Thomas Minick Family

The family of Thomas Munich arrived in S.C. in the fall of 1752, having traveled from Europe on the Upton. At that time Munich had a wife and three children:  Mary Katherine 12 1/2, Geo. Bartholomew 10 1/2, and George 6. His wife was named Rosina. A bounty grant of 250 acres was located on the east branch of Crim's Creek. The son, George Bartholomew Minick, was heir to this tract.

 According to the records of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC, Thomas Münnich died on 17 April 1771. At the time according to the Church record book he was 63 yrs., 3 mos., and 16 dys. old (born 1 February 1708).


I. Mary Katherine Minick, born about 1739, married Uly (Ulrick) Friend.
II. George Bartholomew Minick, born about 1741, married Mary Magdalene Summer, born about 1748, daughter of Adam Summer. Family is described below.
III. George Minick, born about 1746.
IV. John Adam Minick, born 17 January 1755, died 14 January 1785 (age 29 yrs., 11 mos., 29 dys.), married 27 May 1776, Anna Barbara Heyle (St. John’s  Lutheran Church Records, Charleston, SC). In 1785, John Adam Minnick made will  naming brother, George Bartholomew Minick, and a sister, Mary Catherine Friend (Charleston Wills 21-569). John Adam Minick was a baker and lived in Charleston.


 George Bartholomew Minick is said to have married Mary Magdalene Summer, born about 1748, daughter of Hans Adam Summer and wife Anna Maria Yost. In 1794,  Bartholomew Meenick and son, Johan Mennich signed the petition for incorporation  of St. John's Lutheran Church. In 1804, Bartholomew Minick and son, John Minick, Sr., bought a 300 acre tract of land from George Adam Summer (Newberry Deeds T-2, p. 196). In 1808, George Bartholomew Minick gave to son, John, 150 acres  of land that he had inherited from his father's land grant of 250 acres and his interest in half of the tract he had bought from George Adam Summer (SC  Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol. 11, p. 10, 1983). In the latter deed he calls his son William Minick.

 In 1811, John Minick, Sr. gave a 100 acre part of his land to his son, John Minick, Jr. (Newberry Deeds K-52). In 1816, John Minick, Jr. sold the tract  to John Hipp (Newberry Deeds O-279). In both of these deeds the lands of George  Bartholomew Minick is shown as being owned by Bartholomew William Minick.

 On 1 Nov 1816 "the heirs at law of William Minick, late of Lexington  Dist., decd.,” exposed for sale at public auction land contained in two adjacent lots. One of these lots was sold by the heirs at public auction 15 March 1817 to George Long (Newberry Deeds T-2, p. 199). From this deed the names of the children of George Bartholomew (alias William) Minick are known.


A. John Adam Minick, Sr., born about 1767, died prior to 1820, married (1) Mahala Long, born about 1774, died about 1792, married (2) Anna Maria ___ , died prior to 1820. Ref: “A History of the Minick Family of the Dutch  Fork of Lexington SC,” Joseph Earl Steadman, 1976.
    1. John Adam Minick, Jr., about 1789, died after 1844, married about 1808  (1) Catherine Werts, born about 1790, died 1816, daughter of John Werts  and Ann Catherine Hair; married (2) Mahala Able, born 6 September 1800,  died after 1870. In 1830 he was a neighbor of Michael Barre who lived near Leesville and a member of his family is buried in the Barre Burial Ground. He moved to Mount Willing in Edgefield District, where his widow was living until after 1870.
       Children by Catherine Werts:
      a. Adam Minick.
      b. David Minick.
      c. Levi Minick, born/died 1816. Buried Wertz-Minick cemetery, Pomaria, SC.
       Children by Mahala Able:
      c. Elizabeth Minick, born 10 September 1819.
      d. John Wesley Minick, born 23 October 1821.
      e. Huldah Minick, born 27 May 1823.
      f. Mahala Minick, born 12 October 1826.
      g. Mary Ann Minick, born 25 March 1828.
      h. Marshall Manley Minick, born 21 April 1831.
      i. George Anderson Minick, born 5 March 1833, died 1848.
      j. William Thomas Minick, born 5 January 1835, died 1923, married Mary Jane Whittle, born 2 November 1841, died 7 October 1928. Buried Emory Methodist Church cemetery, Saluda Co., SC.
      k. Jacob Franklin Minick, born 28 November 1837, died 12 May 1898.
      l. Martha Caroline Minick, born 11 January 1839.
      m. Joel Landrum Minick, born 28 April 1841, died 28 December 1915.
      n. Absalom Roberts Minick, born 7 June 1844, died 23 April 1906, married Susan Jane Palmer, born 28 July 1861, died 31 October 1929.
    2. George Minick, born about 1794, died after 1840. He settled first in  Edgefield County then, prior to 1830, moved to Coweta County, GA.
    3. Mary Ann Minick, born 8 February 1798, died 3 November 1871, married  Michael Barre, born 21 September 1791, died 4 March 1874, son of Jacob Barre and Mary Christina Quattlebaum.
    4. William Minick, born about 1800, died young.
    5. Adam Minick, born 1802, died 1867, married Jane Smith.
    6. Mary Magdalena (Polly) Minick, born 12 March 1805, died 12 September  1861, married Henry Conrad Herlong.
    7. Susanne Catherine Minick, born 1810, died 1881 married Green Berry Mitchell,  died 1841.
B. Ann Mary Minick, born about 1769, died after 1845, married Gosper Monts,  died prior to 1817.
    1. Mary Elizabeth Monts, born about 1788, died 1845.
    2. Mary Magdalena (Polly) Monts, born about 1770, married Henry Smith. They  moved to Lexington District.
    3. Mary Caroline Catherine Monts, born about 1792, died about 1872, married  Adam Shealy, Jr., son of Adam Shealy, Sr. and Anna Mary Swittenburg.
    4. John Monts, born 11 December 1793, died December 1878, married (1) 26 December 1815, Mary Feagle, daughter of Lawrence Feagle and Rachel Quattlebaum; married (2) Mary Magdaline (Polly) Kinard, daughter of Michael Kinard, Sr.  and Catherine Swittenberg.
    5. George Gosper Monts, born about 1794, died after 1860, married Christiana Shaffer, born about 1794, daughter of John Frederick Shaffer, Sr., and wife, Elizabeth. On 1830 Pike Co., AL census; afterward lived in Brush Cr. section  of Perry Co., AL.
    6. Adam Monts, born 20 August 1798, died 2 December 1893, married 22 February  1820, Mary Elizabeth Sease, born 18 June 1801, died 14 March 1889, daughter  of John Mark Sease and Nancy Shirer. Moved to Mississippi. They are buried  at New Chapel cemetery, Itawamba County, Miss.
    7. William Monts, born about 1803, died 12 December 1888, married Mary A.  Shealy, born 1808, died 13 September 1882, daughter of David Shealy and  Mary E. Werts. They are buried in the Monts family cemetery.
C. Mary Catherine Minick, born 1771, died 1838, married (1) Jacob Bartholomew  Long, died 1800, son of John Jacob Long and Elizabeth Hair; married (2) 7  June 1808 (as second wife), Philip Gruber, born 30 March 1757, son of Johann  Philipp Gruber and wife Magdalene.
     Children by Jacob Bartholomew Long:
    1. John Jacob Long, born 23 September 1796, married Mary Hope, born 1801/1802, daughter of Christian Hope and Christina Fellers.
    2. George Bartholomew Long, born 17 March 1798, married Mary Elizabeth Leitze, daughter of George Leitze, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Minick.
    3. John Thomas Long, born 9 November 1799, died May 1884, married Elizabeth  Hartman, born about 1816, died 19 November 1896, daughter of John Moritz Hartman and Anna Lagrone. Buried Long Cemetery #2.
     Child by Philip Gruber:
    4. Mary Magdalena Gruber, born 15 November 1805, died 24 February 1885,  married Johann Adam Smith, Sr., born 25 December 1804, died 5 March 1885,  Lexington Co, son of Henry Smith and Mary Magdalene Monts. Buried Bethlehem  (Black Creek) Lutheran Church Cemetery.

    D. Mary Elizabeth Minick, born about 1773, died after 1835, married (1)  George Leitzey, Sr., died October 1816, son of Jacob Leitzey and Mary Ann Shealy; married (2) Andrew Caughman, born about 1763, died after 1835, son  of Jurg Martin Caughman.

      1. George Leitzey, Jr., died Oct 1828, married Eve Margaret Shealy, daughter of Matthias Shealy and wife Margaret. Lived in Edgefield Dist., SC.
      2. Eve Margaret Leitzey, married David Shealy, son of Martin Shealy and  Maria Christina Quattlebaum Barre.
      3. Mary (Millie) Leitzey, born about 1800, died after 1860, married (as  second wife) Benjamin Hughes, born 1759, died 1850. They moved to Coweta  Co., GA. Mary later lived in St. Clair Co., AL.
      4. Mary Elizabeth Leitzey, born about 1802, died after 1850, married George  Bartholomew (Bartley) Long, son of George Bartholomew Long, Sr. and Mary Catherine Minick
      5. Mary Magdaline (Polly) Leitzey, born 10 August 1810, died 25 November 1865, married Shadrack Vansant, born 5 September 1799, died 3 January 1883.  Moved to Coweta Co., GA. They are buried at Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church cemetery, Haralson, GA.
      6. Jacob Leitzey, born 1810/15.
      7. John Leitzey, born about 1815

E. Mary Margaret Minick, born about 1775, married George Aull, son of Philip Aull and Anna Margaretha Amick. George Aull died prior to 1838. In that year, Mary Magdalene Aull, widow, gave to daughter, Mary and husband, Andrew Kunkle,  her real and property estate except one cow and calf which was to be given to daughter, Catherine Aull (Lex Deeds P-129).
    1. William All, born 22 June 1799, died 17 December 1880, married Roseanna Kunkle, born 2 March 1804 died 3 January 1887, daughter of Henry Kunkle, Sr. and Catherine Aal. Baptismal sponsors of Christina All were George and Margaret Ahl (St. Jacob’s Church records). Moved to GA and both bur.  in the Old Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Henry Co., GA.
    2. Mary Magdalene Aull, born 9 August 1806, died 4 October 1889, married (1) John Lindler, born about 1800, died after 1830, son of Jacob Lindler, Jr. and Sara Eargle; married (2) David Lindler, born 6 December 1804, died  29 November 1883, son of Jacob Lindler, Jr. and Catherine Eargle. Buried  Lindler Cemetery #1.
    3. Mary Aull, born 1812, died 6 March 1882, married Andrew Kunkle, born  1810, died 22 July 1878, son of Henry Kunkle and Catherine Aal. Andrew and Mary Kunkle moved to GA and Both Old Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Henry Co., GA.
    4. Catherine Aull.
F. Mary Magdalena Minick, born about 1777, died 3 Apr 1853, married Thomas Long, son of John Jacob Long and Elizabeth Hair. They are believed to be buried  in Long Cemetery #3 near Prosperity.
    1. John Long, born 11 October 1794, died 24 October 1884, married Elizabeth  Paysinger, born 11 October 1800, died 2 July 1884, daughter of Frederick Paysinger and Mary Elizabeth Mock. Buried Macedonia Lutheran Church Cemetery.
    2. Bartholomew (Bartley) Long, born about 1794, married Margaret Dominick, daughter of John Dominick. Moved before 1860 to Neshoba Co., MISS.
    3. Jacob Adam Long, born 4 June 1798, died 27 October 1852, wife named Mary  Ann.
    4. David Long, born 13 May 1801, died 27 April 1882, married Mary M. (Peggy) Fulmer, born 8 June 1803, died 11 November 1863, daughter of Adam Fulmer and Catharine Rister. Buried Long family cemetery.
    5. George Henry Long, born 18 March 1802, died 3 June 1884, wife named Christena,  born 1 September 1808, died 24 May 1883. Buried Colony Lutheran Church Cemetery.
    6. John Christian Long, born 1807, married Nancy Kinard. Moved to Winston  Co., MISS.
    7. Mary Magdalina Long, born about 1800, died after 1870, married Henry  Smith born about 1811, died after 1870.
    8. John Michael Long, born 1808, died 1836, wife named Elizabeth, born about 1812, died 23 Apr 1874.
    9. Elizabeth Long, born 16 August 1809, died 15 September 1855. Did not  marry. Buried Long Cemetery #3.
G. Rosanna Barbara Minick, born about 1779, died June 1857, married (as second wife) Andrew Rish, born 23 Nov 1756, died 10 July 1818, son of Andrew Rish,  Sr.
    1. Andrew Rish, born 27 December 1807, died 1 January 1891, married Mary Magdalene (Polly) Epting, born 20 December 1816, died 29 September 1897, daughter of David Epting and Elizabeth Rinehart. Buried St. Peter’s  (Piney Woods) Church.
    2. Mary Magdalina Rish, born 20 April 1809, died 15 July 1887. Buried St.  Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church.
    3. Elizabeth Rish, born 11 September 1810, died 11 February 1885. Buried St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church.
    4. William Rish, born 15 February 1817, died 3 February 1877, married 4  July 1850, Martha Ann Caroline Cannon, born 1 December 1832, died 16 April  1904. Buried St. Peters (Pineys Woods) Church.
H. Eve Margaret Minick, born about 1790, died after 1860, married John Moritz  Hartman, Jr., born about 1790, died after 1850, son of John Moritz Hartman  and Anna Lagrone.
    1. Rosanna Caroline Hartman, born 15 July 1832, died 6 October 1913. Buried  Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church cemetery, Prosperity, SC. Did not marry.
    2. George M. Hartman, born about 1834, married (her first husband) Martha  Shealy, born about 1833, daughter of William Sheely and Mary (Polly) Magdalena Werts.
    3. Susanna C. Hartman, born about 1838.
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