John Werner Family

Johannes Werner (Weaver) of Erpfingen, Germany, married October 1717, Margaretha Riesch, daughter of Andreas Riesch and Anna Maria Letsche. The family came to SC in 1752 on the Elizabeth.  Johannes Werner did not survive to petition for bounty in SC.  Margarita Werner petitioned 9 March 1753 for 100 acre bounty for herself and daughter, Barbara, age 22.


I. Anna Elisabetha Werner, born 3 August 1718.
II.  Anna Maria Werner, born 5 August 1719, died 10 March 1733.
III. Johannes Werner, born 12 December 1723, died 12 December 1775 (51 yrs, 5 mos), married 1) Anna Barbara ___, died 24 October 1765 (52 yrs.); married 2) 13 February 1766, Maria Dorothea Bachman.  As John Verner, he obtained a 100 acre bounty survey in 1755 on Saluda River, west side Camping Creek. As John Warner of James Island he sold the bounty grant in 1766 to John Snellgrove (Charleston Deeds F-3, p. 450).  He settled in St. Andrew's Parish, Berkeley Co., near Charleston. Widow, Maria Dorothea, married 2) 19 February 1777, Samuel Ernst Gruber.

A. Anna Maria Werner.
B. John Werner.
C. Dorothy Werner, born 27 October 1768, died 11 August 1780 (11 yrs., 10 mos, 14 dys.)
D. Margaretha Werner, born 3 February 1775.

IV. Margaretha Werner, born 19 August 1725.  Margaret Warner was bound out.  She petitioned 2 June 1755 for 50 acre bounty stating she had come on the Elizabeth. Her land grant was on Camping Creek near the Saluda River.
V. Anna Barbara Werner, born 4 July 1727, died 12 July 1727.
VI. Jakob Werner, born July 1729, died 10 November 1782 (54 yrs), married 1) Anna Barbara ___, died 7 November 1764 (39 yrs., 10 mos.); married 2) 9 April 1765, Anna Braun (widow), born about 1732, died 2 August 1784 (age 52 yrs.). 

   John Jacob Werner initially petitioned on 9 March 1753 for bounty in SC claiming to have
come on the Elizabeth and had a wife.  He obtained a 100 acre survey near Camping Creek, now in Newberry County.  

   Jacob Werner of St. Andrew's Parish, Berkeley County, Planter, made will 24 March 1781 (proven 8 February 1783), naming wife: Anna Mary, 1/3 estate. Daughters: Mary Kelly, wife of John Kelly, 2/3 estate; other children not named. Mentions orphans of my deceased brothers; Ann, Margaret and John Werner; John Cantey, orphan of my deceased sister; residue of estate sold. Exors: sons-in-law, John Kelly and John Belser; brother-in-law John Eberly.

Children by first wife:
A. Maria Werner, died about 1840, married 23 January 1774, Johannes Kölle, born 8 October 1746, died 1791 (baker) son of John Jacob Kölle. They lived on King St. in Charleston, SC.   
B. Elisabetha Catharina Werner, born about 1758, died 23 October 1764
C. Anna Margaretha Werner, born about 1759, died 6 November 1764

Children by second wife:
D. Dorothea Werner, born 23 July 1766
E. Jakob Werner, born 25 October 1768
F. Margareta Werner, born 25 October 1768

VII. Anna Barbara Werner, born 12 March 1731, married John Eberley, died September 1799.  Lived in Charleston.  No children.

   John Eberley, Baker, Charleston, made will 12 September 1799 (proven 23 September 1799) naming wife, Barbara, to have life estate in house and lot.  Nephews and nieces of my wife: Anna Maria Werner, eldest; (others not named), 1/2 estate at death of my wife.  Sisters: (not named) and their children in this country, other half estate at death of my wife.  Exors: Rev. John Christopher Faber, John C. Martin.

VIII. Anna Catharina Werner, born 13 March 1733, died 17 March 1733.
IX. Christina Catharina Werner, born 19 July 1734, died 23 April 1735.
X. Augustinus Werner, born 14 December 1735.  Wife was possibly Anna Maria Rittheimer (her first husband). A 50 acre bounty survey of 19 July 1756,waters of  Bush River near present city of Newberry was sold by Augustinus Werner by L&R 19 & 20 October 1756 to John Jones (Charleston Deeds F-3, p. 204).  No record of Augustinus Werner is found after this deed. Anna Maria Rittheimer married second Thomas Frick.(St. John's Lutheran Church,
Charleston, SC records as Widow Maria Werner, later records show her as Anna Maria Frick.)
XI.  Matthias Friedrich Werner, born March 1738, married 1 May 1766, Anna Maria Blanker. Petitioned 5 April 1757 for 100 acres bounty.

A. John Werner, born 10 October 1763 (baptized 8 January 1764), died 4 October 1786. According to St. John's Church (Charleston) records, John Werner, born 8 January 1764, accidentally drowned with body recovered on 6 October and buried on 7 October 1786.  Members of his Fusilier Co. attended the funeral.

Many thanks to Mr. Siegbert Frick of Lichtenstein, Germany
for his contribution of "new" information on some of our early family connections in Germany now to include the Werner family.

Contributors: Carl W. Nichols
                     Ann Corum
                     Siegbert Frick

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