Phillip Yost Family

Philip Yost, with wife and three daughters, arrived in SC in 1752, coming on the Cunliffe. Although entitled to 250 acres of bounty land, he petitioned and obtained a 200 acre bounty grant on Meadow Branch of Cannons Creek  just north of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria. Philip Yost is found in the SC Colonial records as Philip "Zoost".

The bounty grant of Philip Yost was later owned by Jacob Cromer. In 1806, George Cromer sold to brother, Henry Cromer, 1/3 of the Philip Yost grant (Newberry Deeds H-303). The deed says the land was given to George Cromer by his father, Jacob Cromer, and that the tract had been granted to Philip Yost.

I. Elizabeth Yost, born about 1741 married Jacob Cromer, born about 1733, son of Michael Cromer.

A. Martin Cromer, Sr., died 6 November 1823, wife named Mary. Martin Cromer was Private in Col. Waters Regiment of SC Militia during Revolutionary War (Accounts Audited 1637).
B. Rev. George Cromer, a Methodist Minister, born about 1760, died 1822, married 1807, Elizabeth Gray Ruff, died 1835, widow of David Ruff. Moved to Abbeville District, SC.
C. Jacob Cromer, Jr., married 1) Elizabeth Folk, daughter of Jacob Folk and Catherine Epting, and married 2) Christina, widow of George Suber. In 1790, Jacob Cromer, Jr. sold land for use as a church to Michael Dickert and Conrad Suber, Elders of Presbyterian Congregation
(Newberry Deeds E-140). This was a forerunner church of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria.
D. Rev. Philip Cromer, born about 1774, died 13 August 1840, married Mary Ann Ruff, born 1784, died 1819, daughter of  Christian Ruff, Sr. and Barbara Yost.
E. Henry Cromer, born 1781, married 1) Phoebe Yeldell, married 2) Henrietta Burts, born about 1801. Moved to Franklin County, GA.
F. Barbara Ann Clementine Cromer, born about 1783, married 1799, William Henry Kesler, Sr., born about 1779, son of Henry Kesler. Moved to Franklin County, GA.

II. Anna Maria Yost, born about 1745.
III. Ann Barbara Yost, born about 1749, married Christian Ruff, died 1797. Buried in Ruff Cemetery on Heller's Creek.   Christian Ruff married 2) Catherine Heller, died 6 December 1822, widow of John Heller.

A. John Ruff, born about 1765, died 28 August 1819, married 1) Hannah Dawkins, and married 2) 10 January 1797, Frances Haynie, died 5 September 1843.
B. Catherine Ruff, born  5 June 1768, died 1825, married Uriah Suber, born 26 December 1761, died 6 July 1832, son of  Hans Michael Zuber and Elizabeth Miller. They are buried in the Suber-Glymph Graveyard located.
C. Christiana Ruff, died before 1794, was first wife of  David Cromer, died 19 February 1834, Madison County, AL, son of Andrew Cromer and Mary Catherine Minick. David Cromer married 2) Mary Heller.
D. Ann Elizabeth Ruff, married George Gallman.
E. Christian Ruff, Jr., born before 1775, died 1811.
F. Mary Ann Ruff, born 1784, died 1819, married Rev. Philip Cromer, born about 1774, died 13 August 1840, son of  Jacob Cromer and Elizabeth Yost.
G. Hannah Ruff, married Ned Hampton.
H. Rebecca Ruff, married Henry Clark.

Bio updated 5 June, 2002