Just after the Rev. War, George and Joseph Nichols, farmers by trade,  were living in the St. Luke's Lutheran Church area near Prosperity, SC.  Tradition is that they were brothers. George Nichols, the older of the two brothers died in the year 1800, leaving wife, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth Nichols remarried in 1803, Isaac Haithcock, and she died about October 1804.  Joseph Nichols died in 1809, leavin wife Esther.  Both Nichols men left several children.

                                         GEORGE NICHOLS

   The children of George and Elizabeth Nichols are named in courthouse records, including the probate file of George Nichols and Elizabeth Haithcock, as well as an equity of 1817 (Wm Nichols, et al vs James Beaumont).   From these records these children were: William, Allen, Sally, Rachel, Mark, and Luke.  Sally had died before 1817.

   A detailed genealogy and history of the family of George Nichols has been compiled by John T. Nichols (Nichols, George and Elizabeth of Newberry Dist., SC and their Descendants, 1755-2002).


I. William Nichols, born about 1785, SC, died about 1855, married Barbara Hair, born about 1788, died after 1865, daughter of Matthias Hair and Fanny Rikard.  About 1830, the family of William Nichols moved to Perry County, AL. Both are buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry County, AL.

    A. George Marlowe Nichols, born 1810, died 1856-1858, married 23 August 1834, Mary (Polly) Brown in Perry County, AL. Both buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Sprott, Perry County, AL.

    B. Elizabeth (Betsey) Nichols, born 1812/1813, married 4 June 1834, John M. Brown. They lived in Bibb County, AL.

    C. John K. Nichols, born 1815, died April 1884, married 24 January 1839, Elizabeth Lagrone, born 1820, SC, daughter of John Lagrone, Jr. and Catherine Rinehart. They were members of Mt. Nebo Methodist Church near Marion, AL and are believed to be buried in that Church cemetery. (Children listed on the Rinehart and George Martin Riser family bios)

    D. Matthias Hair Nichols, born 1818, died October 1886, married 20 August 1839, Margaret Lagrone, born 1821, died 1880, daughter of John Lagrone, Jr. and Catherine Rinehart. Both buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church cemetery, Sprott, Perry County, AL..

    E. Rev. Joseph Land Nichols, born 9 June 1820, died 29 October 1896, married 1) 20 December 1843, Rachel Caroline Dunkin, born 31 March 1825 (SC), died 2 January 1887, daughter of Abel Dunkin, Jr., and Elizabeth Byerly; married 2) 18 May 1887, AL., Mary Ellen Dunkin, born 15 May 1844 (AL), sister of his first wife. Joseph Land Nichols was a Baptist Minister and farmer. Joseph Land Nichols and first wife are buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church cemetery, Sprott, Perry County, AL.

    F. Sarah (Sally) Nichols, born about 1822, died 1855/1856, married 25 December 1845, Henry Patrick Duncan, born 23 October 1823 (SC), died 17 September 1896, son of David Dunkin and Catherine Byerly. Both buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church cemetery, Sprott, Perry, County, AL..

    G. Rev. William Mark Nichols, born 1 July 1826, died 30 August 1896, married 1) 18 January 1849, Nancy Golden, born 26 July 1825, died 2 August 1889. This family moved after the Civil War to Coleman County, TX, where he was a farmer-stockman and Minister of the Gospel.  William Mark Nichols married 2) Mrs. Sarah Jane Smith. William Mark Nichols and both wives are buried in Salty Cemetery, Anderson Pasture, Milam County, TX.

    H. Peter Washington Nichols, born 30 August 1830, died 1 June 1894, CSA Veteran, married 7 August 1850, Margaret A. Roberts, born 6 December 1836, died 2 June 1912, AL., daughter of Malcome Roberts and Sarah Self.  Both buried in Mt. Nebo Methodist Church cemetery, Perry County, AL.

II.  Allen Nichols, born about 1787, died 1848, TN, wife named Eve, born about 1795, died 1878, TN, believed to be a daughter of Frederick Shafer. They named a son, Frederick Shafer Nichols.  About 1815, Allen Nichols moved his family to Williamson County, TN, settling on the west side of the town of Franklin.  He made will 3 May 1848, proven July 1848, naming his wife and children and making wife and son, William Nichols, executors of his estate.

    A. Elizabeth Nichols, born 26 April 1811, died 4 July 1861, married 9 May 1832, Parsons W. Moss, born 10 January 1810, died 15 November 1887. Parsons Moss was a businessman and distiller. Both buried in the Moss Family cemetery, Williamson County, TN.

    B. Sarah Nichols, born about 1814, died after 1871, married 1 September 1837, William H. Redford, son of James Redford and Sarah B. Shelburne.  They lived in the Leiper's Fork section of Williamson County, TN.

    C. Andrew T. Nichols, born about 1816, married 1842, Susan T. Temple, born about 1816. In 1846 they moved to San Augustine County, TX, then to Panola County before 1850, then to Kaufman County, TX in 1854.  Andrew T. Nichols died before 1860.

    D. William Nichols, born 23 March 1818, died 26 June 1901, married 20 December 1848, Martha S. Hamilton, born 28 June 1830, died 3 October 1902. Before 1850 they had moved to Bedford County, TN, and about 1854, moved to Wilkinson County, MS, afterward, moved to Arkansas. Both buried in Smyrna Cemetery, White County, AR.

    E. George Washington Nichols, Sr., born August 1821, married December 1838, Lucy Jane Young, born 22 August 1822, died 11 December 1890, daughter of William Young and Rebecca Bugg.  About 1851, they moved to Texas.  Both buried in the Brownsboro Cemetery, Kendall County, TX.

    F. John Nichols, born about 1823.

    G. Joseph H. Nichols, born about 1825, died during time of Civil War, wife named Amarilla P.  Found on census records of Perry County, TN.

    H. Allen F. Nichols, born about 1828.

    I. Frederick Shafer Nichols, born 1834, TN, died 24 November 1896, married 7 September 1854, Sarah Elizabeth Neely, born 1833, died 1906, daughter of William L. Neely and Elizabeth Blackwell. They lived in Marshall County, TN, then, about 1870, moved to Texas and settled in Kerr County.   Both buried in the Nichols Cemetery near Ingram, Kerr County, TX..

    J. Mary Jane Nichols, born August 1838, TN, married 13 November 1856, William Overton Smithson, born about 1828, son of Sylvanus W. Smithson and Louisa Smithson (his cousin). They moved to Kerr County, TX, for awhile then moved back to TN and settled in Hickman Co.

III.   Sally Nichols, born about 1790, died young, did not marry.

IV.  Rachel Nichols, born about 1792, SC, married about 1815, John Bickley, born about 1780, died 1826, son of Thomas Bickley and Ann Ochs. They lived in the Prosperity area near the Saluda River, SC. Three of the sons, Solomon, Simon Peter, and Simeon Bickley, moved to Talbot County, GA and married three Culver sisters.

    A. Nancy Bickley, born 18 October 1816.

    B. Solomon Bickley, born 19 December 1817, died 18 May 1888, married 1) 23 July           1841, Rebecca J. Culver, born 7 April 1825 (GA), died 9 November 1881, daughter of Joseph Culver and Mary Saunders; married 2) 8 December 1881, Emma Matilda Burdette.  Solomon Bickley and first wife are buried at Baughville, Talbot County, GA.

    C. Sampson Bickley, born 7 August 1819, died 1872, married 1) Matilda ___, died 7 July 1848, age 30; and 2) Lucretia A. ___, born about 1829, died 15 June 1890. Sampson Bickley remained in Newberry County, S.C.

    D. Simon Peter Bickley, born 11 May 1821, died 18 January 1904, married 1) 27 January 1846, Martha Ann Culver, born 19 October 1826, died 10 November 1846, daughter of Joseph Culver and Mary Saunders, married 2) 8 April 1847, Ann Elizabeth Biggs, born 11 March 1827, died 26 September 1922, daughter of Joseph E. Biggs and Sarah Elizabeth McNeil.  Simon Peter Bickley and both wives are buried in Talbotton, Talbot County, GA.

    E. Simeon Bickley, born 26 December 1822, died 7 March 1907, TX, married 4 December 1845, Harriet E. Culver, born 10 June 1828, died 8 February 1907, TX, daughter of Joseph Culver and Mary Saunders. They lived in Talbot County, GA before moving to Sabine County, TX.

    F. Naomi Bickley, born 13 April 1824, died 3 June 1850, married George Adam Schumpert, born 23 January 1812, died 7 December 1885, son of Jacob Schumpert and Christina Shealy.  Naomi Bickley Schumpert is buried in Jacob Schumpert family cemetery, Prosperity.

    G. John Bickley, born 30 September 1826.  Died young.

V. Mark Nichols, born about 1796, died after 1880, MS, moved to Perry County, AL and married, 20 December 1821, Elizabeth Lewis, born about 1802, died 1870. After 1840, they moved to Mississippi and settled in the Carolina Community of Itawamba County, MS.

    A. Ann Nichols, born about 1824, died after 1870. Did not marry.

    B. Rachel J. Nichols, born about 1826.

    C. Susan E. Nichols, born 1 January 1828, died 27 April 1902, married 5 December 1844, Henry Shumpert, born 13 September 1813, died 22 October 1872, son of George Adam Shumpert and Rhoda Conwill. Both buried Shumpert Cemetery, Itawamba County, MS.

    D. Martha J. Nichols, born 25 October 1830, died 30 March 1897, married 26 July 1852, John Conwill, born about 1829, died 27 June 1863, Battle of Vicksburg (CSA), son of Wilkes G. Conwill and Elizabeth Nelson. Martha Conwill is buried in the Carolina Cemetery, Itawamba County, MS.

    E. Louisa Ann Nichols, born about 1834, married 11 January 1866, Allen N. Green, born 15 May 1837, died 20 November 1910, son of William Green, Jr. and Eliza Kida Wyze.

    F. Mary D. Nichols, born about 1836, died after 1880.

    G. William Frank Nichols, born about 1840, died 29 May 1888, married 20 November 1867, Therissa Elliott, born 27 March 1846, died 10 December 1906, daughter of William T. Elliott and Nancy N. Barron.   William Frank and Therissa Nichols are buried in the New Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Itawamba County, MS.

    H. Euphemia A. Nichols, born about 1841, married 3 July 1881, Tillman Robert Morse, born 1864, died 1948. They settled in Wills Points, TX..

VI.  Luke Nichols, born about 1797, died 22 April 1885, married 1) Susanna Hallman Hutchinson, died 13 June 1858, age about 65 yrs., daughter of Andrew Hallman, Jr. and Mary(?) Dominick and widow of Arnet Hutchinson.  Luke and Susanna Nichols lived on the land that had been owned by Arnet Hutchinson near St. Luke Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC.  After the death of Susanna Nichols, Luke Nichols married 2) (his niece) Elizabeth Enlow, born 24 October 1816, died 9 November 1884, daughter of John Enlow and Margaret Hallman (sister of Susanna).  Luke Nichols and his two wives are buried in the St. Luke Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, Newberry County, S.C.

    A. Sarah (Sally) Nichols, born 31 December 1820 (1825 according to tombstone), died 4 December 1870, married 1) John Williams, Sr.; married 2) Simon Bolivar Coats, born 1825, died 1863, son of Henry Coats and Mary (Polly) Long.  Sally Nichols and second husband are buried in St. Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, Newberry County, SC.

    B. Allen Marlow Nichols, born 10 April 1821, died 29 January 1898, married 1) 18  February 1844, SC, Margaret Adline Summers, died 26 June 1844; married November 1846, SC, Rosannah Caroline Bedenbaugh, born 2 May 1829, died 5 July 1897, daughter of Henry Bedenbaugh and Elizabeth Bright. Allen Marlow Nichols and second wife are buried in St. Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.

    The family of Allen Marlow Nichols was described by Gernie Willis Nichols and Rosie Long in A History of the Nichols Family (1963). Also, a more detailed history of Allen Marlow Nichols and his descendants was compiled by Ms Bertha Nichols and her committee of Bobbie N. Smith,William A. Smith, Jr., Sharon S. Cromer, Patsy P. Nichols, Carolyn R. Nichols, George Nichols, and Alice Nichols, in A History of the Nichols family (1987).

    C. Julia Ann Nichols, born 20 November 1823, died 15 October 1905, married Daniel Moore, born 25 June 1800, died 22 November 1879, son of Robert Moore, Sr. and Hannah Caldwell. Both buried in St. Luke Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.

    D. John Andrew Nichols, born 18 November 1825, died 27 December 1913, married 1) Sarah ___, born 31 October 1825, died 4 December 1863; married 2) Mary Mills Kelly, born 8 September 1839, died 11 May 1910, daughter of Archibald Basil Mills and Christiana Paysinger and widow of James Mastadon Kelly. Andrew Nichols and both wives are buried in St. Luke Lutheran Church Cemetery, Prosperity, SC.

    E. Catherine Nichols, born about 1828, died before 1850, married David Prisock, son of George Prisock and wife, Barbara.

    F. Mark Nichols, born about 1830, died before 1880, wife named Martha M., moved to Sumter County, FL.

    G. Elizabeth Ann Nichols, born 13 February 1832, died 13 December 1905, married Philemon Berry Summers, born 6 February 1825, died 24 December 1907, son of William Summers and Sarah Kinard.  Both buried Providence Village Baptist Church Cemetery (The Old Olustee Cemetery), Union County, FL.

    H. Emily Caroline Nichols, born 26 April 1836, died 1 September 1924, FL, married James A. Taylor, born 23 February 1827, died 14 January 1903, FL, son of William W. Taylor. They moved to Columbia County, FL, and are buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Lake City, FL.

                                               JOSEPH NICHOLS, SR.

       The earliest record of Joseph Nichols in Newberry County was his purchase of land in 1785 on waters of Big Cr. of Saluda River. From old deed records it is known that his wife was named Esther.  Joseph Nichols, Sr. died in the spring of 1809 with administration of the estate initially granted to David D. Nichols (Newberry Estates 14-23). David D. Nichols relinquished administration in the fall of 1809 to Thomas Mills as he wished to leave the state.  Among the estate papers of Joseph Nichols, Sr. is an 1811 expense voucher for travel to Putnam Co., GA by William S. Mills and a commissioner in order to examine depositions.


I. David Daniel Nichols, born about 1786, died 23 October 1867, married 30 May 1816 in Wilkinson Co., GA, Jane Durham, born about 1798 in Franklin Co., GA, daughter of Joab Durham and Jenny Prescott.  Before 1820 the family of David D. Nichols moved to Irwin Co., GA. After 1830 they moved to Randolph Co., GA, and after 1840 the family moved to Alabama. In 1851, David D. Nichols applied for a land patent from Dale Co., AL, stating he was a private in the GA Militia for six months during the War of 1812. Soon thereafter the family of David D. Nichols settled in Wayne Co., MS.

    A. Simion N. Nichols, born 11 December 1818, wife named Mary, born about 1826.  Served in Civil War from Wayne Co., MS.

    B. Levi Lexington Nichols, born 20 October 1821, died 14 August 1898, married Margaret Emaline Alberson, born October 1824, died 7 March 1907.  They are buried at Malcolm Baptist Cemetery, Washington Co., AL.

    C. Joseph Marion Nichols, born 15 October 1824, died 1870s, married in Geneva Co., AL, Nicey Cooper, born about 1835, daughter of Stephen Cooper and Psuda Sanders. Joseph Marion Nichols is said to have been a spy for the North during the Civil War and later worked for the Federal Government as a Representative to the Indians in MISS. He drowned in the Tombigbee River. His family lived in Choctaw Co., AL.

    D. Thomas D. Nichols, born 9 September 1826, killed in Civil War.

    E. Claudius L. Nichols, born 4 September 1828, died 1865, Rock Island Prison, IL (CSA). C. L. Nichols enlisted into the CSA army in 1861 and served in Wayne Co., Gaines Invincibles, 46th Mississippi Regt.  His wife was named Mary, born April 1832, died 4 April 1918.  They had married in AL.  

    F. Huldean C. Nichols, born 23 October 1830.  Did not marry.

    G. Samantha Jane Nichols, born 3 February 1833, married Eli Sammons.

    H. Asseneth Candace Nichols, born 14 May 1836, married Franklin Shepard Sanderson, Sr. 

II.  Joseph Nichols, Jr., born about 1795, died about 1848 in Wilkinson Co., GA. In 1810, Matthias Hair obtained guardian bond for Joseph Nichols, Jr. and apprenticed him for 4 yrs. in 1811 to John Ramage to learn House Carpentry & Joiner trade (Nby Deeds J-673). He moved to Putnam Co., GA, and married, 29 August 1816, Rhoda Thornton,         born about 1803 in NC.   In 1820 the family is found in Jones Co., GA. About 1830 they moved to Wilkinson Co., GA, living near the Oconee River.  After the death of Joseph Nichols, Jr., his widow moved to Tallapoosa Co., AL, settling near Thornton relatives. There she remarried on 24 November 1850 to Michael Baker. 

         Joseph Nichols, Jr. and Rhoda Thornton had eight or nine cihldren.  The younger children are listed below.

    A..  William L. Nichols, born about 1834, married 24 December 1857 in Tallapoosa Co.,

                 AL, Mary J. Kennedy.

    B. Daniel J. Nichols, born about 1838, married 11 August 1859 in Tallapoosa Co., AL, Frances Alford, born about 1844, AL.

    C. Larkin J. Nichols, born about 1840.

    D. Yancey T. Nichols, born March 1843, died 1917 in Paulding Co., GA, married 20 May 1869 in Tallapoosa Co., AL, Martha C. Wilder, born 1851/1852, GA.  Yancey Nichols served in the Civil War from Wilkinson Co., GA, after which his family moved to Paulding Co., GA.

III. Daughter Nichols, born after 1790.

IV.  Luke Nichols, born 12 September 1808, died 13 November 1882, married Elizabeth Derrick, born 1 January 1820, died 28 July 1886, daughter of Thomas Derrick and Catherine Monts. Both buried at Union Lutheran Church, Leesville, SC.  According to his obituary, Luke Nichols was raised in a Lutheran home. His family lived near Union Church.  He was one of the founding fathers of this church and in 1854 he donated land to the church. Luke Nichols has recently been demonstrated by DNA analysis to have the same Y-chromosome pattern as George Nichols who died in the year 1800 in Newberry Dist., SC (further description in Dutch Fork Digest, Vol. 18, P. 46, 2003).  Since this Luke Nichols was not a son or grandson of George Nichols he is assumed to be the youngest child of Joseph Nichols, brother of George Nichols.  Luke Nichols was therefore orphaned at a young age.

     A.  Lemuel Edward Nichols, born 11 March 1838, died 27 April 1882, married 16 October 1855, Lavinia Crout, born 5 July 1838, died 3 March 1932, daughter of Dr. John Crout and Christener Shealy.  CSA veteran.  His family moved in 1869 to Smith County, MS. He and wife are buried at Providence Lutheran Church cemetery near Burns, MS.   After the death of Lemuel Nichols, Lavinia Crout Nichols married John Kennedy.  A history of the family of Lemuel Nichols has been written by the descendant, Patti Nichols Winningham.

    B. Sarah Ann Nichols, born 1 January 1840, died 8 May 1883. Buried Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    C. Levi Nichols, born 16 February 1842, died 22 May 1902, married Margaret Rebecca Harmon, born 3 July 1844, died 28 July 1911, daughter of Frederick Harmon and Harriet Ellisor. CSA veteran. Both buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    D. Wesley Nichols, born 18 April 1844, died 10 January 1931, married Mary Jane Bedenbaugh, born 18 August 1847, died 25 October 1929, daughter of John A. Bedenbaugh, Sr. and Sarah D. Cook.  CSA veteran. They lived in the old Frederick Sease homeplace on Hollow Cr.  Both buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    E. Elizabeth Caroline Nichols, born 20 November 1846, died 28 June 1864.  Buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    F. Deborah (Debbie) Nichols, born 22 February 1848, died 19 July 1937, married William B. Holley, born 1851, died 1929, son of Daniel D. Holley and Rosanah Leightsey. Both buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery. 

    G. Thomas Luther Nichols, born 12 May 1851, died 29 April 1880 (Atlanta, GA). Buried in Union Church cemetery.

    H. Stanmore Nichols, born 23  May 1854, died 12 October 1928, married Barbara Taylor, born May 1851, died 25 August 1934, daughter of Joel Taylor and wife, Catherine.  Lived near Luke Nichols homestead. Both buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    I. Leppard Nichols, born 17 January 1857, died 6 March 1925, married 1) Sarah C. Addy, born 6 October 1872, died 20 April 1892; married 2) Hassie Caroline Wertz, born 19 December 1861, died 10 March 1914; married 3) Catherine Keisler Derrick, born 13 March 1862, daughter of Fred Keisler and widow of Oliver Acel Derrick. Leppard Nichols is buried in Wittenberg Lutheran Church cemetery, Leesville, SC, with his last two wives.  The first wife is buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    J. Jasper Nichols, born 16 April 1860, died 10 July 1862. Buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

    K. Martha Emma Nichols, born 21 April 1864, died 25 October 1914, married Henry Edwin (Ed) Shealy, born 28 February 1861, died 14 August 1937, son of John Adam Shealy and Sarah Addy.  This couple lived in the old Luke Nichols home near Union Church.  Both buried in Union Lutheran Church cemetery.

     Two earlier books were written on the descendants of Allen Marlowe Nichols (see paragraph VI (B)) above. A new Nichols book, has been published.  This book, published in 2002, expands the scope of the Nichols Family.  It goes back two generations to Allen Marlowe Nichols' grandfather, George Nichols. The book documents George Nichols, his children and their descendants. Nichols Book specifics:

    "Nichols, George and Elizabeth of Newberry District South Carolina and their descendants, 1755 - 2002.  This book is hardbound. It contains over 10,000 individuals and has 1,002 pages. Included is a photo album containing black and white and color pictures. It has an outline descendant tree for reference, and a U. S. Map showing the settlement pattern for Nichols descendants. Book is fully indexed. Cost is $40.00 plus $6.00 for shipping, total $46.00.  Send check or postal money order to John T. Nichols, 606 Silver Moon Court, Montgomery, Al 36117-7571. For more info, write, or call 334-272-4370.."

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