This Werts Bible Record was published in the Dutch Fork Digest,

VoL III, No. 1, January  March, 1988


      Adam Werts born December 5, 1796

      Elizabeth Hope wife of Adam Werts born May 1791

      G. A. Werts born August 21,1824

      Elizabeth Werts born December 1,1831

      J. P. Stockman born May 12,1811

      Andrew Werts son of Adam & Elizabeth Hope Werts born January 7,1822

      Leavan Magruder McSwain Werts son of Andrew & Mary Ann Rebecca Noble,

       born October 14,1859

      Emma Jane Rebecca Werts born March 1864

      Ada Sebelle Werts born January 23,1878

      Joel David Werts born December 22,1879

      Mary Ann Rebecca Noble born August 25,1826

      Harriet Amanda Noble & Margaret Catharine born August 23,1830

      Martha Caroline Noble born May 4,1833

      Sarah Palmer Pearson nee Porter born 1817

      Elizabeth Matilda Whitby nee Porter born 1815

      Jane Harper Porter born 1819

      William Porter born 1823

      O. F Portwood, Jr born December 18,1905

      Elizabeth Anne Wertz (Betty Anne) born March 18,1934 6:15AM Sunday at home.

      James Leroy Minnich born December 8,1934

      Lavan Longfellow Wertz, II (Buddy) born November 9,1937 Thursday 3:25AM at home.

      Michael Andrew Wertz born at Jcnes Hospital August 19,1941 Tuesday 2:15 Batesburg, SC.

      Jonathan Michael Turkett born August 27,1955 7:54 PM Baptist Hospital, Columbia, SC

      Mark Anthony Turkett born October 21,1957 3:35 AM Roper Hospital, Charleston, SC

      David J. W Sansbury born November 10,1816

      Susan Sansbury wife of D. J. W. Sansbury born May 6,1812

      Cowan L. Sansbury son of D. J. W. & Susan born September 18,1841

      Martha A. Sansbury daughter of D. J. W. & Susan born June 24,1844

      Elias B. Sansbury son of D. J. W.& Susan born June 24,1844

      James N. Sansbury son of D. J. W. & Susan born February 5,1847

      Edgar Manley Ham born December 26,1838

      R. S Ham born January 14,1879

      Chloe D. Wilson nee Porter born 1821 daughter of Mary Noble

      Albirta E. P. Werts born July 21,1857

      Cora Iola Werts born December 24,1881

      Effie Lenora Wertz born December 20,1887

      Lavan Longfellow Wertz born August 28,1891

      Ella Ruth Wertz born August 28,1893

      Saluda Trevlyn Werts born September 16,1895

      Gladys Alberta Werts born April 6,1898

      (*The next five are children of R. W. & Ada Wise)

      *Julian Everett Wise born October 13,1896

      *Baby born and died May 24,1898

      *Leta Kathleen Wise born June 6,1899

      *Rowland DeWitt Wise born October 17,1905

      *Evelyn Werts Wise born AMU 26.1907

      Carrie Alberta Wightman born July 15,1914

      Mary lola Wightman born January 28,1917

      Mary Wertz Lassiter born February 26,1922

      Charles Pope Lassiter, Jr. born May 13,1923

      Gladys Ruth Lassiter born September 15,192


      Adam Werts died May 10,1845

      Elizabeth Werts died February 6,1880 aged 89 years

      G A. Werts died June 29,1844

      Elizabeth Werts died March 27,1844

      J P. Stockman died August 31,1844

      Andrew Werts died January 14,1881

      Leavan Magruder McSwam Werts died January 25,1918, age 62 yrs 3 mo 11 d

      Joel David Werts son of L. M .& A. E. Werts died October 25,1881,

       age 1 yr 10 mo l d

      Mary Ann Rebecca Werts nee Noble died September 4, 1917, age 91 yrs 10 d

      Harriet A. Noble died August 1913, aged 82yrs 11 mo 16 d

      Margaret Catherine Noble died August 1853

      Sarah Palmer Pearson nee Porter died 1880

      Jane Harper Porter died July 2,1835

      Lavan Longfellow Wertz II died 3:25 PM Thursday, December 29,1938,

       1 yr 1 mo 20 days

      Jonathan Michael Turkett died April 30,1978 at 3:30 AM

      D. J W Sansbury died January 21.1862

      C. L. (Cowan) Sansbury died May 16,1864

      E. B. (Elias) Sansbury died July 10,1863

      Mamie Cecelia Ham Wertz died Friday, November 6,1981 at Saluda Nursing Home, Saluda, SC

      Chloe D..Wilson daughter of Mary Noble died May 10,1849, in her 29th year of her age. At the home of Mr. John Dommick in Newberry District. She was the wife of Rev J. Wilson. The above by Rev. W. J Kilgore.

      Alberta Eugenia Padgett Werts died February 27,1933, age 75 yrs 7 mo 6 days

      Lavan Longfellow Wertz died Monday 6:10 AM April 28,1969 in VA Hospital, Columbia, SC

      Margaret Matilda Wallace died January 31,1899

      Dr. J. E, Padgett died April 2,1875

      Mrs. Mary Noble born 1799 died April 8,1847

      Savanah Padget died June 31, 1901

      Leavan Magruder Noble died April 21,1868


      Leavan M. Werts of Edgefield & Albirta E. Padget of Edgefield married March 22,1877 at Savanah Padget's by Rev. T. J Clyde

      Leavan Magruder Noble & Mary, his wife married May 8,1825

      Henry S. Werts &. Grace B. Reese married December 25,1881

      Rowland S. Wise & Ada S. Werts married December 22,1895

      Michael Andrew Wertz married Sandra Lee Peterson, Friday, February 28,1964 at Our Savior

      Lutheran Church, Bremerton, Washington

      D. J. W. Sansbury & Susan Hooton married February 15,1838

      E. M Ham & Martha A. Sansbury married February 1866

      Lavan L. Wertz & Mamie Cecelia Ham married December 22,1932 at The Methodist Parsonage

      in Florence, SC by Rev Harvey Danner

      William F. Pearson & Sarah P. Pearson married December 6,1838

      Dr. 0. F. Portwood & Cora Iola Wertz married September 26,1904

      Elizabcth Ann (Betty Anne) Wertz married Julian E. Turkett on Sunday December 27, 1953 at St. John's Methodist, Batesburg, SC

      Jonathan Michael Turkett & Emily Corbin Boyle married June 12,1974 by Rev. Teddy P.

      Dominick, Jr. in Summerville, SC

      Jonathan Michael Turkett & Allison Elizabeth Poole were married April 6,1978 in Summerville. SC

      Andrew Werts & Mary Ana Rebecca Noble married August 4,1853

      Posted 15 June 2004