Peter Mickler Family




I. Peter Mickler, Jr., b. about 1755. Described below.

II. Jacob Mickler, b. about 1756. Described below.

III. Margaret Mickler, b. about 1784, m. __ Younginer.

IV. Daniel Mickler.

V. Ann Maria Sylvia Mickler, m. (1) __ Beard; m. (2) __ Turnipseed.

VI. Margaret Rebecca Mickler, m. John Christopher Sharp, b. Nov 1753, d. Lex.Dist., SC, s/o        Christopher Scherb/Sharp & Anna Maria Caughman/Meetze.


I. Peter Mickler, Jr., b. about 1755, d. 1814, m. Barbara Sistrunk, b. about 1772, d/o Henry Sistrunk, II, and Nancy Mary Magdaline Ehysteen. Probate, Fairfield Co File 25, Pkg. 360. He was granted 100 acres in 1791 on Little Stroop's Cr. near Broad River, Lexington Co., SC. Peter Mickler lived near Bethlehem Lutheran Church, located at that time near Faust Ford on Broad River and was among signers for petition of incorporation of Bethlehem Church (1788).

    A. Christian Mickler, b. 15 sept 1792, d. 1 Mar 1877, m. (1) Mary Polly Bouknight,   b.11 Mar 1798, d. 14 Sep 1867, d/o John Ban knight & Nancy Ann Seastrunk. Both  buried at Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery, Irmo, SC.Christian Mickler m. (2) Caroline Elizabeth Bouknight Bickley, d/o Jesse Bouknight & Naomi Meetze, and widow of James Morgan Bickley. Will in SC Archives, Box 72, Pkg. 9;  Lex. Gen. Ex. Vol. 6, Bk 1, p. 12. No issue by 2nd marriage.

    1. Evelina Mickler, b. about 1816, m. (1) John Graddick, d. about 1847 s/o John Graddick     and Catherine Leitner; lived in Edgefield Co., SC. She is also listed as "Ibilina" in some     records. Married (2) __ Smith.

    a. Charlotte D. E/L. Graddick, b. 28 Mar 1838, m. Ed Smith.

    b. Fletcher Christian Graddick, b. 3 Jun 1839, d. 7 Aug 1861. He was sick immediately  after the Battle of Manassas and died in Culpepper, VA. He is buried at Butler Methodist Church, Saluda Co., SC; single.

    c. Whitfield D. D. Graddick, b. 12 Dec 1841, Richland Co., SC, d. 18 Oct 1876, Edgefield     Co., SC, m. (1) __ Whitt; m. (2) Eliza Coleman, b. 18 Oct 1845, d. 22   May 1905, d/o     Andrew Coleman. After Whitfield's death, Eliza m. (2) __ Smith.

    d. Elias B. S. Graddick, b. about 1845, m. __ Jennings. 

    e. John F. S. Graddick, b. 24 Dec 1846, m. __ Whitt.

    2. E. Louisa Mickler, b. 13 Jan 1818, d. 31 Mar 1887, m. John S. Smith, b. 14 Feb 1795, d  24 Apr 1878, s/o John Smith (17701835) & Elizabeth Kencler (17721854). Both buried Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery, Irmo, SC.

    `a. Harriet Mariah Smith, b. 20 Mar 1835, d. 31 Mar 1887, m. Joseph Irvin Bauknight, b. 2 Oct 1829, SC, d. 9 Mar 1869, s/o Jacob & Mary A. Bauknight Both buried St. Johns Lutheran Church, Walhalla, SC.

    b. John Wesley M. Smith, b. about 1837, d. Civil War.

    c. Charlotte Louisa Smith, b. 17 Jul 1840, d. 26 Nov 1919, m. 22 Feb 1868, George Crisswell Haltiwanger, b. 5 Dec 1838, d. 25 Nov 1920, s/o David Haltiwanger & Mary Elizabeth Eleazer.

    d. Mary Anne E. Smith, b. Jan 1843, d. 20 Jan 1914, m. John Bauknight.

    e. Martha Caroline Theora Smith, b. 16 Oct 1848, d. 1 May 1945, m. Luther Sherod     Mathias, b. 4 Nov 1844, d. 11 Sep 1922, s/o Samuel Thomas Mathias & Joanna Eve  "Jane" Bouknight.

    3. John Peter Mickler, b. 21 Apr 1824, Lex. Co., SC, d. 1894, Greenwood, SC, m.16 Dec      1845, Carolina A. "Carrie" Smith, b. 8 Oct 1826, Newberry Co., SC d. 15 Oct 1904, Greenwood, SC. They lived in Saluda & Greenwood counties. Both are buried in Greenwood, SC. He served as Captain during the Civil War.

    a. Frances Catherine "Fannie" Mickler, b. 22 Jan 1847, d. 3 Jan 1930, m. 14 Dec 1865,    Richard Coleman Strother, b. 4 Apr 1840, Edgefield Co., SC, s/o William Augustus Strother & Nancy Coleman.

    b. Hassie Mickler, b. 5 May 1850, d. 1925, m. William Augustus Strother, b. 14 Feb 1845, d. May 1929, s/o George James Strother & Eloise Bates.

    c. John Christian Mickler, d. 1925, m. Dora Pritchford d/o Westley Pritchford & __ Neville (of Oconee Co., SC).

    4. Charlotte E. Mickler, b. 3 Nov 1825, d. 5 Sep 1905, m. Jerry Mobley, brother of John Mobley. He was from NC, settled near Fruit Hill, Edgefield Co., SC.

    a. Hassie Mobley, m. Jim LaCrone (LaGrone?).

    b. Ella Mobley, m. Dr. Dave LaCrone (LaGrone?).

    c. Jim Mobley.

    d. Lattie Mobley.

    e. Peter Mobley.

    5. Jermima Rosanny Mickler, b. 8 Jul 1826, m. John Mobley.

    6. Drucilla T. P. Mickler, b. 21 Oet 1832, d. 25 Dec 1917, m. 5 Dec 1848, James Porter Smith, b. 1 Jan 1824, d. 2 Apr 1902, s/o Thomas Smith (17881853) & wife, Polly.

    a. Thomas Napoleon Smith, m. __ Williams.

    b. C. M. Smith, m. __ Mobley.

    c. L. M. Smith, m. Lula Williams.

    d. V. P. Smith, m. Lee Griner.

    e. Susan A. Smith, b. 1858, d. 1947, m. James P. Bauknight, b. Jan 1844, d. 1923, s/o Jacob Bauknight & Mary A. Smith (Bauknight history). Both buried Gainsville, FL.

    f. Rosa Smith, m. Sam Fleming.

    g. Lula Smith, m. J. N. Rawls.

    h. Vida Hazel Smith, m. (1) W. Hazel; m. (2) 15 Jun 1904, Capers Bachman Bauknight,    b. 14 Aug 1854, d. 2 Apr 1924, s/o Dr. Elias Bauknight & 2) Janie  Elizabeth Mitchell.

    7. Fannie Mickler, m.  Strother.


    II. Jacob Mickler, b. about 1756, SC, d. about 1809; buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Camden Co., GA, m. Eve __, d. 1827; buried; unmarked; St. Mary's Cemetery, beside 2nd husband. Their family moved to St. Mary's, GA about 1790; made will on 1 May 1809; Eve judged as insane in 1827 & William appointed guardian. She married (2) James Mickles Wright. He and Eve are buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Camden Co., GA.

    A. Peter Mickler, III, b. about 1775, d. 25 Nov 1839, FL, m. 28 Dec 1797, Lydia Allen, b. 29 Dec 1774, d. 12 Apr 1840. They moved with his brother from Camden Co., GA, to St. Augustine, FL.

      1. Daniel Mickler, b. 24 Dec 1798, d. 31 Oct 1866, m. 18 Jun 1829, Mary Anne Lowe.They remained in St. Mary's, GA, until 1860; they had 7 children.

     2. Robert Damascus Mickler, b. 5 Jul 1800, GA, d. 1893, m. Mar 1825, Ana de   Ortega  de Mier. She was the widow of Don Antonio Fernandez de Mier, a native   of Cadiz, Spain, he died prior to 1825. She was a d/o Lazaro Ortegus & Catherine   Llebru Ortego of    Mahon, Minorca. Robert Mickler was a Captain in the FL Militia  in 1855; he later served as a Lt. in the Civil War; a lifetime resident & farmer in Diego, FL.

    Children of Robert & Ana:

    a. Robert Damascus Mickler, Jr., b. 12 Dec 1825, d. 1893, m. (1) 10 Jan 1850,      Rosalie     Reyes; m. (2) 15 Nov 1859, Ruth Powers.

    b. James Arden Mickler, b. 12 Dec 1827, d. at sea in a storm between Jacksonville &  St. Augustine, FL. He was a boat captain & traveled  between the two cities. He married, 3 Sep 1849, Theresa Weedaman.

    c. Daniel J. Mickler, b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 1904, St. Augustine, FL, m. 13 Jul 1853,  Michaela          Nelligan.

    3. Elizabeth Mickler, b. 19 Mar 1802, d. 27 Aug 1868, m. 19 Dec 1824, John Hebbard.

    4. Eve Mickler, b. 17 Aug 1803, d. 10 Nov 1836, m. 20 Nov 1823, Thomas Arden.

    5. Mahala Mickler, b. about 1803, Camden Co., GA, d. 1886, Stallsville, Dorchester Co., SC; buried Old White Church, Dorchester Co., SC married, 6 Oct 1823, in St. Mary's, Camden Co., GA, William Mickler, m, b. about 1799, Camden Co., GA, d. Palatka, FL, s/o Jacob Mickler II, & Catherine Clark, buried Palatka, FL.

    a. John H. Mickler, b. 1826, d. 1878, Brunswick, GA. He served as a scout for Gen. Wade    Hampton's  Legion in the Civil War; he was educated at  the Citadel; settled in St. John's Co., FL; 1850 Beaufort Co. census lists him as blacksmith; buried La Leche  Cemetery, St. Augustine, FL.

    b. Huger J. Mickler, b. 1836, Beaufort, SC, d. Civil War, Prince William Co., VA.                  Single.

    c. Catherine Mickler, b. 1838, Beaufort, SC, m. Thomas Ostreicher.

    d. William Alfred Mickler, b. 23 Apr 1840, Beaufort Co., SC, d. 17 Sep 1917, St. Augustine, FL, m. (1) (1st cousin) Manuella Mickler,  b. 1844, d. 1887, d/o Jacob  Mickler, III, & Manuela Dove de Mier; m. (2) 14 Sep 1884,  Josephine Margaret Reyes,  b. 10 Oct 1859, St. Augustine, FL, d/o William J. Reyes & Maria Carrera;   buried at St. Lorenzo Cemetery, St. Augustine, FL. He served in Civil War; a scout  for Gen.  Wade Hampton's Legion and was   wounded at Brandy Station, VA; settled  in St. John's Co., FL; served as St. John's Co., FL, Commissioner & Sergeant at Arms of FL Senate.

    e. Margaret "Maggie" Mickler, b. 1843, d. 1886, m. (1) __ Durham; m. (2) Proctor.  (Inf: Maggie Ross, St. Mary's, GA)

    f. Emily Elizabeth Mickler, b. 30 Aug 1845, Stallsville, SC, d. 7 May 1921,  Stallsville,    SC,  m. Henry Andrew Jamison b. 1842 d. 6 May 1905, Stallsville,   SC, s/o Andrew     J. Jamison & Mary D. Moss of Beaufort, SC. Both buried Old White Church Cem.,    Dorchester Co., SC.

    6. James A. Mickler, b. 1806, m. Mary Ann Arnau (Info: George E. Mickler, Tampa, FL).

    a. Paul Mickler, b. 1854, d. age 55, m. Katherine Manucy.

    b. Edward Mickler, b. 1866, d. 1904, age 40. Single.

    B. William Mickler, b. about 1776, SC, d. about 1860, Columbia Co., FL, m.15 Apr   1796, Temperance Mathews. Moved to Columbia Co near White Springs.

    1. Matthew Mickler, m. Sarah Baisden.

    2.William Mickler, Jr., m. Betty __. Ten children listed in 1860 Columbia Co.(Hamilton), GA.

    a. James Mickler, b. about 1838.

    b. Solomon Mickler, b. about 1842.

    c. Allen Mickler, b. about 1845.

    d. Mary Mickler, b. about 1847.

    e. William Mickler, II, b. about 1849.

    f. Seaborne Mickler, b. about 1850.

    g. Martha Mickler, b. about 1850.

    h. John Mickler, b. about 1852.

    i. Molly Mickler, b. about 1855.

    j. Sarah Miclder, b. about 1859.

    3. Lawrence Mickler.

    4. Mathew Mickler, b. 1852, d. 1927, m. Ella Canova. No issue.

    C. Jacob Mickler, II, b. about 1777, SC, d. Aug 1796, m. Catherine Clark, d. before 1816,              possibly d/o Henry & Margaret Clark. He migrated to St. Mary's, GA, with his father &            brothers' families about 1790 or after. He was appointed 2nd Lt. of the Volunteer  Troop of      Dragons in the Camden Co Battalion of GA Militia on 21 Jul 1798. (GA State Archives).

    1. Jacob Mickler, II, b. 1798, d. 1857, m. 12 Jan 1831, Manuela Dove de Mier, d/o Don      Antonio Fernandez de Mier and Ana de Ortega. He moved to St. Augustine,  FL. After the Civil War, she m. (2) Capt. __ Dove of Massachusetts; this caused  such a stir with family members that she went back to Massachusetts with him & was never heard from again.

    a. Anita Mickler.

    b. Jacob Mickler, IV, b. 1834, d. 1864, m. 22 Nov 1860, Sarah A. Latimer.

    c. William Felix Mickler, b. 1836, St. Augustine, FL, d. 24 Apr 1927; buried San                 Lorenzo Cemetery, St. Augustine, FL. He was a member of the FL Stat  Legislature (18601861) and  was last surviving member of the 1861 FL Secession Convention. A civil engineer and surveyor. He was a Lt. in Artillery  at beginning of Civil War; promoted to Major and was in the Battle of Oluster, FL; appointed Colonel on Gen.  Harp's staff, FL Militia, after the war.

    d. Margaret Mickler, m. (1st cousin) John H. Mickler.

    e. Antonio Mickler, b. 1840, d. CSA.

    f. George Mickler, b. 1842, d. CSA.

    g. Manuella Mickler, b. 1844, d. 1887, m. (1st cousin) William Alfred Mickler, b.23 Apr 1840, Beaufort Co., SC, d. 17 Sep 1917, St. Augustine, FL, s/o William Mickler, III, & wife, Mahala.

    h. Robert Mickler, b. 1846, m. Elizabeth FIoyd.

    i. Yulee Raymond Mickler, b. 1850, d. 1930, m. 28 May 1877, Susan Powers.

    j. Catherine Mickler, m. John White, Jr.

    2. William Mickler, III, b. about 1799, Camden Co., GA, d. Palatka, FL; buried Palatka, FL, m. 6 Oct 1823, in St. Mary's, Camden Co., GA, Mahala Mickler, b. about1803, Camden Co., GA, d. 1886, d/o Peter Mickler, III, and Lydia Allen. He was a blacksmith. Lived in Hilton Head, SC, about 1833, & some time before the Civil War he moved to Beaufort, SC. (Family listed above in A5)

    3. Margaret Mickler, b. Bahama Isles, m. (1) __ DeMot; m. (2) __ Proctor. Was supposedly reared by her Aunt Margaret Mickler Seals who lived in the Bahamas.

    D. Elizabeth Mickler, b. about 1779, m, James Diliber.

    E. Margaret Mickler, b. about 1784, d. 3 Oct 1867, m. (1) 9 Oct 1809, John Bailey, Jr.;  m. (2)     William M. Seals, b. 1787 of the Bahamas.

    1. Catherine Seals, b. 1 Aug 1817, m. 9 Dec 1841, John J. Richards.

    a. William Richards, d. Washington, DC, typhoid fever.

    b. Margaret Richards, m. Peter Theodore Mickler, b. 8 Sep 1932, s/o Daniel Mickler           & Mary Ann Lowe.

    c. Mattie Richards, d. St. Mary's, GA, m. Williams Higgs.

    d. Kate Richards, m. Curtis Wright.

    e. John Richards, m. Rosa Grovenstein.

    F. Mary Mickler, b. about 1786, m. Robert Rudolph.

    G. Sarah Mickler, b. about 1788, m. Lewis Thomas.

    H. Jane Mickler, b. about 1792, m. Duncan Curry.

    Posted 25 June 2004