This collection of German emigrants (auswanderer) represents an attempt to bring together information on the origins of the first inhabitants of the Carolina Dutch Fork.  The great majority of the original settlers of the Dutch Fork were German Protestants. According to E. B. Hallman's list of Dutch Fork settlers there were 483 families who obtained land grants before 1760.  These families represented about 1400 people. Some of these people moved away, some families died out, and some original family names were lost when their daughters married sons of other settlers.

   The Adolf Gerber list of Wrttemberg emigrants, originally published in Germany during the 1920s, has been found to contain only eight German immigrant families who either settled in the Dutch Fork or their children resided there.   In recent years several publications have greatly expanding our knowledge of the origins of the first families of the Carolina Dutch Fork.    

   Many of the German immigrant settlers in the Dutch Fork came in 1752 on one of several ships. Several earlier immigrant families had arrived in 1749 on the Griffin, coincident with the time that some German families moved into the Dutch Fork, having lived before in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  As the list of emigrants has grown it has become increasingly clear that the first ships in 1752 (the Upton and Cunliffe) contained mostly emigrants from Baden and, to a lesser extent, from the Palatinate.  The Caledonia and Elizabeth which arrived at Charleston shortly thereafter have so far been found to contain only settlers from Wrttemberg.  The passengers of the Rowand also appear to have been made up mostly of people from Wrttemberg.   Wrttembergers also arrived in 1754 on the Priscilla, some of whom settled in the Dutch Fork. These insights may be of help when considering likely places to search German Church records.

   This list is updated from a a list originally published in the Dutch Fork Digest XIX(3):2004.


    AAL, JOHANN PHILIP (1766).  Unterauerbach

    Born 27 October 1748, son of Hans Adam Aal and Catherina Weidner of Unterauerbach. According to the church record the children went "with parents to the new land in 1752"  (Burkett)

    Philip All arrived in SC on the Brittania in 1766. Parents and sister are not found in the SC record.  100A in Craven Co. (near Laurens-Newberry Co. line).  Settled near Little Mountain in what is now Lexington Co., SC, and married Anna Margaretha Emig, daughter of Johann Conradt Emig and Anna Barbara Herion.


  • 1. Catherine Aal, married Johann Heinrich Kunkle.
  • 2. George Aal, married Mary Margaret Minick, daughter of George Bartholomew Minick and Mary Magdalene Summer.
  • 3. Henry Aal, wife named Ann. Lived in Barnwell Dist., SC.
  • 4. John Adam Aal, born 1774, died 1830, married Elizabeth Platts. Lived in Barnwell Dist., SC.
  • 5. Rev. John Herman Aull, born 20 September 1786, died 27 May 1852, married (1) Christina
  •     Rikard, daughter of Michael Rikard and Margaret Eigleberger; married (2) Mrs. Eve Margaret
  •      Riser Wertz, daughter of Martin Rizer, Sr. and Christina Sease and widow of John Wertz.

    6.   Margaret Aal, born about 1791, died 28 May 1863, married (as second wife) Jacob Cook.

    BAUKNECHT, MICHAEL (1752).  Neckartenzlingen

    Born 5 July 1711, son of Johannes Bauknecht (Tailor) and Anna Catharina Helmg„rtner, married November 1738, Maria Margaretha St”cklin, born 10 May 1704, daughter of Hans Casper St”cklin (Linenweaver) and wife, Anna. Surviving child: Johann Georg, born 11 January 1742  (Gerber).   Came to SC on the Rowand with wife and one child, George 11.  150A on Saluda R. in Lexington Co.  Son, Johann Georg Bauknecht married (1) Magdalene Larey, daughter of Michael Larey and Rachel Koch; married (2) Unknown; married (3) 23 March 1809, Mary Frye Pendarvis Jones, widow of Brand Pendarvis.

    BEYL, DANIEL   (1752). Ottersheim

    Left in 1752 with wife and children (Hacker). Came to SC on the Upton. Children: John Philipp 14, Charlotta 9. 200A on Crims Cr.  Charlotta Beyl married (1) George Hartley; married (2) Peter Wilhelm (Newberry Deeds C-978). The Beyl grant on Crims Cr. was owned by Peter Wilhelm.

    BEZ, GEORG (1752).   M„gerkingen

    Wife: Eberhardina. Child: Georg Michael, born 11 May 1743.

    On Elizabeth, 1752.  Wife and one child, John Michael 9. 150A on Camping Cr.  Before 1764 Georg Bez had remarried a woman named Margaret and had a child, Christina Barbara, born 6 January 1764.  After the death of Georg Bez, the widow Margaret married on 27 August 1767 to John George Rhnlen, a widower (St. John's Lutheran Church records, Charleston, SC). The son Michael Bates died in Newberry Dist. about 1800 leaving widow named Catherine.

    BICKELE, PETER (1752).  Sch”nau    

    Went to America in 1752 (Hacker). Came to SC on the Upton with wife and 2 ch: Andony 5 and Casper 2.  200A on Crims Cr. This man was found to be a Catholic and his land was evidently confiscated by the Province of SC. Joachim Bulow obtained a resurvey of this immigrant's land from which 50A was sold in 1774 as land for St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC (Newberry Deeds B-107).

    BIDENBACH, MICHAEL (1752).  Sontheim an der Brenz

    Born 15 Sept 1719, son of Andreas Bidenbach (Farmer) and Waldburga Walzinger.

    Came to SC on the Caledonia. In SC Colonial record as Michael Pitebag.  Wife. 100A on Crims Cr.  Michael Bidenbach was the father of Adam Bedenbaugh, Sr. who married Barbara Wertz and Uriah Betenbaugh who moved to Union Co., SC.

    BUNDRICK, JOHANN NICHOLAS  (1741-Pennsylvania).  Hornbach

    Born 15 September 1717, son of Carl Bundrick and Maria Barbara Fryer who were Roman Catholic.  He arrived in Philadelphia in 1741 having come on the Friendship.  He married Anna Maria Mller on 22 April 1744 in Frederick, MD.  Before 1754 his family moved to NC where she died in 1763 (buried near Winston-Salem, NC).  Before 1767 he came to Dutch Fork and settled on Cannons Cr. near Pomaria, SC.   Nicholas Bundrick was a Tory during the Rev. War and was killed 19 April 1782 (SCMAR 11:123, 1981).


  • 1. Frederick Charles Bundrick, born about 1755, married Agness Wicker, daughter of Mathias Wecker.  Served in Water's Militia Regt. during the Rev. War. 
  • 2. John B. Bundrick, born about 1762, married Mary Magdalena (Molly) Clapp, daughter  of Joseph Clapp.  About 1825 the family moved to Crawford Co., GA. 
  • 3. George Bundrick, born about 1780, may have been a son of Nicholas Bundrick.  He married Mary Leitzey, daughter of Jacob Leitzey and Anna Maria Schiele.
  • DICKERT, HANS PETER  (1752). Leimen

    Died 20 May 1779 at age 93 (St. John's Lutheran Church records, Charleston, SC). A resident in 1731 of Leimen, later a citizen.  He was the son of Andreas Dickert, a citizen of Undenheim near Oppenheim.  He married 10 January 1730 in Leimen, Christina Sophia Kalbrunner, born 6 April 1710, daughter of Johann Philipp Kallbrunner and wife, Magdalena. Peter Dickert came to SC on the Cunliffe with wife and 4 children: Magdalen 19, Barbara 16, Michael 14, and Susanna 11.  In the SC Colonial record as  Peter Fickhart. 300A on Camping Cr.  Peter Dickert was a founding Elder of St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.


  • 1. Maria Magdalena Dickert, born 15 October 1733, died 14 April 1817, married (1) John Caloff; married (2) Henry George.  Buried at St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC.
  • 2. Anna Barbara Dickert, born 17 March 1736, married Hanss J”rg Oswald, son of Hanss Oswald and Margaretha Clauss.
  • 3. Johann Michael Dickert, born 19 April 1739, died 1811, married Mrs. Mary Margaret Seigler Cromer, daughter of Carolus Seigler and widow of George Cromer.  Johann Michael Dickert was Quatermaster in 1781 and 1782 in the Regt. of Philemon Water during Rev. War.
  • 4. Susanna Dickert, born 28 January 1742, died about 1805, married Jacob Snider.  After his death the family moved to Tuscaloosa Co., AL.
  • 5. Catharina Dickert, born 20 September 1749, died about 1805, married (1) Jacob Wirth; married (2) Thomas Harris. Buried in St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Charleston, SC.
  • DOMINICK, ANDREAS  (1752). Machtolsheim

    Born 10 August 1720, son of Andreas Dominig (Farm laborer) and Dorothea Gockelen.  Married Barbara Reulin (orphaned farmer's daughter), born 13 March 1721, daughter of Andreas Reulen and Waldburga Majer. Married 22 April 1752, with hastened procedure, omitting banns with magisterial permission, "on account of rapid departure for America." Child: (1) Walpurga, born 24 July 1751.  (Gerber)  Came to SC on the Caledonia, wife Barbara (JC 21(1).  100A on Twelve Mile Cr. of Saluda R.  Son, Henry Dominick, born 1758, died 1 January 1836, is believed to have married (1) Agnes Fellers, and (2) Margaret Fellers, daughters of John Fellers.  Henry Dominick is buried with second wife in the Dominick-Workman cemetery near Prosperity, SC. 

    DOMINICK, JOHANNES (1752).  Machtolsheim

    Born 1 June 1724, brother of Andreas Dominick. Married 8 October 1748 in Machtolsheim, Margareta H„berlin, daughter of Johann Georg H„berlin and wife Maria.  Came to SC on the Caledonia along with family of brother, Andreas Dominick.  Wife and one child. 150A, Crims Cr.  Johannes Dominick and first wife had additional children after coming to SC.   Johannes Dominick married (2) Elizabeth, widow of Peter Rikard who died in 1779 during the Rev War. Johannes Dominick died before 1796 and the second wife, Elizabeth Dominick, died 26 February 1807 and is buried in the Rikard Family Cemetery near Pomaria, SC.

    Children of Johannes Dominick and Dorothea Gockelen:

  • 1. Maria Dominick, born 23 June 1749, may have been the wife of Andrew Hallman, Jr.
  • 2. Dorothea Dominick, born 10 October 1751. Did not survive trip to SC.
  • 3. Christina Dominick, married Henry Summer, son of Adam Summer.
  • 4. John Dominick, died 1830.
  • 5. Daughter, married as first wife John William Fulmer, son of Capt. Jacob Fulmer and Mary Leitzey.
  • Children by second wife, Elizabeth:

  • 6. Jacob Dominick, died 1831/32, married Susan Catherine Sease, daughter of John Leonard Sease and Katherine E. Rizer.  Moved to Bibb Co., AL.
  • 7. Christina Dominick.
  • 8. Margaret Dominick, born about 1785, married John Rickard, son of Michael Rikard, Sr. Moved to Williamson Co., TN, then to Greene Co., AL.
  • DREHER, JOHANNES (1749).  Erpfingen

    Wheelright.  Born 13 April 1701, son of Hans Georg Dreher (Wheelwright) and Anna Maria Riesch, married 18 November 1727, Veronica Bazer.  Children: (1) Christian, born 24 December 1730; (2) Catharina Judith, born 28 April 1732; (3) Andreas, born 17 November 1735; (4) Anna Maria Dreher, born 15 June 1738; and (5) Johannes, born 15 Feb 1748.

    Johannes Tryer, came on the Griffin. 350A on Second Cr. Bought land on Saluda River in Lexington Co. in 1764 (Lexington Deeds O-253).

    EICHELBERGER, JOHANN GEORG (1752).  Eschelbach

    Born 15 February 1730, son of Jakob Eichelberger and Appollonia Brecht.  The father, Jakob Eichelberger came from Wynau, Canton Bern, Switzerland (Burgert).  George Eigleberger came to SC on the Upton.  50A on Crims Cr.  He married (1) Elizabeth Catharina Schiele, daughter of Johannes Schiele and Maria Margaretha Haupter Herrmann.  About 1785 he married (2) Maria Ursula Schiele Koon, sister of first wife and widow of John Henry Koon.

    Children by Elizabeth Catharina Schiele:

  • 1. John Eigleberger, born 21 January 1758, died 9 April 1827, married (1) Anna Barbara ___; married (2) Mrs. Saloma (Sarah) Ruff Piester, daughter of George Ruff and widow of John Piester.
  • 2. Mary Ursula Eigleberger, born 1 May 1760, died 25 October 1838, married (1) Jacob Stairley, son of George Michael Stairley; married (2) Rev. Frederick Joseph Wallern.
  • 3. Margaret Eigleberger, born 9 February 1763, died 3 February 1842, married Michael Rikard, son of Peter Rikard.
  • 4. Susannah Margaret Eigleberger, born about 1764, died 25 April 1815, married (1) John Frederick Legron; married (2) Capt. Jacob Counts, son of John Counts, Jr. and wife, Elizabeth.
  • 5. Elizabeth Eigleberger, born 8 August 1768, 14 December 1835, married Capt. John Counts, brother of Capt. Jacob Counts.
  • 6. Michael Eichleberger, born 21 October 1768, died 12 January 1813, married Rosannah Catharine Summer, daughter of Capt. John Adam Summer and Mary Reese; married (2) George Eichleberger, son of John Eigleberger and wife Anna Barbara.
  • 7. Martin Eigleberger, born about 1770, died before 1805.
  • 8. George Eigleberger, Jr., born about 1774.
  • 9. Magdalene Eigleberger, born about 1775, died after 1812, married John Frederick Shaffer. They moved to Perry Co., AL.
  • 10.  Christian Eigleberger, born about 1781, died after 1830, wife named Maria Ursula. Moved to Beaufort Dist., SC.
  • EMIG, JOHANN CONRADT (1752).  Sch”nau

    Drapery maker (Tuchmacher).  Son of Johann Georg Emig, married 15 June 1745, Anna Barbara Herion, daughter of Johann Philipp Herion. Children: (1) Johann Heinrich, born 7 March 1746; (2) Anna Felicitas, born 7 April 1748; and (3) Anna Barbara, born 30 March 1750.

    Conrad Emick, wife and child, "upper part of Germany."   Came to SC on the Upton.  Wife and child: Wemick 5.   150A on Crims Cr. Son, Johann Heinrich who died before 1816, was the father of the Lexington Co. Amick family.  An additional son of Johann Conradt Emig was Johann Adam Emig who had wife, Christina.  He died in 1828.

    EPPLIN, BENJAMIN (1752).  Oberhausen

    Born about 1723, son of Johann Georg Epplin and Anna Catharina Weber Schielin of Oberhausen.

    Came on the Caledonia with family of half-brother, Johannes Schiele. 50A on Crims Cr. He sold this land in 1767 to Martin Hauk (Newberry Deeds B-748). In 1756 he bought a 200A tract on Broad River north of Spring Hill, SC (Memorial of Benjamin Apply, 6:7).

    FRICK, JOHANN THOMAS (1752).  Erpfingen

    Born 10 July 1712, son of Johann Thomas Frick and Agnes Walter.  He married Anna Catharina Batzer.  Came to SC on the Elizabeth.  Wife and 3 ch.: Agnes 18, Thomas 10, and Hans Jacob 3.  250A near St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church, Lexington Co., SC. The Frick family cemetery is located on the original bounty grant. 


  • 1. Agnes Frick, born 16 June 1735.
  • 2. Thomas Frick, born 24 August 1743, married (1) 26 May 1767, Anna Maria Rittheimer Werner, widow; he married (2) 24 August 1816, Susannah Long Cromer, daughter of John Jacob Long and Elizabeth Hair and widow of John Michael Cromer.
  • 3. Hans Jacob Frick, born 7 December 1750, married 10 October 1774, Christina Hinckel, daughter of Jacob Hinckel. Hans Jacob Frick was a Fusilier from Charleston during the Rev. War.
  • 4. Ann Catharine Frick, born 30 February 1755 in SC, died 30 December 1815, married (as 2nd wife) Ulrich Mayer, Sr., born 12 September 1736, died 14 December 1803, son of Andreas Meyer and Barbara Bez.
  • GEISELHARDT, JOHANNES  (1752). Unterhausen

    Married 15 July 1738, Anna Maria Herrmann. Came to SC on the Caledonia. Wife and ch: Mary Anne 14, Mary Barbara 7, and Mary 2.  250A on Crims Cr.


  • 1. Maria Agnes Geiselhardt, born 14 December 1741, married (as first wife) Ulrick Mayer, Sr., son of Andreas Meyer and Barbara Bez.
  • 2. Maria Barbara Geiselhardt, born 18 June 1748, believed to have been the wife of Johann Jacob Epting Geiselhardt, son of John Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander.
  • 3. Anna Maria Geiselhardt, born 16 Jan 1752, died before 1799, married (as second wife) Capt. William Frederick Houseal, son of Rev. Bernard Houseal.
  • GICKELEUTHNER, THOMAS  (1752). S”hnstetten

    Name according to Gerber was "Bickeler." "went ... to the English island of Carolina in 1752"

    Weaver, born 19 July 1714, married 31 October 1736, Anna Maria Walliser. Children: (1) Catharina, born 16 November 1736; (2) Elisabetha, born 29 April 1740; and (3) Johann Friedrich, born 24 September 1743.  (Gerber)

    Thomas Kickelayter came to SC on the Elizabeth.  Wife and 3 ch: Catherine 16, Elizabeth 12, and John Frederick 10. 250A near St. Jacob's Church, Chapin, SC.  The son, John Frederick Kicklighter, died between 1782 and 1790. He was a Loyalist during the Rev. War and his name is found on a Death Warrant in 1779 signed by Gov. John Rutledge. Frederick Kicklighter's sons moved to Beaufort District, SC.

    HALLDENWANGER, JACOB (1752).  S”hnstetten

    Weaver.  Born 14 September 1704, married 5 June 1736, Anna Maria Behner. Came to SC on the Elizabeth. Wife and 2 ch: Christopher 10 and Angelina 8.  200A on Wateree Cr.

    Children born in Germany:

  • 1. Christoph Halldenwanger, born 16 August 1742. 
  • 2. Angelica Halldenwanger, born 26 November 1744, died after 1819, married Johann Georg Schweikardt, son of Johannes Schweikardt and Anna Maria Baisch.
  • 3.
  • Children born in SC:
  • 3. Johannes Haltiwanger, born about 1753 in SC, died after 1830, married Catherine Margaret Schmitz. He served in 1781/1782 in the Company of Capt. Jacob Fulmer, Water's Regiment, during Rev. War.
  • 4. George Haltiwanger, born about 1755, died about 1821.  His estate was probated 29 November 1821 (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist., SC, 1814-1825").  He married Mary Barbara Schmitz, sister of Catherine Margaret Schmitz.
  • HEPDING, JOHANN ADAM (1749).  R”tenberg

    Day laborer. Born 8 March 1720, son of Hans Cunrad Hepding (Farmer) and Maria Catharina Beck of R”tenberg. He married 2 September 1738, Christina Barbara Osiander, born 14 January 1721, daughter of Lukas Daniel Osiander and Agatha L”hrer. "This man went to Pennsylvania in 1749 with wife and children."  (Gerber)  The family of John Adam Epting came to SC on the Griffin.  250A on Crims Cr. near St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.  John Adam Epting was a founding Elder of St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC. He died before 1768 with land grant inherited by the oldest son, Johann Jacob Epting (Memorials 9-325).  Taxes on the property were paid the same year by widow, Barbara Epting (1768 Quit Rents).   This land contains the location of Epting cemetery #2 at Pomaria, SC.

    Children born in Germany:

  • 1. Catherine Epting, born 13 September 1739, died 1816, married (1) Jacob Folk, Sr.; and married (2) Peter Stockman. 
  • 2. Johann Jacob Epting, born 28 Apr 1745, died about 1800 in SC, believed to have married Barbara Geiselhart, daughter of Johannes Geiselhardt and Anna Maria Herrmann.
  • 3. Anna Maria Epting. She married John Wendel Shealy, son of Johannes Schiele and Maria Margaretha Haupter Herrmann. Her birth record is not found in the R”tenberg Church record book. 
  • 4. Matthias Epting, born 29 May 1748, believed to have died young.
  • Children born in SC:

  • 5. Adam Frederick Epting, born about 1752 in S.C., died in 1780, married (as second husband) Anna Christina Setzler Black, daughter of John Adam Setzler, Sr. (Gunsmith) and Anna Christina Mller.
  • 6. John Epting, born about 1756, died before 1810, said to have married Anna Lohner, daughter of Melchior Lohner.
  • 7. Margaret Epting, died about 1790, married (as first wife) Francis Summer, son of Hans Adam Summer Sr. and Anna Maria Yost.
  • HERRMANN, ANNA BARBARA (1752).  Unterhausen

    Born 27 April 1738 in Holzelfingen, daughter of Matth„us Herrmann and Maria Margaretha Haupter. Came to SC on the Caledonia with mother and stepfather, Johannes Schiele (Saddler).

    Listed as Barbara Shely, 14 yrs. old, in petition of John Shely. She married Alexander Andrew Bowers who came to SC in 1752 on the Upton.  In 1766 she obtained in her maiden name a 100A land grant at Prosperity, SC.  After her death, the children sold this grant to their brother, Stephen Bowers (Newberry Deeds H-165). This land was the homeplace of Stephen Bowers.


  • 1. Catherine Bowers, married George Long, Sr., born 1758, died 6 July 1815, planter and merchant, son of Jacob Long Sr. and wife Judith. They moved to Edgefield Dist., SC.
  • 2. Stephen Bowers, born about 1768, died 13 November 1860, married Nancy Bates, born 26 September 1775, died 23 October 1848, daughter of Michael Bates and wife Catherine.
  • 3. John Jacob Bowers, born 6 March 1774, died 26 April 1859, 1st wife named Mary Elizabeth; married (2) Anna Catherine Mayer, daughter of Ulrich Mayer and Anne Cathren Frick. Lived near St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church, Lexington Co., SC.
  • 4. George Bowers, married Catherine Christine Bates, daughter of Michael Bates and Catherine Kelly. Moved to Edgefield Dist., SC.
  • 5. Margaret Bowers, died 24 September 1847, married Matthias Younce.  Moved to Orangeburg Dist., SC.
  • HIPP, JERG (1749).  M„gerkingen

    Weaver.  Born 5 August 1714 in M„gerkingen, son of Hans Jacob Hipp (Farmer) and Anna Maria Lorch, married 27 November 1737 in M„gerkingen, Anna G”ckeler, daughter of Johannes G”ckeler (Farmer) of Meidelstetten.  Ch: (1) Johann Georg, born 28 April 1737 (in Meidelstetten); (2) Johannes, born 2 June 1739; and (3) Juliana, born 16 February 1743.

    On Griffin, 1749.  250A on Crims Cr. Son, Johannes Hipp owned the land grant of his father and lived in the Dutch Fork with wife Susannah.  He died in 1801.

    HNTZ, MICHAEL (1752).  Machtolsheim

    Farmer's son from H”rvelsingen (Gervelfingen according to Gerber). Married 23 April 1752, Anna Barbara ™rtler, weaver's daughter from Bermaringen. Married with the foreknowledge of the Lord Dean, on the day after the marriage of their fellow-villager Andreas Dominick.  The pastor wrote, "these people likewise made the resolution to go at once to the New World with others.  Because there was no longer time for their banns to be proclaimed in the territory of Ulm, marriage was denied them. They came therefore to me, and asked me, in tears, to marry them." (Gerber)

    Michael Haynes, on Caledonia, wife.  100A on Cannons Cr. at Broad R. Michael Hentz was killed by the Weberites in 1760 leaving son, Mathias Hentz who married (2) Magdalena Wicker Ridlehuber, daughter of Matthias Wecker and widow of George Michael Ridlehuber.

    JUNGINGER, MARTIN  (1752).  Dettingen am Albuch

    Weaver.  Born 19 Sept 1718, son of Philipp Jacob Junginger and wife, Magdalena.  He married 21 November 1742 in Dettingen am Albuch, Margaretha Hartmann, daughter of Sigmund Hartmann.  Children: (1) Johannes, born 13 October 1744; (2) Sigmund, born 25 December 1745; (3) Anna Magdalena, born 2 June 1748; and (4) Philipp Jacob, born 11 June 1750.

    On Elizabeth, 1752. Wife and 2 ch: Johannes 8, and Simon 7.  200A on Lick Cr. of Little Saluda River. The sons Johannes and Sigmund (Simeon) lived in the Dutch Fork in the area of Irmo, SC.  Johannes Younginer died before 1811 leaving widow Margaret Younginer and children.

    K”LLE, JOHANN JACOB  (1752). Blaubeuren

    Wheelwright. Born 24 April 1711, married 24 January 1741, Anna Catharina Sigler.  Came to SC on the John and Mary.  Wife and 6 ch: John George 12, Anna Barbara 11, John 7, Catherine 5, Jacob 4, Andrew 6 mos. 400A on Buffalo Cr.


  • 1. Johann Georg Kelly, born 13 August 1741, died before 1816, wife named Mary Margaret.
  • 2. Anna Barbara Kelly, born April 1743, died about 1816, married John Melchior Derrick.
  • 3. Johannes Kelly, born 8 October 1746, married (1) Maria Elisabeth Rittheimer; married (2) Anna Maria Werner. Johannes Kelly was a baker in Charleston
  • 4. Anna Catharina Kelly, born 30 May 1748, died 4 September 1825 (in Edgefield Dist.), believed to have married Michael Bates, son of Georg Bez and wife Eberhardina.
  • 5.   Jacob Kelly, born 10 February 1750, died 1806/1810, married Nancy Bickley, daughter of
  •      Thomas Bickley and Anna Ochs/Oaks.

  • 6. Andrew Kelly, born 11 September 1752 at sea, wife named Mary. Served in Rev. War under Capt. Drayer (Dreher) and under Lieut. Ramey.  Moved about 1832 to Dallas Co., AL.
  • KROMER, HANS JERG  (1752). Erpfingen

    Weaver.  Born 5 March 1716, married 16 October 1741, Christina Baisch. Came to SC on the Elizabeth. Wife and 3 ch: John Michael 10, George 6, and Andrew 15 mos.  250A on Camping Cr.


  • 1.   Johann Michael Kromer, born 23 August 1742, died 1815, married (1) Maria Cathrena Lang (a widow, arrived on the Brittania in 1766); married (2) Susanna Long, daughter of John Jacob Long and Elizabeth Hair.                                                                
  • 2. Johann Georg Kromer, born 7 March 1746.
  • 3. Andreas Kromer, born 24 August 1751, died 7 November 1779 at Savannah, GA while serving with his brother Michael in the Rev. War.  His wife was named Mary and she afterward married (as first wife) Philip Gruber, son of Johann Philipp Gruber and wife Magdalene. 
  • KUHN, VALENTIN (1764).  M”rzheim

    Born about 1718. Butcher. Wife: Anna Maria, born about 1731. Children born in M”rzheim: (1) Barbara, born 4 February 1752; (2) Johann Georg, born 11 September 1756; and (3) Henry, born 2 December 1758.

    Came to SC, probably on the Dragon, arriving at Charleston on 14 December 1764.  Valentine Kuhn, 46, Anna Maria Kuhn 33.  Ch: Barbara 12, George 8, and John Henry 4. 350A on Turkey Cr. in Edgefield Co.   Valentine Kuhn settled in the Saluda River section of Lexington Co., SC, and the family were members of Zion Lutheran Church. His son, John Henry Koon, settled before 1800 in the Dutch Fork on the south side of the town of Irmo with wife, Mary. He died about 1813.  Another daughter of Valentin Kuhn, born in SC, was Margaret who married John Lipz and were members of St. Peter's Lutheran Church on Eighteen Mile Cr. 

    KUNTZ, JOHANN GEORG  (1732-Pennsylvania).  Steinfeld

    Johann Georg Kuntz was born about 1712 in Steinfeld, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany. Kuntz arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Pensylvania Merchant." He lived in York Co., PA, where he married, 20 November 1733, Catarina Ochs, daughter of John Adam Ochs and wife, Elizabeth.   He moved his family to the Dutch Fork of  SC about 1749.  His petition is the earliest of the German settlers in Newberry District, SC. 350A on Crims Cr. in 1749. Johann Georg Kuntz died 5 June 1779 in Savannah, GA, during the Rev War.


  • 1. John Adam Counts, born 1 December 1734 in Providence, York Co., PA, died 16 Jan 1781 at Camden during the Rev. War.  John Counts was a Private in the 2nd SC Volunteer Regiment  on 4 November 1775. In 1779 he was a Lt. in Col. Jonas Beard's Regiment of State troops in the Company of Capt. John Adam Summer. He married Maria Catherine Setzler, daughter of Johann Adam Setzler and Anna Christiana Mller. 
  • 2. Maria Catarina Counts, born about 1735.
  • 3. Jacob Counts, born about 1737, died 30 October 1779 at Savannah while serving during the Rev. War.  His wife, Ephie, may have been Ephie Metz. 
  • 4. Henry Counts, born about 1739, died 1814, married (1) Mary Elizabeth ___; married (2) Catherine Fellers, daughter of Johannes Fellers.
  • 5. Francina Counts, born about 1742, died before 1821, married George Martin Riser, Sr. George Riser had come to SC about 1750 and settled on Crims Cr. 
  • LEGROMME, LORENTZ  (1752). Sch”nau   

    Lorentz Gromme, born 9 February 1698, son of Hans Peter Gromme and Anna Margaretha Scheid.  Left for America with wife and 8 children.  Came to SC on the Upton.  450A on headwaters of Cannons Cr.  Lawrence LeCrown, wife and 7 ch.: Maria Sofia 25, July Eliz, 23, Mathewlina 21, Eliz. 18, John Adolph 14, Lawrence 12, Fred 4.  The daughter, Maria Sofia Legron, married William Stone (Newberry Deeds F-343). The son, John Adolph Legron, died 1794/1800 leaving wife Ann Mary (Newberry Deeds C-124). The son, Frederick Legron was killed as a Tory during the Rev. War (SCMAR 11:123, 1981).  

    LEGROMME, TOBIAS (1752).  Sch”nau  

    Tobias Gromme (Weaver) eldest son of Lorenz Gromme, born about 1722, married 22 November 1746 in Sch”nau, Johanna Elisabetha Hoffmann, daughter of David Hoffmann and wife, Anna Margaretha. Left for America with wife and 2 ch. (Hacker). Came to SC on the Upton with his father's family.  Wife and 3 ch: Frederick 5, Margaret 2 «, and Elizabeth 3 mos.  250A on Crims Cr. near St. Paul's Church, Pomaria, SC. Tobias Legron died 1786/1790.   

    Children born in Germany:

  • 1. Friedrich Legrone, born 22 August 1747.
  • 2. Anna Margaretha Legrome, born 31 July 1750, died after 1815, married Matthias Rinehart, son of Johannes Reinhardt and Agnes Staiger.
  • 3. Elizabeth Legrome, born 1752.
  • Children born in SC:

  • 4. John Adam Legrome, born about 1755, married Mary Madalene Houseal, daughter of Capt. William Frederick Houseal and Maria Elizabeth Stroman.
  • 5. John Jacob Legrome.
  • 6. John Legrome, died 1836/1840, married Agnes Hartley. Moved to Edgefield District, and then about 1828, to Perry Co., AL.
  • 7. Andrew Legrome.
  • LORCH, GEORG (1754).  Erpfingen

    Farmer.  He married (1) 7 November 1741, Anna Maria Dreher Riesch, born 30 July 1703, died 12 September 1746, daughter of Hans Jerg Dreher (Wheelwright) and Anna Margaretha Riesch and widow of Johannes Thomas Riesch (Tailor).  Married (2) 17 May 1747, Anna Barbara Schweikardt, daughter of Johann Martin Schweikardt (Blacksmith) and Anna Barbara Riesch of Erpfingen.   Children: (1) Anna Maria, born 5 November 1742; and (2) Michael, born 3 October 1751.

    Came to SC on the Priscilla. Wife and 2 ch: Mary Anne 12 and Michael 3. 200A on Camping Cr.  Georg Lorch settled in the Saluda River section of Lexington County. The son, Michael, lived until after 1830.  He married Esther Elizabeth Emmark, daughter of Andreas Emmark who had come to SC a single man on the Griffin in 1749. 

    L”WENSTEIN, JOHAN BERNARD  (1727-Pennsylvania)   Dhren

    Johan Bernard L”wenstein left Dhren in 1727 (Hacker) and arrived in Phildadelphia on the William and Sarah. At that time he was 22 yrs. old. He married and lived in Lancaster Co., PA, then moved to Frederick Co., MD. About 1750 Bernard L”wenstein moved his family to the Dutch Fork of SC.  350A on Cannons Cr. near Prosperity, SC.  Sons: John, Martin, and Michael, were Loyalists during the Rev. War.  In 1779, John and Martin Livingston's names appear on Gov. Rutledge's list of Tories with Death Warrant.


  • 1. Mary Magdalene Livingston, born December 1728.
  • 2. Juliana Livingston, born 5 May 1731.
  • 3. John Livingston, born 3 August 1733, died about 1799, married Anna Margaretha Sligh, daughter of John Ulrick Schleich.  In 1779 he served in GA in the company of his brother, Capt. Martin Livingston. In 1781 he served in the Regt. of Col. Philemon Waters. 
  • 4. Louisa Frederica Livingston, born 19 April 1736.
  • 5. Capt. Martin Livingston, was Capt. of a Co. of Loyalist forces at Savannah, GA in 1779 and at Camden in 1781. He was killed 24 April 1781 at Camden.
  • 6. Michael Livingston, wife named Rosina. In 1779, Michael Livingston was a Sergeant in the Company of his brother, Capt. Martin Livingston, in GA, and in 1781 at Camden. He later served in the Militia under Col. Waters.
  • MACK, CHRISTIAN FRIDRICH (1749).  Steinheim an der Murr

    Linenweaver. Married 7 May 1737, Agnes Barbara ___.   Child: Christoph Adam, born 2 December 1740.

    Came to SC on the Griffin.   Wife and 1 child. 150A on Crims Cr.  Son, Adam Mock, inherited this land and died before 1790.  He and wife, Mathana (Magdelina?) sold the land grant of Catharine Harris on Buffalo Cr. in 1772 (Newberry Deeds H-194). The deed says Mathana was the daughter of Catharine Harris.

    MANZ, BERNHARD (1752).  Kleinengstingen

    Born 12 January 1720, son of Georg Manz, (Daylaborer) and Anna Maria Stoss of Kleinengstingen. He married 22 October 1743, Anna Maria R”cker, daughter of Bernhard R”cker (Judge in Kleinengstingen) and Anna Maria Oberacker.  Children: (1) Michael Christoph, born 22 September 1744; (2) Anna Maria, born 25 September 1750; and (3) Johann Georg, born 29 January 1752.

    Came to SC on the Caledonia. Wife and 2 ch.: Michael 7, George 12.  200A on Camping Cr. In 1774 Bernhard Manz was an Elder of St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Newberry Deeds B-107). He ran a mill on Cannons Cr. and moved about 1790 to Lexington County, SC.  The son, Johann Georg Manz, had wife Barbara, and also moved to Lexington County where he died before the year 1800.

    MANZ, JOHAN CASPAR (1752).  Holzelfingen 

    Born 3 March 1723, son of Georg Manz (Daylaborer) and Anna Maria Stoss of Kleinengstingen. He married November 1751 in Holzelfingen, Anna Catharina Werner, daughter of Christian Werner.  Child: Ursula, born 27 August 1750. Came to SC on the Caledonia. Wife and daughter, Ursula 3.  150A on Crims Cr. This couple is believed to be the parents of Gosper Monts who married Anna Mary Minick, daughter of George Bartholomew Minick and Mary Magdalene Summer.

    MEYER, ANDREAS (1752).  Merklingen

    Brickmason.  Born 3 June 1707, son of Ulrich Meyer (Farm laborer) and Johanna Hochst„tter, married 17 November 1734, Barbara Bez. According to the German record, went with wife and 7 children to Ebenezer (GA).   The family arrived in SC on the Caledonia.  Wife and 6 ch: Ursula 17, Worley 16, Johanna 14, Jacob 12, Barbara 6, Andrea 4.  400A on Crims Cr.


  • 1. Ursula Meyer, born 12 May 1735.
  • 2. Ulrich Meyer, born 12 September 1736, died 14 December 1803, married (1) Maria Agnes Geiselhardt, daughter of Johannes Geiselhardt and Anna Maria Herrmann; married (2) Ann Catherine Frick, daughter of Johann Thomas Frick and Anna Catharina Batzer.
  • 3.   Johanna Meyer, born 10 September 1738.

    4.   Jacob Meyer, born 21 January 1741.

  • 5. Barbara Meyer, born 17 July 1746, married Henry Siteman. Henry Siteman was a Loyalist during the Rev. War and moved to Nova Scotia after the fall of Charleston. They are buried at Lower Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia.
  • 6. Andreas Meyer, born 6 December 1748, wife named Magdalina. A Loyalist during the Rev. War, he moved after the fall of Charleston to Nova Scotia.
  • 7. Georg Meyer, born 13 December 1750, did not survive the trip to SC.
  • NIEį, CUNRAD (1752). Bolheim
    Husbandman. Married (1) 27 Nov 1723 in Bolheim, Anna Danner, born about 1699, died 13 January 1744; married (2) 22 February 1745 in Bolheim, Catharina Eckhardt, widow of Georg Ziegler from Heuchlingen. Children by first wife: (1) Anna Catharina, born 14 April 1725; (2) Balthas, born 29 January 1728; (3) Theodorus, born 27 November 1729; (4) Dorothea, born 15 June 1732, and (5) Jacob, born 25 March 1735. Children by second wife: (6) Kn„blein, born 1746; and (7) Anna, born 12 June 1749.
    Came to SC on the Elizabeth and obtained a 250A land grant on Camping Cr. near Prosperity. Part of this land sold in 1786 by Baltis Niese of Mecklinburg Co., NC (Newberry Deeds D-146).
    Dorothy Niese may not have married as she obtained a 100A grant near Prosperity which was sold in 1792 by Baltis Niese as next of kin (Newberry Deeds C-542)

    QUATTLEBAUM, PETER   (1736-Pennsylvania).  Mlheim an der Ruhr

    Born 1798 in Kettwig, Westphalia, Germany. Married on 11 April 1723 in Mlheim an der Ruhr, Anna Barbara Von der Hutte. Arrived in Philadelphia on the Brigantine John.  Peter Quattlebaum died 14 January 1747/1748 at Kinsingtown, PA.  At least one of the daughters and all of the sons moved to SC.


  • 1. Gertraud Quattlebaum, married 7 March 1746, Frantz Carl Huyet. They came to SC in 1752 from Philadelphia traveling by ship on the Edinburgh.  Settled on Crims Cr.
  • 2. Maria Catharina Quattlebaum, married 31 March 1748, Johann Jacob Umstadt.
  • 3. Anna Barbara Quattlebaum, married 3 January 1749, Hans Eberhardt Kunkel.
  • 4. Mathias Quattlebaum, born about 1736.  Came to SC and settled on Crims Cr. He married Rachel Derrin who had come to SC from Germany in 1764. Beginning in 1786 Mathias Quattlebaum acquired large land holdings in the Dutch Fork.  He died about 1806.
  • 5. Johannes Quattlebaum, born 18 February 1742. Settled in Edgefield Dist., near Leesville, SC.
  • 6. Peter Quattlebaum, born about 1744, died 1806, married Catherine Cappleman Sligh, daughter of Jacob Cappleman and widow of Nicholas Sligh.
  • 7. Johanna Quattlebaum, born 1746, died February 1748.
  • REINHARDT, JOHANNES  (1752). Unterhausen

    Johannes Reinhardt, Brickmason, born 21 May. Birthyear between 1711-1715 (actual birthyear confused with his siblings in German Records) Unterhausen, Lichtenstein 72805, Landkreis, Reutlingen, Baden Weurttemberg, Germany, was a son of Matth„us Reinhardt and Agness Knaur of Unterhausen. Johannes was married 18 November 1734 in Evang Unterhausen, Agnes Staiger, born 6 Feb 1710, daughter of Hans Jerg Staiger, born Jan 1666, and Ursula Zanger, born 21 Mar 1674. Agnes Staiger's paternal and maternal grandparents were, respectively, Hans Jacob Staiger and Elizabeth Sauter, and Matthaeus Zanger and Barbara Bley. Johannes Reinhardt, as John Reynard, arrived in SC in 1752 with wife and two children, Elizabeth , 9, and Mathias, 4, coming on the Calendonia.

     Johannes Reinhardt, as John Rheynard, obtained a 200 acre bounty survey on Cannons Creek, near Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC.  This grant was sold by grantee in 1762 to John Kennet (John Kinard, Sr)(Memorials 6-21).  In the same year, John Rinehart purchased the 200 acre bounty grant of John Michael Gadringer on Crims Creek.  This tract was passed down from John Rinehart to son, Matthias Rinehart (Lagrone to Kibler, Newberry Deeds I-199).  Children:

     I.  Matthaeus Reinhardt, born 11 Mar 1736, Unterhausen, died 23 Mar 1736, Germany.

    II.  Hans Jerg Reinhardt, born 13 Apr 1737, Unterhausen, died 5 Jan 1738, Germany.

    III.  Agnes Reinhardt, born 5 Oct 1738, Unterhausen, died May 1739, Germany.

    IV.  Johannes Reinhardt, born 16 Aug 1740, Unterhausen, died Dec 1745, Germany.

    V.  Maria Elizabetha Reinhardt, born 24 Nov 1743, Unterhausen, died after 1752, SC.

    VI.  Matthaeus Reinhardt, born 20 Jun 1745, Unterhausen, died Dec 1745, Germany.

    VII.  Johannes Reinhardt, born 31 Oct 1746, Unterhausen, died 13 Aug 1747, Germany.

    VIII.  Matthaeus Reinhardt, born 3 Jul 1748, Unterhausen, died 1808, SC, married in SC Anna Margaretha LeGrande, born 31 Jul 1750, in Schoenau, Germany, died after 1815, SC, daughter of Tobias Lagrone and Johanna Elisabetha Hoffmann (see The Lawrence Lagrone Family Bio).  In 1789, Mathias Rinehart and wife, Anna Margaret (Lagrone) Rinehart, sold her 100 acre grant on waters of Camping Creek to Benjamin Hollinshead (Newberry Deeds E-424).

    REISTER, HANS JACOB  (1752). Drrmenz

    Only son of Hans Jacob Reuster, married 9 July 1726, Christina, daughter of Hans Jacob von St Leon of Drrmenz.  The first wife died 14 February 1740 (37 years old).  The widower married 25 July 1741, Anna Maria Brtsch, daughter of Matthias Brtsch, former resident of Gernspach, in the Rastatt district. (Burkett)

    Came to SC on the Rowand.  Wife and 5 ch: George Jacob 21, Magdelene 12, Christian 7, Christiana 4, and Anna Barbara 2.  350A, John's Cr. of Saluda R. in Lexington Co.

    Surviving child by Christina von St. Leon:

  • 1. Georg Jacob Reister, born 23 January 1730, married Katherine Riemensperger, daughter of John Jacob Reimensperger.
  • Children by Anna Maria Brtsch:

  • 2. Magdalena Reister, born 6 June 1742, died about 1810, married Michael Eargle, son of John Michael Eargle.
  • 3. Christian Reister, born about 1747, died about 1817, said to have married Mary Ann Rinehart. Served in Water's Regiment of Militia during Rev. War.
  • 4. Christiana Reister, born about 1748.
  • 5. Anna Barbara Reister, born 8 March 1751, believed to have been the wife of George Freshley.
  • RIESCH, JOHANNES (1749).  Erpfingen

    Born 2 October 1712, married 29 October 1737, Christina Rosina Dreher, born 10 December 1713, daughter of Hans Jerg Dreher and Anna Margaretha Riesch. Children: (1) Anna Margaretha, born May 1739; (2) Anna Maria, born 9 December 1740; (3) Anna Barbara, born 26 August 1742; and (4) Anna, born 8 January 1745.

    Wife and 4 ch. 300A on Metz br. of High Hill Cr. in Lexington Co.   The land grant was later owned by John Comalander.  The daughter, Anna Margaretha, had a late Colonial land grant on Buffalo Cr. which was sold in 1785 by Margaret Riech and husband, John Comberlander (Newberry Deeds C-14). 

    SALTZER, CHRISTOPH (1749).  Eningen unter Achalm

    Dealer in lace.  Born 11 May 1719, son of Johannes Saltzer (Farmer) and Maria Barbara Wickh, married 26 September 1741 in Eningen unter Achalm, Anna Maria Wolfart, born 19 October 1719.  Surviving child: Johann Georg, born 9 January 1747. (Gerber)  Came to SC on the Griffin.  100A,

    Broad River near Peak, SC. Son, Adam Saltzer who was born in SC is shown on later adjacent plats as owner of the land grant of Christoph Saltzer and is found in 1790 census of the area.

    SCHEURER, HANS CUNRAD  (1749). G”nningen

    Shepherd.  Born 29 September 1709, son of Martin Scheurer and wife Magdalena.  He married 19 October 1735 in G”nningen, Margaretha Haffner.  Children: (1) Johann Michael, born 5 August 1736; (2) Johann Cunrad, born December 1741; and (3) Matth„us, born 21 September 1748.  All three children "in the New World."  Ludwigsburg Protocol, 11 Feb 1752, Matth„us Scheurer to South Carolina.  (Gerber)  Came to SC on the Griffin.  Protestant of Germany (Council Journal 17(2):716). 250A on Crims Cr.

    SCHIELE, JOHANNES  (1752). Unterhausen

    Johannes Schiele (saddler), born 24 June 1711, son of Johannes Schiele and Anna Catharina Weber, married on 3 June 1738 in Unterhausen, Maria Margaretha Haupter Herrmann, born 26 January 1716, daughter of Johann Wendel Haupter (teacher) and Ursula Christner of Holzelfingen and widow of Matth„us Herrmann. Came to SC on the Caledonia. Wife and 6 ch.: Barbara 14, Elizabeth 12, Ursula about 9, John Windle about 7, Margaret about 6, and Mary Anna about 3.  400A on Crims Cr. Surname of child listed as Barbara, age 14, was Herrmann; she was the step-daughter of Johannes Schiele and child of Maria Margaretha Haupter Herrmann Schiele by first husband, Matth„us Herrmann. 


  • 1. Elizabeth Catharina Schiele, born 21December 1740, died about 1785, married Johann Georg Eichelberger, who came from Baden, Germany in 1752 on the Upton.
  • 2. Maria Ursula Schiele, born 25 January 1743, died after 1796, married (1) John Henry Koon; and married (2) (her brother-in-law) Johann Georg Eichelberger.
  • 3. Margaretha Schiele, born 24 October 1745, died 1830, married Martin Hough/Houk.
  • 4. Johann Wendel Schiele, born 7 December 1746, died about 1820, married Anna Maria Epting, daughter of Johann Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander.
  • 5. Anna Maria Schiele, born 25 December 1750, married Jacob Leitzey, son of Johann Jacob
  •     Leitzey.
  • SCHLAISS, ULRICH (1752).  S”hnstetten

    Born 7 July 1713, son of J”rg Schlaiss (Farmer), married 4 June 1738, Anna Bohner. Children: (1) Hans Conrad, born 8 January 1740; and (2) Anna Catharina, born 22 September 1742.  Children "with parents to Carolina." According to Gerber the parents had a bad reputation.  (Gerber)  Family came to SC on the Elizabeth. Wife and 2 ch: Hans Conrad 12, and Anna Catherine 10.  200A on Wateree Cr.   Members of the Slice family owned the land grant well into the 19th century indicating that the land grant came down by progenitaire law to Conrad Slice.   Conrad Slice had a 100A bounty survey in 1773 near Chapin which was later owned by son, John Slice. The daughter, Anna Catherine, may have married John Bush.  Her 100A survey of 1773 north of Chapin was shown on later adjacent plats as land of John Bush.

    SCHLEICH, HANS ULRICH  (1752). Wiesloch  

    Born 26 March 1705, married (1) 24 August 1728, Anna Susanna Alsweiler, died 26 September 1731; married (2) Catharina ___, died 19 January 1745; married (3) Anna Catherina ___; married (4) 18 September 1748, Anna Barbara Senck. Came to SC on the Cunliffe.  Wife and 4 ch: Eva Catherina 18, Creda 15, John Jacob 5, and Margaretta 3.  300A on Cannons Cr.

    Children by Anna Barbara Senck:

  • 1. John Jacob Sligh, born 8 October 1747, died about 1797, wife named Christina.
  • 2. Anna Margaretha Sligh, born 11 July 1749, married John Livingston, son of Bernard Livingston.
  • 3. John Phillip Sligh, born 9 April 1752, died 21 December 1818, married Christina Kinard, daughter of Martin Kinard, Sr. and Mary Witt.
  • 4. Nicholas Sligh, born about 1755, died about 1790, married Catherine Cappleman, daughter of Jacob Cappleman. After his death she married secondly, Peter Quattlebaum, son of Johann Petter Quattlebaum.
  • SCHWEIKARDT, JOHANNES  (1752). Erpfingen

    Weaver, born 5 March 1710, son of Hanss Georg ("Der Krumme") Schweikardt (Farmer) and Margaretha Batzer of Erpfingen, married 7 February 1736 in Erpfingen, Anna Maria Baisch, born 19 May 1712, daughter of Michel Baisch (Weaver) and Anna Maria Binder.  Children: (1) Anna Margaretha, born 26 June 1740; (2) Johann Georg, born 13 May 1742, and (3) Maria Barbara, born 4 April 1745.

    Came to SC on the Elizabeth. Wife and 3 ch: Anna Margaret 11, John George 9, and Anna Barbara 6. 250A, Camping Cr. of Saluda R. The son, Johann Georg Schweikardt married Angelica Haltiwanger, daughter of Jacob Halldenwanger and Anna Maria Behner. Johann Georg Schweikardt died after 1819.

    SCHWEIKARDT, JOHANNES  (1754). Erpfingen

    Blacksmith.  Born 18 December 1720, married 26 November 1742, Christina Catharina Riesch.  Children: (1) Margaretha, born 27 February 1743; and (2) Hans Martin, born 9 April 1747.

    On Priscilla, 1754.  Wife and 2 ch: Margaret 12, and John Martin 7.  200A, North side of Saluda River in Lexington Co.   The son, Hans Martin, lived in the area of St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Irmo, SC.  He died about 1790.

    SETZLER, JOHANN ADAM (1766).  Ober-Sensbach

    Born 11 February 1719, married 21 July 1746, Anna Christina Mller, born about 1730. The family came to SC on the Brittania. Anna Christina 36, George Adam 15, John George 12, John Adam 10, and Ann Elizabeth 3.  400A on Second Cr.  The two older daughters had their own 100A land grants.


  • 1. Maria Catherina Setzler, born 27 Apr 1747, died 15 December 1833, married John Counts.
  • 2. Anna Christina Setzler, born 6 May 1751, married (1) ___ Black; married (2) Adam Frederick Epting, son of John Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander.
  • 3. John George Setzler, born Apr 1754.  Died young.
  • 4. John Adam Setzler, born 19 November 1756, wife named Barbara.
  • 5. George Adam Setzler, born 2 January 1761, married Anna Margaretha Leitner, daughter of Maj. Michael Leitner and Maria Beard. 
  • 6. Anna Elizabeth Setzler, born 24 August 1763, married William Swittenberg, son of John Swittenberg.
  • 7. Johann Jacob Setzler, born 26 April 1766 (in Hebstahl).  Died young.
  • SETZLER, PETER (1766).  Ober-Sensbach

    Born 3 April 1724, brother of Johann Adam Setzler, married 28 June 1762, Anna Maria Scheuermann.   Child: Anna Margaretha, born 6 April 1763.

    Came to SC on the Brittania. 200A, Crims Cr.  Son, Jacob, born in SC, married Barbara Rikard, daughter of Lawrence Rikard and Anastasia Staudenmeyer.

    STAUDENMEYER, HANS (1752).  Altheim

    Butcher. Born 19 April 1719, son of Georg Staudenmeyer (Cowherd) and Magdalena Bader. He married 24 November 1739 in Altheim, Anna Magdalena Finckh, born 9 April 1714 in Z„hringen, daughter of Johann Georg Finckh (Farmer) and Angelica Buckh. 3 children to the New World. (Hacker) . Came to SC on the Caledonia. Wife and child: Anastasia 10.  150A on Crims Cr.


  • 1. Anastasia (Nancy) Staudenmeyer, born 31 May 1742, died about May 1810, married Lawrence Rikard, son of Thomas Rikard.
  • 2. Magdalena Staudenmeyer, born 14 October 1745.  Did not survive trip to SC.
  • 3. Angelica Staudenmeyer, born 26 January 1750. Did not survive trip to SC.
  • 4. George Stoudemire, born in SC, married Anna Margaretha Barre.
  • STAUDENMEYER, MAGDALENA  (1752). Altheim 

    Widow of Georg Staudenmeyer (Cowherd) who died 23 June 1723. She was the daughter of Hans Bader (Butcher) and wife, Magdalena.  She married Georg Staudenmeyer on 5 January 1717 in S”lingen and was the mother of Hans Staudenmeyer.  She went with son to the New World in 1752. Magdalene Stoudemeyer of Wittenberg on the Caledonia.  50A on Crims Cr.  Her land grant was sold in 1776 by grandson, George Stoudemayer, to Lawrence Rikard (Newberry Deeds D-578).

    STOCKMANN, JOHANN ENGELBERTH (1749-Pennsylvania). Burbach

    Christened 2 December 1725 in Burbach, son of Johannes Peter Stockmann and Anna Catherina L”hr.  Married 2 July 1747 in Burbach, Anna Maria Schmidt, born 31 May 1722, daughter of Conrad Schmidt and wife, Anna Elizabeth, of Wrgendorf.  Arrived October 1749 in Philadelphia, having traveled on the Ship Fane.  Moved to Frederick Co., MD, and lived there for several years, then moved to the Dutch Fork of SC. Sold land near Pomaria, SC, in 1786 with wife Katherine, believed to be a second wife (Newberry Deeds I-30).  On this deed he is described as a Surgeon.


  • 1. Anna Elisabeth Stockmann, born 24 October 1748 in Burbach.
  • 2. Frederick Stockman, born about 1749, died about 1838, lived in LA and TX.  Married Catherine Disponet.
  • 3. Peter Stockman (Tanner and farmer), born about 1750, died about 1821.  He lived at Pomaria, SC and married (1) Catherine Epting Folk, daughter of John Adam Epting and Christina Barbara Osiander and widow of Jacob Folk.  Married (2) Barbara ___. 
  • 4. George Stockman, died before 1790, wife named Christina Barbara, thought to have been a daughter of John Kinard, Sr. She married (2) John Weedaman; and (3) 16 September 1799 (as third wife) William Frederick Houseal.
  • 5. Christopher Stockman, born 1 May 1755 (in Maryland). Served in Rev. War and afterward moved to KY.
  • 6. John Stockman.
  • 7. Henry Stockman, born 1760, died 1828, married Agnes (Nancy) Hair, daughter of Peter Heer, Sr. and Anna Maria Herrman.
  • UTZ, ANNA MARGARETHA (1766).  Hoffenheim 

    Born 2 February 1739, daughter of Martin Utz and wife, Maria Barbara.   

    Came to SC on the Brittania. 100A on Cannons Cr.  She died before 1784 with land inherited by brother, Dietrich Utz (Newberry Deeds I-220).

    UTZ, JOHANN DIETRICH (1766).  Hoffenheim

    Born 13 November 1726, son of Martin Utz and wife, Maria Barbara.  He married (1) 22 February 1757, Anna Catherina Gilbert, born 25 November 1727.  He came to SC on the Brittania with ch: George Peter 8 and Maria Catherina 4. Johann Dietrich Utz married (2) (at St. John's Lutherran Church, Charleston, SC) on 25 November 1766 to Maria Dorothy Samblin. 150A on headwaters of Cannons Cr.  About 1783 the family moved to Edgefield Dist. Johann Dietrich Utz died 1 January 1802 in Edgefield, SC.

    Children by Anna Catherina Gilbert:

  • 1. George Peter Utz, born 25 March 1757, died 25 March 1829 in Edgefield. He married Elizabeth Harling. He served in Col. LeRoy Hammond's Regiment during the Rev. War
  • 2. Maria Catherina Utz, born 1761.
  • Child by Maria Dorothy Samblin:

  • 3. Jacob Utz, born in SC, married Anna Maria Fellers, daughter of John Fellers. Lived near Prosperity, SC.
  • VOLLMER, EBERHARD LUDWIG (1752).  Unterhausen

    Born 6 August 1697, son of Eberhard Volmar (Miller) and Catharina Zanger.  He married (1) 29 November 1719, Catharina Schielin, born 7 February 1697, died 3 April 1728, daughter of Michael Schlin and Christina Bader; married (2) 23 November 1729, Agnes Meck, daughter of Jerg Meck. Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer came to SC with his second wife and their children on the Caledonia. Wife and 4 children: Catherine 20, John 18, Jacob 9, and Mary 6 « .  300A on Crims Cr. 

    Children of Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer and Agnes Meck:

  • 1. Christina Catharina Fulmer, born 9 April 1730.
  • 2. Johannes Fulmer, born 8 February 1733, probably died between 1800 and 1805.  His wife was named Anna Maria and was probably a daughter of Joseph Ritter. Johannes Fulmer owned the Ritter land grant which was adjacent the bounty grant of Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer.  Also, on an adjacent survey, John Fulmer is shown as owner of nearby land grant of Mary Writeer (meaning Ritter).
  • 3. Anna Maria Fulmer, born 22 June 1739.
  • 4. Johann Jakob Fulmer, born 21 January 1744, died after 1790, married Mary Lightsey, daughter of Johann Jacob Lightsey. Jacob Fulmer was a Capt. in the Militia, serving in the Regiment of Col. Philemon Waters during the Rev. War.
  • WECKER, MATTHIAS (1752).  Baiertal

    Born 25 September 1717, son of Johan Caspar Wecker and Agatha Magdalana Boehm. He married 4 June 1737, Eva Elisabeth Fuchs in Schatthausen.  Wife and five children to New Land. They came to SC on the Upton.  3 ch: Wulrath 15, Henry 12, and Matthias 9. 200A on Broad River. After arrival in SC Matthias Wecker remarried and had additional children. The family is given in an equity of 1835 filed by the family of John Uriah Wicker (Newberry Equities, Box 21, pkg. 3).

    Children born in Germany by first wife:

  • 1. Hans Heinrich Wecker, born 21 March 1739, married (2) Elizabeth Cromer, daughter of Frederick Cromer and wife, Mary Sibel. Served during Rev. War in Water's Regiment of Militia.
  • 2. Matthias Wecker, born 23 November 1742, died about 1778, married Mary Sibella Ridlehuber, daughter of Simon Ridlehuber and wife, Catherine.
  • 3. Wolratth Wecker, born 18 April 1745.
  • 4. Johann Wecker, born 1747 (baptized 27 October 1747), died 1808, wife named Margaret. Moved to LA.
  • 5. Johan Leonhardt Wecker, born 20 May 1750.
  • Children born in SC:

  • 6. Agnes Wicker, born 1755/1760, died August 1821, married Frederick Charles Bundrick, son of Johann Nicholas Bundrick.
  • 7. Lucy Wicker, born 1757, died 1814, married Conrad Suber, son of Johann Michael Zuber and Ester Margretha Hermann.
  • 8. Magdalena Wicker, born about 1770, married (1) as second wife, George Michael Ridlehuber, son of Simon Ridlehuber and wife, Catherine.
  • 9. John Uriah Wicker, died August 1808, married Catherine Sligh, daughter of John Jacob Sligh, Sr. and wife, Christina. After his death she remarried John Peter Kinard, son of John kinard, Jr. and wife, Elizabeth.
  • 10.  Barbara Wicker, died after 1808. Did not marry.
  • 11.  Gasper Wicker, born 14 February 1772, married 3 January 1791, Mary Louisa Frye, daughter of Jacob Frye and Elizabeth Ridlehuber.
  • 12.  Andrew Wicker, born about 1775, married Anna Barbara Metts, daughter of Henry Metts.  Moved to Pike Co., MISS.
  • WEINMANN, PETER  (1752). Sch”nau

    Left Sch”nau in 1752 (Hacker). Came to SC on the Cunliffe.  Hans Peter Weyman, wife and 3 ch: Eva Susannah 16, Johanna 13, and Anna Regina 8.  250A on waters of Cannons Cr.

    The daughter Eva Susannah had her own land grant which she and husband Leonard Bough sold in 1770 (Newberry Deeds C-628).  


  • 1. Eva Susannah Weinmann, born about 1736, married Leonard Bough and lived in Lexington Co., SC.
  • 2. Johanna Weinmann, born about 1739.
  • 3. Rachel Weinmann, born about 1744, married (1) Hans Bjorg (George) Zuber, son of Hans Michael Zuber and Anna Marie Wittman; married (2) George Egner; married (3) Gasper Piester, son of George Piester.
  • WEISS, ERNST FRIEDRICH (1752).  Obermutschelbach 

    Ernst Friedrich Weiss of Obermutschelbach, with his wife and child.  A Catholic and surviving son of Johann George Weiss of Obermutschelbach, married 2 December 1732 Barbara Ruf, daughter of Friedrich Ruf and wife Eva, of Obermutschelbach.  The groom had to promise that all children would be raised in the Evangelical religion. "With parents to the new land."  (Burkett)

    Ernest Frederick Wists came to SC on the Rowand. Wife and 4 ch: Maria 12, George 10, Felix 6, and Fred. 4. 300A on Saluda R. in Lexington Co.


  • 1. Maria Salome Weiss, born 17 May 1740.
  • 2. Johann Geog Weiss, born 23 November 1742, died 1821, married Anna Barbara Bickley, daughter of John Bickley, Sr.  During Rev. War he fought in Battle of King's Mountain.
  • 3. Johann Philipp Weiss, born 31 January 1746, died before 1777 leaving wife Salome who remarried Martin Rothmayer (St. John's Lutheran Church Records, Charleston, SC).
  • 4. Ernst Friedrich Weiss, born 26 February 1749, died 1817 with wife, Mary Wise, Exor. of Estate (B. H. Holcomb, Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist.).
  • WERTZ, ANNA CATHARINA  (1752). Holzelfingen

    Widow of Hans Georg Wertz, who was born 20 March 1683 and died 25 April 1716.  She came to SC with her son, Jerg Heinrich Wertz.  50A on Crims Cr.

    WERTZ, JERG HEINRICH (1752).  Holzelfingen

    Daylaborer, born 8 December 1708, son of Hans Georg Wertz and wife, Anna Catharina.  Married (1) 26 July 1731, Maria Barbara Sparn, born 17 August 1705, died 27 June 1751; married (2) 1752, Anna Barbara Brendlin, born 19 November 1726.  Came to SC probably on the Caledonia (bounty petition not found in Council Journal record). 150A on Crims Cr.  By Anna Barbara Brendlin there were additional children born in SC.  After the death of Jerg Heinrich Wertz, the widow, Anna Barbara, remarried John Miller.

    Children by Maria Barbara Sparn:

  • 1. Margaretha Wertz, born 6 September 1732, married Johannes Meck (Baker) and came to SC on the Caledonia.  They lived in Charleston where he was a baker.  After his death she married (2) 2 June 1773, Christian Koklie (St. John's Lutheran Church records, Charleston, SC). Margaretha Meck had a 100 acre bounty grant in her married name on Crims Cr. In 1796 she sold this grant, as Margaret Clarendon of Savannah, GA (Newberry Deeds C-1067).
  • 2. Anna Maria Wertz, born July 1747.
  • 3. Anna Catharina Wertz, born 10 March 1750.
  • Children by Anna Barbara Brendlin born in SC:

  • 1. John Werts, Sr., born about 1757, died 15 April 1842, married Anna Catherine Hair, daughter of Peter Heer, Sr. and Anna Maria Herrmann.  Served in the Militia during Rev. War under Capt. John Adam Summer.
  • 2. George Henry Werts, born May 1765, died 27 November 1840, married Molly Singley, daughter of Martin Singley and Setona Regina Wagner. Served in Militia in the Regt. of Col. Waters during the Rev. War.
  • 3. Barbara Werts, married Adam Bedanbugh, Sr., son of Michael Bidenbach.
  • WIDEMANN, GEORGE (1752).  Scharenstetten

    Weaver.  Born 21 June 1702, son of George Widemann (Farm laborer) and Maria Barbara H”zler, married (1) 8 November 1730, Ursula Huber of Grimmelfingen; married (2) 22 September 1739, Maria Federlen of Scharenstetten.  Children: (1) Barbara, born 12 March 1732; (2) Georg, born 30 June 1733; (3) Barbara, born 10 July 1740; and (4) Anna Maria, born 12 June 1745.  Left 24 April 1752 for SC.

    On Caledonia, 1752.  Wife and children: Maria 12, and Anna Maria 7. 200A on branch of Wateree Cr. of Broad R.  100A part of the grant was transferred in 1814 by Magdalena Rekert to George Rekert (B. H. Holcomb, "Memorialized Records of Lexington Dist., SC"). The daughter, Barbara Wideman, had a 100A survey in 1773 near St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Church.

    W”SSINGER, MATTH„US  (1752). Darmsbach 

    Cowherd in N”ttingen, son of Matthes W”ssinger of Birkenfeld in Wrttemberg, married 9 January 1744, Margaretha Siebler, born 17 December 1719, daughter of Adam Siebler of Darmsbach and his wife Margaretha, daughter of Martin Rosswag. "With parents in the new land." (Burkett) Came to SC on the Rowand.  Wife and 3 ch: Michael 8, Mathias 6, and Catherine 1 «. 250A on Saluda River in Newberry Co.


  • 1. Johann Michael W”ssinger, born 2 May 1744, died after 1800, married Catherine Kleckley, daughter of Johannes Kleckley.
  • 2. Matthias W”ssinger, born 22 March 1746, died before 1820, married 2 October 1771, Lydia Ann Smith, daughter of John Ulrich Smith.  Lived on waters of High Hill Cr. which land and family cemetery is now under Lake Murray.
  • 3. Anna Catharina, born 9 April 1751.
  • 4. Jacob Wessinger, born about 1755 in SC, married Susannah Buff/Bough.  
  • ZUBER, HANS MICHAEL  (1752). Leimen

    Born 1710 in Baiertal, married in Leimen, 26 August 1738, Anna Marie Wittman, died February 1748; married (2) Ester Margretha Hermann. Children: (1) Elisabeth, born 1741; (2) Hans Bjorg, born 1743; and (3) Conrad, born 1749.

    Michael Saeber came to SC on the Cunliffe. 3 ch: Elizabeth 10, Hans Erick 9, and Conrad 3.  200A on Heller's Cr. In SC Hans Michael Zuber married Elizabeth Miller and had additional children.  Elizabeth Miller, a widow, had come to SC in 1752 on the same ship with Hans Michael Zuber.

    Children by Anna Marie Wittman:

  • 1. Elizabeth Zuber, born 1741.
  • 2. Hans Bjorg (George) Zuber, died October 1783, was first husband of Rachel Weinmann, daughter of Peter Weinmann.  After his death Rachel Zuber remarried (2) George Egner; and (3) Gasper Piester. 
  • Children by Ester Margretha Hermann:

  • 3. Conrad Suber, born 1749, died May 1814, married Lucy Wicker, daughter of Matthias Wecker.  Both are buried in Suber Cemetery #1.
  • 4. Wolrath Zuber, born 1751.
  • Children by Elizabeth Miller:

  • 5. John Suber, born 1756, died 14 October 1827, wife named Barbara. Buried in Suber Cemetery #4.
  • 6. John Uriah Suber, born 26 December 1761, died 6 July 1832, married Catharine Ruff. Both buried in Suber-Glymph Cemetery.

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    Wiesloch 69168, Landkreis Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden- Wrttemberg

    Updated 28 November 2004