John Swittenberg Family

   John Swittenberg came to SC in 1752 as a single person in 1752. He did not petition for land until after he had married and had a child. His petition for bounty was read at the meeting of 1 February 1754, "John the Ship Caledonia from Rotterdam... he is free having paid his freight ..hath Since his arrival married and has one child...came down to Town twice to get a warrant but was not at the Proper time" (Council Journal 22:82). His bounty grant of 150 acres, in the name of John Schechenburgh, was on headwaters of Bear Creek near the town of Little Mountain.

   A 100 acre tract on north side Broad River was granted 2 February 1773 to John Swittenburgh and by he and wife, Christiana, sold by Lease and Release 7 and 8 February 1773, to Eleazer Mobley (Memorials 13:288). It is thought that John Swittenburg married Christiana Jeserel who also came to America as a single person and, like John Swittenburg, on the Caledonia.  Her 50 acre bounty survey, in the name of Christian Joiscesel, was on headwaters of Crims Creek northwest of the town of Little Mountain. When St. John's Lutheran Church land was surveyed in 1763, the adjacent land grant of Margaret Kenner was shown as land of John Swittenberg (Colonial Plats 8:436).  John Swittenburg, the immigrant, is said to have lived on this land. 

   After the Rev. War, John Swigtenburgh was compensated on 4 October 1785 for a mare lost in Service (Stub Indent 904).  On 26 January 1786, Mr. John Swendenberry was compensated for rations and forage supplied to Militia in 1781 (Stub Indent 1613).

   John Swigtenbergh, Eberhart Sweigtenberg, and Wm Swigtwenberg were all signers for incorporation of St. John's Church, Pomaria (1794).


I. John Eberhardt Swittenburg, died before 1814, is thought to have married (1) Ann Catherine Shaffer, daughter of Frederick Shaffer and wife, Elizabeth.  His second wife is said to have been Elizabeth Gantt.  In 1786, Abrahart Sweetenburgh was granted an 86 acre tract on Crims Cr. near Pomaria, SC, and which he and wife, Ann Catherine, sold in 1792 (Nby Deeds C-1069).

         During the Revolutionary War, Everhart Switzenburgh served 80 days in the militia in 1779 as a footman under Capt. John Adam Summer and Col. Philemon Waters.  In 1781, he served 130 days as a footman under Capt. Jacob Folmer and Col. Waters.  He was a sergeant before the fall of Charleston serving under Col. Waters.  He conveyed George Dawkins to headwaters at Orangeburg after Dawkins, who had become a lieutenant under the  British,  returned home to see his friends (Accounts Audited 7579 and 7591; Stub Indents 1250, 2663, 2663, and 3140).    

         In 1785, Abrahart Sweetenberg obtained a 58 acre tract on the east side of St. John's Church, Pomaria.  This land was sold in 1820 by Frederick Swettenburg to Jacob Countz (B.
     H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist, SC, 1814-1825).   In the same year Eberhard Swightenburg bought 130 acres from Ulrick Kyzer on waters of Saluda River and which was sold in 1814 by Fredrick Weightenburg to John Black (Holcomb, Memorialized Records).  In 1817,  Frederick Swightenbergh of Lexington District sold 200 acre to Adam Hipp (Nby Deeds O-20), a tract originally granted in 1787 to Laurence Young on the old Ninety Six-Orangeburgh District line. In a later deed (John Adam Hipp to Allen Ballentine, 1833, Nby Deeds R-163) the land is described as having been transferred by Laurence Younto Ebarhart Sweetenburgh and by said Sweetenburgh to sons, John and Frederick Swetenburgh, to the present grantor.

     Child by Ann Catherine Shaffer:
A. John Frederick Swittenberg.

     Child by Elizabeth Gantt:
B. Sarah Swittenberg, born 1805, died after 1880, married Joseph ("Poor Joe") Summer, born December 1797, died 1879, son of Francis Summer and Christina Hipp.

1. William Leroy Summer, born 26 November 1828, died 28 January 1863 (CSA), married Polly Farr, born 1830, died 1900.
2. Elizabeth Frances (Beth) Summer, born about 1831, moved to GA.
3. John Gantt Summer, born 1836, died 23 March, VA (CSA), married Mary Margaret Epting, born about 1836.
4. Mary Ann Summer, born 4 August 1835, died 29 March 1917, married (1) Barnet Houseal Rawls, born 1818, died 1878, son of William Lockhart Rawls and Rosanna Catherine Houseal; and married (2) Jeffron Koon.
5. Nancy M. Summer, born about 1847, married John Medlock, born 1845, died 1875.
6. Margaret M. Summer, born about 1850, married 1866, (1) James Morban; married (2) ___ Veno.  Moved to GA.

II.  William Swittenberg, died after 1820, married Elizabeth Setzler, daughter of John Adam Setzler, Sr. Wm Swittenberg and wife are buried at St. John's Church Cemetery.  His tombstone gives his name as William Eberhart Swittenberg. 

         The 109A land grant of Hans Adam Kerber between Crims and Cannons Creek near Broad River devolved into possession of Adam Setzler the Elder who gave land to daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Wm Swightenburgh, by deed of gift 6 March 1787 and she and her husband sold 2 April 1801 to John Adam Setzler, Sr. (Setzler to Setzler, 1809, Nby Deeds J, p. 609).  After death of his first wife, William Swittenberg married Barbara Koon, born about 1801, daughter of George Adam Koon, Sr. and Rosana Barbara Long.  In the LWT of George Adam Koon (made 14 February 1820, proven 5 February 1821) he names children, including: Elizabeth, Barbara, and Katherine. In other estate papers, daughters are given as wives of Christian Cromer, George Kinard, and William Swettenberger (Lee's Equities).  Elizabeth was the wife of Frederick Christian Cromer, Katherine was wife of Capt. George Kinard, leaving Barbara as wife of William Swittenberg.

A. John Swittenberg, born 9 April 1786, died 26 April 1830, is buried at St. John's Church near William Swittenberg and wife and is taken to be a son of William Swittenburg. John Swittenberg married Christina Kinard, born 11 January 1791, died 22 November 1839, daughter of Michael Kinard and Catherine Swittenberg. 

1. William Swittenberg, born 21 February 1808, died 27 November 1886, married (1) 6 February 1834, Elizabeth Harriet Summer, born 21 December 1814, died 24 November 1848, daughter of John Nicholas Summer and Elizabeth Counts, married (2) Emiline Jane Swindler, born 17 January 1830, died 11 January 1864, daughter of Elisha Swindler and Nancy Buchanan; and married (3) 11 October 1866, Martha Susannah Gallagher, born 22 October 1836, died 25 November 1886, daughter of  William Galleghy and Mary Crow.  Moved to MISS with second wife. Buried with second and third wives in Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Smith Co., MISS.
2. Mary Swittenberg, born 2 January 1812, died 4 December 1880, married David Miller, born 6 October 1798, died 4 May 1865.  Buried St. John's Lutheran Church cemetery, Pomaria, SC.
3. Polly Swittenberg, born about 1814, died after 1870, married Henry Ropp, died 11 March 1847, son of Peter Ropp and wife, Catherine.
4. John Swittenberg, born 25 April 1818, died 22 November 1867, married 21 November 1844, Nancy P. Sligh, born 26 January 1827, died 4 May 1909, daughter of George Sligh, Jr. and Magdalene Bundrick.  Both buried Beth Eden Lutheran Church cemetery.
5. George Michael Swittenberg, born 27 August 1820, died 8 February 1852. Did not marry. Bur. St. John's Lutheran Church cemetery, Pomaria, SC.
6. Harriet Swittenberg, born 7 March 1825, died 12 February 1896, married (as second wife) 18 February 1853, Adam Epting, born 4 March 1804, died 6 November 1871, son of Jacob Epting and Mary Cannon.
7. Susanna Swittenberg, born 8 February 1828, died 10 January 1887, married (as second wife) Emanuel Cromer, born 10 October 1811, died 2 June 1890, son of John Frederick Cromer and Barbara Sligh.  Both buried Cromer Family cemetery #1.
B. Anna C. Swittenberg, born about 1794, married Conrad Farr, born about 1791, died 25 January 1869, son of Michael Farr.  Buried in the Farr Cemetery about 2 miles east of town of Little Mountain.
1. Susannah Elizabeth Farr, born 29 December 1822, died 10 October 1909, married (as second wife) Jacob Koon, born about 1815, son of John Koon and Barbara Rinehart.
2. Benson Farr, born 10 October 1825, died 26 July 1907.
3. Sally Farr, born about 1828, married David Swittenberg, son of Wm Swittenberg and Mary Molly Fulmer.
4. George Wesley Farr, born 9 March 1831, died 29 November 1913, married Margaret Cornelia Swittenberg, sister of David Swittenberg.
5. John David Farr, born 1832, died 15 September 1908, married Polly Delila Chapman, daughter of William C. Chapman and Christena Wicker.
6. Nancy Farr, born about 1834.
7. Sarah Ann Farr, born about 1834.
8. Josephine Eliza Farr, born about 1838, married C. W. Murtiashaw.

C. William Swittenberg, born about 1795, married Mary M. (Molly) Fulmer, born about 1800, believed to be a daughter of William Fulmer and Susie Rydlehuber.
1. John W. Swittenberg, born about 1826, married Polly Priscilla Epting, daughter of Capt. John George Epting and Elizabeth Chapman.
2. David Swittenberg, born about 1830,  married Sally Farr, daughter of Conrad Farr and Anna C. Swittenberg.
3. Jamima J. Swittenberg, born 1832, died 1857, married G. A. Epting. Buried Shealy-Swittenberg Fam Cemetery, Little Mountain, SC.
4. Margaret Cornelia Swittenberg, born 13 June 1835, died 21 November 1915, married George Wesley Farr, brother of Sally Farr.
5. Martha Swittenberg, born 23 May 1839, died 3 January 1926, married (1) Amos Guise, son of Alva Guise; and married (2) Joel Stanford George, born 7 August 1848, died 3 January 1926, son of Andrew George and Nancy Rister.   

D. Mary Magdalene (Polly) Swittenberg, born 21 December 1798, died 21 October 1877, buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery, married David Bundrick, born 1798, died 5 January 1824, buried Hentz Cemetery, son of Frederick Charles Bundrick and Agnes Wicker.

1. Anna Cabune Bundrick, born 1 May 1819 , died 24 April 1889, married John Jacob C. Eargle, born 12 June 1805, died 8 November 1889, daughter of John Eargle and Mary Magdalene Amick.
2. Alfred Walter Bundrick, born 1 November 1821, died 20 December 1904, married 28 August 1845, Ann Catherine Riser, born 14 December 1822, died 28 December 1906, daughter of John Riser and Barbara Ann Zeigler.

III. Catherine Swittenburg, born about 1756, died 4 November 1800, married Michael Kinard, Sr., son of John Kinard, Sr.

A. Catherine Kinard, born about 1774, married John George Fellers, son of John Fellers
B. Elizabeth Kinard, married Henry Shealy, Sr., born 1780, died 1828, son of John Windle Shealy and Anna Mary Epting.
C. Mary Kinard, born 18 December 1787, died 29 December 1872, married 19 March 1805, Frederick Schumpert, born 23 November 1783, died 28 January 1846.  Buried Schumpert Cemetery.
D. Christina Kinard, born 11 January 1791, died 22 November 1839, married John Swittenburg, born 9 April 1786, died 26 April 1830, son of William Swittenberg and Elizabeth Setzler. Buried St. John's Church Cemetery.
E. John Kinard, born 21 October 1793, married (1) Rosannah Bates, died January 1822; married (2) Mary Ann (Polly) Morriss, born about 1804, died 28 May 1881, daughter of Samuel Morris, Jr. Moved to Columbia Co., FL, prior to 1860.
F. Mary Magdaline (Polly) Kinard, born about 1794, died about 1864, married John Monts, born 11 December 1793, died December 1878, son of Gosper Monts and Anna Mary Minnick.
G. Eva Kinard, born about 1800, died 5 May 1880, married David Bowers, born about 1802, died 29 October 1864, son of Stephen Bowers and Nancy Bates. Buried David Bowers Cemetery.
H. Michael Kinard, Jr., born 10 April 1802, died 13 October 1833, married Nancy Harmon, born 5 November 1801, died 20 December 1878, daughter of John Leonard Harmon and Mary Langford.  Buried Zion Methodist Church Cemetery.

IV.  Christina Swittenburg, born about 1766, died 15 December 1859, married Andrew Holman, born about 1763, died 10 March 1852, son of Jacob Holman.

A. Jacob Hallman, born about 1798, died 12 April 1882, married Margaret (Peggy) Boatwright, born 11 March 1811, died 13 December 1879.
B. Mary Hallman, born about 1800, married Jacob John Shealy, born 6 October 1800, died 1 April 1874, son of John Jacob Shealy and Christener Counts.
C. Samuel Hallman, born 8 November 1802, died 1 January 1885, married (1) Anna Catherine Wingard, born 25 August 1792, died 21 June 1882; married (2) Sarah Gross.
D. Elizabeth (Betsy) Hallman, born about 1804, died 22 January 1874, married William O. Rankin, born about 1794
E. William Hallman, born 12 June 1812, died 8 September 1885, married Martha Ann Boatwright, born 1 January 1820, died 20 July 1890
F.   George Hallman, born about 1816, married Martha Cochroft
G.   David Hallman, born 17 April 1818, died 1887, married Annis Kirton, born about 1816.
H.   Patsy Hallman, born about 1824, married Thomas Boatwright

V. Anna Mary Swittenburg, born about 1770, died April 1849, married Adam Shealy, Sr., son of John Windle Shealy and Anna Mary Epting.

A. Adam Shealy, Jr., born 1788, died 1875, married Mary Caroline Catherine Monts, born about 1792, died 1891, daughter of Gosper Monts and Anna Mary Minick.
B. Mary (Polly) Shealy, married (as second wife) Jacob Crout, born 14 August 1774, died November 1853, son of Johannes Crout.
C. John Wendle Shealy, born 1796, married Elizabeth Jackson, born 1798, daughter of John Jackson (Lex Deeds Q-267).
D. David Shealy, born 1799, died 1880, married Polly Hare.
E. Christener Shealy, born 31 March 1801, died 12 March 1881, married Dr. John Crout, born 14 November 1799, died 14 May 1884, son of Jacob Crout and Susanna Jackson.
F. Matthias Shealy, born 1802, married (1) Polly Fulmer, born about 1797, daughter of Abrahart Fulmer and Mary Susanna Summer; married (2) Barbara Risinger, born about 1800, daughter of Thomas Risinger and wife, Elizabeth.
G. Martin Shealy, born November 1803, died 7 Oct 1878, married (1) Rhoda Harris; married (2) Julia Ann Fulmer Moore, born 23 November 1823, died 12 March 1906, daughter of Eberhart Fulmer and Mary Ann Long.
H. Michael Shealy, born 19 October 1806, died 20 March 1892, married Sarah Rawl, born 15 June 1815, died 11 July 1890, daughter of Frederick Rawl.
I. William Shealy, born 1808, married Barbary Hare.
J. Catherine Shealy, born 1810. Did not marry.
K. Ephraim Shealy, born 10 November 1816, died 1855, married Achsa Snelgrove, born 5 March 1824, died 20 March 1905, daughter of Carey Snelgrove and Ruthy Richardson.
Submitter: Carl Nichols

Bio updated 1 May 2004