John Holman Family Bible Record


Submitted to the Digest, Vol. IV, No. 2, Apr Jun 1989

Bible of: John Holman, Salisbury NC, Newberry SC, Louisville MS

Owned by: Mrs. Bascom F. Cox, Macon MS

     John Holman son of William Holman and his wife

nee Martha Lydia PINCHBACK


      Born in Salisbury, NC 17 August 1798, died in Louisville, MS 4 September 1867, married in

      Newbeny County, SC 8 January 1821 to Catherine CRENSHAW born 13 October 1804 in

      Fredericksburg, VA, died 23 October 1889 m Louisville, MS.

      Children all born in Newberry County, SC:

      Robert Briscoe Holman, son, born11 October 1821, married Frances E. KINARD

      David Randolph Holman, son, born 12 October 1823, married Martha BARRE

      Elizabeth Frances Holman, daughter, born 22 May 1826, died date

      Sarah Ann Holman, daughter, born 2 October 1828, died date

      Andrew Holman, son, born 5 March 1830, died date

      Eliza Jane Holman, daughter, born 5 March 1833, died young.... date

      Catherine C. Holman, daughter, born 12 July 1834, died date

      John Nicholas Holman, son, born 24 May 1836, married 31 July 1860 to Martha Ethelda ROBY

      On a fly leaf: "Grandma Catherine Crenshaw Holman said that she was left an orphan when she was a baby and her Aunt in Newberry came to Virginia and brought her back to Newberry, SC an reared her.

      (Note from Eleanor Wicker: please show that this Bible Record was sent to me by Edward Spearman Lipscomb; Marietta, GA. He is a descendant of Robert Briscoe Holman.)

      The following was also sent by Eleanor Wicker, same Bible, different version:




      Family record from the Bible of John and Catherine Holman. These pages were removed by Catherine Holman and Frances Cornelia May and used by them to secure Social Security cards in the 1930's. Catherine Holman May stated that two weeks after she removed the pages the house containing the Bible burned: Elizabeth Harden Aydelott


      John Holman and Catherine his wife were married January 8th, 1821


      John Holman born August 17,1796, died September 4,1867

      Catherine Holman born October 13,1804, died October 23, 1889

      Robert Holman born October 11,1821

      David Holman born October 22, 823

      Elizabeth Frances Holman born May 22, 1826

      Sarah Amelia Holman born October 2,1828, died October 1830

      Andrew Holman born March 5,1830, died June 5, 1832

      Eliza Jane Holman born March 5,1833, died August 3,1833

      Catherine Ann Holman born July 13,1834, died August 13,1835

      John Nicholas S. Holman born May 24,1836

      Edward Percy Holman born August 3.1841, died May 7, 1842

      William Charles Holman born August 3,1841, died June 8,1843

      Lucy Cornelia Holman born September 9,1846, died May 16,1898

      Annie Johnstone May born September 24,1867

      Catherine Holman born January 1,1870

      Alice May born September 23,1873

      Fannie Cornelia May born February 14,1883

      These family records are in the possession of Mrs. W. W. Aydelott; Clinton MS. A descendant of Lucy C. Holman. (1989)


      Edward Y. R. McMorris and Miss Elizabeth F Holman married January 6,1842.

      David R. Holman married to Miss Martha Barre July 11,1843.

      Robert B. Holman married to Miss Frances Kinard January 17,1844.

      John Nicholas S. Holman and Miss Martha E. Roby married July 29.......

      Joseph J. May and Lucy Cornelia Holman married October 2,1866


      Emma Francis McMorris born March 1,1843

      Edward Sinclair Holman born October 5,1844

      John Edward McMorris born September 21,1845

      Susan Frances Holman born January 17,1846

      Mary Catherine Holman born December 14,1844

      William Henry Holman born November 10,1844

      William McMorris, Jr. born May 15,1848, died May 15,1848

      Robert Thompson Holman born July 1, 1848

      William Walter Holman born February 24,1850

      Lucy Augusta Holman born December 13,1852

      John Matthew Holman born December 12, 853, died January 20,1855

      James Lambert Holman born October 18,1850, died August 17,1855

      Sallie Elmira Holman born January 26,1854, died February 4,1855

      Frances Minerva Holman no dates

      Lucy Cornelia May died May 16,1898

      John Edward McMorris died May 3,1854

      Joseph Johnstone May and Lucy Cornelia Holman was married October 2,1866.

      Posted 20 June 2004