John Wedaman Family

The Wedaman family of the Dutch Fork are thought to be the children of Johannes  Wedingman and wife, Barbara. They had a bounty grant in Amelia Township and  later lived in Dutchmans' Creek area of Union (Chester County) District.

In 1790, the sons: Christopher, David, John, and Peter lived in the Cannons  Creek area of Newberry County. Christian Wedaman, found in Newberry deed records, may also have been a son of Johannes Wedingman and wife, Barbara.

I. Christopher Weedaman in 1785 bought land on Reedy (Mud) Creek, branch of  Cannons Creek (Newberry Deeds A-377). Deed was witnessed by David and Christian  Weedingman. Half of this tract was sold in 1789 by Christopher Weddinman to Christian Weddingman (Newberry Deeds D-2, 180). Deed was witnessed by David  Weddinman. By the year 1800, Christopher Weedaman had moved to Edgefield (Saluda  County) District and settled on Clouds Creek. The descendants of Christopher  Weedaman use the surname, Whitman.

A. John Adam Whitman, born 1772, died 1815, married Mary McNair.
    1. Margaret Whitman, born about 1796, died 29 January 1864, married John Hare, born about 1790, died 31 July 1846, son of Lawrence Hare and Margaret  Lagrone. Lived in Saluda County, SC.
    2. Joseph Whitman, born 17 April 1806, died 18 August 1865, married 16 September 1828 (in Perry County, AL), Margaret Ann (Peggy) Hartley, born 6 May 1803, died 2 March 1874. Moved to Robertson, TX.
    3. Adam Whitman, born 1 August 1815, died 28 May 1883, moved to AL, married  Dorotha (Dolly) Rikard, born 20 January 1811, died 30 September 1890. Later  moved to Newton County, TX.
B. Christopher Whitman, died 1810, said to have married Margaret Clawson.
    1. Samuel Whitman, born 8 February 1799, married 6 June 1816, (her second  husband) Polly Lagrone, born 1 January 1796, daughter of John Adam Lagrone and Mary Magdalene Houseal. Lived in Perry County, AL.
    2. Rosannah Whitman, born 1801, married Vincent Faulkner, died 1839, Perry County, AL, son of Jacob Faulkner
C. John Whitman, died after 1820.
    1. Gabriel Whitman, born 1815, wife named Demarious. Moved to Tallapoosa County, AL 2. Mary Whitman, married John Griffin. Moved to Tallapoosa County, AL.

II. David Wedeman, born 4 November 1761, died 25 November 1831, married 1) Mary E. Youn, born 1767, died 1 January 1796 (aged 28 yrs., 10 mos.,10 dys);  married 2) Mary M. Hair, born about 1764, died 20 July 1831. They are buried in the David Wedeman family cemetery. The cemetery is located on land bought by Wedeman in 1785 from George Eigner and wife, Rachel (Newberry Deeds D-2,  P. 72). This was the land grant of John Conrad Volk, 1753.

A. David Wedeman, Jr., born about 1799, first wife named Catharine, born June 1792, died 15 November 1845; second wife named Talitha C. _____ , born 30 July 1812, died 10 January 1849.
B. Elijah Wedaman, born 17 August 1807, died 30 March 1868, married Mary M.  Cromer, born 12 December 1809, died 30 April 1879, daughter of John Frederick  Cromer and Barbara Sligh.
III. Peter Wedaman bought land on Cannons Creek in 1794 from John Adam Summer  (Newberry Deeds C-1018). In 1804, he bought a 200 acre tract on the North  side of Youngs Fork of Bush River near Prosperity, SC (Newberry Deeds G-26).
 Peter Wedaman, married 2) Catherine Kinard Welch (her second husband), daughter of John Kinard and wife, Elizabeth; married 3) 12 February 1835, Sarah Shumpert born 13 November 1813, died 13 January 1898 daughter of Jacob Shumpert and Christina Shealy. Peter Wedman made will dated 15 April 1837, proved 1 May 1837. Will mentions Granddaughter: Dolly Chapman and daughter-in-law: Margaret Wedman.
A. John Wedaman/Whitman, died 27 December 1825, wife named Margaret, born  28 November 1787, died 9 May 1859. Margaret is buried in "Old Dunker  Cemetery."
B. Christopher Wedaman, born about 1789, died about 1864, wife named Aisley. Lived in Newberry County, SC.
C. Rebecca Wedaman, born about 1799, died 25 October 1873, married William Elmore, born about 1795, died 13 June 1866 (?).
D. Elizabeth Wedaman, married John Boozer.
E. Mary Wedaman, married Joel Griffith.
F. Nancy Wedaman, married David Morgan.
G. Barbara Wedaman, married Peter Walden.

IV. John Wedaman. Newberry records reveal that John Wedaman owned several tracts in the Cannons Creek area. In 1786, as John Weedaman, Sr., he bought land near  Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria (Riddle to Weatingman, Newberry Deeds A-589).  In the same year he bought land with deed witnessed by Christopher and Christian Wheatingman (Newberry Deeds A-239).

 In 1795, John Wedaman bought land on Cannons Creek from Henry Summer (Newberry  Deeds C-331). At that time he had married Christina Barbara Stockman, widow of George Stockman.

 John Wedaman died about 1796 and on 5 January 1797, Barbara Wedaman was given the land purchased by John Wedaman from Henry Summer by John Kinard, Administrator  of Estate of John Weedinman. On 10 January 1797, she signed over the land to son, John Adam Stockman (Newberry Deeds D-974). By the year 1800, Barbara Stockman Wedaman had remarried William Frederick Houseal and on 15 February 1800 she  signed over her personal Estate to children: John Stockman, Adam Stockman, Christena Stockman, George Stockman and Solomon Weddingman (Newberry Deeds D-493).

A. Solomon Whitman, moved with members of Stockman family to Williamson County,  TN, married 15 September 1816, Catherine Lagrone, born about 1800, daughter  of John Adam Lagrone and Mary Magdalene Houseal. Settled in Perry County,  AL.

V. Christian Wedaman.

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