St. Philip's Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized in August 1881. The congregation first worshiped in Capt. Philip Sigh's yard. About the first of September of the same year they began their church building near the seventh mile stone on the road leading from Newberry to Hughes's ferry on Broad River. The church was built by Mr. Romeo Halfacre who completed the work with the exception of ceiling the walls. The congregation then numbered about thirty. The first officers were Rev. H. L. Wingard pastor; Adam Kibler, W. G. Metts and G. L. Sease, Elders; and Melvin Dickert, Monroe M. Dickert, and Melvin Wicker, Deacons

The first sermon was preached in the building, yet unfinished, November 6, 1881. Little by little the work progressed until November 5, 1882 when the church was dedicated to God by the pastor, assisted by Rev. Steck?, D.D. who preached the dedication sermon. Rev H. L. Wingard served the congregation until October 7, 1883.

Rev. S, T. Hallman, being regularly called, from Concord, N. C., assumed the pastoral call of St. Philip's church on November 29, 1883.  He continued his labors until May 1888 when the Joint Council of the Pastorate accepted his resignation that he might respond to an urgent call from the English Lutheran Church of Augusta, GA, and the Executive committee are the missions of the South Carolina Synod.

During his ministry here 51 members were enrolled at St. Philip's church, 93 in the pastorate; there were 14 funerals; 33 baptisms of infants; and the salary was raised from $90 to $120. The church was improved by the addition of the pulpit, robe-room, chairs in chancel and pulpit, blinds to windows, stove in church, the house painted, $41.80 raised towards the purchase of the organ.

Some of the early pastors who served St. Philip's from 1881 until 1916 were: Rev. H. L. Wingard, Rev. S. T.  Hallman, Prof. J. B. Fox from Newberry College, Mr. H. F. Sheehy? of the Theological Seminary, Rev. John H. Wyse, Rev. J. A. Sigh, D.D., Rev. J. D. Bowles, Rev. J. J. Long, Rev. S. T. Hellman, D.D., Rev. H. P. Counts, Rev. P. H. E. Derrick, Rev. J. C. Wessinger, Rev. John J. Long, Rev. Y. V. A. Riser, Rev. A. J. Bowers and Rev. S. P. Koon

This history of St. Philip's Evangelical Lutheran Church was abstracted from the "Dutch Fork Digest". For a more complete history see the 1989 and 1990 Dutch Fork Digest which includes the Infant Baptism records (227) for the years 1881 through until January 1917. These church records also includes the 69 deaths from the year 1883 until October 1915

We are including the Marriage Records from 1884 until June 1915 beginning on the following page.




Posted 8 October 2004