Joseph Whyer/Weir/Wire Family

Joseph Whyer/Wier/Wire, born about 1775, married Elizabeth __?__, died before 15 June 1814. Thus far, nothing has been found to establish his birth date or exact age at any point in his life, or to suggest who his parents were.  Even his surname remains uncertain.

The WHYER spelling, found in his will, has been coined for general usage.  Possibly, he was the Joseph "Wares", found in the 1800 Newberry Census, but that family's statistics coincide poorly with known facts. Regardless, he was there the following year. 

   On 26 January 1801, he purchased 100 acres on Cromer's Branch of Camping Creek (near Ruff Mountain) from Catherine Schumpert, only daughter and heir of George Adam Schumpert
(Newberry Deeds, G-158). Her father was granted the land, then in Craven County, on 2 December 1766. On 3 October 1804, Joseph Whyer initiated a will bequeathing 50 acres each to two minor sons, Frederick and "Addam", his mark (X) witnessed by Johan George Hartle and Adam LeGrone Senior (Newberry Wills, Book 1, page 99). Descendants of all 3 men would later migrate to Perry County, Alabama.

   The 1810 Census of Newberry District found Joseph "Wire," between 26 to 45 years old, heading a family of eight.  He had but four years remaining.  On 15 June 1814, Sam Lindsey, Ordinary of Newberry District, issued a Warrant of Appraisement "of the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Joseph Wier deceased, on or before the 15th of August next". On 5 July 1814, Probate Court issued an account of the proceeds from the sale of his goods and billed his estate $35 for boarding 7 children for 3 months (some question exists as to why they were boarded, since they had a living mother). Later probate documents have to do with division of his land (Newberry Court of Common Pleas, A-71, 22 October 1819). Joseph's grave site remains a mystery, but undoubtedly his bones rest somewhere within the bounds of the Old Dutch Fork. 

   Joseph's widow and most of his children migrated to Perry County, AL in the early 1830's.  The 1840 Perry Census records families headed by Elizabeth Wires, Sarah Wires, Frederick Wyres and John Wyres. From there, the family spread north and west, with the surname spelling constantly varying.  Today, several thousand of Joseph's descendants are distributed throughout the nation.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Whyer:
I. Betsy/Bessie Whyer, born about 1796, married before 1819, Newberry County, SC, Benjamin Parker. He is recorded in the 1820 Census of Lexington County, SC.
II.  Christiana Whyer (called "Tina"), born about 1798, married before 1819, Newberry County, SC, Adam Warren. He is recorded in the 1820 and 1830 Censuses of Lexington County, SC.
III. Frederick Whyer/Wyres/Wyers, born about 1800, died between 1846 and 1848, married 1) Unknown Spouse; married 2) 17 August 1836, Perry County, AL, Sophia Stockman, born about 1813 in SC, died after 1883, Winston County, AL.  Frederick migrated to Perry County, AL in the early 1830's, but by 1840 he and his brother, John, were living in east Bibb County, where several early iron smelting furnaces were in operation. After his death, Sophia moved the family to Winston County, AL.  Both she and Frederick rest in unknown graves.

Children of Frederick Wyers and Unknown Spouse:
A. James W. Wyers, born about 1833 in AL, married 20 Jan. 1855, Bibb County, AL, Mary A.E. Greer.

Children of Frederick Wyers and Sophia Stockman:
B. Polly A. Wyers, born about 1837, Perry County, AL. Possibly, she was the Mary Ann Wires who married William Brewer on 7 Apr. 1861 in Bibb County, AL.
C. Caroline Wyers/Wires, born May 1843, Bibb County, AL, died about 1910, Winston County, AL.  She rests in an unknown grave.

1. William C. Wires, born February 1856, died 21 April 1918, Lawrence County, TN, buried Napier Cemetery, Lewis County, TN, married 1) about 1878, Winston County, AL, Florinda Cummins (daughter of Linsey Cummins and Caroline Rush), born 1862, Winston County, AL, died 14 May 1914, Lawrence County, TN, buried Pleasant Garden Cemetery, Lawrence County, TN; married 2) 12 August 1897, Lawrence County, TN, Nettie Vincent (called "Millie"), born 30 March 1878, died 20 October 1950, Lawrence County, TN, buried Spann Cemetery, Lawrence County, TN.
2. Mary Jane Wires, born after 1870 in Winston County, AL, married 2 February 1896, Winston County, AL, J.P.Casey.

D. John Andrew Wyers, born 16 March 1844, Bibb County, AL, died 1 October 1916, Fayette County, AL, served in the cavalry during the Civil War, married Mary Elizabeth Davis about 1865. She reported in the 1910 Fayette Census having given birth to 13 children with 7 surviving. John Andrew and Mary Elizabeth are buried in Fayette County's Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

1. Mary Jane Wyers, born about 1868.
2. Thyme Wyers, born 1872. Reportedly died in a Walker County, AL nursing home.
3. John Rufus Wyers, born about 1875, died 4 March 1958, married 30 September 1897, Lillie Susan Elizabeth Johnson, born 15 February 1881, died 15 May 1959, both buried New Liberty Cemetery.  (All events in Fayette County, AL)
4. David W. Wyers, born June 1876, said to have gone to Texas.
5. Adam Frederick Wyers, born 8 November 1879, died 14 July 1903 in a mining accident, buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Fayette County, AL.
6. Tiller Wyers, born 1881, married John C. Wade before 1920.
7. Lula Wyers, born about 1884, married Alex Weeks about 1902.
8. Ida Katherine Wyers, born 1887, died 1955, married James Isaac McDuff about 1911, both buried Center Methodist Church Cemetery, Marion County, AL.

E. Daniel W. Wyers/Wires, born about 1846, Bibb County, AL, said to have been a Civil War cavalryman.  Following the 1860 Census, he disappears for 50 years, emerging in the 1910 Census of Lawrence County, TN as a widower living adjacent to nephew, William C. Wires.

IV. Adam Whyer, born about 1804, Newberry County, SC, died before 1819, Newberry County, SC.
V. John Whyer/Wyres/Wyers, born about 1806, Newberry County, SC, died after 1870, Bibb County, AL, married 1) 11 November 1834, Perry County, AL, Patience Colburn (daughter of Henry Colburn and Catherine __?__), born about 1815, died after 1842, grave site unknown; married 2) 29 September 1849, Bibb County, AL, Elizabeth Harmon, born SC. John migrated to Perry County, AL in the early 1830's and applied for land patents in 1834 and 1835.  By 1840, he was living in east Bibb County, but returned to Perry County before 1860 and lived near Bucksnort. He and his son, Leroy, joined the 28th. Alabama Infantry in Marion on 24 January 1862. One document in his CSA service record relates that he was "left sick in Kentucky".  After the war, he lived in east Bibb County's Hallman Precinct. He and Elizabeth are thought to be buried in Old Union Cemetery.

Children of John Wyers and Patience Colburn:
A. Leroy Wyers, born about 1835, Perry County, AL, died after 1875, married 13 March 1856, Bibb County, AL, Mary Ann Brewer (daughter of Isham Brewer), born about 1839.  Leroy was captured during the Civil War and spent time in a northern prison. He and MaryAnn are thought to be buried in Bibb County's Old Union Cemetery.

1. W. Thomas Wyers (called "Tom"), born about 1857, died 12 February 1897, Bibb County, AL, married 2 February 1890, Hale County, AL, Ida Amanda Davis (daughter of Odem Madison Davis and Sara Jane Smelly).  W. Thomas and Ida Amanda died 12 hours apart in 1897. They sleep among the unknown in Bibb County's Old Bethel Cemetery.
2. Odom Wyers, born January 1859, died 10 June 1933, married 17 April 1886, Harriet Ann Colburn (daughter of Giles Colburn and Mary (Polly) Hartley), born April 1865, died about 1948.  Both buried in Salem Cemetery. (All events in Perry County, AL)
3. William Wyers (called "Bill"), born about 1861, married Tabitha __?__. Lived in Hale and Tuscaloosa County, AL.
4. Lee Roy Wyers/Wires, born about 1864, died 1934, married 1) about 1894, Suzie Catherine Osborne, born 1867; married 2) 1 November 1928, Sarah Elizabeth Graves (widow of Jackson Brewer), died April 1949.  Lee Roy and Suzie buried Centreville Memorial Cemetery. Sarah Elizabeth buried beside first husband, Old Union Cemetery. (All events in Bibb County, AL)
5. Jacob Wyers/Wise, born about 1867, married about 1891, Della Stevens, died (childbirth) about 1900. Resided in Hale County, AL.
6. Mary Jane Wyers, born January 1871, died June 1901, married 23 September 1890, James W. Owens, born 1 December 1867, died 23 September 1946.  Both buried in Little Hope Cemetery.  (All events in Bibb County, AL)
7. Sarah Wyers (called "Sis"), born about 1881, died on Easter Sunday in April 1949, married about 1897, Jeff D. Ingram, born about 1862, died February 1929. Both said to rest in Bibb County's Mt. Gilead Cemetery (unmarked graves).

B. John Henry Wyers, born about 1838, Perry County, AL, married 10 October 1862, Bibb County, AL, Mary Ann Hallman (daughter of Jacob David Hallman and Mariah Snyder). She reportedly was the widow of CSA soldier, John Summers, an early Civil War casualty.  John Henry entered CSA service soon after marrying Mary Ann and received a bullet wound to the hand.

1. Mariah Elizabeth Wyers/Wairs, born about 1864, married 2 July 1882, Bibb County, AL, W.B. Nabors, a coal miner. He took the family to Appalachia, VA seeking employment.
2. John Adam Wyers/Wyres, born about 1875, died about 1950, married 29 February 1904, Missouri Foley (daughter of Henry Pinkerton Foley and Charlotte Adaline Johnson).  Both buried in Old Union Cemetery. (All events in Bibb County, AL)

C. Elizabeth Catherine Wyers, born about 1841, Bibb County, AL, died 22 October 1918, Walker County, AL, married 8 February 1859, Perry County, AL, Reason A. Colburn (son of John Colburn and Susan Blankenship), born 4 September 1836 near Rockford, AL, died 6 September 1908, Walker County, AL.  He served in the 40th. Alabama Infantry, CSA. After 1870, the family moved to Eldridge, Walker County, AL, where Reason founded Fern Springs Baptist Church.  Both he and Elizabeth rest in the churchyard cemetery.

1. James Anderson Colburn, born 25 December 1859, Perry County, AL, died 18 February 1943, Walker County, AL, married 27 October 1881, Miriam Bevill, born 16 March 1856, died 11 September 1931.  Both buried Fern Springs Cemetery, Walker County, AL.
2. John Henry Colburn, born 6 November 1862, died 16 December 1962, Walker County, AL, married Mary Ann Bevill, born 16 November 1857, died 9 April 1946. Both buried Colburn Family Cemetery, Byler Road, Walker County, AL.
3. Jeremiah Zachariah Colburn, born 20 January 1866, died 19 June 1949, Walker County, AL, married 5 May 1889, Marion County, AL, Haseltine Wofford, born 3 October 1872, died 1 March 1945. Both buried Lynn Cemetery, Winston County, AL.
4. Margaret Colburn, born about 1867, Bibb County, AL.
5. Nancy Kizziah Colburn (called "Kizzy"), born 20 Jan. 1868, Bibb County, AL, died 30 July 1951, Florence, Lauderdale County, AL, married 1890, Cleborne A. Threadgill, born 17 November 1867, died 10 August 1935. Both buried Whitehouse Cemetery, Marion County, AL.
6. Thomas Jefferson Colburn, born 1869, died 1952, married Sarah Jane Hendon.
7. Mary Margaret S. Colburn, born 1874, died 1958, married about 1892, George Wideman.
8. David Leroy Colburn, born 7 April 1875, died 8 May 1954, married about 1899, Sally Ann Barton, born 25 March 1881, died 29 November 1962. Both buried Boston Cemetery, Marion County, AL.
9. Reuben Yancy Colburn, born 1 December 1881, died 8 October 1922, Walker County, AL, married Climentine __?__, born 2 March 1888, died 10 July 1950.  Both buried Fern Springs Cemetery, Walker County, AL.

D. Mary Ann Wyers, born about 1842.

Children of John Wyers and Elizabeth Harmon:
E. William Wyers, born 1850.
F. Susan Wyers, born about 1853.
G. Polly Wyers, born about 1854.
H. Sally Wyers, born about 1856.
I. Margaret E. Wyers (called "Maggie"), born about 1857, died after 1920, Perry County, AL, married 1) before 1880, Unknown Spouse; married 2) 17 February 1884, Hale County, AL, William W. Duncan, born 18 May 1863, Hale County, AL, died 27 February 1926, Bibb County, AL. Margaret's grave site in Perry County's Payne Chapel Cemetery is lost to memory.

Children of Margaret E. Wyers and Unknown Spouse:
1. Della, born 20 June 1880, died 26 February 1920, Bibb County, AL, married 4 August 1896, Bibb County, AL, James William Mitchell. Both buried Pondville Methodist Church Cemetery, Bibb County, AL.
2. Ella (twin of Della), born 20 June 1880, married 9 January 1901, Bibb County, AL, W.S. Hill.  Reportedly moved to MS.
3. Lillie, born about 1882, married about 1909, William Lee Griffin.

Children of Margaret E. Wyers and William W. Duncan:
4. James Madison Duncan, born 6 November 1884, Hale County, AL, died 21 March 1970, Bibb County, AL, married 24 September 1905, Anna Dell Owens, born about 1890.  Both buried Pondville Methodist Church Cemetery, Bibb County, AL.
5. Susannah Duncan, born about 1887, married about 1913, John Thomas Johnson.
6. Orlander Duncan, born 26 June 1888, Hale Co., AL, died 7 March 1969, Bibb Co., AL, married 1) 28 December 1905, Mary Margaret Owens; married 2) 10 September 1914, Hale County, AL, Lena Frances Simmons. Orlander and Lena Frances buried Old Union Cemetery, Bibb County, AL.
7. Calvin Henry Duncan, born about 1889, Hale County, AL, died 30 June 1954, Perry County, AL, married about 1919, Mary Ella Swindle.
8. Sarah Duncan, born about 1890, married Newbern Griffin.
9. Nathaniel Duncan, born about 1892, married Martha E. Colburn.
10.  Alleck Duncan, married 19 May 1917, Bibb County, AL, Mamie Riley.
11. Liza Mae Duncan, born 6 May 1901, died 21 May 1925, Bibb County, AL, married 13 September 1920, Bibb County, AL, James William Mitchell (whose first wife was Liza Mae's half sister, Della). Both Liza Mae and James William buried Pondville Methodist Church Cemetery, Bibb County, AL.

J. Jane Wyers, born about 1858.

VI. William Whyer, born about 1808, Newberry County, SC, married 31 May 1840, Perry County, AL, Catherine Hartley (marriage record has him as William "Wayers").
VII. Sally Whyer, born about 1809, Newberry County, SC.
VIII. Eva Whyer, born about 1810, Newberry County, SC. Speculated to have been the "Annie Wayers" who married John "Kynard" (Kinard) in Perry County, AL on 1 February 1836.

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