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Contributed by Carl W. Nichols

   Michael Bates who died in Newberry District, South Carolina, during the winter of 1800/1801 was born Georg Michael Bez on 11 May 1743 in Mägerkingen, a town in the Landkreis (county) of Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  Michael Bates was the son of Jerg (or Georg) Bez (a Weaver by trade), born 8 July 1707 in Mägerkingen, the son of Jerg Betz and Catharina Stoll.  Michael’s father, Jerg Bez, had married in Gomadingen on 15 November 1735 to Eberhardina Leitze, the daughter of Hanß Michael Leitze (Tailor) and Anna Hägele of Gomadingen.

   Jerg Bez brought his wife and surviving son, Georg Michael, to S. C in 1752, arriving on the Elizabeth.  The S. C. bounty petition gave the name as George Bett and recorded that he had a wife and child, John Michael, 9 years old.  The 150 acre bounty grant was located on Camping Cr., southeast of Prosperity, S. C.  On the same ship with the Bez family was the family of Hans Jerg Kromer who came from Erpfingen, a town near Mägerkingen, and settled on Camping Creek near the Bez family.

   It is recorded in the Church book of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, S. C., that Christina Barbara Betz was born 6 January 1764, the daughter of John George Betz and wife, Margaret.  Baptismal witnesses were John George Kromer and wife, Christina.  This record indicates that the first wife of Georg Bez had died and that before 1764 Georg Bez had remarried a woman named Margaret.  Soon afterward Georg Bez died and the widow, Margaret, remarried on 27 August 1767 to John George Rühnlen, a widower.  This marriage entry is found in the record book of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Charleston, S. C.  Jacob and John Werner and Sigmund Francken witnessed the wedding.



I.  Unnamed child, born October 1736.  Died in infancy.

II.  Unnamed child, born 24 February 1738.  Died in infancy.

III.  Unnamed child, born 16 December 1741.  Lived only one or two hours.

IV.  Georg Michael Bez, born 11 May 1743, died about 1801 in Newberry District, S. C.  Came to SC with his parents.  Family is described below.

V.  Anna Catharina Bez, born March 1746, died 28 December 1746.



VI.  Christina Barbara Bez, born 6 January 1764 (confirmed on 23 March 1777 at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, S. C.).



   Michael Bates was born 11 May 1743 in Mägerkingen, Germany, and died during the winter of 1800/1801 in Newberry District, S. C.  After the death of Michael Bates, his widow, Catharine, moved to Edgefield District, S. C., where she died on 4 September 1825.  It is often written that she was a Dreher, a daughter of Godfrey Dreher.  Godfrey Dreher had emigrated to SC from Erpfingen, Germany, and settled on the south side of the Saluda River in the Zion Church area of Lexington Co., S. C.

   There is evidence that the wife of Michael Bates was Ann Catherina Kölle (Kelly), born 3 May 1748, daughter of Johann Jacob Kölle and Anna Catharina Sigler.  The Kölles came to S. C. in 1752 from Blaubeuren, Württemberg, Germany, and obtained a bounty grant on Buffalo Creek near the Saluda River.  An important piece of evidence indicating that Catherine was a Kelly revolves around the fact that in 1774 she obtained a land grant bounding on the old Georg Bez bounty grant, then owned by Michael Bates.  The two adjoining land grants by LWT of Michael Bates were left to the widow and youngest son, John (Newberry Wills C-217 and Newberry Deeds K-100).  Other evidence that Catherine, wife of Michael Bates, was a Kelly includes the fact that in 1823, Jacob Bates, the oldest son of Michael Bates, was guardian of the sons of Jacob Kelly (Lexington Co. Court of Equity Guardian Returns).  Additionally, George Kelly, a resident of Lexington Co., purchased a sizeable portion of the real estate left by Michael Bates (Newberry Deeds K-265).  Catherine Kelly was a sister of George and Jacob Kelly.

   An Audited Account for Revolutionary Services to Michael Bates (Accounts Audited 06) lists payment dated 25 December 1775 for forage food rations, also for stabling 40 horses and for 75 lbs. of flour to Capt. Richardson on the way to Muddy Cr. (Stub Indent 714).

   Michael Bates obtained a 100 acre land grant on Camping Cr. in the late Colonial period as well as several adjoining early statehood grants.  In so doing he became one of the largest land holders during the late 18th century among the German populace of Newberry District.

   Michael Bates made will 21 December 1800, proven 2 February 1801, with son, Jacob Bates, and neighbor, Thomas Frick, as executors.  His LWT gave land to each of his eight children.  The 150 acre homeplace tract was left to his wife, and at her death to the youngest son.  In 1809, Catherine Bates and the youngest son, John Bates, of Edgefield District sold this land to Frederick Paysinger (Newberry Deeds K-100). 

   The will of the widow, Catherine Bates, was proven 6 December 1825 in Edgefield Dist., S. C. (Edgefield Wills C-176).  In the will she mentions sons: Jacob, Andrew, and John; daughter: Nancy Bowers; daughter: Elizabeth Long "and the seven children she had by her first husband"; and Wilson M. and Ann Catherine Bates, children of deceased son, David Bates.



I.   Jacob Bates, born about 1769, died after 1856, married Sarah Woolley. They lived in Lexington County.  After Sarah’s death Jacob Bates lived in the home of his son, Dr. George Michael Bates.  



A.   Levinia Bates, born about 1799.

B.   Sally Bates, born about 1804.

C.  Jesse Bates, born about 1806, married Kesiah Wyse, born about 1805, daughter of George Wyse and Mary Margaret Kelly.  They moved to Attala Co., MS.

Children of Jesse Bates and Kesiah Wyse:

1.  Georgiana Bates, born about 1833.
2.  Mary H. Bates, born about 1835.
3.  Hulda K. Bates, born about 1837.
4.  Joseph W. Bates, born about 1839.

D.   Franklin D. Bates, born about 1812.

E.  Dr. George Michael Bates, born 17 January 1814, died 5 July 1895, married (1) 14 January 1845,  Susannah Margaret Mayer, born about 1821, died 2 November 1847, daughter of Adam Mayer and Mary Counts.  He married (2) 4 November 1852, Sophia L. Ewart, born 22 October 1827, died 18 June 1906.  He and second wife lived in Lake City, FL.

Child of Dr. George Michael Bates and Susannah Margaret Mayer:

1.  Orlando B. Bates, born 6 October 1845, died 9 October 1895.  Buried in the Summer Cemetery #1, Pomaria, S. C.

Children of Dr. George Michael Bates and Sophia L. Ewart:

2.   Laura J. Bates, born about 1854.
3.   Louisa Delany Bates, born about 1855.
4.   Ewart James Bates, born about 1861.
5.   Hardee Bernard Bates, born about 1862.
6.   David Herron Bates, born about 1865.
7.   Sophia Demeau Bates, born about 1866.
8.   Margaret Clifford Bates, born about 1869.

F.  Dr. Reason (Rezin) Wesley Bates, Physician, born 17 February 1819, died 21 April 1892, married 8 December 1842, Elizabeth Evans, born 19 May 1819, died 20 April 1890, daughter of John Anderson Evans and Margaret Moorer.  They lived at St. Matthews, S. C.

Children of Dr. Reason Wesley Bates and Elizabeth Evans:

1.   Eliza Bates, born about 1845.
2.   Dr. Lucius Bates, Physician, born 1847, died 14 August 1930.  Wife named Rebecca, born about 1857.
3.   Dr. William C. Bates, Physician, born 1849.
4.   M. Bates (dau.), born about 1854.
5.   J. D. Bates (son), born about 1856.
6.   M. L. Bates (dau.), born about 1858.
7.   J. V. Bates (dau.), born about 1863.

G.  Edith C. Bates, born about 1825, married 28 April 1842, S. K. Taylor, born about 1821.  Lived in Laurens Co., S. C.


II.   Elizabeth Bates, born 1773, died 18 June 1838, married (1) about 1796, Rezin Woolley, born 1771, died 1809, son of Col. Shadrack Woolley and wife, Margaret; married (2) Jacob Long, born 20 July 1790, died 19 December 1848, son of George Long and Catherine Bowers.  Elizabeth Bates and first husband moved to Edgefield District before 1807.


A.  Zaccheus Woolley, born 1797, died 25 August 1857, married Elizabeth Long, born 25 October 1798, died about 1853, daughter of George Long and Catherine Bowers.  About 1825, they moved to Bibb Co., AL.

B.  Sarah Woolley, born 1799, died 1860, William Early (Buck) Sawyer, born about 1796, died 10 December 1861, son of George Sawyer and Elizabeth Bird.  They moved to Ashley County, ARK.

C.  Andrew Woolley, born 14 Feb 1801.  Moved to Bibb Co., AL.

D.  Rev. William Vardeyman Woolley, born about 1803, married Amanda Scott.  Moved to South Georgia.

E.  Nancy Woolley, born 2 April 1805, died 9 January 1883, married 1 May 1823, David C. Shealy, born 14 September 1802, died 29 January 1864, son of John Jacob Shealy and Christiner Counts.

F.  Reason Woolley, Jr., born 13 July 1807, died 1868, married (1) 1833, Martha Hill; married (2) Mary Atcherson.

G.  David Woolley, born 28 November 1809, died 8 January 1893, married 10 December 1830 in Lincoln Co., GA, Sarah M. Harden, born 26 December 1809, died 6 August 1850.


III.   Catharine Christine Bates, born 4 December 1774 (St. John’s Lutheran Church records, Charleston, S. C.) married George Bowers, son of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Anna Barbara Herrman.  Before 1812 they had moved to Edgefield District.

IV.   Nancy Bates, born 26 September 1775, died 23 October 1848, married Stephen Bowers, born about 1768, died 13 November 1860, son of Alexander Andrew Bowers and Anna Barbara Herrman.  They lived in Newberry District and are buried in the Bowers Cemetery near Prosperity, S. C.


A.  George Bowers, born about 1794, married Catherine (Katie) Fellers, born about 1796, daughter of John George Fellers and Catherine Kinard.  Moved to Fayette Co., TN.

B.  Alexander Andrew Bowers, born 2 December 1795, died 26 June 1825, married 28 December 1815, Mary Magdeline Wheeler, born 13 December 1797, daughter of George Wheeler and Barbara Addy. 

C.  Samuel Bowers, born about 1798, died 25 January 1874, married (1) Elizabeth Cook, daughter of Jacob Cook and Rebecca Kinard; married (2) Margaret Moore, born 29 November 1812, died 16 November 1860, daughter of James Moore, Sr. and Rosannah McClelland.

D.  Jacob Bowers, born 4 April 1799, died 27 February 1896, married (1) Mary (Polly) Lynch, daughter of Rev. Elijah Lynch and Elizabeth Chapman.  He moved to Coweta Co., GA prior to 1845 and married (2) Jemima Powell, born 1840, GA. 

E.  David Bowers, born about 1802, died 29 October 1864, married Eve R. Kinard, born about 1800, died 5 May 1880, daughter of Michael Kinard, Sr. and Catherine Swittenberg.  They lived near Little Mountain, S. C.

F.  Nancy Bowers, born 5 July 1805, died 12 October 1876, married Robert Maffett, Jr., born 30 October 1797, died 18 September 1879, son of Robert Maffet, Sr. and Barbara Hair.

G.  Elizabeth Ruth Bowers, born 13 November 1808, died 1 September 1865, married George Fellers, born 6 January 1804, died 10 November 1882, son of John George Fellers and Catherine Kinard.

H.  Sarah (Sallie) Bowers, born 3 November 1810, died 6 August 1882, married John Jacob Wheeler, born 11 April 1801, died 4 September 1874, son of George Wheeler and Barbara Addy.

I.  John Bowers, born about 1814, died 10 November 1834.

J.  Lavina (Vina) Bowers, born 28 October 1817, died 4 December 1834, married Dr. Abram Young, Jr., born 8 Feb 1809, died 16 March 1887.


V.   Rev. Andrew Bates, born 2 September 1777, died 17 July 1842, married 27 February 1803, Nancy Ann Shuler, born 29 January 1784, died 20 September 1856, daughter of Leonhardt Shuler and Anna Nancy Lever.  Rev. Bates’s name is given as Andrew Dreher Bates by some sources.  The family moved before 1820 to Edgefield District.  Both are buried in the Andrew Bates Cemetery, Batesburg, S. C.


A.  Julia Ann Bates, born 12 February 1804, died 1 February 1879, married 4  January 1827, Elbert Henry Norris, born 25 June 1797, died 5 July 1851, son of Nathan Norris and Mary Drucilla DeSaussure.

B.  Maj. George M. Bates, born 1 February 1806, died 15 December 1882, married Roseanna M. Wilson, born 1816, died 20 October 1884, daughter of Simpson Wilson and Margaret Manning.  Lived in Eufaula, AL.

C.  Elizabeth Bates, born 21 January 1808, married Joel Hamiter, son of Jacob Hamiter and Harriette Nancy Bickley.  They moved to Barbour Co., AL.

D.  Thomas Shuler Bates, born 10 March 1810, died 5 October 1884, married Catherine Amanda Holstein, born 20 February 1829, died 17 March 1906, daughter of Wade Holstein and Hepzibah Norris.  They are buried in the Bates Cemetery, Batesburg, S. C.

E.  Ann (Nancy) Bates, born 30 November 1812, died 12 October 1850, married Wilson Michael Bates, born about 1816, son of Michael David Bates and Sarah Ann Lee.  They moved to Barbour Co., AL.  

F.  John Leonard Bates, born 9 Oct 1816, died 1 May 1879, moved to Jackson Parish, LA, where he married Lavinia Grimshaw, b. 7 December 1837, d. 2 September 1892, daughter of George Grimshaw and Rachel Graves. They are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Falls Co., TX.

G.  Hepzibah Eleanor Bates, born 26 February 1819, died 14 May 1862, married 15 September 1835, Andrew Jackson Wilson, born 11 March 1815, died 10 December 1875, son of Simpson Wilson and Margaret Manning.  They moved to LA.

H.  Mary Ann Bates, born 9 November 1820, died 14 January 1854, married (as first wife) Ezekiel Watson Perry, born 8 Feb 1809, died 7 December 1886, son of Ezekiel Perry, Jr. and Mary (Polly) Watson.  Mary Ann is buried in the Andrew Bates family cemetery.  Ezekiel Watson Perry is buried in the Milhouse plot at the Blackville Cemetery, Blackville, S. C (information from Barbara Smith).

I.  Andrew Jackson David (Jack) Bates, born 26 November 1823, died 14 November 1891, married 10 September 1857, Georgianna Mitchell, born 16 September 1836, died 6 August 1883, daughter of Green Berry Mitchell and Susan Catherine Minick.  Andrew David Bates was the first mayor of Batesburg and the town is named for him.


VI.   George Bates, died 1804.  George Bates died unmarried.  He made will 14 April 1801, proven 3 September 1804 (Newberry Wills D-140).  In his will he mentions niece: Julia Bates, daughter of Andrew Bates; and nephews, George and Andrew Bowers.

VII.   Michael David Bates, born about 1784, died before 1818, was the first husband of Sarah Ann Lee, born 1794, died 1836, daughter of Andrew Lee and Nancy Wilson.  In 1810 they were living in Lexington District.


A.  Wilson Michael Bates, born 1816, died about 1852, married Ann (Nancy) Bates, born 30 November 1812, died 12 October 1850, daughter of Andrew Bates and Nancy Shuler.  They moved to Barbour Co., AL.

B.  Ann Catherine Bates.


VIII.  Col. John Bates, born 1788, died 14 April 1855, married Hepzibah Eleanor Bond,    born 1797, died 1866, daughter of Maj. John Pearson Bond and Abigail Sarah Fairchild.  Before 1809, John Bates had moved to Edgefield Dist., S. C.  They are buried in the Bates-Hartley Cemetery, Batesburg, S.C.


A.  Eloisa E. Bates, born 1 May 1820, died 14 April 1855, married 1 May 1838, George James Strother, Jr., born 12 October 1815, died 23 February 1881, son of George James Strother and Charlotte Richardson.

B.  Georgianna E. Bates, born 12 November 1826, died 1 September 1865, married 12 January 1843, Col. Robert Baugh.

C.  John Pearson Bates, born 14 April 1829, died 5 November 1864, CSA, Green Pond, S. C., married 10 January 1854, Lucy Jane Glover Nicholson, born 22 January 1838, died 5 December 1892, daughter of Shemuel Wright Nicholson and Susan Adaline Adams.

1.  Lucia Eugenia Bates, born 24 June 1855, died 29 April 1887 (Greenville, SC), married Benjamin Mattison McGee, born 1 December 1847, died 26 April 1935 (Pasadena, CA).

2.  Mary Eloise Bates, born 11 October 1857, died 27 September 1944, married John Curran Harley, born 10 February 1859, died 27 April 1881.

3.  John Pearson Bates, Jr., born 11 September 1859, died 3 November 1910.

4.  Eugene Franklin Bates, born 9 September 1861, died 27 February 1924, married Mary Lou Breazeale, born 3 May 1869, died 16 May 1933.  They lived in Greenville, S. C.

5.  Ella Lydia Bates, born 4 December 1863, died 17 April 1939.

D.  Mary Bond Bates, born about 1831, married 1 February 1853, William T. Johnson.

E.  Walter Franklin Bates, born about 1837, died 30 April 1851 at Cokesbury, S. C.  Buried in the Bates-Hartley Cemetery.

F.  Florella E. Bates, born 18 October 1839, died 2 October 1858.  Buried in the Bates-Hartley Cemetery.

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