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The Schumpert family of the Dutch Fork arrived in South Carolina on 5 October 1766, having traveled on the Brittania (“Brittania Passenger List and Acres Assigned”, DUTCH FORK DIGEST Vol. VII, No. 3, p. 74, 1992; South Carolina Gazette, issue of 6 October 1766).  The family is now known to have come from the community of Hebstahl in Beerfelden Parish, Erbach County, in the state of Hessen, Germany.  A clue to the German origin of this family was found in T. H. Hutzelman’s article, “Immigrants to America from Beerfelden Parish, County of Erbach, Germany,” published in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly 78:213-220, 1990.  A Johann Jacob Schumpert who left for America in 1754 was listed in this source, but that particular Schumpert settled in Pennsylvania.  Information on a family from this area matching that found in the records of South Carolina was provided from the German Church books by Rudolf Dietmann of Hannover, Germany.  His research revealed a different man having the same name as that listed in the Hutzelman article and who was the patriarch of the South Carolina family.  This Johann Jacob Schumpert was born 13 June 1721 in Unter Beerfelden, the son of Johann Nicel Schumpert and Catharina Braner.  He was married in Beerfelden on 9 December 1746 to Anna Christina Paulus, who was born 8 September 1717, the daughter of Georg Paulus and Margaretha Menges of Hebstahl.  They lived in Hebstahl before migrating to America.

One hundred acre bounty surveys were made for John Jacob and George Adam Schumpert, both on waters of Camping Creek southeast of Prosperity in Newberry County.  They were the two older sons of Johann Jacob Schumpert and Anna Christina Paulus.  A 250 acre survey was made for the father, Johann Jacob Schumpert, on waters of Little River (not granted until 1771), waters of Saluda River.  Another survey for the same acreage was certified for Jacob Schumpert in 1772 and which was located just north of St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church in Lexington County.  No grant is found for the 1772 survey for Jacob Schumpert, however a survey plat of the same land was certified in 1793 for John Cosselman.  Land grants of 100 acres were made in 1774 for the two younger children of Johann Jacob Schumpert in the names of Peter and Elizabeth Jumper.  These last two tracts were in the St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church area and located adjacent the Jacob Schumpert tract.  The location of the Jacob Schumpert and Peter Jumper land grants are shown on a map of the vicinity of St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church (DUTCH FORK DIGEST Vol. XXII, No. 3, p. 85, 2007).

The names of Jacob Shumbert and Peter Shumpard are found on a list made 8 May 1786 for compensation claims growing out of the Rev. War (Rev. War Accts. and Indent 2285 for John Fairchild).  The households of Jacob and Peter Jumperd were enumerated in the census of 1790 next to each other, also next to the name of John Costleman; evidence that they were living in the vicinity of St. Peter’s (Piney Woods) Church.  The household of Jacob Schumpert in this census contained one male over 16 and two females.  The household of Johann Jacob Schumpert is not found in census records after 1790.  It is believed that he died on 2 September 1797, as that is the date scribed on the largest stone in his son Johann Peter Schumpert’s family cemetery.

The names Schumpert and Jumper have on occasion been used interchangeably in old records.  There was a Conrad Jumper who came from Germany to South Carolina in 1756 and who owned land at one time in what is now Newberry County.  A deed involving a 250 acre land grant to Ulric Meyer on Cannons Cr. near Pomaria was involves land sold in 1763 to Conrad Jumpert (Schumpert) who in 1770 sold the same tract to Jacob Folk, Sr. (Newberry Deeds F-143).  The children of this man lived in what is now Lexington County and their descendants go by the name of Jumper.  A male line descendant of Conrad Jumper has been shown to have a similar but not identical Y-chromosome DNA fingerprint as male line descendants of Johann Jacob Schumpert from Beerfelden.  More participants and matches are required before drawing definite conclusions about the two lines’ common ancestry.



I.   Johann Adam Schumpert, born 14 January 1745, died 28 December 1753 in Hebstahl, Germany.

II.   Johann Jacob Schumpert, born 23 December 1747.  He is presumably the Jacob Schumpert who died 27 August 1779 while serving in Capt. Martin Livingston’s Company of South Carolina Royalists at Savannah, Georgia (M. J. Clark, “Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War“, Vol. 1, 1981).  Whether he married and had children is not known.  His 100 acre land grant on Camping Creek was later owned by Moritz Hartman but later deeds do not reveal how Hartman came to own the land.

III.   George Adam Schumpert, born 23 July 1750.  Georg Adam Schumpert may have died before the Rev. War.  His wife was named Susanna Catharina and after his death she married George Adam Snyder.  Georg Adam Schumpert had one daughter, Catharina.  In 1799, George Adam Snyder and wife, Susanna Cathener, and Cathener Shumpert of Orangeburgh District sold 200 acres to Frederick Paysinger (Newberry Deeds K-95).  In 1801, Catherine Schumpert of Barnwell District, South Carolina, sold to Joseph Weir the land grant of her father George Adam Schumpert (Newberry Deeds G-158).

IV.   Johann (John) Peter Schumpert was born 6 June 1753 (born August 1753 according to his tombstone inscription).  His tombstone records his death as 29 November 1831.  He married Mary Elizabeth Shaffer, born 10 June 1763, died 6 January 1826, daughter of Frederick Shaffer and wife, Maria Elizabeth.  The name of Peter Shumpard is found in a list from 1786 of those filing a claim for services rendered during the Revolutionary War.  In 1794 his name appeared as Peter Schumberd  among founders of St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran Church (P. Quattlebaum, S  C. Historical and Genealogical Magazine LI(2):75, 1950).  He ran a mill on Bear Creek south of the town of Chapin (Mills’  Map,1825).  He and his wife are buried in the John Peter Schumpert cemetery located on his 100 acre land grant of 1774 (Newberry Cemeteries Vol. I, p. 259).  His family is described below.

V.   Johann Adam Schumpert, born 25 March 1756, died 19 March 1757 in Hebstahl, Germany.

VI.   Maria Elisabeth Schumpert, born 9 October 1758.  She was the wife of William Herring.  In 1811, Martin Cline and wife, Elizabeth, of Charleston District sold the late colonial 100 acre land grant of their mother, Elizabeth Jumper (meaning Schumpert) (Newberry Deeds J-548).  Adjacent surveys to this grant showed it as land of William or Elizabeth Herring.



A.  Elizabeth Schumpert, born about 1778, died sometime after 1860.

B.  John Jacob Schumpert, born in 1778, died 30 October 1842 (age 64 yrs.), married (1) Christina Shealy, born 1785, died 17 November 1839, daughter of John Windle Shealy and Anna Mary Epting; and married (2) January 1841, Eleanor ___.  Early in the 19th Century, he bought land on Bush River where the family settled on the east bank of Bush River south of Newberry.  He is buried with his first wife in a family cemetery (Newberry Cemeteries Vol. 2, p. 111).

1. Christina Schumpert, born 20 August 1800, died 23 August 1853, married John Frederick Paysinger, born 27 January 1796, died 7 October 1844, son of Frederick Paysinger and Maria Elizabeth Mock.

2. Elizabeth Schumpert, born 20 Jan 1805, died 26 March 1883, married 17 February 1824, Kennard Boyd, born 1 July 1802, died 19 July 1876, son of John Boyd and Mary Wilson.  They moved to Fayette Co., Tennessee.

3. Mary Schumpert, born 29 September 1809, died 26 July 1875, married 1827, Joseph Goodwin Conwill, born 28 December 1803, died 1 August 1879, son of Joseph Conwill and Sophia Goodwin.  They moved to Itawamba Co., Mississippi.  They are buried in Goodwin Cemetery, Nettleton, Mississippi.

4. George Adam Schumpert, born 23 January 1812, died 7 December 1885, married (1) Naomi Bickley, born 15 April 1824, died 3 June 1850, daughter of John Bickley and Rachel Nichols; married (2) 26 September 1850, Mary Elizabeth Boyd, born 12 June 1821, died 17 October 1878, daughter of Rev. Joshua Boyd and Elizabeth Henry; married (3) Elizabeth Gibson, born 12 March 1826, died 31 May 1911, daughter of James Gibson and Sarah Davenport.  He is buried with his second and third wives at New Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery.  His first wife is buried in the Jacob Schumpert family cemetery.

5. Sarah Schumpert, born 13 November 1813, died 13 January 1898, married (1) 12 February 1835, Peter Whitman, born 1767, died 15 October 1839, son of Johannes Wedingman and Barbara ___; married 2) 25 May 1843, as second wife, David Werts, born 5 January 1792, died 2 August 1867, son of George Henry Werts and Molly Singley.

6. John Schumpert, born 27 February 1818, died 22 June 1877, married Eliza Kibler, born 2 January 1822, died 6 November 1870, daughter of John Jacob Kibler, Jr., and Mary Margaret Summer.  They are buried in the Jacob Schumpert family cemetery.

7. Samuel Schumpert, born about 1819, died about 1880, married Elizabeth J. Werts, born January 1820, died after 1900, daughter of Michael Werts and Susannah M. Summer.

8. John Peter Schumpert, born 14 April 1821, died 1 March 1865 (CSA), Petersburg, Virginia, married 1 December 1842, Elizabeth Newberry Livingston, born 22 June 1819, died 21 November 1901, daughter of Daniel Livingston and Keren Happuch Smith.  They lived in Edgefield District.

9. Permelia Amelia Schumpert, born 4 February 1823, died 12 August 1877, married Luke Middleton Smith, born 7 January 1820, died 10 March 1881, son of Littleton Middleton Smith and Elizabeth Glenn.

10. Jacob John Schumpert, born 4 May 1824, died 13 June 1889, married Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth Carson, born Nov 1820, died April 1880, daughter of Charles Carson and Margaret Bladon.  He is buried in the Jacob Schumpert Cemetery.

11. Lucinda Harrison Schumpert, born about 1826, died 13 January 1898, married Thomas Carson, born about 1818, died before 1870, son of James Carson and Elizabeth Bladon.

12. infant (possibly J. C.) Schumpert, born about 1841, died 1842, presumably buried in the Jacob Schumpert Cemetery.

C.  Frederick Schumpert, born 23 November 1783, died 28 January 1846, married 19 March 1805, Mary Ann Kinard, born 18 December 1787, died 29 December 1872, daughter of Michael Kinard and Catharine Swittenberg.  Early in the 19th Century, Frederick Schumpert bought land on the Bush River.  They are buried in a family cemetery on the west bank of Bush River just south of Counts Sausage Rd. (Newberry Cemeteries, Vol. 1, p. 212).

1. Catherine Kinard Schumpert, born 28 January 1806, died 20 February 1867, married 4 January 1827, Benjamin Bailey Conwill, born 4 January 1791, died 8 May 1845.  They are buried in Conwill-Gould Cemetery, Prosperity.

2. Jacob Kinard Schumpert, born 16 October 1807, died 14 May 1885, married 1 April 1834, Harriet Hamilton Abney, born 27 April 1815, died 3 November 1884, daughter of Zachariah Abney and Tabitha Townsend.  They are buried in Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry.

3. Elizabeth Schumpert, born 3 November 1809, died 16 April 1854.  She is buried in the Frederick Schumpert Cemetery.

4. William Kinard Schumpert, born 1 April 1811, died 16 April 1851, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi, married Catherine Long, born 18 June 1808, died 6 January 1843, daughter of George Long, Jr., and Elizabeth Catherine Stairley.  They moved to Itawamba Co., Mississippi, in about 1841.  He is buried in Soule Chapel Cemetery, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi.

5. Mary Magdalena Kinard (Polly) Schumpert, born 14 September 1813, died 9 January 1903, married 21 October 1830, Jacob Stairley Long, born 13 August 1804, died 20 October 1870, son of George Long, Jr., and Elizabeth Catherine Stairley.  They are buried in the Frederick Schumpert family cemetery.

6. Amos Kinard Schumpert, born 19 November 1815, died 9 June 1902, Americus, Georgia, married (1) 24 February 1839 in Crawford Co., Georgia, Elizabeth Gray, born 26 March 1824, died 6 December 1849, daughter of Benjamin Howell Gray and H. Phyllis Ann Snellgrove; married (2) 5 February 1863, Sarah Kizanah Pickett, born 21 April 1842, died 14 April 1933, daughter of Micajah Boulware Pickett and Elizabeth Drucilla Coleman.  He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Americus, Sumter, Georgia.

7. Rhoda Schumpert, born 22 March 1818, died 30 April 1835, married 13 March 1834, Robert Young Brown, born 24 January 1811, died 30 November 1872, son of Robert Brown and Nancy Ann Young.  She is buried in the Frederick Schumpert family cemetery.

8. Sarah Ann Schumpert, born 6 February 1820, died 13 February 1903, married 2 November 1837, James Cureton, born 1 March 1816, died 29 January 1866, son of Daniel Thweatt Cureton and Cebella Matthews.  They moved to Coweta Co., Georgia.  She is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Georgia.

9. John Frederick Schumpert, born 26 February 1821, died 27 November 1854, married 20 October 1853, Rachel N. Welch, born 19 January 1832, died 8 August 1859, daughter of William Welch and Mary Crozier Glasgow.  He lived at Dead Fall near Silverstreet and is buried in the Frederick Schumpert family cemetery.

10. Rebecca Schumpert, born 13 May 1822, died 1 November 1823.  She is buried in the Frederick Schumpert family cemetery.

11. Elisha Kinard Schumpert, born 11 December 1828, died 10 September 1877, married (1) 18 January 1855, Elizabeth Morgan, born 14 November 1832, died 23 July 1871, daughter of John Leonard Morgan and Harriet Lynch; married (2) 1871, Martha J. Stone, born 15 May 1846, died 13 June 1899, daughter of David Daniel Stone and Keziah Williams Richardson.  He owned a large flour and grain mill on Bush River.  He is buried with his first wife in the Frederick Schumpert Cemetery.

D.  John Peter Shumpert, born in October 1789, died in 1890, married Anna Barbara Lyles, born about 1790, died after 1860.  They lived in Lexington District (and dropped the ‘c’ in the spelling of their surname).

1. John David Shumpert, born 16 June 1815, died 16 May 1888, married Mary Lites, born 3 January 1817, died 22 December 1904, daughter of Jacob Lites and Mary Magdalene Gartman.  They are buried in St. John’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pelion, South Carolina.

2.  Keziah Shumpert, born about 1820, died after 1880, married Jacob Lindler III, born about 1790, died about 1855, son of Jacob Lindler II and Sarah Eargle.

3. Joseph E. Shumpert, born 11 April 1823, died 22 September 1908, married Mary Magdalene Smith, born 6 October 1827, died 14 June 1907, daughter of John Adam Smith and Mary Magdalene Gruber.  They are buried in Bethany Lutheran Church Cemetery, Lexington, South Carolina.

4. Rev. Daniel P. Shumpert, born 1 March 1828, died 4 February 1920, married (1) Eliza Catherine Wingard, born 4 June 1830, died 8 July 1892, daughter of Jeremiah Wingard and Margaret Oswalt; married (2) 11 October 1892, Mary Justus, born 9 September 1858, died 11 October 1940, daughter of Leon Justus and Eliza King.  All are buried in Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery, Pelion, South Carolina.

5. Noah Shumpert, born 14 May 1831, died 11 July 1901, married 30 January 1855, Harriet McCartha, born 17 May 1831, died 24 November 1889, daughter of Jesse McCartha and Nancy Ann Weed.  They are buried in Boiling Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Lexington Co.

6. Elizabeth Shumpert, born September 1833, died 18 February 1910.  She is buried in Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Pelion, South Carolina.

E.  George Adam Shumpert, born 1 December 1790, died 19 March 1853, married Rhoda Conwill, born 6 November 1795, died 7 May 1872, daughter of Joseph Conwill and Sophia Goodwin.  They moved about the year 1835 to Itawamba Co., Mississippi (and dropped the ‘c’ in the spelling of their surname).  They are buried in Myers-Shumpert Cemetery near Nettleton, Mississippi.

1. Henry Shumpert, born 21 September 1813, died 22 October 1872, married 5 December 1844, Susan E. Nichols, born 1 January 1828, died 27 April 1902, daughter of Mark Nichols and Elizabeth Lewis. They are buried in Myers-Shumpert Cemetery.

2. Daniel David Shumpert, born 13 September 1815, died 12 September 1878, married 4 April 1844, Isabella Whitesides, born 31 March 1826, died 15 October 1904, daughter of James S. Whitesides and Sarah Guyton. They are buried in Wiygul Cemetery, Nettleton, Mississippi.

3. Elizabeth Shumpert, born 7 June 1818, died 6 October 1887, married 8 February 1838, Wiley Richard Burdine, born 26 January 1814, died 23 June 1890, son of John Fletcher Burdine and Susannah Tarrant.  They are buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co., Mississippi.

4. Mark Shumpert, born 25 October 1820, died 2 January 1891, married 13 July 1845, Mary Elizabeth Green, born 20 September 1829, died 6 May 1904, daughter of William Green, Jr., and Eliza Kida Wyze.  They are buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co., Mississippi.

5. Bailey Shumpert, born 11 August 1825, died 6 September 1880, married 14 November 1850, Adelia Frances Burdine, born 3 August 1829, died 26 August 1913, daughter of Wesley Burdine and Sarah Standefer.  They are buried in Myers-Shumpert Cemetery.

6. Frank M. Shumpert, born about 1828, died before 1850.

7. George F. Shumpert, born 1836, Fayette Co., Tennessee, died 2 January 1863, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, married 28 March 1860, Mary Elizabeth Goodwin, born 4 October 1842, died 3 May 1863, daughter of Archibald Owings Goodwin and Lodueska Miller.  He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  She is buried in Goodwin Cemetery, Itawamba Co., Mississippi.

8. John Shumpert, born 30 July 1840, Itawamba Co., Mississippi, died 18 August 1920, married 8 July 1862, Mary Lydia Harkey, born 20 November 1840, died 13 August 1892, daughter of David Harkey and Lydia Burdine.  They are buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co., Mississippi.

F.   John Jacob Schumpert, born 1 May 1793, died 4 November 1851, married Mary Smith, born about 1793, died 16 April 1869, daughter of Matthew Smith and Karen Happuch Waites.  John Shumpard of Edgefield District sold land on waters of Camping Cr. in 1825 to Henry Dominick, Jr. (Newberry Deeds T-2, 248).  The deed says the land was sold to John Shumpard by John Castleman, Jr.

1. Jesse S. Schumpert, born 14 October 1816, died 21 June 1873, married Mary M. Singley, born 23 December 1822, died 27 November 1866, daughter of Henry Martin Singley and Sophia A. Haupt.  He is buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pomaria.  Mary is buried in Singley Cemetery, Prosperity, South Carolina.

2. Nancy Melissa Schumpert, born about 1819, died about 1849, married Joel Wise, born 28 June 1820, died 26 May 1895, son of John Wise and Anna Mary Kelly.  She is buried in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Saluda Co.

3. John Wiley Schumpert, born 1 March 1822, died 7 March 1887, married 4 December 1860, Rosana C. Torbit, born 4 July 1840, died 28 May 1923, daughter of John H. Torbit and Martha Marion. They are buried in New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba Co., Mississippi.

4. Peter M. Schumpert, born about 1823, died after 1858, married Mary Emeline Sheppard, born 1829, died 1890, daughter of Honorius Sheppard and Phoebe Dennis.

5. Martha Ann Schumpert, born about 1826, died after 1900, married John A. Wise, born about 1827, died 9 September 1862 in the Second Battle of Manassas, son of George Wise and Mary Roberts.

6. Keren-Happoch Schumpert, born 9 May 1829, died 18 June 1906, married Allen Anderson Cook, born 17 June 1827, died 5 August 1864 at the Battle of Richmond, Virginia, son of Jacob Cook and Margaret Aull.  She is buried in Prosperity Cemetery.

7. Thomas Littleton Schumpert, born 2 May 1832, died 17 January 1912, married 17 October 1867, Louisa Fredonia Schaeffer, born 21 June 1848, died 5 August 1878, daughter of Adam Schaeffer and Louisa Russell.  They are buried in Shannon Cemetery, Lee Co., Mississippi.

G.  David Schumpert, born about 1795, died about 1832, married Mary Magdalene (Polly) Aaron, born 11 May 1801, died 26 September 1883, daughter of Jacob Aaron and Margaret ___.  After David’s death, Mary married John A. Smith, born 24 June 1810, died 6 May 1908, son of Henry Smith and Mary Magdalene Monts.  Mary and John moved to Smith Co., Mississippi, and are buried in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery.

1. Lucy Adline Schumpert, born April 1825, died after 1900, married Aaron Taylor, born 19 December 1822, died 11 March 1893, son of John William Taylor and Catherine Hallman.

2. Elizabeth Margaret Schumpert, born 12 November 1827, died 5 September 1897, married 7 March 1844, David Taylor, born 24 November 1821, 6 November 1890, son of John William Taylor and Catherine Hallman.  They are buried in St James’ Lutheran Church Cemetery (Summit), Lexington Co.

3. Simeon A. Schumpert, born about 1829, died 1863, Raleigh, North Carolina (CSA), married Nancy Caroline Long, born about 1828, died after 1870, daughter of Jacob Adam Long and Mary Ann Meary.

4. Rosannah Schumpert, born 31 December 1832, died 10 August 1890, married 12 January 1853, Thomas Calvin Long, born 10 April 1831, died 17 March 1863, Atlanta, Georgia (CSA), son of Jacob Adam Long and Mary Ann Meary.

H.  William Schumpert, born about 1804, died May 1850, married Susannah ___, born about 1815.  They moved to Abbeville Co., South Carolina.

1. Amanda Elizabeth Schumpert, born about 1841, died 29 October 1886, married 29 May 1859, William Thomas Hill, born June 1835, died October 1914, Greenville, South Carolina, son of Henry Hill and Elizabeth ___.

2. William J. Schumpert, born about 1843, died 16 August 1862 in the Second Bull Run Campaign.