henry Webber; married 2) George Shelnut.
  4. Anne Catherine, born about 1773, married John Webber.
  5. Susannah Margaret, born 11 June 1783, Nova Scotia, died 29 October 1859, married Samuel Webber.
  6. Catherine Elizabeth, born 6 July 1785, died 16 June 1837, married John Newcombe.
  7. Andrew, born 25 December 1789, married Susanna Catherine Garrett.
  8. Sophia Charlotte, born 10 April 1791, baptized at Dutch Church, Halifax, married John Michael Eisan.
  1. Andreas Meyer, born 6 December 1748. Moved to Nova Scotia as a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War.

VIII. Georg Meyer, born 13 December 1750.


 George Mayer/Myers, born about 1767, died 21 January 1861, married Rachel Wicker, born about 1772, died 1 May 1862, daughter of John Henry Wicker, Sr. George Mayer may have been a son of Ulrick Mayer, Sr., by his first wife. This family moved to Union County, SC about 1820 and are buried at Padgett's Creel Baptist Church in Union County, SC. Mathias Myers, born 1803, died 1867, was a son of this couple.

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