Hans Suber Family


The Suber family of the S.C. Dutch Fork was founded by Hans Michael Zuber who arrived in S.C. about 1752. German Church records of the family are found in Werner Hacker's "Kurpfaelzische Auswanderer vom Unteren Neckar in 18. Jahrhundert." Hans Michael Zuber, b. 1710, Baiertal, Germany, m. (1) 26 Aug 1738, Anna Marie Wittman, b. 1712, d. Feb 1748, Leimen, Germany; m. (2) Ester Margretha Hermann, b. 1717, Leimen, Germany, and after arrival in S.C., m. (3) Elizabeth Miller.

Hans Michael Zuber was granted a 200 acre tract on Heller's Cr. adjacent the 100 acre tract of Elizabeth Millerin. Plats for these two tracts were certified on the same day, 18 June 1753. Hans Michael and Elizabeth Miller Suber are believed to be buried in Suber Cemetery #4 located on the 100 acre survey of 1753 to Elizabeth Millerin.

The following outline of the family of Hans Michael Zuber is updated from "Family of John Michael Suber" by Carl W. Nichols (Old Newberry Dist. Quarterly 7(3): 12,1998).

Children, b. Leimen, Germany, of Hans Michael Zuber and Anna Marie Wittman.

I. Hans Ulrich Zuber, b. 1740, d. 1741.

II. Elisabeth Zuber, b. 1741. Elizabeth Suber, age 10, on Council Journal immigration record.

III. Hans Bjorg Zuber, b. 1743. Listed as Hans Erick Suber, age 8, in the Council Journal record. Hans Jorg (George) Suber d. Oct 1783, m. Rachel Weyman, d. Nov 1819. The widow remarried (2) George Egner, d. 1796, and m. (3) Gasper Piester. John George Suber had a 200 acre survey of 1772 on West side Hellers Cr. Part of this grant was sold 1821 by Conrad Suber to John Suber (Nby Deeds P2, 90). He could also have lived close to the Broad River as he had bought land in 1774 on Broad River; this tract is shown on Mills map of Newberry as containing Suber's mill on Broad River.

    A. Leonard Suber, d. 1820, m. Rebecca Cannon. As oldest son of George Suber, Leonard Suber inherited  the 200 acre survey of 1772 to Jeremiah Williams on Broad River which had been bought in 1774 by George Suber. Leonard Suber sold a part of this tract in 1802 to Conrad Suber (Nby Deeds F184). A 100  acre survey of 1773 to John Clark on Broad R. was sold in 1803 by heirs of John Pearson to Leonard Suber (Nby Deeds H200). Leonard Suber sold tract in 1805 to Conrad Suber. Deed contains plat showing Suber's Mill on Fairfield Co. side of Broad R.

    B. Gasper Suber, d. 1806, wife named Sarah.

    C. Michael Suber, d. Feb 1813, m. Elizabeth Glymph, d. 19 Dec 1825, d/o Johann Abraham Glymph and wife Catherine.

    D. John Suber, d. 1826, m. Elizabeth Felker

    E. Conrad Suber, m. Polly Felker.

    F. George Suber, wife named Anna.

IV. Eva Barbara Zuber, b. 1745.

    Children, b. Germany, of John Michael Suber and Ester Margretha Hermann:

V. Conrad Suber, b. 1749, d. May 1814, m. Lucy Wicker, b. 1757, d. 1814, d/o Matthias Wicker. Bur. Suber Cemetery #2 located on the 250 acre survey of 1769 to Michael Schover. 150A part of this tract had been sold by grantee to Conrad Suber in 1772 (Nby Deeds D212). Conrad Suber is believed to have lived on this tract.

    A. Elizabeth Suber, b. 17 Apr 1779, d. 1 Feb 1857, m. Henry Halfacre, Sr., b. about 1775,  s/o Jacob Halfacre.

    B. David Suber, b. 5 Jan 1784, d. 17 Feb 1817, m. Anna Elizabeth Souter, b. 25 Feb 1786, d/o Martin Souter & Anna Catherine Metts.

    C. Henry Suber, b. 18 Jan 1786, d. 5 July 1854, m. (1) Sarah Swindler, b. 19 Feb 1788, d. 5 July 1845, d/o Joseph Swindler; and m. (2) Mrs. Susannah Darby, b. about 1792. Bur. with first wife in Suber Cemetery #5.

    D. Martin Suber, b. about 1788, d. 1855, m. (1) Mary Buzzard, d. about 1832; m. (2) Elizabeth Setzler, d/o John Adam Setzler and Catherine Leitner; m. (3) Elizabeth Kinard, b. 1813, d/o George Kinard & Catherine  Koon.

    E. George Suber, b. about 1790, d. Feb 1824, m. Christina Sligh, d. Oct 1847.

    F. Daniel Suber, b. 14 Oct 1791, d. 24 June 1879, m. Rebecca Leitzsey, b. 1800, d. 6 Oct 1841.

    G. Jacob Suber, b. 11 Sept 1793, d. 16 Apr 1852, m. Catherine J. Souter, b. 25 Feb 1794, d 12 Oct 1839, d/o Martin Souter & Anna Catherine Metts. Jacob Suber was left 150 acres of land by LWT of Conrad Suber.

    H. Rebecca Suber, b. about 1800, d. 18 Oct 1864. Mentally retarded.

VI. Wolrath Zuber, b 1751.

    Children, b. S. C., of John Michael Suber and Elizabeth Miller:

    VII. John Suber, b. 1756, d. 14 Oct 1827, wife named Barbara, b. 1752, d. 1821, bur. Suber Cemetery #4 located on the 100 acre survey of 1753 to Elizabeth Millerin on Hellers Cr. John Suber had evidently owned this land. In 1829, his son Michael sold the tract, except for 1/2 acre cemetery, to John Heller (Nby Deeds Q286).

    A. John Suber, b. about 1792, d. Jan 1850, wife named Mary, b. about 1797, d. 1858.

    B. Michael Suber, b. 3 Sept 1794, d. 18 Dec 1849, m. (1) Mary Reid, b. 2 May 1798, d. 17 June 1831; m. (2) Susan Boyd. Buried with first wife in Suber Cemetery #4.

    C. Margaret Suber, m. Adam Piester.

    D. Catharine Suber, m. James Hill.

    E. Sarah Suber, m. Henry Cromer.

VII. John Uriah Suber, b. 26 Dec 1761, d. 6 July 1832, m. Catharine Ruff, b. 5 June 1768 d. 7 Feb 1825, bur. SuberGlymph Graveyard located on the 150A survey of 1771 to Michael Subor on east side Hellers Cr.

    A. David Suber, b. 30 Nov 1788, d. 4 Feb 1853. Ran a store in 1821 (Est. sale of Leonard Suber held at Store of David Suber, Nby Deeds P374).

    B. Ephraim Suber, b. 27 Apr 1792, d. 22 Sept 1875, m. (1) Martha Hogg, b. 1799, d. 11 July 1832, d/o      Maj. Lewis Hogg & Mary Rosannah Feltman; m. (2) 21 March 1833, Elizabeth A. Glymph, b. 2 Jan    1805, d. 6 Oct 1837, d/o Emanuel Glymph; m. (3) Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Ruff Eichelberger, b. 12 Oct     1802, d. 23 Sept 1849, d/o John Henry Ruff & Margaret Elizabeth Summer. Home of Ephraim Suber     shown on Mills map as being located on 200 acre survey of 1771 to George Ruff on E side Hellers Cr. Land was sold 1820 by Jacob Miller to Ephraim Suber (Nby Deeds P2,335).

    C. Elizabeth Suber, b. 1794, d. 1833, m. William Welch.

    D. Sarah Suber, b. 30 Dec 1796, d. 20 March 1840, m. David Boozer, b. 9 Feb 1788, d. 10 Feb 1850, s/o Frederick Boozer & Mary Ann Barbara Gray.

    E. John Suber, b. 1797, d. 1859, m. Lavenia Gallman.

    F. Christian Suber, b. 17 Sept 1799, d. 23 May 1871, m. Caroline Counts, b. 17 Aug 1815, d. 3 Jan 1882, d/o Jacob Counts, Jr. & Mary Magdalene (Polly) Ruff.

    G. Uriah Suber, b. 1 June 1801, d. 20 June 1827.

    H. Rebecca Suber, b. 14 Dec 1806, d. 10 Dec 1841.

    I. Mary Suber, b. 29 Oct 1808, d. 8 March 1885, m. Michael Buzhardt, b. 9 Sept 1807, d. 16 Aug 1885 Bur. Buzhardt Cemetery #1.

    J. Hannah Suber, b. about 1803, m. John Glymph, Jr., b. about 1798, d. 10 Jan 1873.

    K. Solomon Suber, d. 23 Apr 1830, m. Elizabeth Stockman, d/o Peter Stockman. Ran a store on Crims Cr. that is shown on Mills map. Land on Crims Cr. was sold 1821 by Peter Stockman to Elizabeth Suber, wife of Solomon Suber (Nby Deeds P2, 205).

    L. Lavinia Caroline Suber. B. 1812, d. 1847, m. Lemuel Boozer.

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The Stockman Family


Johann Engel Stockman came to America in 1749, giving allegiance to King George II at Philadelphia Courthouse on 17 Oct of that year. He was baptized Johann Engelberth Stockmann on 2 Dec 1725 and married Anna Maria Schmidt on 2 July 1747 in the German Reformed Church in Burbach, Nassau Siegen (Westphalia). The same Church records reveal a daughter of this couple, Anna Elisabeth, b. 24 Oct 1748.


After arriving in America, Engel Stockman lived for a few years in Frederick Co., MD, then came to the S.C. Dutch Fork. Ingle Stockman obtained a 133 acre grant near Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria, in 1786 and which he sold shortly afterward to John Kinard (Nby Deeds I-30). In this deed the occupation of Ingle Stockman is given as Surgeon. When he sold land in 1786, his wife's name was given as "Katherine."


Angel Stockman lost a horse in service under General Pinckney during the Rev. War. (AA7402). John Stockman gave 20 dys. service in 1779 as horseman and Peter Stockman served 20 dys. as horseman in 1781 in Capt. Leitner's Co., Col Water's Regt. (AA7405, 7406). Henry Stockman served in militia duty in Water's Regt. after the fall of Charlestown (AA7404).


The sons of Johann Engel Stockman are believed to have been Frederick, Peter, George, Christopher, Henry, and John. Peter and Henry Stockman, as well as a widow, Barbara Stockman, are found in the 1790 census of Newberry Dist. Christopher Stockman, according to his Rev. War Pension application, was in KY in 1790.


The daughter, Anna Elisabeth, is thought to have married John Kinard, Jr., son of John Kinard, Sr. and wife, Mary.


The Stockman family is described in more detail in Abner P. Stockman's "Notes on the Stockman Name" (1978), compiled my Mrs. Woodrow Roof Stockman.




A. Frederick Stockman, b. abt 1749, settled in Texas. According to records, he was born in Germany and was son of John Stockman and Mary Smith.


B. Peter Stockman, b. abt 1750, d. abt 1821, m. Catherine Epting Folk, b. 13 Sept 1739, dau. Of John Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander. Land on Camping Cr. left by LWT of Jacob Folk to wife, Catherine, was sold in 1801 by Matthew Smith to George Wheeler (Nby Deeds 0-52). This deed states that Jacob Folk's widow had remarried Peter Stockman and from whom land had been bought by Matthew Smith. Catherine Stockman d. between July 1796 and Oct1804, in the latter year Peter Stockman had remarried with wife named Barbara.


Peter Stockman was a tanner and farmer and lived on the southeast side of present day community of Pomaria. His name is found among signatures of petitioners for incorporation of St. John's Church (1794). Before his death, Peter Stockman deeded his property away to ______.

  • 1. Anna Maria Stockman, b. 7 Apr 1776, m. Peter Dickert, s/o Michael Dickert Sr. and Margaret Seigler   Cromer. Peter Stockman gave land in 1799 to loving dau., Mary, wife of Peter Dickert (Nby Deeds F 145).
  • 2. Elizabeth Stockman, m. (1) Solomon Suber, d/o Uriah Suber, and m. (2) Thomas Ellisor. On 17 Feb 1821, Peter Stockman Sr., sold land to Elizabeth Suber, wife of Solomon Suber (Nby Deeds P-2, p. 5). Deed says land to be Elizabeth Suber's "after my death."
  • 3. John George Stockman, b. abt 1783, m. (1) Hannah Dickert, d/o Michael Dickert, Sr. and Margaret Seigler Cromer. He m. (2) Rebecca Pow, b. abt 1794. George Stockman sold land on br. of Crims Cr. in  1822 that had been deeded to him by Peter Stockman with dower signature of Rebecca Stockman (Nby Deeds P-2, p. 400). George Stockman and wife, Rebecca, moved to Perry Co., AL. A Power of Attorney Record of 1851 (Edgefield Deeds GGG-190) appoints Thomas L. Wallace as atty. for Rebecca Stockman, formerly Rebecca Pow, and husband, John G. Stockman of Perry Co., AL to obtain whatever her share is of est. of her deceased brother John Pow, or that of Jacob Pow, late of Edgefield Dist, SC.
  • On  18 May 1812, George Stockman sold land for a Methodist Church, known    as Stockman's meeting  house (Nby Deeds K-154). This church was abandoned   after   the Civil War.

    C. George Stockman, d. prior to 1790, wife named Christina Barbara. Christina Barbara is thought to have been a daughter of John Kinard, Sr. and wife, Mary. After the death of George Stockman, Christina Barbara Stockman remarried John Weedaman. After the death oi John Weedaman, Barbara gave land to son, John Adam Stockman, that had been signed over in 1797 to Barbara Weedinman by John Kinard Admr. of Est. of John Weddinman (Nby Deeds C- 974). Barbara Weedinman married (3) 16 Sept 1799, William Frederick Houseal. Wm Frederick Houseal  acquitted Christina Barbara of interest in her property (Nby Deeds D-392).


    1. John Peter Stockman. Listed as John Stockman in 1820 census of Williamson Co., TN. John Stockman is found on 1830 census of Catahoula Parish, LA; recorded in 1840 census as Peter Stockman.


    2. John Adam Stockman. Listed as John A. Stockman in 1820 census of Williamson Co. Margarete Stockman, found in 1830 census of Perry Co., AL, may be widow of John Adam Stockman.


    3. Christena Stockman.


    4. John George Stockman, b. abt 1787, was a widower in 1850, living in Perry Co., AL. Married 11 Feb 1852, Mary Judkins.


    D. Christopher Stockman, b. 1 May 1755 in Maryland. Christopher Stockman's Rev. War Pension application says he removed to KY where he was captured by the Shawnee and held captive for 3 years. He then escaped, made his way down the River, and spent the next 40 years in and between Mobile and New Orleans. He returned to Newberry Co., SC in 1832 to apply for his Rev. War Pension.


    E. John Stockman in 1799 witnessed a land purchase by Peter Stockman (Nby Deeds D-208). His signature in German script as Johann Stockman. He is also found on 1800 census of Nby


    F. Henry Stockman, b. 1760, d. 1828, m. Agnes (Nancy) Hair, b. 1760, d. 1833, d/o Peter Hair, Sr. and Anna Maria Herrman. Henry Stockman lived near the community of Pomaria. He made will 4 Apr 1828 naming his children and the grandchildren of his deceased daughter, Margaret Zeigler.


    • 1. Mary Stockman, m. Thomas Rikard, b. 1777, d. 1854, believed to be s/o Michael Rikard, Sr. They moved to Abbeville Co. & were members of Tranquil Methodist Church.
    • 2. Margaret Stockman, m. John Zeigler.


    • 3. John Peter Stockman, b. 7 March 1788, d. 17 Apr 1863, m. Catherine Dominick Hope, b. 5 May 1785, d. 22 July 1860, d/o Henry Dominick, Sr. and widow of Christian Haupt, Jr.
    • 4. Elizabeth Stockman m. Henry Kinard, s/o John Kinard, Jr. and wife, Elizabeth. Henry Kinard and wife,  Elizabeth, in 1815 sold his part of land inherited from est. of John Kinard, Jr. (Nby Deeds L-132). In 1822, Henry and Elizabeth Stockman sold land on Crims Cr. near the Henry Stockman homeplace (Nby Deeds P-2,384).
    • 5. George Adam Stockman, d. Jan 1860 (65th yr.), m. Elizabeth Kinard, b. abt 1797, d. Sept 1877, d/o John Kinard, Jr. and wife, Elizabeth. In 1818 George Adam Stockman and wife Elizabeth sold land inherited  by Elizabeth Kinard, now Stockman, from est. of John Kinard decd. (Nby Deeds N-19).
    • 6. Anna Stockman m. David Kinard.


    • 7. Col. John Henry Stockman, b. 20 Feb 1805, d. 14 Oct 1878, m. (1) Mary Magdalena Wheeler Bowers,    __ ___ , d/o  George Wheeler and Barbara Addy, and widow of Alexander Andrew Bowers. Married (2)  Mrs. Nancy Harmon Kinard, b. 5 Nov 1801, d. 20  Dec 1878, d/o John Leonard Harmon & Rachel Busby, and widow of Michael Kinard, Jr. John Henry Stockman and second wife are bur. at Zion Methodist Church.

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