Matthew Wessinger Family

Matthaeus Wössinger, a Cowherd of Nöttingen in the Duchy of Württemberg, was the son of Matthes Wössinger of Bickenfeld.  On 9 January 1744, Matthaeus Wössinger married Margaretha Siebler, born 17 December 1719, daughter of Adam Siebler and Margretha Rosswag of Darmsbach

This family of Matthaeus Wössinger was used as an example of German emigration records in Brigette Burkett's "Emigrants from Baden and Württemberg in the Eighteenth Century, Vol. 1."

   The family of Matthias Wessinger arrived in SC in 1752, coming on the Rowand.  A bounty grant of 250 acres was laid out to Mathias Wessenger at the mouth of Hawlick Creek, now in Newberry County, SC. The Wessinger family had land grants during late Colonial times in the Rawls Creek section of Lexington County, near Irmo, SC.  Mathias Westinger received a 150 acre survey in 1771 and, as Mathias Wittinger, received a 100 acre survey in 1773.


I. Johann Michael Wessinger, born 2 May 1744, died after 1800.  In 1787, Michael Wessinger was a petitioner for incorporation of St. Martin's Church. His family were later members of St. Michael's Lutheran Church (Irmo, SC). Most of his family moved, after 1820, with members of the Comalander, Kelly, and Slice families to Dallas County, AL.  Known children are as follows.

A. Catherine Wessinger, born about 1772, died after 1860, is believed to have been the wife of John Nichols, Jr., born about 1788, died after 1870, son of John Nichols and Margaret Simmerly. John Nichols and wife, Catharine, were baptismal sponsors of Mary Ann Elizabeth Wessinger, daughter of Michael Wessinger and wife Elizabeth; also for Sally Wessinger, daughter of Christian Wessinger and wife, Caty.
B. John Jacob Wessinger, Sr., born about 1775, wife named Mary Elizabeth, born about 1775.  Moved from SC to Dallas County, AL, later to Union County, AR.

1. Matthias Wessinger, born 1796, died about 1863, married 22 October 1822, Leah Caroline Hornsby, born 1803, daughter of John Henry Hornsby and wife, Christina. They moved from Dallas County, AL to Houston County, TX. buried MacKleroy Cemetery, Antrim, TX.

a. Harriet Caroline Weisinger, born 8 February 1824.
b. Mary Ann Rebecca Weisinger, born 14 November 1825, died before 1859, married 31 January 1842, Samuel Wessinger, born 1818. Moved about 1849 to Danville area of TX. After death of Mary Ann Rebecca, Samuel Wessinger married Nancy Ann Weatherly.
c. Elizabeth Caroline Weisinger, born 1 January 1828, died 1871, married 1) John Kirkpatrick; married 2) 17 July 1845, John Daniel Adams, born about 1824, died 1852. Moved to TX.
d. Samantha Ann Charlotte Weisinger, born 3 April 1830 (AL), died 22 May 1895, married 1 May 1851, Garrett Morris Rutledge, born 24 September 1824, died 19 June 1921.  Bur. Rutledge Family cemetery, Poteet, TX.
e. Martha Ann Weisinger, born 1833, died 1879, married 18 December 1849, John William Durnell, born 1822 (England), died 1854.
f. Christina Eliza Weisinger, born September 1835.
g. John Mathias Weisinger, born 2 January 1838, died 10 November 1895, married 3 December 1863, Nancy Catherine Williams, born 30 August 1845, died 21 April 1917.  Buried Ryans Chapel cemetery, Dibbol, TX.
h. Reuben Jacob Weisinger, born 4 February 1839, died 30 May 1918, married Mrs. Martha Williams Cutler, born 8 June 1843, died 5 November 1896.  Buried Murdock Cemetery, Grapeland, TX.
i. Nancy Rebecca Weisinger, born 1840, died 1881, married 3 February 1856, Calvin Davidson, born 1833, died 1884.
j. Polly Ann Weisinger, born 28 March 1841, died 4 November 1882, married Asa Wright Pelham, born 25 July 1824, died 17 October 1882.  Buried Parker Cemetery, Grapeland, TX.
k. Talitha A. Weisinger, born 15 September 1843, died 16 November 1919, married 16 October 1866, William Rutledge, born 2 June 1835, died 16 November 1919. Buried Rutledge Family cemetery, Poteet, TX.
l. Savannah Jane Weisinger, born 15 January 1846, died 1 February 1940, married 10 June 1863, Henry Franklin Martin, born 9 July 1836, died 1884.
m. James Henry Edward Weisinger, born 22 September 1847, died 27 February 1937, married Amanday Caldonia Jones, died 20 September 1928.  Buried Antrim Cemetery, Grapeland, TX.

2. Levi (Eli) Weisinger, born about 1804, died after 1829.
3. Jesse B. Wessinger, born 15 October 1806, died 19 December 1881, Dallas County, AL, married Susannah Bell, born 26 February 1816, Twiggs County, GA, died 18 August 1862, daughter of Enoch Bell and Frances Mangham.

a. Frances Wessinger, born 5 October 1832, died 1900, married ___ Hood, born about 1828.
b. Mary Elizabeth Wessinger, born 3 August 1834, died 30 July 1857, married J. O. Gray, born about 1830.
c. Elijah Wessinger, born 8 January 1837, died 1908, married Mary Jones, born about 1839.
d. Rebecca Wessinger, born 17 July 1839, married Frank Vance, born about 1837.
e. Emily Wessinger, born 7 October 1841, married Ike Brazealle, born about 1837.
f. James Wessinger, born 28 June 1843, died after 1861, married Nona Cameron, born about 1847.
g. Ada Wessinger, born 6 November 1845, died 26 April 1926 (Gutherie, OK), married 1) W. T. Allen; married 2) James Petty.
h. William T. Wessinger, born 12 January 1848, died 29 November 1934, married Sadie Hogue, born about 1863.
i. Enoch Wessinger, born 12 January 1848, died 1900 (Selma, AL), married Annie Tate, born about 1879.
j. Joseph Wessinger, born 24 January 1853.
k. Julia Mildred Wessinger, born 18 September 1855.
l. Sarah Mitchel Wessinger, born 30 November 1857.
m. Nonnie Wessinger, born 2 February 1860.

4. John Jacob Wessinger, Jr., born 5 December 1808, died 24 October 1878, married 1) Permelia Ann Graves; married 2) 19 February 1854 (Union County, AR), Frances Elizabeth Garrett.
5. William Thomas Wessinger, born 5 December 1808, died 14 February 1865.

C. Michael Wessinger, born about 1782, wife named Elizabeth.

1. Catherine Wessinger, married John Frederick Kelly, son of Andrew Kelly and wife, Mary.  Lived in Dallas County, AL.
2. Mary Ann Elizabeth Wessinger, born 4 September 1824.
3. Sally Wessinger, born 29 January 1827.

D. Christian Wessinger, born 1784, died September 1865, Dallas County, AL, married 5 November 1822, Catherine (Katie) Comalander, daughter of John Comalander, Sr. 

1. Sally Wessinger, born 1824. 
II. Matthias Wessinger, born 22 March 1746, died 26 March 1816, married 2 October 1771, Lydia Ann Smith, born 1752, Germany, died 22 November 1807, daughter of John Ulrich Smith. The cemetery of Matthias Wessinger, with wife and six children, is under Lake Murray (Option No. 529 containing his cemetery, as well as an Indian cemetery - Lake Murray Records). This land is located on the 200 acre land grant of 1758 to John Ulrick Smith. In 1787, Matthias Wessinger was a petitioner for incorporation of Bethel Church.
A. Uriah Wessinger, married Elizabeth (Betsy) Derrick, born 1781, daughter of John Melchior Derrick and Anna Barbara Kelly.
1. Elizabeth Wessinger, born 2 December 1802, died 10 January 1883, married John Fulmer, born February 1801, died 10 May 1863, son of Abrahart Fulmer and Mary Summer.
2. Jacob Wessinger, born 4 March 1809, died 5 October 1884, married Sally Koon, born 9 October 1808, died 15 December 1890, daughter of Jacob Francis Koon and Barbara Eargle.
3. Jemima Wessinger, born 14 November 1811, married 16 August 1827, Jacob Koon, born 7 February 1801, died 1874, son of Jacob Francis Koon and Barbara Eargle.
4. Annie Wessinger, born 8 January 1814, died 9 February 1863, married John Koon, born 16 January 1803, died 22 April 1856, son of Jacob Francis Koon and Barbara Eargle.
5. George Wessinger, born 24 June 1818, died about 1848, married Leah Taylor, born about 1818, died 9 November 1889, daughter of Jonathan Taylor and Rachel Clark.
6. John Wessinger, born about 1818, died September 1841.
7. Mary Magdalene Wessinger, born 29 August 1820, died before 1868, married 1) David Eargle, born about 1811, died about 1849; married 2) Henry C. Schwartz, born about 1830, died 28 Aug 1862, 2nd Battle of Manassas, VA, son of John Adam Schwartz and Susannah Margaret Rhea.
8. Uriah George Wessinger, born about 1822, married 5 March 1846, Mary Ann Sites, born about 1828, died 21 August 1908, daughter of Christian Sites and Catherine (Katie) Lindler.
9. Henry Mathias Wessinger, born 20 October 1826, died 1862, married Louisa Celinda Lybrand, born 9 December 1830, died 5 March 1933, daughter of Jacob Lybrand and Elizabeth Fulmer.

B. Mathias Wessinger, III, born about 1774, died 20 September 1841, married Elizabeth Koon, born 31 January 1806, died about 1825, daughter of Jacob Frances Koon and Barbara Eargle.

1. John Wessinger, born 20 December 1825, died 10 September 1893, married 17 November 1846, Louisa Mayer.

C. Catherine Wessinger, born about 1776, died 1820, married John Kleckley, born 1758, died before 1820, son of Johann Kleckley.     
D. Barbara Wessinger, born about 1778, married Michael Ergil, died about 1818, son of John Michael Ergil and Catherine Freshley.
E. Mary Madelene (Molly) Wessinger, born 29 November 1780, died 8 October 1872, married Joseph Lybrand, born 1785, died 8 September 1876.
F. Nancy Wessinger, born about 1782, married William Hendrix, Jr., son of William Hendrix, Sr. and wife, Christina.
G. George Wessinger.
H. Anna Wessinger.

III. Margaretha Wessinger, born 6 April 1749.  Died young. Did not come to SC with parents.
IV. Anna Catharina Wessinger, born 9 April 1751. Catherine Wessinger had a 100 acre survey of 1773 on waters of Saluda River.
V. Jacob Wessinger, born about 1755 in SC, died after 1790, wife named Susannah. The household of Jacob Wessinger appears on the 1790 census of Lexington County, SC and in 1800 the household Susannah Wessinger family is found (North Orangeburgh District, SC). These records indicate a family of 4 sons and 2 daughters.
   In 1784, Jacob Wessinger bought a 100 acre tract from Valentine Grossman.  This tract is mentioned in the estate papers of Jacob Huffman as land purchased from heirs of Jacob Wessinger
(Lexington Genealogical Exchange Vol. 16, p. 4). In 1814, Susannah Wessinger, Eve Bough, and Fred Bough sold a 100 acre tract on waters of Saluda River to Jacob Huffman (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington District, SC, 1814-1825").  In the same year Susanna Wessinger and others sold 4/9ths of the 100 acre tract. In 1818, Mathias Wessinger sold 1/9th part of 100 acre tract to Jacob Huffman.  These records are taken to indicate that Susannah Wessinger was the widow of Jacob Wessinger (1/3 of 100 acre tract by dower) and that there were six children, each inheriting a ninth share of the 100 acre tract.

A. John Wessinger, born about 1780, died after 1850, married Elizabeth Geiger, born about 1790, died after 1860, daughter of Tobias Geiger and Barbara Simmerly.

1. Barbara Wessinger, born 8 September 1811, died 10 October 1881.
2. Charlotte Wessinger, born about 1820.
3. Caroline Wesinger, born about 1826.

B. Michael Wessinger, born about 1782, died September 1865, married Margaret Younginer, born about 1789, daughter of Johann Younginer and Margaret Mickler.

1. Emanuel Wessinger, born 1806, died September 1836. Did not marry.
2. Caroline Wessinger, born 7 February 1808, died 28 November 1811, married Mountain Seay, born 1822, died 4 April 1862 (CSA), son of Henry Seay and Sarah Fulmer.  Caroline is buried in Clifton Cemetery, Clifton, Spartanburg County, SC.
3. Nancy Wessinger, born about 1810, died before 1872. Did not marry.
4. Eli Wessinger, born 1810, died 16 September 1886, married Sophia Matilda Bell, born 1820, died December 1901.  Both buried Clifton Cemetery, Clifton, Spartanburg County, SC.
5. Bethany Wessinger, born 1812, died 1850, married Charles McCartha.
6. Isaiah Wessinger, born about 1815, died 16 September 1886, married 1844, Louisa Seay, born about 1830. Buried family cemetery, Red Bank, SC.
7. Mahala Wessinger, born 1815, died 26 July 1892. Did not marry. Buried Red Bank Cemetery.
8. Susannah Wessinger, born about 1822, died about 1870. Did not marry.
9. Elizabeth A. Wessinger, born about 1829, died 1891.  Did not marry.
10.  Anne Marie Wessinger, born about 1830, died 13 September 1891.  Did not marry.

C. Mathias Wessinger, married Selinah Boyer, born about 1795, daughter of Adam Boyer. In 1818, Selinah Wessinger was a distributee in the estate of Adam Boyer of Richland County (Lexington Genealogical Exchange 6:166).
D. Eve Wessinger, married Frederick Bough.
E. Barbara Wessinger, married Isaac Lybrand, born 1796, son of John Lybrand and Nancy Benay.
F. Jacob Wessinger, Jr. born about 1798, wife named Celia, born about 1808.  Lived in Richland County, SC. (Family contributed by Mignon Wessinger

1. Catherine Wessinger born about 1829.
2. Sarah Wessinger born about 1831.
3. Ellen Wessinger born about 1834, married Thomas Jefferson Ayers. Moved to Carroll County,GA.
4. James W. Wessinger born 9 January 1840, died 19 January 1893, moved to Carroll County, GA and married Neaty Ann Johnson, born 26 February 1847, died 22 March 1924.  Both buried in Bowdon Baptist Church cemetery, Bowdon, GA.

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