Monts Family in Germany

The Monts family came to South Carolina in the fall of 1752, among a large scale shipping of Württemberg Germans in the fall of 1752. The petitions for bounty of Barnard, Gaspar, Anna Maria, and Elizabeth Monts state that they all  came on the Caledonia. These were the children of Georg Manz and Anna Maria  Stoss of Kleinengstingen, now in Engstingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  They left Germany after the deaths of their parents.


 The earliest German record for the Monts family is the marriage in Buttenhausen of Hans Mantz, son of Georg Mantz, to Barbara Ensinger. This marriage took place  on 26 October 1645. Barbara Ensinger was the daughter of Michael Ensinger. Hans Mantz died on 20 February 1675. Barbara died on 27 December 1675.


 Hans Mantz and Barbara Ensinger were the parents of Georg Mantz who was born  27 January 1646 and died 30 September 1687. On 10 February 1676, Georg Mantz married in Buttenhausen, Christina Hägelin, daughter of Jacob Hägelin.  After the death of Georg Mantz, Christina married again on 17 April 1692 to  Hans Wilhelm Houber.


 Georg Manz and Christina Hägelin were the parents of Georg Manz (Daylaborer)  who was born in 1681 and died 28 January 1735. On 18 May 1709, Georg Manz married  in Kohlstetten, Anna Maria Stoss, who was born 30 November 1684 and died 22 December 1743, daughter of Hans Bernhart Stoss (Farmer) and Regina Spon. The  Kleinengstingen record lists Georg’s name as “Hans Georg.”  Hans Georg and Christina Manz settled in Kleinengstingen where all of their children were born.

 Georg Manz and Anna Maria Stoss had nine children. Marriage records for the sons, Bernhard and Johan Caspar Manz, are found in the Kleiningstingen and Holzelfingen parish books, respectively. These two sons migrated to SC in 1752 as did two daughters, Anna Maria and Elisabetha. The two sisters petitioned for bounty  in their maiden names and at that time had one daughter each.


A. Maria Barbara Manz, born 16 July 1709.
B. Anna Maria Manz, born 27 June 1711. When Anna Maria migrated to SC she  petitioned for land for herself and daughter, Catherine 13 years old. Her grant, on Wise branch of Johns Cr. near Saluda River (now under Lake Murray), was owned by the Hiller family. John H. Hiller described a cemetery in this  area where his ancestors were buried (Lake Murray records).
     1. Catherine Manz, born about 1739. Came to SC with her mother.
C. Ursula Manz, born 12 January 1713.
D. Hans Jerg Manz, born 9 January 1715.
E. Elisabetha Manz, born 8 September 1717. Elizabeth Manz lived in Kleinengstingen and Gächingen before migrating to SC. She petitioned for land for herself  and daughter, Anna Maria, 4 ½ years old. Her land grant was on Little Saluda River, now in Saluda Co., SC.
    1. Anna Barbara Manz, born 28 August 1739. Father said to be Friederich  Seitz, a young Forester. Evidently died young as she did not come to SC with her mother.
    2. Anna Maria Manz, born August 1749. Father said to be Caspar Blankenhorn of Gächingen. Came to SC with her mother.
F. Bernhard Manz, born 12 January 1720, died after 1790, married 22 October  1743 in Kleinengstingen, Anna Maria Röcker, born 17 October 1720, daughter of Bernhard Röcker (a Judge in Kleinengstingen) and wife Anna Maria.  They lived in Kleinengstingen before migrating to SC. (Anna Maria Röcker  had a younger brother, Johann Georg, born July 1726, with church record saying  that he left for Pennsylvania in 1749. The Church records also say that the  family of Bernard Manz went to Pennsylvania).
    1. Michael Christoph Manz, born 22 September 1744, died before 1800, wife  probably named Elizabeth. Came to SC with his parents.
    2. Johann Georg Manz, born 13 November 1745, died 29 November 1745.
    3. Christian Manz, born/died 23 September 1746.
    4. Anna Manz, born 19 December 1747, died 28 July 1750.
    5. Anna Maria Manz, born 25 September 1750. The parish record says she left  with parents in 1752. Evidently died en route to SC from Europe.
    6. Johann Georg Manz, born 29 January 1752, died after 1790. Came to SC  with his parents.
G. Johan Caspar Manz, born 3 March 1723, married November 1751 in Holzelfingen,  Anna Catharina Werner, daughter of Christian Werner. They lived in Holzelfingen before coming to SC. In addition to the daughter, Ursula, this couple had a son, Gosper, who was born after coming to SC.
    1. Ursula Manz, born 27 August 1750. Came to SC with her parents.
    2. Gosper Monts, born about 1755 in SC, died before 1817, married Anna Mary  Minick, born about 1768, died after 1850, daughter of George Bartholomew Minick and Mary Magdalena Summer.
H. Christina Manz, born 16 January 1727.
I. Anna Catharina Manz, born January 1729, died 1 November 1734.

 Bernhard Manz (Farmer), born 12 January 1720, married, 22 October 1743 in Kleinengstingen, Anna Maria Röcker, daughter of Bernhard Röcker (a Judge in Kleinengstingen) and Anna Maria Oberacker. Bernhard Manz in old records is also known as Bernhard Michael Mantz. He is also named in the will of his cousin, John Onsilt of St. James Parish (Charleston Wills 24, p. 1031).

 Bernhard Manz petitioned for bounty in SC claiming a wife and children: Michael and George (Council Journal 20:452). The 200 acre bounty grant of Bernhard Manz  was located on Camping Cr. Bernhard Manz lived at first in what is now Newberry  County, then, not long before his death, moving to the Zion Church area of Lexington County, SC. While living in the Dutch Fork he was a founding elder of St. Paul's Church, Pomaria, SC (Bulow to Church Elders, Newberry Deeds B-107). Additionally,  Bernhard Manz and son, Johann Georg, ran a mill on Cannons Cr. which later became one of John Henry Ruff’s mills (Newberry Deeds A-945 and A-1095).


I. Michael Christoph Manz, born 22 September 1744, died after 1790. Came to  SC with his parents.
II. Johann Georg Manz, born 13 November 1745, died 29 November 1745.
III. Christian Manz, born/died 23 September 1746.
IV. Anna Manz, born 19 December 1747, died 28 July 1750.
V. Anna Maria Manz, born 25 September 1750. Died young.
VI. Johann Georg Manz, born 29 January 1752, died after 1790. Came to SC with  his parents. Wife named Barbara.


 The wife of Michael Christoph Manz, son of Bernhard Manz, was probably named  Elizabeth. In 1770, Michael Mintz Jr. was given by his father a 150 acre tract on Broad River (Charleston Deeds Q-3, p. 6). (In this deed they are called “Michael  Mintz, Sr. and Jr.”). The name of Michael Manz is found in a variety of early records. Michael Christoph Manz is believed to have died before 1800,  leaving a widow, Elizabeth, who in the 1800 census record is found among families  who lived in the Zion Church area of Lexington County. She may have been the  widow Monts found on lists of contributors to Zion Church as late as 1806.


 The wife of Johann Georg Manz, son of Bernhard Manz, was named Barbara. John  George and Barbara “Morentz” witnessed the will of Samuel Lonam (1777, Newberry Wills A, p. 166).

 After the Revolutionary War, George Monts and father, Bernhard Manz, settled  in Orangeburg District, now Lexington County, and were members of Zion Church. In 1787, George Monts obtained land grants on Twelve Mile Creek and Fourteen  Mile Cr. in Lexington Co. (State Plats, Charleston series, 16:211 and 25:317).  Additional surveys were on Fourteen Mile and Bear Crs.

 George and Barbara Monts were the parents of George Monts who married Elizabeth Wingard and John Monts who married Eliza Turnipseed. Catherine Monts who married Thomas Derrick and Christina Monts who married Daniel Wingard are said to be  daughters of George Monts, Sr.

A. Catherine Monts, born about 1776, died about 1861, married Thomas Derrick,  born about 1774, died about 1858, son of John Melchior Derrick and Anna Barbara Kelly. They settled in the old Salem Church neighborhood on waters of Hollow Creek. Buried in the Thomas Derrick family cemetery, Leesville, SC.
    1. Daniel Derrick, born 12 October 1800, died 5 September 1883, married. (1) Mary Magdalene Black, born 8 June 1802, died 30 August 1862, daughter of John Black, Sr. and Susannah Catherine Hite. They moved to Smith Co.,  MISS. Daniel Derrick married (2) Nancy Stingley, born 31 March 1819, died 20 October 1894, widow of George Stingley.
    2. Samuel Derrick, born 21 December 1801, died 15 November 1855, married Mary Magdalene (Polly) Shealy, born 10 November 1809, died 24 June 1876,  daughter of John Jacob Shealy & Christina Counts. Buried in the Samuel Derrick Family cemetery near Leesville, SC.
    3. Rebecca Derrick, born 15 July 1803, married Jacob Vansant, born about 1798.
    4. Anna Barbara (Nancy) Derrick, born 10 February 1805, died 16 May 1862,  married 26 February 1829, John Martin Swygert, born 28 January 1808, died  11 December 1884, son of Christian Swygert and Margaret Hallman. Moved to MISS. Buried at Providence Lutheran Church cemetery, Burns, MISS.
    5. Christena Derrick, born 3 July 1808, died 26 September 1893. Did not  marry. Buried in Thomas Derrick Family cemetery.
    6. Lewis B. Derrick, born 1 November 1811, died 27 April 1854, married Elizabeth Shealy, born 1 February 1813, died 27 June 1857, daughter of John Jacob  Shealy and Christina Counts. Buried at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church cemetery,  Johnston, SC.
    7. Joseph Derrick, born 20 January 1813, died 1865 (CSA), married 19 October 1850, Martha Elizabeth Lindler, born 4 July 1830, died 5 April 1918.
    8. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Derrick, born 15 May 1814, died 1 June 1893. Did not marry. Buried in the Thomas Derrick Family cemetery.
    9. Elizabeth Derrick, born 1 January 1820, died 28 July 1886, married Luke Nichols, born 12 September 1808, died 13 November 1882. Buried at Union Lutheran Church cemetery.
    10. William Thomas Derrick, born 3 July 1822, died 25 October 1893; married  (1) Reba Roberts, born about 1820, died 1861, daughter of Asel Robert and  Elizabeth Caughman; married (2) (her second husband) Lucinda E. Moore Crout, born about 1836, daughter of James Moore & Mary Ann Simpson, and widow  of David Crout. Buried with first wife in the Thomas Derrick Family cemetery.
B. Christina Monts, born about 1781, married Daniel Wingard, born about 1784,  died 1818, son of George Wingard and Anna Oaks. Their family cemetery is in Lake Murray, Memorial marker at St. Stephens Lutheran Church, Lexington, SC.
    1. Nancy Elizabeth Wingard, born about 1802, married William J. Hicks, b. about 1800.
    2. Barbara Wingard, married Harmon Geiger.
    3. James Wingard.
    4. John Wingard.
    5. Daniel Wingard, born about 1810, married on 16 October 1836, Marie Elizabeth  Hook, born 1812.
    6. Jeremiah Wingard, born 1810, died January 1840 (funeral on 9 January  - Dreher’s Journal), married Margaret Oswalt, born 1802, died 1866, daughter of Henry Oswalt. She is buried in the Ballington Family Cemetery.
    7. Isaiah Wingard, born about 1815, died about 1890, wife named Caroline Augusta, born about 1821. Lived in Barnwell Dist., SC.
    8. Gabriel Wingard, died October 1846 (funeral on 26 October 1846, Dreher’s  Journal). Did not marry.
C. George Monts, Jr., born June 1786, died 5 October 1841, married Elizabeth Wingard, born about 1790, died May 1870, daughter of John Mathias Wingard and Mary Katherine Areheart.
    1. Sally Monts, born 13 October 1812, died 18 July 1877, married (as second  wife) 23 December 1845, Henry Kleckley, born about 1811, died May 1854, son of David Kleckley and Mary (Polly) Friday. Buried in Mathias Cemetery.
    2. Catherine Monts, born 25 January 1818, died 5 September 1853, married Emanuel Lawrence Corley, born 27 May 1824, died 18 June 1914, son of Daniel  Corley and wife Sarah.
    3. George Monts, born 1 December 1822, died 2 October 1887, married 21 December  1843, Mary Louisa Mathias, born 7 June 1823, died 14 April 1892, daughter  of John Mathias, Jr. and Christina Clark. Buried in Monts Cemetery.
    4. Julia Ann Monts, born about 1826, married 15 January 1843, Daniel Cromer, born about 1808, died CSA, son of Andrew Cromer, Jr. and Elizabeth Roof.
    5. Nancy Elizabeth Monts, born 3 June 1828, died 6 October 1909, married 19 December 1844, Thomas A. Wingard, Jr., born 2 June 1822, died 4 March  1892, son of Thomas Wingard, Sr. and Catherine Wyse. Buried Pilgrim Lutheran Church, Lexington.
    6. Mary Ann Salina, born 1829, married Henry Sox
D. John Monts, born 1790, died 27 November 1874, married 5 August 1830, Eliza  Turnipseed, born about 1806. In addition to the sons below, on 12 October  1845 there was a funeral for one of the sons of John Monts (Dreher's Journal).
1. John Thomas Monts, born 28 August 1838, died 1918, married Mary Louisa  Mathias, born 1834, died 1915, daughter of Jonas Mathias, Jr. and Sarah (Sallie) Hook. Buried in Monts Family Cemetery.
2. Samuel P. Monts, born about 1845, married Rebecca Gable, born 16 May  1833, died 15 March 1911, daughter of Frederick Gable and Mary Magdalene (Polly) Lybrand.


 Johan Caspar Manz was born 3 March 1723 in Kleinengstingen and married in November 1751 (in Holzelfingen), Anna Catharina Werner, daughter of Christian  Werner of Holzelfingen. A daughter, Ursula, was born 27 August 1750 in Germany,  before they married. They migrated to SC in 1752, coming on the Caledonia. A bounty grant of 150 acres to Gasper Mantz was located on Eighteen Mile Cr., south side of Saluda River in Lexington County. (Colonial Grants 5:244). A Memorial  for John Barnet See records that on 13 July 1759 Gasper Mantz sold his bounty grant to See (Memorials 7:257). Gasper Mans is found in the list of men who  were on duty in Col. Chevillette's Battalion at the Congarees Store from 1759  to 1760 (M. J. Clark, Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774, pp. 907/908).


 Ursula Manz, the daughter of Johann Caspar Manz, was born 27 August 1750. She obtained a 100 acre survey in 1772 just south of Little Mountain, SC. Later plats in the area show that her land was later owned by Henry Amick. It is possible that Ursula Manz was the wife of Johann Heinrich Emig (Amick), born 7 March  1746, son of Johann Conradt Emig and Barbara Herion. The Amicks came to SC in  1752 on the Upton.


 Gosper Monts, the son of Johan Caspar Manz and Anna Maria Werner, was probably  born about 1755. In the year 1817 he was dead. Gosper Monts married Anna Mary Minick who was born about 1768 and died after 1850, daughter of George Bartholomew  Minick and Mary Magdalena Summer. The family of Gosper Monts lived near present  day Little Mountain, SC. Gosper Monts owned the bounty grants of George Henry and Catherine Wertz. John William (Jockey) Monts, grandson of Gosper Monts, lived on the George Henry Wertz tract. The Catherine Wertz grant contained the home place of John Monts and his family cemetery.

 There is much evidence that Gosper Monts was orphaned at an early age and raised by the Wertz family. In a deed of 1798, John Miller gave the 50 acre  bounty grant of Catherine Wertz to his godchild, John Montz, oldest son of his  stepson, Gosper Montz (Newberry Deeds P-2, p. 438). This land had been sold  by indenture of 1765 to Miller by George Henry Wertz (Rosalyn Sease Indenture Collection, Caroliniana Library). John Miller, in the above deed, was the second husband of Anna Barbara, widow of Jerg Heinrich Wertz. (In 1778, Barbara Miller transferred a tract of land on Camping Cr. to her son, George Henry Werts, Newberry Deeds O, p. 51). The Wertz family, like the Monts, migrated from Holzelfingen to SC in 1752. Since the Werts and Manz families were not closely related, it  is thought likely that Jerg Heinrich and Anna Barbara Wertz were the Godparents of Gosper Monts. After the death of the parents of Gosper Monts he was raised by the Wertzes. Following the death of Gosper’s step-father Wertz, his step-mother remarried Johannes Müller and who was the second step-father of Gosper Monts.

 The family of Gosper Monts and Anna Mary Minnick was described by Sarah Ann Catherine Feagle Monts, widow of George Michael Monts (from notes made by Rosalyn Summer Sease). Gosper Monts, according to Mrs. Monts, had no brothers in America  and had the following children: Eve Catherine (married Adam Shealy), Polly (married  Henry Smith), John, Adam (moved to Mississippi), Jasper (moved to Alabama),  and William.


A. Mary Elizabeth Monts, born about 1788, died about 1845.
B. Mary Magdalena (Polly) Monts, born about 1790, married Henry Smith, Sr. They moved to Lexington Dist. and settled on Little Black Cr. He built a house, dam, and grain mill at this site. His monument stands in woods off road just  east of present Collum’s pond.
    1. Johann Adam Smith, born 25 December 1804, died 5 March 1885, married  (1) Catherine Elizabeth Hallman; married (2) Mary Magdalena Gruber, born 15 November 1805, died 24 February 1885, daughter of Phillip Gruber and Mary Catherine Minnick. Buried at Bethlehem (Black Creek) Lutheran Church.
    2. John Smith, born 24 January 1810, died 6 May 1908, married Mary M. (Polly)  Shumpert, born 11 May 1801, died 26 September 1882. Buried in Zion Lutheran  Church Cemetery, Smith Co., Mississippi.
    3. Mary Elizabeth Smith, born 29 November 1815, died 23 August 1897, married Charles A. Ricard, Sr., born 15 June 1818, died 9 November 1905. Buried  in Boiling Springs Methodist Church cemetery.
    4. George Washington Smith, Sr., born 20 October 1817, died 8 August 1887, married Mary Magdalena (Polly) Shealy, born 15 August 1819, died 9 August  1906, daughter of Adam Shealy, Jr. and Mary Caroline Catherine Monts. Buried  at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
    5. William Alexander Smith, died 23 July 1892, married (1) 16 September  1839, Sarah Ann Lewis, daughter of John William Lewis and Mary Chisholm; married (2) Epsey Hallman. Buried in Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery.
    6. Margaret (Peggy) Smith, born 1820, died 10 September 1895, married James  R. Lewis, brother of Sarah Ann Lewis. Buried at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
    7. Mary Smith, born 1821, married ___ Long.
    8. Henry Smith, Jr., born 1824, married Mary M. ___.
    9. Sarah (Sally) Smith, married William (Billy) B. Seay, died August 1898, son of Jesse Seay and Ginny Watts.
C. Mary Caroline Catherine Monts, born about 1792, died about 1872, married  Adam Shealy, Jr., born about 1788, died about 1875, son of Adam Shealy, Sr. and Anna Mary Swittenburg.
    1. William M. Shealy, born about 1811, married Christener Shealy, daughter of David Shealy and Mary Elizabeth Werts.
    2. Adam Shealy, III, born 1 January 1812, died 24 July 1896, married Harriet Kibler, daughter of Michael Kibler and Elizabeth Koon.
    3. John Shealy, born 25 December 1814, died 5 June 1883, married 9 May 1839, Lavenia Bowers, daughter of David Bowers and Eve Kinard.
    4. George Henry Shealy, born 30 March 1817, died 13 December 1890, married 31 January 1837, Sarah Monts, born 13 December 1816, died 3 March 1905, daughter of John Monts and Mary Feagle. Buried at Mt. Tabor Lutheran church  cemetery.
    5. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Shealy, born 15 August 1819, died 9 August 1906, married George Washington Smith, Sr., born 20 October 1817, died 8 August  1887, son of Henry Smith, Sr. and Mary Magdalena (Polly) Monts.
    6. Jacob Shealy, born 20 November 1820, died 28 January 1919, married Catherine  Bowers, sister of Lavenia Bowers.
    7. Anna E. Shealy, born 27 June 1824, died 7 August 1875, married George Long.
    8. Anderson Shealy, born 4 May 1827, died 8 May 1907, married Celia L. Crout,  daughter of Thomas Crout and Elizabeth Hallman.
    9. Mary Caroline Shealy, born 8 May 1830, died 7 January 1917, married William Crout, brother of Celia L. Crout.
    10. Nancy C. Shealy, born about 1836, married Reuben Miller
D. John Monts, born 11 December 1793, died December 1878, married (1) 26 December 1815, Mary Feagle, died before 1827, daughter of Lawrence Feagle and Rachel Quattlebaum; married (2) Mary Magdaline (Polly) Kinard, born about 1794, died about 1864, daughter of Michael Kinard, Sr. and Catherine Swittenburg. John Monts and two wives are buried in the John Monts cemetery.
     Children by Mary Feagle:
    1. Sarah Monts, born 13 December 1816, died 3 March 1905, married 31 January 1837, George Henry Shealy, born 30 March 1817, died 13 December 1890, son  of Adam Shealy, Jr. and Mary Caroline Catherine Monts. Buried at Mt. Tabor  Lutheran Church cemetery.
    2. Mary Magdelina (Polly) Monts, born 1 November 1818, died 1 January 1900,  married Daniel Hamm, born 12 July 1816, died 22 January 1897. Buried at  Macedonia Lutheran Church Cemetery.
    3. Levi Monts, born 29 November 1820, married Mary Ann Bowers, born 18 July  1827, died 16 August 1905, daughter of David Bowers and Eve Kinard. Buried at Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church cemetery.
    4. Mary Ann Monts, born 16 November 1823, died 18 February 1908, married Henry Andrew Long, born 27 September 1826, died 5 March 1874, son of Jacob Adam Long. Buried in Mt. Pilgrim Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.
     Children by Polly Kinard:
    5. John William Monts, born 3 April 1828.
    6. Nancy Caroline Monts, born 26 March 1830, died 5 July 1924, married John  Wesley Long, born 20 March 1833, died 19 September 1906, son of John Long  and Elizabeth Paysinger. Buried in Macedonia Lutheran Church cemetery, Little  Mountain.
    7. Adam Washington Monts, born 9 March 1832, died 7 January 1923, married  25 January 1858, Julia Ann Elizabeth Mayer, born 15 March 1838, died 21 November 1932, daughter of Jacob Mayer and Anna Mary Wertz. Buried at St. Luke's Lutheran Church.
    8. George Michael Monts, born 22 February 1834, died 7 October 1906, married 23 November 1865, Sarah Catherine Feagle, born 13 July 1838, died 22 September  1940, daughter of George Feagle and Margaret Ann Houseal. Buried in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church cemetery, Little Mountain.
    9. Walter Monts, born 9 April 1838, died 10 July 1863 (twins).
    10. Frances Elizabeth Monts, born 8 April 1838, died 12 July 1865 of Typhoid fever the day George Michael Monts returned from Civil War.
E. George Gosper Monts, born about 1794, died after 1860, married Christiana Shaffer, born about 1794, daughter of John Frederick Shaffer, Sr. Moved to  Alabama and settled in Brush Cr. section of Perry Co., AL.
    1. John Fred Monts, born 21 July 1822, died 26 March 1888, married (1) 2 April 1847, Elizabeth Ann Massey, born about 1821, daughter of Benjamin  B. Massey and Julina Sanders; married (2) Elizabeth Rhodes, born 1839, died 1871, daughter of Thomas Rhodes and Lucinda Poole; and married (3) Frances  Warren, born 1839, died 1877. John Fred Monts is buried at Fellowship Cemetery on the Roy Crawford Place, Perry Co., AL.
    2. Elizabeth Monts, born about 1833, married 29 June 1854, Daniel C. Cox.  Left Perry Co., AL, after 1850.
    3. Mary Ann Monts, born about 1835, married (1) ___ Horne; married (2) 15  August 1869, David Buff.
F. Adam Monts, born 20 August 1798, died 2 December 1893, married 22 February  1820, Mary Elizabeth Sease, born 18 June 1801, died 14 March 1889, daughter  of John Mark Sease and Nancy Shirer. They moved to Mississippi and are buried at New Chapel cemetery, Itawamba Co., Miss. Their children included: William Anderson, Mark, Emily Ann, Magdalin, John Robert, Elizabeth, J. Isaac, Louis Phillip, Frances A., Mary Ann, and Katherine C. Monts. Further description  of their family is found in W. H. and J. T. Wright, Our Monts Family. A History  of the John Casper Monts Family of S.C. (1990).
G. William Monts, born about 1803, died 12 December 1888, married Mary A.  Shealy, born 1808, died 13 September 1882, daughter of David Shealy and Mary  Elizabeth Werts. Buried in the William Monts cemetery.
    1. Anna Elizabeth Monts, born 2 February 1826, died 14 February 1899, married  Solomon Derrick, son of Andrew Derrick and Catherine Hiller
    2. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Monts, born 9 January 1830, died 31 October 1905,  married Joseph Derrick, brother of Solomon Derrick
    3. Jacob Monts, born 25 July 1832, died 25 December 1906, married 26 January 1860, Permelia Lucenda Sease, born November, died 10 December 1913, daughter of John Frederick Sease and Elizabeth Bickley. They lived in Richland County  and are buried at Old St. Marks Cemetery, Blythewood.
    4. Nelson C. Monts, born 16 September 1833, died January 1863, Danville, VA (CSA), married Julia Ann Rebecca Derrick, born 4 January 1833, died 23  February 1916, daughter of David Derrick and Rebecca Eargle. Buried at Bethel Lutheran Church cemetery.
    5. Susana Monts, born about 1835, married Jasper Newton Epting, born 19  April 1832, son of Adam Epting and Eve Koon. They lived in Orangeburg, Co.,  SC.
    6. Mary Catherine Monts, died 8 November 1892, married Oliver Perry Fulmer,  born 22 January 1832, died 3 April 1882, son of George Michael Fulmer and Nancy Eleazer. Buried in the Fulmer-Summer cemetery.
    7. John William (Jockey) Monts, born 4 July 1841, died 28 February 1924, married Elizabeth Counts, born 18 November 1840, died 18 October 1930, daughter  of George Alfred Counts and Harriet Cromer. Buried in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church cemetery.
    8. Louisa Monts, born 26 September 1842, died 29 December 1909, married  (1) George Michael Fulmer, died 23 February 1863 (CSA) Richmond, VA; married (2) 26 September 1865, Walter Franklin Lindler, born 12 December 1847, died  1935. Buried in the Eargle Cemetery.
    9. Thomas Monts, born about 1844, died during Civil War.
    10. Franklin Monts, born about 1845, died during Civil War.
    11. James Monts, born about 1847, died during Civil War.
    12. Martha R. Monts, born 16 February 1850, died 7 February 1867, buried in the William Monts cemetery.

Submitted by: Carl W. Nichols
German records researched by: Siegbert Frick

Posted 3 August 2004