In 1752, Simon Rudelhober, his wife and children: Elizabeth (age 15), George (age 10), Simon (age 8), Gasper (age 4), and Mary Sibella (age notgiven) arrived in Philadelphia (Lexington Genealogical Exchange, Vol. 4 (1):13-15, 1985. It is believed they departed from Rotterdam with Captain Mason on the ship Neptune. They arrived in SC August of 1752 on Captain Russell's ship, theEdenborough, from Philadelphia to Charles Town, SC (S.C. Gazette, issue 967, December 25, 1752 and the SC Provincial Council Journals, Vol. 21, part 2).  In his petition for bounty land in S.C., Simon Reitlehover claimed a wife& 5 children: Elizabeth 15, Mary Sibella 13, George 10, Simon 8, and Gaspar4 yrs. old. 

Simon Reitlehover, as Simon Riberhover, was granted 350 acres of land on Cannons Cr. Newberry deeds reveal that the land grant was partitioned into several parts (Wicker to Youn, Nby Deeds E-24). 88A part of the survey was conveyed to Mathias Wicker (Nby Deeds E-454). Another 88A part of thesurvey was transferred in 1778 to Jacob Frey (Nby Deeds E-455).  In 1801,George Reitlehober sold 37A part of the survey to John Adam Wicker (NbyDeeds E-457). 


I. Elizabeth Reitlehover, b. about 1737, m. Jacob Frye, Sr., d. 1800.  Her100 acre survey of 1773 on Buffalo Cr. was left by Jacob Frye, Sr. to son, Jacob Frye Jr., (Nby Deeds J-587).

    A. Jacob Frye, Jr.

    B. Elizabeth Frye.

    C. Sybilla Frey, m. David Egner.

    D. Hannah Frye, b. 1765/74, d. after 1820, m. Jacob Heller, b. 1760/65, d. about 1835, s/o Johannes Heller.

    E. Louisa Frye, m. Jacob Miller.

    F. Frederica Frye, m. Jacob Long, b. 1760, d. Aug 1834, s/o Jacob Long, Sr. & wife, Judith. 

    G. Maria Frye.

    H. Ursula Frye.

    I. Magdalina Frye, m. George Dawkins.

II. Mary Sibella Reitlehover, b. about 1739, b. Mathias Wicker, Jr.  Her 100A survey of 1772 on waters of Broad R. near Enoree River was sold in 1785 by Mary Wicker, widow of Mathias Wicker, dec., to Gabriel Anderson (NbyDeeds A-82).

    A. John Adam Wicker, Sr., b. about 1765, d. 1827, wife named Catherine, d. 1834.

    B. Simon Wicker, Sr., b. about 1767, m. (2) Christina Kesler, b. about 1769, d. after 1830, d/o Henry Kesler.

    C. Mary Wicker. 

    D. Catherine Wicker.

III. George Michael Reitlehover, b. about 1742, d. about 1800, name of first wife unknown, married (2) Magdalena Wicker, b. about 1770, d/o Mathias Wicker, Sr.  After the death of George Michael Reitlehover Magdalena married Matthias Hentz. 

   George Michael Reitlehuber made will 24 Oct 1795, proven 22 July 1800 (Nby Wills C-59), naming children: George; Johannas; Mary Elizabeth, wife of Wm Follmer; Anna Mary, wife of Jacob Reisinger; Barbara; Solomay; & Rosannah Reitlehover, wife of Wm Ballintine.

Children by first wife:

    A. George Reitlehover, born about 1762, wife named Mary Agnes.

      1. William Ridlehoover, b. 1795, d. about 1865, m. 4 March 1821, Mahala Deloach, b. 3 Apr 1804, d/o Thomas Deloach, Jr. & Sarah Watkins. They lived in Edgefield Dist., SC.

      2. David Ridlehuber, b. about 1805, m. (1) Mary Ropp, b. 12 Nov 1812, d. 4 Oct 1855, d/o Peter Ropp.  Mary is buried in the Ropp-Ridlehuber Cemetery, Newberry Co., SC.  David Ridlehuber married (2) Dec 1856, Anna Margaret Koon, b. about 1811, widow of George Adam Koon, Jr. They moved to Laurens Co., SC 

    B. Mary Elizabeth (Susie) Reitlehover, b. about 1765, d. 1810/19, m. William Fulmer, b. 1763/64, d/ 28 May 1842, s/o Johannes Fulmer.

    C. Anna Mary Reitlehover, b. 17 Apr 1772, d. 29 July 1852, m. Jacob  Risinger, b. 15 Oct 1768, d. 25 March 1825, s/o John George Risinger &  wife Elizabeth.  Moved to Bibb Co., AL.

    D. Barbara Reitlehover, b. about 1778.

    E. Rosannah Reitlehover, m. William Ballentine, Jr., b. about 1773, s/o William Ballentine, Sr.

      1. James Ballentine, b. 2 Jan 1797, d. 7 Feb 1856, m. Mary Catherine Shealy, b. March 1803, d. 10 March 1853, d/o Hon Windle Shealy & Mary A. Werts.

      2. John Ballentine, b. 1800, d. 1884, m. (1) Elizabeth Darby, b. 1805, d. 1839, d/o William Darby & Rebecca Chandler; m. (2) Nancy A. Boyd.

      3. Elizabeth Ballentine, b. about 1804, d. Feb 1854, m. Thomas Frick, IV, b. 1792, d. 1874, s/o Thomas Frick, III, & Katherine Fikes.

      4. Allen Ballentine, b. 6 Dec 1806, d. 17 Dec 1875, m. 12 Feb 1833, Nancy Waits, b. 12 Feb 1813, d. 9 Aug 1886. Bur. St. Michael's Lutheran Church cemetery, Irmo, SC.

      5. William Allen (Billy Batch) Ballentine, b. 15 June 1812, d. 26 Apr  1891, m. Nancy Shealy, b. 14 Feb 1818, d. 8 Nov 1895, d/o William Shealy & Mary Magdalene (Polly) Werts.

      6. Charlotte Ballentine, b. about 1823, m. (as 2nd wife) Joel Bouknight, b. 1809, s/o Michael Bauknight & Mary Ellisor.

      7. John Ansley Ballentine, b. 24 Jan 1827, d. 15 May 1899, m. Mary Caroline Meetze, b. 19 June 1834, d. 22 May 1900, d/o Jacob Meetze & Christena Koon.  Bur. Beulah Methodist Church, Blythewood, SC.

Children by Magdalene Wicker:

    F. Johannes Ridlehoober, b. 21 Dec 1790, d. 25 Jan 1850, m. Susannah Catherine Counts, b. 26 Feb 1796, d. 25 May 1848.  Both bur. Ridlehuber family cemetery, Newberry Co., SC.

      1. Elizabeth Ridlehuber, b. 4 Feb 1816, d. 1 Sept 1884, m. John George Houseal, b. 3 May 1808, d. 13 Aug 1889, s/o John Adam Houseal & Mary Margaret Summer.

      2. Mary Ann (Polly) Ridlehuber, b, 19 Aug 1819, d, 1 Nov 1909, m. 26 Nov 1835, Thomas Hoard Cromer, b. 31 March 1816, d. 10 Feb 1870, s/o Adam Cromer & Frances Hoard. Both bur. Beth Eden Lutheran Church cemetery, Newberry Co., SC.

      3. Louisa C. Ridlehuber, b. 26 July 1821, d. 6 May 1877, m. James L. Cromer, b. 4 Dec 1820, d. 11 Dec 1865, s/o Michael Comer & Mary Boyd.   Both bur. Ridlehuber family cemetery.

      4. Delila A. Ridlehuber, b. 27 Jan 1824. Died young.

      5. William Langston Ridlehuber, b. 16 Aug 1830, d. 17 Jun 1863, typhoid fever, m. Mary Magdalene Counts, b. 11 Feb 1825, d. 11 Apr 1907, d/o Jacob Counts, Jr. & Mary M. Ruff.

      6. Henry Walter Ridlehuber

      7. Susannah Ridlehuber, b. 23 Sept 1833, d. 9 Nov 1857, m. Walter F. Fulmer.

      8. Mary Ridlehuber, b. 17 Feb 1837, d. 22 Aug 1850.  Did not marry.  Bur. Ridlehuber family cemetery.

    G. Saloma (Sally) Reitlehover, b. about 1794, d. about 1885, m. John Adam Fulmer, b. 15 May 1794, d. 1865, s/o John Fulmer, III, & Catherine Chapman.

IV. Simon Riblehuber, b. about 1744.

V. Gaspar Ridlehuber, b. about 1748.

Posted 11 July 2004